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These are the ramblings of a bunch of nerds trying to help other nerds do nerdy things.  It's probably worthless drivel, but we hope that you find something that can help you have more fun.


When D&D Leaves You Rollin' in Bed 🎲💤

Can't shake off the late-night D&D adrenaline high? 🔥 Have no fear, my remedy is here! 🧙‍♂️ I distract myself with game design thoughts and drift off to sleep like a level...

20 Things Players Don't See: The Invisible Menace of D&D Dungeons 🤫 💀 🔍

"20 Things Players Don't See: The Invisible Menace of D&D Dungeons" is an article that explores the hidden elements of D&D dungeons that players may not be aware of, but...

Bringing the Desert to Life: 10 Terrain Features to Make Your Adventure Memorable

This list of 20 D&D terrain features for interesting combat in the desert is designed to help dungeon masters and players create an epic and memorable adventure in the...

D&D OGL Statement

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Forest Features: D&D Random Terrain Table

Planning an encounter in a forest... want to make it more interesting than just trees and grass.  Roll a few times on this table to add goodness to your encounter.

Create Epic Combats with Deadly Encounters & Advantageous Terrain

Do you want your combats to be more than just back and forth bashing?  Spice them up and rebalance them on the fly with tactical terrain features!

D&D Podcasting: Two Tools for Quick Quality Podcasting

Do you want a high quality D&D actual play podcast, but don't want to spend days editing each episode or fortunes on software/microphones.  If so, check out how this audio...