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Ketuun 02:   Refining Chaos
Ketuun 02:
Refining Chaos

September 28, 2022
by meistermike

After a near TPK in the first session of the campaign our adventurers Myrth, Gagh, and Dan'ian set off to get into some more trouble with a little bit of eco-terrorism at the local refineries.


Brad: welcome everyone to the tail end told podcast where we played D and D and witnessed Danny descent into alcoholism firsthand.

Matt: It's not his fault. It was his anniversary. It's been four years. I mean, poor guy. Yeah. Did

Mike: our very best to try and stop that. But arrest

All: only so much, you can do magic weed. I am Bradley your dungeon master tonight and joined by Matt. Hello friends. I'm Matt and I play Daniel, the human exile. Just trying to find a place to call home where he can be reunited with his wife.

I'm also joined by Jacob. Hi, my name is Jacob and I play and I'm just a cute little. And finally by like,

Mike: Hey, I'm Mike and I play mirth and wits Merce fun, little Raven, animal companion or familiar. And mirth is just trying to find some excitement in his life after peaking at 16.

All: All right, well,

Last we left off.

Our adventures had barely escaped an ambush by a handful of goblins, Danny and managed to drag his fallen comrades out of the cavern where they were attended to by the local bartender cricket, a T fling girl who had previously provided the party with hallucinogenics is looking to get into some trouble on this summer solstice.

She told you a refinery has been leaching wastes into the water for some time. She means to break in and toss the place, and she insists that you help you have licked your wounds. The clouds across the water have thickened now bathed in bright red and orange from the setting sun, the tea Flynn call see you from across the park grass come along.

Now it's time to get going, or just what time is much better for rules.

Mike: Not so much for me.

All: I'm just double checking for me as a human, who has no dark vision or we're talking about dusk or a actual nighttime? No, this is like dim light dusk. It's like mid sunset. Cool. You know,

Mike: and yeah. Berth pulls out his lantern, his bulls-eye lantern and lights it up. Oh, that's a lot better.

All: Are you guys already you're feeling better? I know you guys got banged up with it. I'm doing okay. Last, I think a little bit of sleep. Couldn't fix up a bit. Of course. I do have a bit of a headache other than that, it should be good and I will light one torch.

have you guys been to the docs before?

Mike: I don't think so. We, we saw the boats last night or earlier today.

All: All right. Well, tell the docs, it's a bit of the way across town. I'll lead you there, but I, you know, by the time we get there, it might be a bit darker. That's that's it going?

If you guys already get this is calisthenics and then heads off. Okay. Since I, so now you guys, she's going to leave you through the town and you guys don't get to see the bulk of the town through this walk, you're walking along the coast the shoreline. So just to paint the picture as you guys are traveling there this city, you guys were at the corner of the city pretty residential in this area, but then you're going to end up going through downtown.

You'll see this city that's filled with these like Aqua ducks, these small channels and there's a hill up into the north and up that hill. There's just more and more Aqua ducks. And you can see these are used for transporting goods and things. And people walk across them and they kind of form this network across the city for moving things around.

And there's like small boats and gondolas that travel in these Aqua ducks. And then, yeah, they raised Aqua ducks, like high above the ground. It's like a highway. Yeah. And there's, yeah, there's a lot of small Aqua ducks. Have you guys been in town long? Danny has been here for about a week.

Of course he came from the festival, like any self-respecting rogue who would okay. And mirth.

Mike: Yeah, I mean, I don't know how long, probably a few days, at least like he was traveling up this way. He wasn't really keeping track of like getting here early, but he certainly wanted it to be in time for the festival.

So like maybe is a day or two.

All: He didn't want to be late. Well it sounds like Danny has been here the longest and might've had some time to sight-see so these aqueducts basically in not so nice terms, they keep the high class off the city streets. And the city has developed a good number of technologies for moving this water around.

They can switch the direction of the water to move boats one way and then like open one kind of block and close another and have the water switch direction to move stuff back. So it's pretty well automated for a lot of these things. And those walkways as well. So you don't have move around in them.

And you got to love the gnomes, the quite, quite fantastic at this mechanical contraptions. Oh, yeah, they've been hard at work in the city. You gotta keep things moving. you're getting a bit of cloud cover now. And the biggest thing you guys are gonna see is if you look at the map you will see the alternate magnet and alter menu.

These basically look like a smooth triangular mountain, like oddly perfect in shape with a crack down the middle, that separates that's what makes one magnet and one we knew and they're this kind of mountain sticking out of the ocean. They're this kind of black granite um, in the craft now that it's getting dark, you can see some shimmering light of kind of pinks and purples coming out of that crack and reflecting off the water at this time.

So that's the big feature you guys would definitely notice. And then on the map you can see the other islands. Land, you might see. So now you guys are just looking at the map. You guys are going from west to east, and you're going to be on that east side of town now, which is where the docs are.

Cool. Were there any like, street vendors or anything on the way? you guys were already kind of in a busy vendor, a place at the park, but then you guys are kind of walking through the like riverfront or the waterfront district, which has all sorts of merchants and things.

Was there any place that had meat on sticks or something? Oh yeah. I was going to ask about street meat. Oh yeah. All sorts of,

and get like waddles over to a cart and the vendor doesn't really see him cause he's only two and a half feet tall, but he sees like a purple claw with two silver pop down on there. Oh of course. So he's peeking over oh, okay. Okay. Catches your eye. They'll grab you some and get you some.

And he turned around and grabbing the meat. I would like to attempt to swipe one of the silver pieces off the table and. Then pick up one of my own silver pieces and asked for what as well for half price functionally. Okay. Like one of his pieces and then add one of mine to my hand, be like, I'd like one too.

So only actually pay once a year. Can you make a slight object or a side of hands of check hand, one slightly check, slight check. Oh, I'm so happy. I have expertise inside of him. That's a 13. Okay. Um, Expertise. I know the expertise is affecting Jesus. I'm so good at

Mike: five

All: 13. So he'll, he'll grab one and behind me it to the Kobold and then, or you just handing it directly to him to I'm trying to Palm one piece of silver into my hand where I have one waiting to also ask for one and only ended up paying him one silver piece since I just took ones. Okay. He'll he'll go grab your silver and oh, thank you. Yes, sir. Here's another and give you that. Thank you. So to enjoy quality treatment at any time.

Yeah. And then he doesn't really together. He just gets distracted by another customer before you can really count that the total was just three silver got like skips back to the group.

And sometimes since I've had a good love of street meat, tell me are you still on that vegetarian kick or have you decided to, again, indulge in the media types of life?

Mike: Seders don't tend to eat too much meat. Uh, Mostly fruits and vegetables. At least my people do are different types and all kinds of different tastes, but my family have been vegetarians for nearly 700 years

All: and I'm missing out.

Tell him it's quite good quality street.

I look, I look the Russell. Hmm, good for you. Anyways. Forward

Mike: and berth just pulls out some apples and starts juggling them every now and then taking a bite out of one in the air and keep juggling. And like it falls back down to his hand and he keeps juggling

All: it.

all right,, everyone ready to keep moving this way? I believe. So as she's leading, you you'll get the sense that the buildings are becoming less vibrant especially where you guys started. The buildings were all very colorful bright paints bright oranges and greens and blues.

Now you're getting more into like brick building. You're getting to a more industrial kind of area and more rectangular, not many features, not many windows as you're getting to the kind of docs in the surrounding neighborhoods All right. So the The doc should be just around here a little bit farther. and, And to lead you along and you will get to basically clearly the docs, you know, they look like docs. You can see that the, on the ground that you'll start seeing on these buildings, bits of like residue you'll see these mineral buildup that this white kind of chalky piles almost.

Um, But it's kinda like stuck to the corner, like stuck in the corners and nooks of buildings and growing onto um, bits of the dock. You are also going to start tasting chalkiness in the air. And you're gonna get the sense that this is the pollution she's talking about that you see this, this chalk all over the place.

It's just fucking filthy. It sticks to whatever touches and it never comes off. And there's no getting it clean ever again, just this stuff isn't good to have in our town.

Mike: Can I use my alchemists proficiency to get a sense of what exactly this is and how the buildup is occurring.

All: Yes. Can I get an intelligence check with your tools

Mike: there?

All right. So intelligence plus proficiency.

Good thing. There aren't any critical failures and skill checks. That is an eight.

All: Okay. You, you know, there's like clays and things in your area from where you're from, but there's nothing really like this. Certainly not in the things you've worked with. So cool. But you can tell, you know, it's like a powdery, mineral jock feel,

Mike: Is there anything magical about it?

All: No, no, no sense of magicalness from it. I lick my finger and drag it along a little bit, the chalk and strap between my fingertips, trying to feel for the consistency. You're gonna get some on your fingers. It's not really gonna come off very easily. It's not, it's been wedded, it's a little slimy.

Or you just kind of playing with it with your, in your fingers. Yeah. So I'm not looking at, I licked my finger and then touched it. Yeah. It kind of wet to kind of a clay field, but it really is very sticky once a week, once it gets wet and is going to be stuck to your fingers for a good bit

Mike: skin sheds

All: a little bit.

Oh, oh my. I start looking around for a place to wipe it off. Of course it's all coded in this stuff. And I started getting a little disheartened. Oh no, don't, don't touch it now. That's that's not good. That's that's, that's why it's bad. That's why we don't want it. All this, all this residual crap, it's, it's coming from these refineries.

Just, just over there and she'll point to like three larger than the currently around buildings. You know, most of the buildings around it, maybe one story tall for like storage Large kind of sliding doors, but not like, pretty small buildings all together, but she'll point to three, like larger two story.

One of them is more like three or four story and they're, they're very close together that you can see that connecting them is a like metal, like thin bridges gantry ways, if you will. Yeah. Again, yeah. Catwalk, entryway kind of connect the top of 'em a couple of them, so you can get across on.

You'll see. Also one of these awkward ducks leading to the building and the water pouring from it is pouring onto a water wheel. That's currently stopped, but you get the sense that that would power something inside of the cricket, was it? I'm sorry. I'm terribly bad at the names after night drinking these remind me no cricket cookie was the bartender I'm Tasha.

Oh, thank you. I'm terribly sorry. After, as I told you, I shouldn't have been drinking anyways, Tasha. My question is, is this a smashing grab? Is this a intimidation via destruction type mission or is this a little bit more. Investigate. And if you feel so inclined cause a ruckus, I can blast me after these refineries for a long time.

And I don't know about you, but I don't like cleaning up other people's messes. And I think it's time that they clean, clean up their own messages. You know, I think that it's time that they clean up our messes. It seems only fair. So I, I think we get in there. We, I don't know exactly what's in there, but I think we, we figure out it as our ways to cause as much damage as we possibly can.

We want to put these people, we want them to clean up for a while. We don't want them running. We want them to shut down business for a good couple of days. If we can, for this, I'm just doing it because it's fun. And, and they, and they assured deserved it. And this is, this just feels right on the solstice.

It's such a celebration of nature and being in tune with the wind and the sea and the sky and these people, they just tell you, you seen it, they, they put this, chocky sludge all over. It's just not right. And tonight it seems like, do you feel like a bit of cathartic entertainment might be an order please clean the sludge?

Can you press the Digitate my small, brilliant friend. Yeah. Yeah. Would you mind doing that? My fingers first, I feel like this might get in the way of my fighting and I um, yeah, it will, it will remove the residual from the, from, from his fingers. But you will see that the white of it has dive into the skin.

So it's no, like prestidigitation still like removed all of the filth, but it's almost tattooed a bit, you know, like. your growth part of his skin now. Alright. I instantly clean off everything that I see around me after I see this what's the, is there like a maximum size that, that affects the Cuba for cleaning one cubic foot per six seconds?

Yeah. I mean, are there vocal components to that's the default? Yeah, it's just like vocal and somatics. So I'm just like sprinkling in my fingers and saying so you will see like a similar thing where you're removing about a foot at a time. But whatever it's touched has been like stained deep into the material.

So the brick that has been affected it has this remaining white stain. That's now like a part of the brick. I have a really bad idea. Gentlemen, I hope you're not feeling a bit squeamish. I may need to undress and have our, our friend here cleaned my clothing in about two seconds. Mr. would you mind helping me?

Oh God. What is, what is he trying to do?

I need your help to clean one second. When take my cloak off and purposely drag it through a bunch of the sledge and roll it up and just get it covered in the whiteness, getting my right hand, nice and white in the process, of course, up to the, about the elbow, getting it really nice and white, and then want to get into a ball, handing it four gig, if you wouldn't mind cleaning it.


With this being stuck to your fingers because it was wet. So dragging or over it isn't really but not a lot sticking it's like coloring it wiping off, but more like chocolate. You're trying to like scoop it up. I'm trying to die. My cloak white basically. I mean, yeah, if you're just, you would get the the powder on it and the powder would definitely stay it wouldn't need yeah, let's get the extras off of my hand.

If you don't mind. There you go. Good. So here's my idea, and this might be crazy, but if I were to disguise myself as a ghost, And attempt to insinuate, a little bit of a distraction. Do you think that the rest of you could find a way to cause a little bit of havoc while they can cover their sentences?

Oh, I think, you know, I think that could work. I don't, I don't think the docs will be very busy right now. I know they've got some gardens but I think, I think we best save that for if someone comes along very well. Tasha, is there a place that you find would be best for entrance into this here? Refinery? I don't know. Well, in that case, the front door will always do

Mike: how high up is the gantry.

All: So there's like a two story building that has a gantry on it that connects to it. Like Doesn't connect roof to roof. It connects roof to second or third story of one of the taller buildings.

Mike: So it's about three

All: stories up. There's a four story one. There's a two story one. There's a three story one.

Both of the two and the three are both connected to the four story with the with gantries into it.

Mike: . Do I have rope?

All: I don't have rope. Wow. Get it from, I have pack, not in my pack. If he chose an entertainer's pack, he doesn't have rope. Oh gosh. But it doesn't so tie the

Mike: conch shell.

And that was the

All: last session. Just the question is the front doors of the finery visible from the beach, or you have go around to the side. There are a number of doors it's not super clear. Which ones are the front ones? Well, they're on the guards. So the docs are on one side, these are farther from the docks.

And there's like large kind of like double doors that seem to be able to like move carts more easily through them. There are a couple small windows you could look through and yeah, the, the guards you don't see any guards at the moment. All right. And you have so many skills. Are you by any chance?

Experienced with water vehicles. Perhaps we could sail up to the side here. Um, A fair point, mirth. I thought you did. You sounded like you had an idea.

Mike: So Murph is like a basketball player. He's six foot seven super tall with he's got, he's got game. He can, he can jump. He can do. Thanks. Thanks to his mirthful leap. Um, This gantry is second story tall. I'm wondering if I can just jump up and grab it and then pull people up

All: you, how high does it say you can jump?

Mike: Well, mirthful leap allows me to jump an extra da feet from standing and then whatever the standard jump rules are.

All: Okay. So I

know it's unlimited. Okay. So you just, you would jump to your mate if you need it. Um, You, you can definitely with that reach at least the support of the gantry. So where the gantry meets the brick. So you you'd be able to grab onto that and pull yourself up to the rest of it

Mike: and then I'll do it.

I'll do it with stealth. And like just grab onto the support beams and then do that, like gymnast swing and then tumble up over and on top. And then I realized looking at my pack for rope um, and I was gesture to somebody to throw me up a piece of rope.

All: Okay. Can I get a stealth check from everyone if you guys are following along and an acrobatics check as well for the 17 from the rogue.

Okay. He's already decided to move on with his plan.

Mike: I got a 12 in athletics and a Nat 20 plus five and stealth.

All: Great. you don't have any reason to think that someone heard you or that anyone saw you GAC steps his toe for a quick second. You help cover his mouth. And I have some more up here. One moment. Try not to lose it, toss it up in its bundled form to him.

Mike: I nodded over uh, like the solid beam or two. So imagine adventurers have a lot more heft to them than a normal people would just to make sure that as extra

All: supports, I have one more heft. There's like a railing on the on the walkways. So they would have a nice post for you tie on to. Yeah. So I

Mike: just yank yuck up your Inc.

All: Okay. Pasha is going to be looking around the corner as you guys are doing this and then kind of will be the last one up. She's keeping an eye out for anyone around. Okay. I think from here we be able to cause some trouble

what's Tasha carrying with her Tasha is she's doesn't have a lot on her. She's

yeah, honestly, you don't really see anything other than her clothes. Tasha. Do you need a weapon of a crossbill you could borrow as little as you promise to return it. I say, well, I'm on tying the rope and pulling it up after us. Oh God. I hope it doesn't come to that. I've I've got a knife and she'll reach to her side.

She's got a knife tucked in her boot.

Mike: Um, She's got lots of drugs.

All: That's who does

in the event of chaos. I'll drop the crossbow. You can pick it up. Alright. Alright. That's that sounds good. No, not to be offensive at all, but you don't exactly strike me as someone who is used to engaging in assorted acts of fender, tree and devilry. Oh no, this is, this is a first time for me.

Good showy. Matthew lead the way you seem to be the one in charge here.

Mike: Yeah. While everyone is climbing up, there's realized I have wit with me, I'm going to have wit circle around the, I guess, campus, the, the set of buildings and look in windows and just scope things out. See if, get a sense of what's or whom is around.

All: Okay, so you're looking for what's around the bill. Well

Mike: around an inside kind of looking, pairing inside windows and and such, I see you

All: little Raven starting with what we would see around w would notice three guards circling the whole dock area. They're pretty, they're spread pretty thin.

You don't see, they're holding lanterns slowly, walking around. That's what you'd see. That's like the light that you would see there is, you know, most of you guys. Yeah. That's the obvious things you'd see the windows, aren't great.

They're kind of fogged over but you'd see these bright colors kind of flat rectangles on the ground that are bright.

Mike: is there any movement,

All: Wouldn't see any movement inside. Okay. And then on the roof where you guys are there's kind of standard equipment, you can see there's a crane on one of the corners that doesn't look like it would carry very much weight but might help move a pallet or two There's a couple hatches that lead into the building. There's a couple plays, actually a surprising amount of pipes that are um, just kind of sticking out that seemed like the steam or something might come out the top of them. And they're in a grid all across the roof. There is it like a network of pipes that you could get from one place to another they're there like plumbing pipes.

So they're pretty small. How small like six inches around and they're all the connections that would be between any of them would be inside the building, not on the roof here. So they just looked like kind of six inch pipes to coming out their roof. Maybe. For about two feet off the surface of the gotcha.

Well, gents, I think it's either through the front door, through one of the hatches or if someone that seems to be packing, pulling him off spell for some reason down the pipes, I vote for the hatchets. What do you say?

Mike: Could we not just stuff, the pipes full of dirt and cried and such, and the way in the factory starts in the morning, whatever.

Um, What's the name of it? burst the boiler would burst from the excess heat and blow up and, you know, mission accomplished. Oh, that's,

All: that's a good idea. And Tasha's just going to start collecting chunks of the residue that are stuck to the like mineral buildup that are stuck to the corners of the building to of the pipes.

I don't think this will be enough, but this is a good start. Well, if you understand that here, Tasha and continue, we can venture insight and see if we can't cause a little internal damnation. Oh, I don't want to miss all the fun. Um, I'll keep an eye out for now, but think of it as scouting ahead, we go in, you count to 60 and then follow up.

All right. A good, oh,

Mike: by the way you might want to throw down some of your drugs when the boilers light and they start going on fire, that'll make quite the smoke in the area which will burst out. And well, everyone will get really damn

All: high, but miss that could affect the town as well.

Mike: Well, just the factory for the most part.

I mean, not enough to, you know, drift over to the town

All: far enough away. Hopefully you guys going to turn on the boilers now? No, no, no. This consider this a stop gap measure in case we don't get chance to stable the book to, well, the boilers, well, the boilers are off right now. There's no, I know for the next time they turn them on.

Mike: Well, it wouldn't be a bad idea to blow it up now while there's no one there to you know, disable them

All: the edge of one of the that hatches specifically looking for traps as I gently lifted up looking for wires and whatnot. Okay. You would. I mean, you wouldn't find any traps. You'd see. There's a pretty rudimentary lock on the hatch. 28 slide of hand to get it open. So yeah, that'll, that'll blow on it gently. Yeah. That's that's the, without you, now, you now have a perfectly good lock in your hand that you can no, no damage to it.

It just came out with those rested around the edge and it pops clean out. I mean, if you want to add a lock with no key to inventory that might come in here. Yeah.

Okay. Uh, That's fun. And then yeah, you can open up so you can open up, you don't see any straps. So when you open it up, you'll get a clearer view of what is in this building. And you'll see where, where this hatch opens up is a metal great. Similar to the gantries. But inside the building and below that is these bright pools of liquid.

they're kind of in a granted of it's like eight pools and like a two-by-four. Grid and each one is slightly more rate, less. Yeah. More raised than the next one. And they're slow waterfalls cascading from one to the next. And the color is changing slightly with each.

So there's like starts, how are they supported? They are just, they're built on brick. Okay. So those kind of pathways around the whole array. But you see kind of the top one cascades to the side, then cascades down, like cascades back to the other side, cascades down in like a snaking switch back pattern in each one.

So the first one's very bright turquoise, then you get more like a sea foam green, then it abruptly turns into a bright orange and then to a deep red the colors kind of continue with pretty stark differences between each pool. Rhonda Rhodes' cousin though, the gender color

that was July. since we see all this, I'd like to stealthily attempt to enter the room Um, the hatch, is it going onto a gantry way at like the ceiling level or is it going down like a set of stairs or what happens if you, this is the two story buildings. So the gantry is that for the second story and then there's ground level.

There's a, there's a ladder leading down to the gantry. So you can climb down. We gauge who's inside the building. Yes. Inside the building, kind of above the pools. I would like to maybe pay to stealthily, move down to the gantry way and just set myself up before motioning the rest of the group to move forward.

Mike: Okay. Oh, sorry. Before we continue any further, I'm casting major armor on myself.

I don't want you to be flat footed and again, just, you know? Yeah.

All: So how long does that last eight hours?

Mike: Got it more than enough for overnight? Encouraging. Hopefully

All: you guys are there in eight hours. You might have more trouble. Yeah,

Mike: anyways. And then I'll go down and I'll, I'll, I'll just investigate the pools from the gantry without jumping down quite yet.

See if I can get a bird's eye view of what's going on and assess what this stuff actually is. Um, While I'm doing that, I'm going to turn to Tasha and say, what do they refine here?

All: They, they refined clay. They, they start with the clay from Bokar. They ship it here and then they strip it into a fine powder.

That gets sent up to Toronto.

Do use the clay for

it's it's used for uh, making tore lift toilets, silver it's I don't know exactly what it goes into, but it's, it's important for that. The dorms process of their, into their, their tour.

Mike: Can I do an Arcana or alchemists check to see if I understand the process or like some aspects of the process in context with what I'm seeing in front of me?

All: Yes. Sounds perfect. Um, Oh, he's doing that. I feel similarly inclined, but I don't have. Skills. So what I'd like to do is take one of my, sort of the ball-bearings on my pack and just drop them into each of the little switch suspects as we go to see what it does to the metal falling quite a bit. I know. So are you dropping them from the gantry or like, okay.

So once you're like walking around in there, you're going to start noticing your eyes are getting a bit irritated. They're starting to sting a bit and as you drop these, ball-bearings in you'll see, in one, they just float on the surface and start kind of fizzing uh, or you drop one and it starts fizzing on the surface.

And that fizzing is propelling it in random kind of directions as it slowly dissolves. So it's of a centering on the surface. Yeah, it's reacting to it, certainly. Yeah. A chemical reaction with the, with the ball-bearing,

Mike: Right. I got 19 plus a seven, so 26 on that check.

All: Oh, who knows when it stops, they start to stop dissolving in the process.

Cause there's like seven or eight pools you said. So w it's very slow moving liquid. So it's, the pool is very stagnant. So the one ball-bearing would definitely dissolve within, without traveling to the next pool. Um, Dropping one. Right? So if you, if you drop one in the next one that one just, just duds through just drop sinks, no, no reaction.

The third one, it starts violently like cracking into like shards and then those shards are cracking you know, splashing a bit as it does. So, one, it floats on top, but it also doesn't seem effected another it sinks to the bottom. And then there's kind of a pause before you hear like a loud pop and it splashes a bit there.

That one's big enough that you would see some of that splash into other pools and those pools would have Kind of violent reactions. One, one kind of sense of at this point, I just didn't wanna assume that it's all pretty dangerous and stop what I'm doing. And looking at that each one of these pools is doing some different thing.

It has different chemicals in it. They have different

Mike: chemical

All: properties. Yeah. All, all different chemical properties. And Mike you're, you know, getting the sense that this is this this process is just treating this water. And it, I mean, it doesn't really look like water. It is, this liquid is being treated in a number of ways before being collected at the end.

And it's this slow process to treat this liquid and then move it to the next pool and treat it in a different way and move it to the next bullet it in a different way.

Mike: Like,

All: In the ground. There's a buried tub. That's slowly being filled up.

It's not very full at the moment. It seems every once in a while they'd pull it out and replace it with a new tub.

Mike: This is what they're refining. It's not wait.

All: Right. This is part of the refinement.

Mike: Cool. And

All: go ahead and duck. Oh what ball-bearing did he throw?

Like w w which pool did he throw the ball bearing into? From the top down, I got about five down for a side that it wasn't worth wasting more. Ball-bearings. I mean, Mr. Gluck, this may seem inopportune, but what is your, what is your experience, your background? I'm wondering if it may be useful. Um, I did undermines in the minds.

You're your minor, if you will.

Always, my goodness. If you have any experience with any sort of chemicals used in the mining that you were reminded of? Well, the, the dragon work uh, assets sometimes

can you remind me where you. Where you grew up

Mike: in the

All: canes of, I remember it was like on the border of a car and FENRA yeah. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. If I remember correctly,

Mike: I think it was FENRA.

All: We, we send her aside.

Mike: Okay. That's where a Morris and yuck Mitt

All: up. Can I get a, is there anything better than history for this nature?

Can you do history or nature? Just tell me which one you're doing the same

Mike: for me, so it doesn't matter. Okay.

All: And that's a nine, I rolled only sub 10 support today. Okay. That's, that's still enough around these pools? At the, at the top of these pools specifically there are a number of shelves and on them, you see these kinds of paper, like lard like concrete bags, like paper heavy bags and you would recognize one of them that's cut open.

You recognize the material in it. As just a kind of rock that you have seen all you get with a nine. I, I, I point to the bad

interesting can mess.

Mike: Yes.

All: W what do you, what do you, what do you know of this alchemically? I think that the easiest way to cause trouble is to disturb the reaction.

Mike: Yes, there's a number of ways we could possibly taint the reaction so that the end product was destroyed, or we can blow the top VAT of that acidy stuff.

And it'll melt the whole place.

All: Are you guys doing anything with Tasha at this point? Is she climbed down behind us? Yeah, she'd be she'd peek her head in say, is it safe for me to come down? Come on. It doesn't seem to be anyone. All right. Let's, let's go then. And she'll hop down. Ooh, these are fun colors. What do they do? Yes, don't drink it. As best we can tell it's spicy.

Mike: Not in the good way in that kind of melt your insides or blow you up kind of way.

All: She's going to have spicy. You'll see her kind of rubbing her eyes like, oh yeah, yeah, I get, I get that. Gosh, this stuff looks nasty. Is there any sort of levers around that would potentially halt the flow of water? Can I get an investigation check? Sure.

It's a five, no scene. You can see a pipe um, where, where it's coming from. But that pipe goes through the wall into some other area. You don't see any levers for controlling it. The, here is this. You will notice that the in case this matters to you guys, it comes out the water coming out. Before it gets into any of these pools is a kind of match red, not a very bright red, just adult red color.

And as it leaves, it's like a white paste. Kind of Milky not really pasty, Milky, liquid coming out the end with

Mike: my alchemy check that I hadn't made. Can I gather, like what kind of substances are being inputted and outputted,

All: you would definitely, now that geckos pointed out the bags of kind of concrete type stuff on the side, you would recognize that those are also a very similar don't read to the liquid and the the, the liquid going in and coming out is that bright white is similar to the the buildup that you're seeing in the corners, the chalky dusty stuff.

Okay. I am feeling like I can't be much help with the alchemical aspect. So I'm going to start looking around for any sort of gears or anything that might be attached to the waterwheel outside that I could potentially destroy to prevent it from being effective. The water wheel is not connected to this building.

It's connected to the three story building. You would, you would notice African looking around. Room that you're in is pretty big, but it's not the full size of the building. And a door that looks like it could exit to the outside. You're realizing could also just enter another room that might get you to where this pipe is.

I'm going there. Okay. Yeah. Could you, would you accompany me and the link Tasha and mirth can handle the, dealing with the L chemical ingredients. Potentially. Maybe we can get this thing to stop size. I'd like to have a major with me. Oh, You guys are going to open up the door.

You're going to see another room that spans basically fills up the rest of this building. You see this pipe it, it just turns into the ground. So you can't see exactly where the pipe continues, but you do see a large valve on the top of it, that could be, it looks like it could be twisted to shut off the flow.

You'll also see kind of in the corner of this room, a small office That has its lights on still. It has a lot more windows to kind of overview and this, this room has a lot more of Those bags of concrete, like substance.

Can I get a perception check? And how close are you getting? I don't know. I thought we were just like walking in. I mean, to the, to the other, this room you're in right now is not inhabited, but the office, you're not sure about I would want to like peek around. Like, I don't know if it's I'm pretty short, so I can probably just like peek over.

I got a 19. Okay. You,

you wouldn't see any inhabitant. You just see that it looks like a messy office paperwork all over the place. With a 19 though, you would see a cabinet in there with a larger lock than you would expect to be on that cabinet block seems particularly or over done verbose. Yeah. Yes, yes, yes.

Yes. Can you staring at the valve this whole time? I'm putting on fucks.

I'll do it. The lock. Do you happen? Have any magic involves ice? I, does Dan have anything on him currently on anything specific? Like, uh, Let me double check my, spell it real quick so I can know,

Mike: uh, Any non-living material

All: metal, lots of um, I can, I can do this and I waved my hand and his metal gets cold.

You can chill metal.

Fascinating. If you can chill this, this valve and potentially weaken it, I'll deal with the look. Sure. I will go and figure out what the heck he means by Chilla Val. Now I was just like do things to it.

Okay. I'll stop. Is it it's It's two feet. Oh, okay. Then I can, I can reach it. It's fine. Cause it's, it's only a 10 foot range. Not gonna if it feels like a 15 foot spot, have to get up on a chair or something.

Mike: Meanwhile, a mirth is going to check in with wet. Who's still outside circling around, keeping an eye on the perimeter. And while he's doing that, I think he's going to quietly descend. You want us to investigate this process and fully understand what's going on here? So if there's any notes or manuals or

All: okay.

Let's start with wit can I get a perception check from what this is the outside of the building, checking to see if guards are getting close or anything like that. Classic 18 on that lock. Okay. Thank you.

Mike: We got five. Okay.

All: Then I mean, yeah, with C's the five torch wielding side of the three torch wielding guards they're circling they would see that one is.

Checking out the far side of the three-story building. You know, he's not moving very quickly. Just seems like a general making the general rounds.

Mike: Okay, cool.

All: What else were you going

Mike: to be doing? The sending to the floor of this factory building. Right. And getting a more direct sense of the mechanisms and what's going on here looking for like any books or documentation or uh, like maybe a ledger or like work orders or something like that.

Like where the stuff is going, who is buying it? Like who's the owner here? Just general investigation, I

All: guess. Can I get an investigation check?

Mike: Yes, I am not proficient, but I have good intelligence, 17.

All: Alright. You find all over by the bags of the concrete type stuff. You find an inventory of the material being checked off.

There's like times. Basically they seem like when to add the next bag to keep them keep it flowing, keep it flowing. And then in the, yeah, that's the main thing in here. You'd also see, you know, there's like time charts for when people are coming in and out. I guess you'd also find next to each pool kind of a clipboard type thing.

Like a notebook that has similar kind of instructions and logs for each pool.

Mike: looking over the, those sheets and logs and such, do any of them indicate that there is somebody who's going to be coming in, in the near future?

Or is it like hunkered down for the night? Like everything, like if I looked at the previous night's logs, did someone come in, in the middle of the night to add stuff in or did that like,

All: no.

Yeah, if you look back, that seems like there's a a pause, like they've kinda slowed things down for the nights

Mike: the basin that's filling up now. Is not how close is it to full

All: it's maybe like an eighth full.

Mike: . So we got plenty of time before somebody is going to come by.

All: Right. And, and it's not filling quickly. So the, the safe the cabinet, if you will. Yes. Yeah. You rolled in 19 17, 18, 18. That's going to open this lock and the door is going to swing open and you are going to find a small, long rectangular box at the center of this, it has another lock on it. Well, it's like a lock mechanism in the box.

The box itself is about like scroll case size, but not necessarily a scroll case. You don't see any indication that it would contain a scroll, but it's that size. With my thieves tools, I'd like to take the small mirror, this mountain on a metal handle and just look around behind the box just to make sure there isn't some sort of wire trap attached to it.

You don't see any okay. Once you just ever so gently. Take it and slide it on the ground closer to me so I can get a better reach on it, but not actually take it out of the cabinet. Okay. So you're going to slide it slowly and it's going to stop. It's not going to move past a couple inches. Fascinating.

It moves totally freely until I hit that point. And then it was like, as if like a chain or something was like holding it there and just like, you hit the, the end of the length on it. Fascinating GIC. How goes it freezing that, that, that valve I've, I've been freezing it and I don't know if it's going well, but if it's hasn't been going well, I have a crossbow. Ready? What is the what's the description of this value of using you chill, warm or flavor up to one cubic foot of non-living material for an hour. You're literally using prestidigitation to try and cool.

The metal. Yeah. That's what it's cool. It's refrigerated. It's not frozen. It's not, it's still metal. That's all I got.


It could be bashed open. Yeah, it's re it's like a wooden box, but the kind of corners and scenes are Korean forced with steel. And the lock on it does look more intricate because it's part of the box. It latches in a couple locations. You see like a sliding piece that makes the locking mechanism work.

So it's, it's fortified, but it's, you know, a small box. Would you leave that alone? Come help me. I need another hand. Sure. I give it one more good, like chill and I walk in. I think I'm just picturing me. It's it's so close. I could just tell him, I'm sure.

Kik. I need you to hold this particular pin right here and pull it up to try and get that sliding piece out of the way so I can work. Would you be able to help me?

how high up is this cabinet? Oh, it's like on the ground. It's like a forest. Really, I think

Mike: I still need to have a drinking game How many times a gut needs to ask? Is it how high is the counter?

All: Well, yeah, how I get on shot of this? I get on top of the safe and then I placed my hand where he wants me to, but not in a sexual way.

Okay. So your health with the help action, I'm going to attempt to pick this lock. All right. Okay. Just to make sure I low enough a level. I want to double check. I want to get all the help I can get. Yeah. As he's doing this, I cast armor. If I get this all myself,

I don't blame you freeze.

Mike: Well, does decrease damage if he's a top, if something hits

All: me. Okay. Okay. I rolled without his D four for the help action. A 16th advantage. It's advantage is advantage for help in that case. It's the 21. . Okay. You, you know, it, it takes a bit And you kind of have to like use every, every hand open it up and slide this kind of spring, loaded metal things to the side, and then you can pop this case open inside this case, you will see an activated immovable rod that was holding the case in place.

And you will see a small, it almost looks like a trinket or a toy. It's like a key shape, but clearly not going to fit into any typical key log. It looks like a cut jam in a like a cartoon key shape just to like standard key with two teeth. But it's this cut gem. It looks basically black.

If you lift it up to the light and look through it, you can barely see a faint blueness to it, but otherwise it looks black like obsidian on a shiny glass. Yeah, it does engage the movable rod. And to take that and set it to the side for a second, pick up the key. That's where looking at it go.

This appears to be your color. My dragon bone friend. He still, he still doesn't believe he's a cobalt. I don't know what it does or if it's worth anything really, but at the very least should be a good addition to your hoard. I will take this piece of metal if you don't mind. I just kind of like hold up roots

in like a breast pocket. Okay. Before you put it away, if you're just looking at it you will notice that as you move it around in your hands, it will occasionally faintly glow. And then it'll stop flowing or you won't be quite sure why. You will notice that it starts to glow particularly when it's in like a specific orientation.

That's when the point of the key is pointed vaguely. Yeah, I'm definitely using it as a dividing rod, as I'm like doing stuff I'm like wanting to glow. And so my goal is to just make it go out and be shiny. Okay. Cobalt, crows. Um, Yeah. So at where you guys are right now, it just, when it's pointed vaguely south, that glows it doesn't seem to be changing as if you like walk around the room and stuff change. If my no bullish background, is there any papers in there that I would see and recognize as possibly being useful? There are many papers in here.

Can I get an investigation check to see if you can find any that are useful? 11, 11? You

not, not really with that. You're, you're just stuck in the chaos. There's too many papers. GIC. Do you have any spells that involve fire

Conda? And then I use prestidigitation to make his metal warm.

You can light

Mike: a candle with prestidigitation can't you? Yeah, you can,

All: but I'm not going to do that. Right. That's so not just warming things, but could you create a flame? Sure. Is there like a piece of wood or like a candle in the room? There is, there's like a torch on the wall. Yeah. I pointed a finger gun at it and go what's up.

Yeah. Great. Let's go back and visit mirth. I may decide to come back here and cause some havoc with permission. Of course. So we walk out.

It is, I showed them that this direction shiny, this other direction, not shiny. Is there anything in this room that is in that vague direction? If you walk like the length of their room, it doesn't seem to rotate at all, which direction you're pointing. No, it's not really affected by where you are in the room.

Cool. I run into the wall cause I'm looking at it. So walk into it. Well, that goes to any stealth we might've had anyways. While you continue to debate with your shiny, I'm going to walk out notice the fact that the valve is not frozen. That's cold though. I can see the frostiness on it.

You can see the light, like condensation that you can pick touch. I found a couple of trinkets, nothing big. Have you, have you learned anything alchemically or should I just burn the place to the ground? Well, this

Mike: is one stage of the refining process, probably the finishing and of the process.

The, the pipe obviously goes up higher to other locations and more probably more raw forms of the refinery process. It, it might behoove us to continue upwards following the pipes to the source.

Brad: I, I forgot to mention also in this room you do see a VAT where you can see the Red concrete type stuff is dumped into where it seems to be dissolving into what looks like water.

You can see it like half dissolve in some spots and water comes in to dissolve that and then go into the pipe. So you can tell that there's water. And then there's the, so

Mike: this is, this is a all in one room. The whole process begins and ends here.

Brad: Well, it gets you from that. What did you roll on that?

You're 20 twenty-five twenty-five twenty-six with that, that kind of carries over. And you can tell that this is, this is getting you from the raw material to that white liquid, right? Cool. Um, That we have Tasha here, go set the office on fire, but we talked to that, an office back there there's any papers you'd like to get grab.

There's also a lit torch, so you can set the papers on fire your progress of course, but you may want to investigate also a strangely unlocked cabinet. I don't know what that's all about. I'll be ready to light it on fire. Right, right, right, right, right. Draxik I showed him the key and once again, I rotate back and forth work this direction.

There's something for he. Oh, why do I get the CRE I don't get the vibe of creature from black culture.


looking along your key. Is there anything in the direction of that key besides a wall? Um, I go outside the room and I look to see if there's anything like in the direction of that key, that there may be like this pointing back at the pools. So if you go back into the pool room, you can see that it continues to just points out.

All right. I keep, I keep like following the key, but now I'm a little bit more careful about my surroundings. I don't walk into a wall or, you know, a pool of asset

Mike: or something.

Brad: It's good. It's pointing south. It's not adjusting for any movement still. I'm going to follow him to go find it DOR at the bottom there and open it and see if it continues back to it points out to the sea, which is the south of us here, or if it points towards any particular object.

Mike: I think what you're saying is that as you're moving it, it's not worrying

Brad: enough. It doesn't. So that sometime I, I just wanna see what's pointing. Can I get a nature check from whoever's got it and doing it, got of doing the key thing. Can you guys, if you guys are both working on it, can you roll with advantage for that help.

Oh, yes. That'd be nice since you're all working on this now. Yeah, I got a, oh God. Oh 60. Okay. So looking at the map, you get the sense that this thing it's pointing at based on how little it's adjusting has to be at least one square of the two, because yours have squares squares, you did not put a grid on the map.

There's a grid on the new map on the phone, which is what I'm looking at. You can tell that it would have to be like across the water or fender or beyond. I'll just put 20 favors and Finland was following an object. It would be at least that far away. Gotcha.

so it was that I don't have to worry about it being in disability. Definitely not in this building. we'll investigate it. It seems as pointing towards FENRA we'll investigate it. Some of other. In any event Tasha you set fire to this building. I'm going to wander over to the three-story one to see if I can cause some trouble there.

I'm, I'm very excited to like the sound fire, but are we going to do anything with the pools? Talk to them. I'm walking.

I to attempt to stealthily cross over the bridge,

Mike: Murtha's conflicted. She doesn't want to have dangerous chemicals released into the waters or into the ecosystem of this of this place anymore than already has he's he's mischievous, but he's not belligerent. He's looking for a way to sabotage this without doing too much harm to the to

Brad: the community, right?

You don't want to have a big puff of toxic cloud go into the atmosphere. Right?

Mike: So like disabling some of the more expensive and hard to repair and treat mechanisms would probably be his preference, like things that would just take a long time rather than explosive, or a lot of physical damage like small amounts of damage at which would just cause this whole thing to grind to a halt for a couple, for some weeks or days.

Brad: Can I, so are you kind of looking around for something that might do that? Yeah. Can I get an R CA or yeah, alchemy or Ocana check?

Mike: There are both the same. So

that is a 14. Okay.

Brad: You get the vague sense that if the water stopped flowing entirely that might come up some things dry out the pools. Yeah. Because it's, you know, it's already running slow. It seems like that my Dre or the pools, it might affect where the clay is that concrete kinda settles is

Mike: dissolving.

Yeah. Cool. . So there was a. Pipe up in the office. He's just going to go up there. There's like a valve. He's just going to turn it, lock it in place, stop the Val, stop the belt. And then I'm going to disengage the wheel pull it off. Great. And, or gum it up so that it does actually know what can you take some of the goopy gum stuff from the bottom level and just, I'm going to paste it all around it.

So it's immense that

Brad: employees just take like a bucket. Yeah. Cause there's this, there's this general, like every corner of it and every nook and cranny has some build up of this stuff.

Mike: Yeah. So just take some fresh stuff and like jam it, jam it up all around there and make sure that no one's going to be able to okay.

Brad: Yeah, because that'll be easier than popping off a whole wheel. Okay. Yeah. Sounds good. You will see in doing this after surprisingly, suddenly with the water, like stopping completely you will see some of the pools start to smoke a little bit. And they do dry out like very quickly at least like the, a handful of them do.

And they turned into a more solid surface. Okay. Anyone else? Where were you guys going next? I'm looking for more shiny things, but before we start burning the place down, but that's about it. I'm going to the second building both potentially find shiny things, but also to investigate over there, the, a three story building, other Flannery, surely the fire won't spread across the middle gantry ways.

So you're going up, back onto the roof? No, I'm walking down at the ground level because I'm crazy. Okay. Plus I have a feeling of way to caused some trouble. Okay. And then get shiny things you were looking for, or are you still just looking at the key or looking at no, I, I put the key away from now. I'm looking for other shiny things that could

Mike: distract me.

Brad: I'm just looking for things that might distract you. Um, you know, it's a bit more dimly lit in here. But you've got good patients. I think you, you've played with all the toys in here. There's lots of this these bags of cement type stuff. And not a whole lot else.

Other than that Tasha going to say, so do I get to, are we, are we ready? And she's like holding the torture for the paper.

Mike: I don't think we need to burn anything. I've think we're causing enough damage just by halting the process. It will unbalance the system and likely cause more problems with the least amount of collateral damage.

Brad: I don't see why we'd stop here. This, these people are monsters. This is let's see, it seems like we got to shut them down as much as we can.

Mike: Well, do you want to pollute your beloved bay even more than it already is?

Brad: Can we at least destroy the papers? We don't have to burn them. If we've got another way.

Let me give

Mike: you the acid VAT over there. That'll do the trick.

Brad: . She's gonna grab all the papers she can she'll even pick up like any of the nice, you know, like a nice paper, weight and stuff on the desk and drop it into the different pools and kind of giggle as they you know, spatter away and curl up in like black, so different, all the different things.

She's like testing each one to see like what each pool does with the papers.

Mike: And then mirth would chase after a Duanan knowing that he was about to get himself into some trouble or looking for trouble. He recognizes that Glint in his eye. I follow. Yeah.

Brad: Okay. Get a stealth check from everyone crossing the path.

Mike: Sure. I'll check in again with wit as we move around.

Brad: I don't know if I want to be a no I'm feeling it. Let's do it. Can I instead using my white cloak attempt to, uh, do a little performance action, attempt to look especially a theory. So if anyone does see me, they're going to dismiss me as, as an operation noted. Yes. We will, we'll see if anyone sees you, but then that's good.

I got an 24 for the PR for the performance.

Mike: I beat all of you seven.

Brad: Okay. Well that was performance. Did you do a stealth? Here's the stealth or anything? Sorry. So it's an eight for the self. Not

Mike: that wasn't a 7, 8, 9.

Brad: I got a five, no one got above 10. I'm just starting keep billowing of the sea breeze.

Your Cape is billowing. Great. So what did you roll on that 24 for the performance? Oh yeah, that's looking mighty fine. I'm 30 feet away. I look very ghostly. I think Tasha rolled the lowest and she's leaving last. I bet she needed to slam that door a lot harder than she meant to on the way back. Can I get a perception check from yeah, cause I was thinking from what we

Mike: kept the nephew.

Ooh, not 20 plus 3 23. All right.

Brad: And Whit knew where that closest guard was Intel and meet that guard immediately heard that and is moving toward the source of the sound you can currently, you guys are playing footsie, so you guys are on the opposite side of the building. Going counter-clockwise around it.

And the guard is also going counter clockwise the same way as you're going from the, a two-story building to the three-story

Mike: building. So we're, we're on the dock. So are there any boats on the docks?

Brad: There are large kind of freight vessels. None of which seem, man, they're just

Mike: okay, cool. I'm going to have wit fly down to one of them and start crying like a baby.

One of the things that we can do as a Raven is mimicry. Raven can mimic simple sounds. It has heard such as a person whispering a baby crying or an animal

Brad: chittering okay. Yeah, I don't really there. Um, How loudly is the wit trying to do this

Mike: as loud as a Raven can cry, cry like a

Brad: baby wit knows that there are three.

Ha or has seen three gardens right around is what trying to attract all of them or is trying to be subtle enough to just attract the one that is nearby.

Mike: He is particularly, he's trying to distract the uh, the guard that heard the commotion in order to give mirth and crew time to get away. Also having told mirth that the guy was coming mirth would then have relayed that he wants to make it, make the sabotaging that they've done uh, last as long as possible.

So he's trying to just cause the guard to stay away from the building and just draw him towards the boats. Maybe thinking that the slamming door was coming from one of the boats rather than the building.

Brad: Okay. Is there a role for the trying to discern, if, is it an intelligence check to figure out if it's fake or is it not mentioned simple intelligence role?

Mike: Yeah. It's insight DC. 15 wisdom.

Brad: Let's see how they say

Mike: you see

Brad: 15 because they're definitely trying to figure out insight into, yeah. We've not thought of wisdom role. It makes sense.

Mike: it's like not a form of deception,

Brad: the role was close enough. I got to actually look at their stress.

Okay. The guard is going to not be able to tell that this is not a baby crying. You know, he's not particularly worried about a baby crying but it definitely catches us off guard and buys you guys some time. Cool. You guys do manage to get to the three story building you were trying to get to.

Can I get in other stealth check from Danny and specifically I'm not selling, I'm knocking on the door. You're knocking on the door. I'm knocking on the door to see if someone opens it for you. Yeah. Okay. Well then the guard is gonna hear that. And no one's going to come to the door and can I get a perception check?


So that's a natural 24, 24. Okay. You hear heavy breathing, it's slow and methodical. And, and you're going to hear that breathing kind of stop. And you're going to hear a shaking sound like a dog shaking water off itself. And that's what you're going to hear. No, one's opening the door. The guard is now coming around.

The corner was kinda thrown off by that baby crying sound. But is with that knocking going to get line of sight on you guys. What are you guys doing? I say good.

I tell you, I, I shouldn't have drank. I feel like I might be a bit lost. Where in the world am I? I say, as I begin, like just casually walking towards him, gently twirling my cane before I am going to attack it. Okay. To just fill the space as I walked towards him. Tasha is giving you kind of like, what are you doing it she's gonna sneak around the corner to try to stay hidden from this guy.

Or at least to like break line of sight and he's going to hide it and he's gonna say, or you're gonna be, I can't be around here. You better get gone. You went all you. I don't. Where are you? Where are you all going?

Mike: Just snap some apples out in his juggling and taking bites of the apple as he juggles it.

Brad: She's

Mike: suddenly one more apple appeals and you don't know where it came from.

Brad: He is gonna reach fuss with his chest a bit, pull out a horn and blow it. Could I make an initiative roll? See if I'm fast enough to knock it out of his hand, four gets to it. Um, What's your speed? My physical speed of running.

Yeah. 30 feet. And I bet attempting to walk towards him this whole time as I'm talking to him, right. Yeah. Can you make an initiative check? And then if you succeed, you'll both make an, a. We'll see if you can ask me, knock it.

Mike: Are we all rolling initiative or just,

Brad: this is just like a natural, like 23, 23.

Ooh. He rolled a 19, but he does not have any bonuses. I'm very fast. Okay. And then can you make an attack roll? Yes. Specifically, unless you real, otherwise, I would like to use one of my maneuvers and use my fainting attack maneuver where I use one security. I add these a bonus action using my brother's action for this turn to add the total to my day withdrawal and get advantage on the attack in the made during the turn, basically like I'm flinching my hand towards his eyes to distract him while I walk him with my sword cane to the side of the head.

Sure. Are you trying to do damage then? You're not just trying to grab a phone and you're trying to, I'm attempting to whack him in the face as hard as I can, so he can't blow the horn. Got it. Okay.

Mike: You're trying to stop him.

Brad: , then you can go ahead and make your attack with your team. I had, I could sneak attack.

Okay, so that's a 14 a For'ramar another way. That was the first of all. Didn't do advantage. Sorry. It's the exact same, sorry, 14. Okay. 14 we'll hit him. But it won't hit specifically like his head to keep him from doing this. Well, that's just Sandy. They roll my superiority day here. What does that add to the, to hit or just the damage?

The damage. Okay. Yeah. So let me roll my my damage here with that. And then also I get sneak attack, cause there's an advantage. So it's an 11, 15 before the sneak attack. You're come sneak, tack 16 grand total for the sneak attack. As I walk it with a face with my cane, for the damage. Yeah. Blowing this horn is his dying AFT

he gets attack for the record with my head. Yeah. Are you trying to um, like not to be like non-lethal oh no, I have it fully intending to break his neck. Okay. Yeah. One of my faults, I have no qualms against lethal force. Yeah. Yeah, you, you, you get him,

you hear the horn. He kind of like gas for air as is a hit and it falls to the ground. So he's, he's taken care of, but his horn didn't go off.

Mike: All right. I'm going to cast minor illusion. And make a mound of dirt over top of where he is. I'm going to take the horn and I'm going to prance around with it, blowing it.

Brad: Okay. You're blowing. Continue doing that. I'm going. And then I'm going to call back towards 'em kick, kick that door and we don't have much time now.

You've got a young dragon friend. I'm trying.

Can we get going now? This doesn't have to be allowed operation. I go up, I go up to them. This is like the worst stealth mission ever. I go up to the door and I give it a kick. The okay. Role strength. You Alexa, you can elect to fail. Yeah, yeah, yeah. If you're, you're trying to kick down the door. Yeah.

Remember when the doors I'm trying to kick the door. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can you just make a, just roll damage? Did you hit damage? Why hit the

Mike: zero?

Brad: Yeah, I do. I do zero damage for not on track. Okay. Yeah, it does. It does nothing. You get nothing on the store. Tasha is visibly upset at this, the noise that's being created.

She is going to run around the, the other building. And you're gonna lose sight of her.

That's one thing she was aware of just how much you have to do if you want to get results.

Mike: I think she tried to hire the wrong bunch of adventures for us stealthy like mation. Oh, we were doing well there for a little bit and I continue blowing the horn.

Brad: It isn't the Elvin persuasion to engage in such acts, to instill terror and to make people very aware of how lackadaisical the security is.

As I closed back of addition, distance with a gig, I'm going to uh, take my cane and try and bash the door open or the smashed the lock enough that opens up I'll stand back and get a blast. Ready. Okay. Can you both roll damage and make both, I mean, both hit just both rural damage for your attacks.

Sure for damage from my cane. I did. What's that total thing? 11 damage. Okay. You're going to hit it with the cane, it's going to bend and then the, where you're doing an Eldritch Blast or yeah. And that's gonna pop off the the door handle entirely, so it can swing open. Now, Kelly, you had such massive powers at your disposal.

I've gone too fast. Last battle. You could have told me when you were attempting to freeze the thing you could have just blown it up anyway. Cold. Fair enough. Anyways, John Jack stays in the back.

Okay. Murphy. You continuing to just toot your horn

Mike: prance around and toot the horn. You know, you guys are running into the building. I think you'd be like. I was going to do this whole horn so low. It was going to be rad. Then, then he like drops the horn and then walks into the the building with them.

He looks somewhat for Laura and for having his horn tooting halted.

Brad: Okay. When, when exactly do you stop blowing the horn?

Mike: Oh, when they start walking into the building after they've made like the big ruckus.

Brad: Okay. Yeah, there has been quite the records. So you're, you're entering this building. None of the lights are on there's no it's getting darker now.

It's so it was pretty dark in this room. The noise you've made is has been somewhat and you don't hear that heavy breathing anymore. You don't hear the shaking so much. Do you, can you guys, can you make a perception?

Mike: I'm going to have my hood Atlanta now. It had been all open it up and shove it around inside.

People's I lantern, sorry. Right agenda around.

Brad: 12. Okay. So I'm blind except for the lantern as, as you're passing this lantern or ground

Mike: 13. What was that? Four 13 for the perception.

Brad: Okay. W what the, if you guys are using the lantern that's not a big deal as you pass the lantern around you'll see this looks like a kind of like a social room.

It's got kind of soft chairs a table in the middle that looks like it's got like cards splayed out on it. And you're gonna hear, or you're gonna, as you pan, you're gonna see off in the distance. What's the range of your

Mike: beautiful thing of the bullseye lantern? Is it has a 60 foot cone,

Brad: a bright light for 60 feet.

Yeah. Sweet. Okay. So you're gonna

Mike: pan it.

Brad: You might even go

Mike: 60 foot, a bright light and a 60 foot comb and for an additional 60 feet dim light. So

Brad: 120 feet. Yeah. Yeah. I figured there was dumb, like twice You're going to hand this over and you're going to see these glowing eyes staring back at you as you get in the dim light range.

And then once you put the bright light on it, you're going to see a large bear hanging out in here. Can it's in bright light, so you can see he's got a tag around his collar, or he's got it. He's got a collar on this bear. Um, He looks sleepy. He looks like he was just peacefully sleeping. But now he's, he's seen you all.

He's seen this bright light shined in his eyes. He's heard these loud horn bearings, and he looks upset that you have interrupted his space. Hmm. I think the sprayer has, are named that. Does the color have a little name tag on it or is it just like a color? Yeah, it's got a, it's got a tag on it. You can't quite make out a name from this distance.

He's 60, he's like at the edge of the lantern. Gotcha.

Mike: All right. What's what's behind the bear.

Brad: Um, He's he was curled up in the opposite corner of the room. Okay. So he's, he's cornered a bit. You can see there's a blanket laid out for him. Cause it is a big food. This is kind of is his spot

Mike: because he chained up to the wall or is he like free?

Brad: He's free to walk around now. Okay.

Mike: Yeah. . Well,

Brad: he's going to be slowly. He's growing now and slowly moving forward, kind of one imposing step at a time. And everyone slowly, gently, no sun movements, no cowering. Guek backup Shen the, you gotta go out the door. Um, Well we attempted back out the door. I'm going to take half of my ball-bearings in my bag. I'm just going to dump them out in front of us. And then back up away without breaking eye contact with the bear at the site of the ball-bearings, the bear is going to get up on two legs and look more, more angry.

Mike: I'm going to shine the light on the wall in a different direction and do finger puppets like shadow puppetry of a bear shadow walking along the walls. I

Brad: mean, I'm going to get ready to blast. The benefit starts to

Mike: get close. The dim light is still on him, but the the bright light is over on the other wall.

A little walking bear or a deer

Brad: deer. I think their experience with animals. Okay. I mean, I don't, I would like to try and calm the spare if I can, but I do not have proficiency in animal handling. You can, you can try to do animal handling. I mean, Murtha is helping, I don't know how helpful that would be, but he is helping

Mike: really now into love shadow puppets.

Yeah. Yes. I mean, it's, it's a known fact. It's in the

Brad: the other day. Yeah. Um, I don't know what to add for the helping this, but I did roll a 17 for my animal handling. I just roll with advantage, but

Mike: then I'm going to 17, 17 it's minor illusion to make Deere sounds from the area where the shadow puppet of the deer is like prancing around on the wall.

Brad: Okay. The bed, the barrel go back onto all fours instead of standing up. And he will go check out the deer noises. He looks a bit more curious now about what's going on. Yes. The flavor, the deer image

Mike: smell, see deer,

Brad: the deer flavor, knock cosplayer. He starts going up to the wall.

Smells it a bit more. We'll give it a L a big long lik. But then he's gonna, he's gonna lift the wall. But then he's gonna get that chalky taste in his mouth from everything that's in this room. So it tastes like chalky deer. Got it. Yeah. So it tastes like deer, but also like chalk is gonna roar a bit and of he's kinda like backing up now.

Like you can stick his tongue out, like he's, he's about as distracted as sales yet. I want to see him as a bear.

Okay. Well, what do you do? What are you doing to try to attain the Bayer? I will take out three of my daily day. Rations I have, which is like cheese and meat and such would take them. And since they're in like a little cheese cloth to keep them from getting all messed up in my backpack and was set them on the cheesecloth out on the ground, back up about three steps.

Come on boy, we know you're hungry, have some numbs. So I'm connecting you guys in the corner of this room. Are you approaching to give the food and then backing away or you can leave and do it very gingerly getting towards moving forward. So the food down and then backing away without getting more than 15 feet towards the bear,

Mike: all angle the lanterns so that the light is shining, not shining on Duanan as he approaches.

So he has cover of darkness. Right. But we can still see the

Brad: bear. Yeah. The bear is playing, he's not enjoying his looking at the wall. He doesn't really mind you until you get to about 20 feet um, where he notices you again and stops messing with it. Which I assume is when you've dropped the food and back away the bear is looking more passive he's now not really trusting the smells so much, but he's what were you giving him again?

Dang rations, the standard venture rations, which include jerky, dried fruit hardtack and some nuts. Okay, cool. That or the military rations, Barlean's definitely picking up the saltiness of the jury. The bear is interested. We'll walk over and then we'll eat the food. That's a good, that's a good bit now silly obit.

You'd liked to come with us, not be stuck inside this awful house.

Mike: It's a good pair. That is a,

Brad: that's a good bet. I'm going to very gently while he's eating step forward, gauging his reaction. And if he's not acting hostile and keep getting closer until I'm able to gently pat him on the head, if he does not get hostile, can I get an animal handling?

I know we're on a time crunch because technically the guards are coming, but I couldn't help it.

Nine, nine. Okay. You, you can get to within about 10 feet of this bear. And then he's to I see that another five feet in ENC, I'm like getting ready to go back onto forest. As you back up, you calm back down again. You know what. Kind of shoe everyone towards the door, drop another thing of rations at the doorway and then just book it out of there.

Okay. Okay. I'm flying down the pier.

Mike: Okay. Going out the door.

Brad: Yeah, I go outside because I know that we are on a time crunch and I've wasted too much time already. Okay. So you guys again, turn around, going out of this kind of complex. And as you leave, you are going to see two guards far in the distance.

I, are you still holding the lantern

Mike: when I went outside and there was a, is there a Starlight or Moonlight? Right now, is there like

Brad: it's getting dark center set pretty quickly? I think it would be darkness outside without a Lander sunset got it past.

Mike: Um, So I think we're not wanting to get caught.

I'd probably put the flat over the the bulls-eye lantern. So the only a tiny crack of light, like immediately in front of me was visible so that I can see where I'm going as I'm moving. Okay.

Brad: Um, I don't even have that. I'm just running towards the, towards the shore in the dim white. Okay. Can you make a stealth check with disadvantage 16. All right. I'm still stuffy. Yeah. That's why you take that Elvin training. Okay. Yeah. So you can see the torches that the other guards are carrying and kind of approaching, but it's so dark that you don't get the sense that they can see you yet. They're still, you're still outside the range of their torches.

Right before it gets to the range of the torches, I'm going to attempt to hide behind it. One of the posts of the pier. Okay. Well you, so the guards are still approaching where the horn of it came from. So you were kind of well past them or you guys are the others following.

Mike: So I, well, I don't know what yucks doing, but I'm going to scoop up the dry rations that Danny and dropped near the door, and I'm going to drop it on top of the guard guy in hopes of luring the bear to the guard.

Brad: Um, The guards are still like 60 feet out,

Mike: the dead guy guy. Okay. Got it. Got it. Got it. Got it. Yeah. And then attempts to force trauma to disguise the fact that this individual's death was maybe getting bear to Maul him. I mean, he's probably bleeding and stuff like that. He's the tasty treaties and I'm numbs now.

Get the draw of the bear towards the the dead body

Brad: Martha's doing this while gear has created like a little piece of like chalk and is writing danger bear on the outside of the door.

Okay. The bear will follow the food. Are you guys sticking around to see how well this works? Are you following Ghanian? I'm going to stay away from the bear. So I'm going to go back. I'll go with Daniel. Yup. You might get interrupted on your writing the message or danger Burr, and then you're like, oh, they're walking.

Yeah. To get your feet wasted, your letters on danger. sticking around you dropping up this food. Are you going to like,

Mike: no. I'm going to a.

Brad: Because the bear is still weary of the rest of you guys. He's

Mike: these we're going to, we're going to book it. I'm going to bucket a, and I'm going to use minor illusion to create a cover that I can hide behind a they can skip hop between in open areas.

As I circle around in a way I presume that wit has noticed these guys coming. And so you can give me a heads up and I can take a, maybe a longer route towards where Danyan went but like keeping away from them. Because I'm, but not as stealthy as Dannon and I take advantage of whatever cover I can get.

Brad: Okay. So you'll take a bit longer to get there, but make your stealth roll. You have,

Mike: Ooh, not 20 plus five. All right. I know this dies.

last time it was rolling really well. And I was using this dye and I put it away. Cause I thought it was not fair. I'm not going to put it away this time. I'm just going to keep the makeup for you in one

Brad: shot. Why are you not putting away?

Mike: Oh, the dye that's rolling really well, 2019. Well, it did roll some sub tens, but it's

Brad: okay. And then get, can you make a, how are you moving there? You just kinda following Daniel, I guess. And then if he looks like he's about to attack the guard, I'll get a little blast ready yet. It's a moving kind of perpendicular to where the guards are moving.

So you're, you're going away from the guards and I'm a creature of the plane. So I'll just kind of like slip down into the shadows. Yes. Can you make a self roll? Just normal? That is a jeez eight. I have a plus three

Mike: stealth and I haven't rolled over 10 yet.

Brad: Okay. You get the sense that you're I, I stepped into every branch possible. I think, I think your foot, you were doing pretty well, but you stepped in some of the. Mineral stuff that had gotten wet and here a little sticky and then um, yeah, exactly, exactly.

I cleaned my shoe up, eat each step of the shoes, like stepped a gum. Okay. And then this bear, once you guys leave is going to approach this body which is, it's still minor illusion of, you

Mike: know, it would've gone away.

Brad: I flame, I flavored the body. Yeah. Flavored. Is it not a nonorganic? Right. Well, it's dead now.

Close all flavor food. So the bear is going

Mike: to it's meat. Now you can flavor the food.

Brad: Okay. Either way it's, it's attracted to this. These rations have been placed there. It's going to eat the rations and then smell the body and it's going to smell it a bit. And you guys are like expecting you to take that bite, but it's just not taking that bite. It just keeps smelling it. And then it's going to kind of back up about 10 feet and let out a very sad.

animals. We should have more animals. I can't

Mike: conjure. I conjure a sheep.

Brad: Um, All right, so it's going to make this call. It's going to sit down as, as best the bear can and does call out loudly into the air. It, you know, it didn't recognize this creature immediately definitely smelled a bit, smelled it a bit. But you get the sense that it, it knew this creature by the smell of it uh, it took a bit with the, with the flavor, so he has added to the clothing at all, but it did recognize this creature.

Winter will definitely see the guards pick up pace, hearing the bear going toward the sound of the mayor.

You will also see, well, no, you wouldn't because it's pitch-black does width have dark vision at all?

Mike: No, he doesn't. Um,

Brad: Okay, so he's seeing the lights clearly just fine. Okay. Oh yeah, no, that's, that's where we're at is a thing that's happening that you guys need to know about a meta-game about, they don't get to know what it is.

There was something to see that you guys didn't see. Nope.

I thought I'd give you a chance, but I'm like, Nope, that's one 60. I'm running at this point. A good rogue knows when to fold them, if you will. . So you guys are just going to try to leave the docs. Sure. I'm just going to slip into town, wait till mirth and, and yeah. Can catch up and kind of pop out like this way.

And we have limited the shadows.

Mike: Okay. I think when I was a safe distance away from the guards, I would tune into mirth or sorry, turn into wit and see through his eyes and his ears. That's a, that's a thing you can do with the familiars. Right. And see what happens to determine whether or not my ruse was successful or not.

Brad: Okay. You will see the guards, they find the bear. They seem familiar with this bear and pretty quickly approach it without too much fear, pat it down to calm it down. You know, it feels better after that. And then can I get a hearing perception check from with sure.

Mike: Oh, you won't believe it.

That's what it rolled.

Brad: Natural one. No, natural 20.

Mike: Yeah,

Brad: 23. Okay. So while wit is watching this out of the darkness, faintly hear,

oh, what did the shitheads do now, as you hear Tasha is still in this area. But you don't, you don't really know where without just. At least, unless you like went, tries to find her.

Mike: Yeah, I guess. I mean, you, you leave with the one you came with. I just, she, she's kind of our employer wet hanging around towards that noise.

Brad: Yeah. So it's generally coming from the top of the roof of the forest building.

Mike: Wow. She's a good climber. All right. Fly up there.

Brad: I think Tasha would recognize, well, what's been kind of all over the place. Yeah,

Mike: he has, but I mean, she hasn't seen me I don't know if I've spoken about what, like I've been giving him commands, having him look around telepathically, but I haven't been like saying, Hey, Whit, go over there or things like that.

So I mean, it's up to you. Whether or not she would have admitted the association, but ,

Brad: it depends on just how, if, if wind is being very blatant about it, you know, like landing in front of her and jumping up and down she would get away. So that, is it that Raven? Oh gosh, this, these guys have fucked this up having they

Mike: cry like a baby.

Brad: I was like, gosh, I'm gonna, I'm going to have a word with him once we're done. She's going to go away from this cry, like a baby graven back into the building, down that down a hatch from the top of the building.

Mike: . And then

Brad: are also looking up at what, what happened and doing their best to shine their light

Mike: and what will cure it's head over top of the building and then make another crying sound

Brad: You know, that it was just a bird. Yeah. Okay. That, yeah, that makes them a little less worried about finding finally Tasha.

Mike: All right. And then you'll fly back towards me. Okay.

Brad: Circling overhead, heading back to town. Jen, anything else here?

Mike: Oh, I'll catch up with the boys and I'll let them know that Tasha is still in the building. We have abandoned her plus I don't think she was going to pay us. She just wanted some people to, you know,

Brad: breaks as far as I'm concerned.

I certainly entertained out. I would like to go sleep and try and avoid any sort of law enforcement for the foreseeable future. And hopefully in the morning when we can take a look, this place will be just shoveled enough that it will uh, no longer be a problem.

Okay. If you guys are heading back into the main of town the first place you're going to see to rest for the night is uh, Tavern on the waterfront it's stands out as a like a historic building. It'll stand out to you particularly, cause you'll see on the side.

It reads crickets cocktails, and that'll be the first kind of like in you find walking into town. So if you're looking to rest up lay low, that would be kind of the first spot you'd find.

Mike: . Yeah, that sounds like good times from earth. He's like, this cricket was quite the mixologist. I'd like to try out his distillery.

Brad: Okay. So walking into the building, dantian in particular mirth to a lesser extent, but also kind of as extent you will recognize this building as being heavily like Elvin themed it's a three-story old building at the center of it is this spiral staircase.

Connecting the layers and this spiral staircases made out of a living tree, you would recognize it as Elvin architecture um, staple of, because the ELLs live so long, they will take the time to nurse a tree and shape it so that its branches form the staircase. And there's a lot of Elvin architecture that is done by twisting and shaping the branches in their infancy and letting them harden in the specific shape they want because they live so long and can take the time to do that.

So that's the big defining feature in this uh, in the first thing you see is this spiraling tree that is flattened out branches, first

Mike: steps. The Cedars are much the same, except for, instead of shaping trees to stairs, they make beer bongs like little funnels for liquor to go down so that they can jug alcohol.

They also have incredibly long lifespan. So

Brad: yeah, but that, yeah, they wouldn't want to impose their self on nature quite as much,

Mike: just like a little bit for very long. Usually

Brad: we just drink what we get given. Yeah. You know, you didn't grow up with trees much at all. So. Nope. You've seen them of course, but a tree like this is definitely unexpected.

In the bar you can see it's, it's winding down for the night. You can see that added some kind of banners and things for the solstice. Some of them have fallen down in the corners. Cricket is in the, in the backs, sweeping up a bit of broken glass. Or are you guys looking for a room?

I hope, you know, bars, bars closing quick. If you need a drink

Mike: and mirth is already behind the bar mixing a drink.

Brad: None for me. I did too much last night. I just want to sleep

as kind of you, but a Seder. I think I can make it myself if you, oh,

Mike: no problem. And you continues to pour stuff together to make himself a drink, a handful of coppers on the. And then walks out from behind it, like you owns the place and just sits down. Presumably there's like a fire or something

Brad: cricket.

We'll collect the coins and not as okay, this is enough. You like, you're making it yourself fine. But as you try to lift it up to your lips, he's gonna stop you. He's gonna, oh, I don't know. He's gonna grab your drink out of your head. Like, Oh wait, he's going to take a sip, Nick. And he's going to like pull her into his pocket, pull out a tiny vile is going to add a single drop of what it's in.

That vial is going to smell it again. Take another sip. I was better to hand it back to you,

Mike: then I'd take a sip. Ah, yes, I can taste the difference. And then start sipping it. Okay. Not gulping.

Brad: There are some people playing cards in the back, some dorms they're kind of winding down as well. Other than them, there's not a whole lot going on in the bar.

Well I was in Prague and that soon are you guys hanging around or moving on any, you need a room, you need a

look going to help you.

Harmony harmony in one room. Well, are you little fella? You know, it's too bad, but there's as a bit of a sell for that. I bet you'd fit on this fan. I bet. I bet you're 30 could do with one room. If you don't ever want comfort, you might, you might not want a second, but um, suffered, suffered local. All right.

That'll, that'll be a gold for night. Danny already like up into a room somewhere climbing up. I guess sure. I got um, great. Just behind finds a number. It gives you, it gives you a key. You can, you can find your room with that.

Mike: Mirth will stay up playing cards with the doors for awhile. Take out.

I take the

Brad: finishes as drain. I see if it's still pointing to the south. It's still pointed south. All right.

Okay then, are you guys going to rest for the night? Anything else you want to do tonight? I was going to shake out my cloaks. I don't want to, it looks white so that I'm not easily identified. Yeah. Shake it out. So it doesn't look white. Yeah. Try and get the dust off of it. It's going to still look white.

It'll look, but it's, it's dive a little bit. It's more like, you know, it's actually gray. Yeah. It's a dusty gray. You, you get the sense that it will eventually come out, but it will, there's not a whole lot that can be done to speed up the process.

Okay. Yeah.

Mike: Methyl finishes drink and go to bed. Okay.

Brad: Then he has rest for the night. Pretty uneventful you wake up in the morning. When, when you guys wake up, when who's early, who's an early riser who sleeps in

Mike: versus wakes up when he wakes up. he is,

Brad: and cleaning gets up before the bar's up and just like downstairs cleaning things around.

Okay. The Indians awake when the sun rises, but doesn't want to get out of bed for another like hour or two. That makes sense. Like he's. Listening to mirth snore aggressively, but he's just like,

I'm not getting up and you can't make me. Yeah. He's, he's got that depression that getting out of the bed in the morning and stuff.

Mike: Little does. Yeah. Little is done in though, but mirth has been awake before him and he's just making the snoring noise to get them up and out of bed, louder and louder. Escalating snores, the little smirk on his

Brad: face. Okay. Okay. Well GIC, you are down cleaning about right when the sun comes up cricket all come in.

Like our little one. You don't have to, you don't have to be doing that. All right. Sure. It's my pleasure. I was, I was already there with,

but if you're wanting to give us, you know, for the for the room a free breakfast tell bureau killed. Are you sure I've got I'll whip something up. It might be a bit, but we don't do much. In terms of breakfast here, but I get ya. It just some cricket will start like cracking some eggs in a pan in the back at about this time.

Yeah, pretty early. Coming in the back door, the doors will swing open. And you will hear crickets. You won't believe what those bastards did to me last night. Nothing of the, are you the one who bolted? Don't your dad push this off on us. You bolted, you could have stuck with us for you are the one who ran.

Are they here? Is that you come up some eggs. You, yeah, you guys are so unprofessional, so much noise. I had to go ruin the other building all by myself. You asked for us to engage in terrorist, a long-held Elvin tradition. And as soon as things got loud, like they invariably do you ran instead of engaging.

The bears. All right. Did you do something to that bath? You killed that best. So I didn't do anything to the bad, but I, I stuck around and finished the job. I know he has, he has helped a bit with that, but I can't pay a full and she's going to drop a large bag on the table. And it's going to jingle like a lot of coin for that you were, you were going to get even split, but no, now, now I can only give you 20 gold each temple, even giving you tell me who is your benefactor that you're able to throw around 60 gold.

You will get the sense that this isn't even half of the goal that's in the bag.

Mike: I didn't realize we were getting paid for this. I thought we were just going for shits and giggles.

Brad: That that is everything she led you to believe you recall correctly, that she made it seem very much like there was no benefactor at all.

I knew we were getting paper, but I would have

Mike: been more professional. Yeah, I can't

Brad: go telling everyone who I'm working for. You'll just have to leave it at this. I could have real chill.

You did just fine. What'd you kind of friend.

Mike: Well, I have to say that of all the people here, you were the only professional one in the party. The rest of us were just in there for some rambunctious fun. So to call us unprofessional is actually inaccurate. You're using the wrong words though, I suppose, now that we were paid, we are now professionals having been paid to do the work.

It it's a little bit after the fact, however,

Brad: they're going to see she's laid out the three, she's counting out the three piles of gold. And she's going to look at you and take one gold off of, off of your cut

he best be quiet about all this. Don't go, trying to figure out who, who is paying me and we don't, we don't have to see each other ever get,

Mike: well here. The interesting thing is we didn't know we were getting paid and then you paid us and that's a lot of gold. And I would have to say that, I think if you want our silence, there might need to be more gold in our piles than in yours blackmail and the person who she didn't hire us

Brad: money.

Yeah. Those are exactly the kinds of questions you best not be asking around here. Oh, insight check and see if she's just trying to be intimidating or if she actually has a reason. Um, Yes. Roll. Go ahead. It's a four. Don't even worry about it. with a four. You are, you, you are a hundred percent convinced that this is three.

But you were all the force. So take, take that, you know, as you would. Um, Yes. What is it? I'm so sorry. Truth

of the present situation. And during this time I'm letting my pupils dilate really, really big. Um, As I, as I look, as I look up to her very, very sadly and I use at the same time the gravel cower and beg from my thing and my heart of darkness feature for the haunted one background. Okay. How do those work?

So it's just a slavery thing, but gravel, cower and bag is basically I can distract my photos or it's it's a thing that Coldwell is do. But then heart of darkness, as those who look into your eyes, see that you have faced unimaginable horror and that you are not no stranger to darkness, though. They might fear you.

Commoners will extend you every courtesy to do the utmost to help you. Okay. She's easy. She can see a bit of a smirk out of her right. You don't seem so

Mike: bad.

Brad: I'm sure the others are prisoner killed to listen to the.

Preferably like, like, like a candle over someone's head. Oh, just like, like the habit. Yeah. It's like a shame. There's like a chandelier and like one of the candles lights on the chandelier

Mike: tries to make shadow puppets.

Brad: Tasha is going to say I don't the honor to talk to any of you anymore. Cricket. I'm ready for my shift. And she'll go join him in the kitchen, preparing things , then kind of starts busing the tables and clearing, cleaning up

Mike: then mirth we'll settle up next to cricket and say, she told us not to ask, but what's up?

Who hired her?

Brad: I don't ask any questions with Pasha. She's busy. She's got her own own things going on and I just try to stay out of it. Hmm, no, I'm going to sidle up to GIC and just stealthily quietly. Like There's a key still pointing towards fender as he's being stuff I just pulled out and just point, hold on.

It looks like

flashing that around.

What's the pros that flash around there, shine these, get them taken. But um,

it's a metaphor mitral, chronic friend, but certain,

Mike: and, and so while he's trying to convince cricket to well is trying to convince cricket to give up information, he's going to start going a little bit off the rails. So I once heard a story of a flying vehicle in the air coming down and kidnapping some livestock in this area. Is she working for the aliens?

Brad: Yeah, I think cricket this, yeah.

Mike: Um, One's from the outer space.

Brad: Crickets just gonna go into like bartender autopilot and not really give you information. It just the he'd say something like,

I'm not familiar with that. Go. Can you tell me more? Oh,

Mike: I would like, I would, there's nothing more that I'd like to do you see? And then he starts going off on his speech.

Brad: Oh, interesting. I've never heard of that

Mike: from 10 years ago. My mother developed this theory that the earth was round and it rotated around the solar system.

It's rather fascinating uh, physics. She was the first to develop this theory in the field of uh, astronomy

Brad: and all, you know, anything's possible.

Mike: Yes. And throughout this theory, she began to postulate that there are other worlds in the cosmos and by multiplying those possible combinations of chemicals and celestial bodies and a formula, she predicted that many of these planets would have civilizations.

And many of those civilizations might be more advanced than us and that those might have be able to travel between the stars.

Brad: Well, he'll hear we'll, you know, keep, keep talking with you. Um, I think if guys are kind of hanging out here the more, more people will start coming down for breakfast some people will walk in to meet people who are staying there.

And it starts getting a bit livelier. You you're over hearing a couple of conversations is people starting to play cards again in the corner. Most of it's pretty inconsequential, but the one thing you guys are gonna pick up, that's going to catch your ear is one table talking that you overhear say, did you, did you hear some goblins came into town last night?

They never do that, but I guess they, they came in with for the solstice, Debra, you know, people get so drunk and I think they, I heard they grabbed some of them and took them away. I don't know where,

and, and that's, and some is the best way to get, make money.

Thank you all for joining us here on the tail and total podcast. I hope you've enjoyed playing Dungeons and dragons with us.

We'll catch you guys next time. Have a wonderful night. Goodnight.

Goodnight. I don't know if I'm

Mike: supposed to characterize this for that. Goodnight.

Brad: Goodnight. I don't see you. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. And goodnight.

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