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Ketuun 12:   A Haunting Encounter
Ketuun 12:
A Haunting Encounter

February 7, 2023
by meistermike

Adventure awaits! The Dove and Daggers are back on the trail to treasure in the latest episode of 'The Tale Untold' D&D actual play podcast. With a magical key leading the way, our heroes set off on a journey filled with excitement, risk and... a little bit of rest. But the real fun begins when they reach a mysterious mansion shrouded in fog. What secrets does this dilapidated dwelling hold? Will our adventurers find fortune or will they fall flat? Tune in and find out! Roll for laughter and join us on this fantastical journey of 'The Tale Untold.'

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The Tale Untold is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast documenting the ridiculous and thrilling adventures of a group of nerdy friends, as they roll dice and role play to discover what happens next.


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