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The Tale Untold
The Tale Untold


The Tale Untold is an actual play podcast documenting the ridiculous and thrilling adventures of a group of nerdy friends, as they roll dice and role play to discover what happens next.

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The Tale Untold - Season 1 Trailer

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Ketuun 02: Refining Chaos

After a near TPK in the first session of the campaign our adventurers Myrth, Gagh, and Dan'ian set off to get into some more trouble with a little bit of eco-terrorism at the local refineries.

Ketuun 01: Party Crashers

It's finally here, Campaign 2!  The campaign starts with our new heroes Myrth, Gagh, and Dan'ian exploring the summer solstice celebration in Port Townsend, and ends with our heroes in dire straights.

The Reconning of the Mage Guild 4: Bombs and Monster Hoards

This is it.  The final episode of Campaign 1.  The forces of the Beyakek mass to destroy the last bastion of life at Tepesh.  Will our heroes be able to fend off the hoard or will it be a TPK?

The Reconning of the Mage Guild 3: A Monstrous Return

Our adventurers make their way across the valley from Kularen to Tapesh, meet a few interesting characters, and pass through a familiar little town.

The Reconning of the Mage Guild 2: The Trials of Virtue

Our heroes have begun their journey through the caves that will hopefully bring them back into the valley of Threya, however in order to make it through alive they must prove themselves worthy.

The Reconning of the Mage Guild 1: The Priest of Foree

Now that the empress is dead, and her secrets are unveiled our heroes must rush back to the valley.  Their one hope to pass through the impassible mountains, a newly discovered cave system and a rumor.

Beyond the Wall 12: The Empress

Our heroes find the precious knowledge they are looking for, and now have to survive long enough to use it.

Beyond the Wall 11: The Library Heist

Now entering the hallowed walls of learning, that is the Imperial Library, in search of a long forgotten text.  Did someone say a needle in a haystack?

Beyond the Wall 10: Strolling Through the City

The troop has arrived and found some friends, but now they must find a way into the inner sanctum of the city in order to gain access to the library.

Beyond the Wall 09: Flight From Orbea

After making a mess in the market of Orbea our heroes, need to make a quick escape.  Good thing there are those giant floating lobster balloons.

Beyond the Wall 08: May oh My

After a week of traveling in the barren grasslands of the forbidden plains, finally finds signs of civilization.  Reeling from their loss the loss, they seek solace in drink and discover someone who is not who they seem to be.

Beyond the Wall 07: Is that a Styracosaurus?

Our heroes emerge from the wall into the forbidden plains, burning bridges as they go.  Now alone in a foreign land, with only a small hope of discovering the source of the scourge that plagues their homes they venture on... wait what is that in the grass?

Beyond the Wall 06: A Wall-op-ing

After reaping their reward for cleansing the sewers of Tepesh, the crew head to the wall... but the door to this massive valley spanning wall was unlocked.

Beyond the Wall 05: Did you say All Chicken

Deep under Tepesh, in the sewers, the crew encounters a cult causing mischief.  What did they do... you can probably guess.

Beyond the Wall 04: L-Oozing it in the Sewers

In attempts to prove their worth to the locals, and secure supplies and passage to the wall, our lovable band of misfits ventures deep into the sewers to discover it's maddening secrets.

Beyond the Wall 03: Cow Grenades and Heroics

The crew finally makes it to Tepesh, the city of Clerics, only to find sinister creatures have breached it's gates.

Beyond the Wall 02: Blossoms, Blood and Bread

The tale continues as our heroes leave the forest and venture towards the wall.  Along the way they find a deserted town and the case of the munchies.

Beyond the Wall 01: The Old One

Our heroes, having said goodbye to old friends and made/reunited with others have journeyed to The Old One, an ancient druid, who threatens to upturn their world with his ancient wisdom.

The Fall of Kularen 05: Family Problems

Our heroes, surviving the Battle of the Guild, have been brought hundreds of miles to the north into the Moonwoods, where the Twathan Clans have gathered in response to the Bone Shatter threat. New faces, old friends, and family drama will unfold as our Twathans return home....

The Fall of Kularen 04: A Fe-mas Hoard Battle

Mysteries deepen as our heroes delve into the Mage's Guild, and souls have bene split and remade. Now, as they make their brave escape, Eloise stands in their way, and she brought some friends....