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Beyond the Wall 12:   The Empress
Beyond the Wall 12:
The Empress

July 5, 2022
by meistermike

Our heroes find the precious knowledge they are looking for, and now have to survive long enough to use it.


Matt: Hello friends. Welcome to another exciting adventure of the tale untold podcast. I'm your friendly neighborhood and Dejah and master Matthew. Today, we are joined by three players. We're joined by Mike.

Mike: Hey everyone. I'm Mike. I play Dasia slash may the, uh, pact of the genie warlock who as we discovered last time, some personality problems.

Matt: Yeah. And I'm joined by Brad.

Mike: Welcome everyone. I played Tom snide and adventure junkie woodcarving enthusiast, and then also playing Hazel bright heart, a magical escape artists with a pension for talking his way into trouble. No relation to Augie.

Matt: Yes. do me a favor and make sure that that Texas accent that Hazel has comes through real crisp.

That's going to be great. And of course, I'm joined by Jace

Mike: Johansson, Jace Johanson. I play Rama stage and as well as Boeing Crick and they are in quite the predicament as they share a body together, one being a fearless heart, Falk, warlock, and the other being a swashbuckling T fling road.

Matt: Fantastic friends, as you might've noticed, Jordan who plays Draxik is not with us today.

And unfortunately, Jordan has decided that he's going to go ahead and leave the podcast. We wish him the best, but for today, I'm going to be handling Draxik and we're going to move on from there. So where we left off for Jace who hasn't been here for a week or two guys infiltrated the capital city, you found a forger able to get you guys the necessary credentials to get inside of the emphasis palace, which is basically the mountain.

The city is built around, her palace being carved into the mountain itself. And he needed you guys to acquire some, illicit substances. Shall we say? And after the party did acquire some illicit substances, some of which may or may not have had serious psychogenic effects. You guys managed to get your credentials and get inside the palace.

You got into the library by pretending that Draxik was a noble here to see the emphasis, because apparently goblins are Nobles in this area. And you got into the library, supposedly trying to deal with some sort of boundary dispute, looking at the survey records. trying to look at the old land plots and all that.

And where we left off was easel had managed to filter key and had tossed it over to, was it Thomas? I think it was Thomas because Thomas would have invisible. Thomas has the key, he was invisible. He got into the restricted section in the library, but unfortunately your slight of hand check was slow low.

And so the key made a very loud clacking sound as the door opened that was managed to slip in while invisible. However, in their attempt to prevent being caught may, may have, that was a pun not intended. She may have accidentally gotten the library and accused of being a magic user, which is a set up penalty that carries death in this particular area.

And the guards had just carried her off. That is where we are. Jay's for you, you come into awareness of your body. Clara has been in charge of it for a while. And so the first thing you notice is that you smell a lot better than usual. And that once again, Claire has been fiddling with your jacket, trying to make it more stylish, which you hate.

But you're inside of the library and Draxik is wearing some God awful Gotti clothing that is just all over him.

Mike: I actually think you look quite nice and not to tell you the truth. Um, but why exactly are you wearing it?

Matt: Oh, wow. Um, you see, I'm a novel and um, I think that the best thing, you know, like where to be in a situation, all you need to know is we're getting the information we're getting out.

So the best Draxik

Mike: sounds good to me.

Matt: He's not an easy voice. Kudos

Mike: Jordan, really good job.

Matt: Thomas you're locked inside the restricted section.

Mike: at some point? He probably will notice a little squeaky voice, next to him. It says, hello, Thomas? this is sir Surfin. no relation to Fang. just very similar names. No coincidence is absolutely coincidental.

What are we doing? Is he invisible? Is you just hear a disembodied voice kind of whispering in your ear

what I have, I mean, I've been hanging around.

I do. I

Matt: know Surfin. Yeah. You're aware like

Mike: we're looking for, uh, books on, historical plagues. And if you, if you take that way, I'll, I'll take this way and we can try to find any, anything remotely close to that. Uh, okay. he'll start zipping around and as you do well, he's, he's, he's reasonably fast, I think for flying spirit of 40. so, uh, as he goes, as he start zipping away, you hear him saying

just kind of quietly calling out and to me off to look at books. So it's back and says, what am I looking for?

Uh, right. Then he goes, zipping off

Matt: short-term memory. Got it. Or the guards gone now they've taken away this, they have taken her away. You don't know when they'll return since obviously there's something going on in here. you don't know if they're going to return it if at all, but at the moment you guys are alone the library with just a couple other denizens of the library in there.

Mike: Tom is just going to toss the key, Probably to may, may is not there.

Matt: Where are you? Where's me. She's chasing after

Mike: the, you don't see her anywhere. She's zipped inside of her.

Matt: Uh, yeah. She's currently on a genie holding, holding place. Okay. Yeah.

Mike: Picked up before he came into the restricted section.

Matt: All right. All right.

Mike: then I'd talk it, toss it to its Fang that right.

Who's out

Yeah, that's it. I'm kind of hearing things, voice. I think Thomas like finally things back and tosses him missing his buddy.

Matt: All right. So Fang, he talks to you, the key, it's a big, chunky brass thing. It's almost impossible to not catch, and you have a high enough dexterity or it's not even going to matter.

So he catched the key. Draxik looks up at you and. Why don't you go ahead. I'll make sure to be out here in case we need a distraction. He kind of waddles off to the back of the, uh, of the stacks of books that are back there. Like I set themselves up where you can see the door.

Mike: You don't really strike me as the kind to be a distraction.

I wink and I, uh, I start to put the key in the door.

Matt: Alright. Since there's no one else really around, unless you're intending to do this stealthily, you can just go in.

Mike: Oh, I was going to do it stealthily. Just case someone's on the, on the other, on the other side is I was going to be right behind them.

Like, well, first roll back is a natural 20. So that's, that's a waste of a role in natural one. No natural 20. Oh,

Matt: the key slides in slides. Perfect. Whatever gunk was in the way I wouldn't, Tom is opened. It is now clear. So it slides perfectly click pull the key out door slides, open beautifully. It's like Thomas' bad luck has been reversed and you're able to go in.

Mike: Sweet.

Matt: All right. You guys want to book on stuff from the shadow plague. Remember everyone look for the

Mike: book on the shadow. Bone shatter party. Any

Matt: name Thomas has gotten in this Canada? Same room, right? It's just, yeah, it's just a part of the library. This lightly library library, that's slightly separated.

until when, when have you guys do is roll percentile roll, and I'll tell you what book you find until you guys do find it.

Mike: That's going to be roles

Matt: and keep track of them.

Mike: You 44 47. See, I knew you were going to have me

Matt: rollies capable of reading.

Mike: I can read maybe some things.

Matt: Okay. So thank you. Find a book that has some Doris script on it, which I'm pretty sure you can read

Mike: word mish. I can read dovish because it's the same as,

Matt: so there's some JavaScript on there and the phrasing on there is very funny, cause it's refers to the mating habits of certain igneous rocks, which are almost certain as a misprint, but then again, uh, That's what seems to be what it says,

Mike: what I want to read about the breeding of ingenious Rooks.

She didn't care nothing about royalty. I love

Matt: it. Uh, easel 47. You can also roll again since his Hazel staying outside of where he was hiding. Okay. Go for roll for Hazel. Thomas finds a book that seems to be about specific horse lineages that need to be protected. Even the horses no longer exists. So it's very dusty.

And there's a note at the front that says extinct on the front. may you find something that seems to be about some important records about trade for textiles? Since you guys all are sitting at the same numbers, I'm going to go ahead and reroll Hazel, you just find some basic book that seems to be genealogy is nothing important.

I'm waiting until I see a specific front number. may you find another fantastic book that seems to be written in Elvish? Do you speak Elvish?

Mike: yes I do. I just got 99.

Matt: Okay. May write that in there. Okay. Make it seems to seem Elvish puts it back, starts looking around. Jason finds something. So our fence is 99.

Perfect. So Jace 99 is close enough. You guys can stop rolling JS with a 76. You find something that pull out in is written strangely and Orca, and it specifically refers to several, lineages of ORC presumed to be extinct, but possibly still intact elsewhere. several pages in the back have been torn out.

Mike: I took it away.

Matt: the 40 phrasal and Thomas, is that for Hazel or Thomas?

Mike: that's your first ones, Thomas.

Matt: Second one diesel Thomas. You find the book in no mesh, which I don't think you speak. Oh, I think he does. If he does speak something a much, it said list of poisonous mushrooms. Assuming he actually speaks no mush. He does speak.

Okay. Merchant then right next to it, you get your, your other character. Finds a book that seems to be specifically speaking about certain enchantments that are believed to be impossible. but there's notes in the margins that start talking about different attempts. People have made to actually make them possible that one's written in common.

Now the sort of Fenn suddenly screams out that he's found it. I'm not going to try to do his voice. and he brings back a book. What languages is Surfin, able to speak the same as Dejah,

Mike: languages, common Elvish, Sylvan. Okay.

Matt: Sylvan was going to say, this is going to be Sylvan. Kevin we're ancient form of Elvish.

So he brings over this dirty looking leather notebook. drops it at your feet.

Mike: Did I find it? Did I find it? Is this the right one? Did I do a good job? Am I a good boy?

He looks up at invisibly looking up at, Thomas. Well, let me see what was the language it was in

Matt: again, it was common it's in Silvan, which is an ancient form of Elvish that is old enough that even some of the birds and animals still speak it. Well, I don't

Mike: have Sylvan. I've got Elvish though.

This looks older than maybe I can recognize a,

Matt: Hazel, may I interview, it

Mike: to read this, this kind of script it's written in a funny way. May is conspicuously missing still, right?

Matt: I don't think Hazel has Sylvan. I don't remember that on his character sheet. Is I just,

Mike: is this like what they speak in this town or is this different than the kind of

Matt: noticeably? This is in a much older form of Elvish than, uh, you've seen before. And you've seen Elvish as a Bard. Elvish is the common lingua franca of the major's Guild, but this is a significantly older form of Elvish than even you have seen to the point where even the letters are a little bit.

All right. Well,

Mike: what would you like me to read it to you? That'd be good. That'd be great. All right.

Matt: The deuce or friend's voice, I will read to you what this notebook says.

Mike: Excellent.

Matt: This is the animals of Karen in the last of the remnant empires chroniclers. My work has driven as drawn the ire of emperor Shaya.

And so I hoped to prevent the eradication of our history with this Chronicle and letters that I've compiled. Some have been damaged thanks to the savages of time, but I have gleaned much from them. Nonetheless, fifth of anything, fifth year of drills reign the majors of the white Jade palace claim that they know how to channel their majors together.

To raise the dead majors have been arriving for weeks coming from across the span of the Kasari empire. And they have finally gathered the number that they believe is needed to cheat death. And while that number is largely secret, I estimate that there have been at least five score of majors that have arrived this week alone.

There's a little note to the side. This record came from extremely old pieces of paper that were almost literally falling apart. As I wrote them a believed to be at least 2000 years old, ninth of Anthem, fifth year of journals reign the majors plan to conduct a test on an animal to prove that their theories prove their theories.

The rest of the Imperial court thinks that this is a grand experiment, but father disagrees our history shows that magic has as limits this way. He keeps telling everyone, unfortunately, this is anchoring the emperor with his negativity, but I can't help, but worry that maybe he's right. 11th of Aptiom, fifth year of draws rain, something is wrong.

The mages had sealed themselves in their palace to conduct the ritual, but the palace has not opened its stores in two days now where they destroyed by their own spell. Did they succeed either way? The emperor has demanded that the gates be breached and the answers found I can't. There's a section that is destroyed pounding on the gate.

It's taken them over another section. That's destroyed.

Why have they. And then there's a note saying this document ends here. 20th of Ethereum, fifth of Jerome came with a play God with that palace, horrible mangled beast wearing the robes of the majors. The guards were overrun. I'm trapped in the throne room, six mages that relate to the ritual have been able to defend us.

But the strength is withering. I saw one of the wounded men foaming at the mouth. He had these bites all over his lens and this black bloods you'd be filling in his eyes and pouring through his veins. Some sort of poison. I didn't get to find out cause they cut his throat. When he started thrashing. In percent of that, there was no way out of the throne room, not without having to face these things.

Sixth of Karath, fifth of Jerome, the city is quiet outside the doors of the throne room patrols have managed to find some survivors, but it seems as though most of the folks could either have been slain or transformed into whatever these feasts are for preparing to leave the city to try and find a safer place than this.

Hopefully it hasn't spread outside of the walls. 25th of Kara, fifth of Darale, two towns have been destroyed or the Imperial guard must've been fitting before we left. And his sickness seemed to go slower than before. He didn't notice that we were already here. It was a bit someone else because it only took two days before this strange plague began to rage across this town.

And it consumed most of the towns. Folk need to find a way to treat this sickness or to contain

Mike: it.

Matt: Many of the other records I was working with, or unfortunately destroyed before I could write them down here, it would appear that the magic users created this plague that ravaged our society some 2000 years ago through some sort of arcane ritual. Unfortunately, the last of the magic users that was with them left with the emperor, or was the emperor family members it's unclear.

And they traveled and may or may not be the people that created this civilization to the north, behind the wall. We can't be certain, however, this would explain why magic users seem to be anathema in our society. For some reason, emphasis Shaya wants this record destroyed. So I'm hiding it in they're strictly section, hopefully.

Be protected. Thanks to the fact that restricted section is rarely ventured into there coming dot, dot dot.

Mike: So we went all the way out into the, under the other side of the wall only to figure out that we have to go back inside of the wall.

Matt: It would appear that way. Hm. Is there,

Mike: is there anything in there about, uh, ways to rid people of this curse of this plague and, how to combat those that have turned?

Is there any

Matt: information on how to deal with this? He takes a section, he flips through it a few times and it shows you a couple pages in the back that are not written in Sylvan. These happened to be really written in celestial, and he looks at it kind of shrugs and then hands it over to you.

Mike: How long had I been out.

Matt: Well, we

Mike: could speak celestial last week, but I can not know.

Matt: So we need, so, per our rules, if you want to have Ramaz take over your body, it would require a short rest.

Mike: No, that was just from the potion that I drank.

Matt: Oh, well you do still have that potion. I could

Mike: tell you

last time I was a foot shorter, but I could try it again. I'm willing to take those odds. It's literally like one in a hundred. I'll do it. I'll try it.

Matt: You had three tries. So technically

Mike: it's, if I'm willing to try it three times, all right, we got a 36. I don't have the table pulled up. So I, it happened

Matt: to have it it's hiding in my DMS list.

36, he said, yes, let's scroll up and grab it.

36 is a, you grow a pair of antlers, which are gonna fall off in eight days.

Mike: Nice. So now I have butterflies flying around me and antlers and I am a foot shorter than normal. Is

Matt: this three swigs a day. So

Mike: yeah, I'll do it again. I picture your horns are just growing out farther for the antlers. Alright. This is a 20.

Oh, uh, it's never good when the DM laughs especially with,

Matt: because we're not in person, I can't have you do this. it's supposed to have you swapped bodies with a nearby humanoid for four days. However, because we're not in person, this would be really hard to do, especially with any sort of timeliness.

So instead of that, I'm going to roll on one of my side tables that, wait, wait, wait, does that let him

mx: switch

Mike: to one of his other characters?

Matt: I would, you know what?

Mike: Yeah, let's do that.

Matt: swapping bodies, you swapped souls. It's just a bit of a boss comes to the forefront for, for one D four days.

Mike: Well, that was rather quick. Usually there's a bit of warning beforehand. What is this on my head? I'm rather concerned. what is happening to me?

Matt: Oh, well, two pairs of horns, things been drinking, uh,

Mike: some potions just case taught him to less deal, no liquor, but he chooses to drink potions. I don't quite understand it, but I, I guess it's acceptable. Is there a reason he wants to learn celestial? So he's drinking a potion? Well, we thought we found a book.

It's talking about what we wanted to talk about. we found the plague

Matt: in notes and we think we're onto it, but we can't find

Mike: any details on how to defeat it. Other than maybe this note, all right, has got a 75. He's going to take one swig of the thing.


Matt: man, 75 is where you roll again twice. Oh, are you serious?

Mike: You got that first. One's a 65.

Matt: That's the one that gives you Celeste steel.

Mike: Second 1 66.

Matt: Your footprints now magically turned themselves backwards for one D eight days.

Mike: Awesome. All right. Somebody's going to have to write those down because I will not remember.

Matt: Okay. You are now able to speak to us, Jill. Congratulations. All right. I read

Mike: the book.

Matt: It does say that there is not a, there's not a for sure cure, but they're pretty certain that, clerics would be, should be able to get these halt, the progression of the disease. If it hasn't gotten beyond a certain stage,

Mike: there's a little note about how are we supposed to find a cleric?

Matt: There's a note that most of the churches seem to be completely unaffected by the plague.

Mike: All right. So a bad news. We are absolutely screwed. But good news is some people will not be screwed. So I guess that's okay. It's like, if you pray, you're fine. pray keeps the demons away, something like that. But yeah, this group, the ones that I know where we're done, well, I just don't get bitten, right?

Yeah. That's the plan plan. We often do not follow our own plants. Well, that's true. We got this far

Matt: as you say, this Draxik is gonna come up to the edge and say, the guards are back. They look angry. Let me, let me distract it. I'll get 'em out of here. And, um, hopefully you guys can sneak out,

Mike: hopefully.

Matt: So Draxik takes his groves off of his armor, tosses them aside and you see him bend down and concentrate really hard.

And there's a little bit of glow comes up his chest. And after a second, that glow detaches itself from him drifts the side of him and Rogadin POCs forward in all his fantastic draconic glory. He jumps on the Rogadin and starts screaming this crazy goblin bowel cry. At charges out of the library, barrels through the guards and turns left the way you came in from the gate.

The guards freaked out about being charged by goblin, right at dragon. And it takes them a second before they start following after him slowly, they don't know what exactly is going on. Considering that goblins are treated as minor Nobles around here.

Mike: Hmm. I feel like we could've come up with a better plan

and then I'm just going to walk out. I'm just going to walk out of the room and go the other direction. I do a quick scan on the bookshelf. See if I see anything about relieving curses or anything like that,

Matt: I'm going to have you roll investigation.

Mike: I rolled an 11

Matt: Um, you find a sign that says a magical section and puts out to the side. once you get down there, you realize that all the books are in languages. You can't read.

Mike: I'll grab one. I'll grab one of them just randomly. Okay.

Matt: I'm going to roll percentile. See what you grab.

Okay. Okay. I'll do,

Mike: given my luck. It's probably the mating habits of something.

Matt: I'm not gonna tell you. You got till you get outta here. So you got to grab a book, you throw it in your bag. and you guys all walk out of the restricted. So.

Okay. What do you want to do? Draxik took them, took the guards back the way you, that you came in.

Mike: I started walking the other way. I grabbed the book, put it in my satchel and started walking the opposite direction. Is there hoping that there's another exit? There might be, we can make one,

Matt: Hazel's

Mike: going to kind of go to the door and be kind of around the corner, but watching to see if the guards take it and then maybe scouting out for a possible time to go the way we came in case there isn't another exit.

Otherwise I'll just be the last one to leave.

Matt: Okay. And they're watching. Yes, sir. Friends followers. May, if you come out yet,

Mike: Hazel, I forgot about that. easily known may for awhile. So I'm assuming is on those where may has gone on probably scoop

Matt: up your, um,

Mike: was it your brain? Has it as a fan? Has it? He has the ring.

Matt: Okay. So you guys all head out, Thomas is waiting at the door at the door, kind of looking back the way he came, listening, all the rest of you gotta file out and turn right. That's a little bit, all you hear is some metal sounding shoes coming. I don't want to usually pace back towards you go to your lectures, follow the rest of the group.


Mike: Um, cause ADA was at the door, but he was just seeing if there was in case there was another way out. But if there's another way,

Matt: it appears there's only left and right at this point, so you go, right. Uh who's in front,

Mike: probably me. I was the first to leave.

Matt: So you're going down the way. This doesn't seem to do a lot of people out.

And about the moment you surmise based off of, you know, the fact that there isn't a bunch of torches yet, and there's some windows, there's probably about four o'clock in the afternoon skin. Towards that time with someone to start setting, as you go, there's going to be a turn to go off to the right and up and one that keeps going straight.

Which one do you take?

Mike: I'm just going to kind of sit there and wait for everyone to catch up. Cause I have no idea where we are.

Um, I just keep going straight.

Matt: Okay. I keep going straight. You guys keep going for a little while.

And eventually you come to a door on the right-hand side and the hallway seems to end as you go open the door, unless you intend to open the door stealthily and we'll have you guys go through it anyway,

Mike: every doorstep.

Matt: Okay. Then we'll go ahead and roll, your dexterity. Yeah,

Mike: that one, that one didn't go as well.

Um, it's a five on the slight of hand.

Matt: Uh, thankfully the room's empty as you walk in. This happens to be what appears to be an audience chamber. There is a single throne kind of set up there, lack with a huge, huge sculpture of a white dragon behind it, kind of menacing looking over to the right hand side. And otherwise the room seems to be empty.

There is three doors, one straight ahead, one slightly behind the throne, that you can just barely see, sending all the sidewalls and then one off to your right. So one straight ahead, one to the right. And one to the left, kind of behind the throne.

Mike: It's a little gaudy. Don't you think? I say that we all take different doors.

I'm kidding, but I really want to go in the one that's behind the throne room. Cause you know that we are not supposed to go through that.

are there any

Matt: windows perception check

since you guys are, are being minorly chased?

Mike: Is there any way I can steal the dragon or is it very large?

Matt: We're talking approximately 30 feet long, 15 feet tall with a 55 foot wingspan.

Mike: So you're saying it's possible

somehow. I knew that was going to be a response to,

Matt: I haven't had any image reference for this. Go ahead. 24, you look around, you'll notice that all the windows are up rather high, letting light fall in on one side. They seem to be mostly for light and air. There's none down very low. Can I see if there

Mike: are any, I just roughly based off the shadows, figure out which ones like if one way is going to just lead to more buildings and the other way is going to lead outside or.

Matt: Based on the position of the windows, the door straight ahead probably leads deeper in the mountain. The door on the right probably goes back roughly the direction you came the door on the left. You have no idea because it's at a weird angle.

Mike: I think we ought to try this one and he's going to take the

Matt: left one. The one behind the throne.

Mike: Oh no. The one that's at the odd angle.

Matt: Yeah. That's the one despite the throne. Oh, I know you said that one went into the mountain. No, that was the one that was straight ahead. It goes into the mountain.

It's okay. About the confusion I'm playing theater of the mind. It happens. So the one straight ahead, you can kind of surmise goes a little bit deeper based off the way the windows are positioned. The one on your right seems to go back the way you came, maybe in a different corridor. What else to the left at a slight angle, you have no idea what it looks like.

for those of you guys that are wondering how big this dragon is. Cause there is one of you, there's your link for the image that inspired me for this.

All right.

Mike: Hazel is gonna think he's looking at one door, but then he's going to say,

Matt: I know we gotta go with this one or maybe, maybe this is why, uh, if you want me to roll a D three for you to help you choose. I can't. Um, well, easel is going

Mike: to take off his circle it and put it back on his finger as a ring and prepare it.

Thomas here, Thomas is here

Matt: two characters at the moment.

Mike: He's dual wielding character. I just wanted to make sure that Ramos knew somebody instead of just being yes. yeah, Thomas is still around. um, I say we just make a decision and roll with it way are getting followed.

Matt: As he says this, he can start hearing footsteps coming up behind you. There's a little bit faster than you guys heard the last time.

Mike: I am going to throw culture ups in front of the door. We came in and then I am going through the oddly angled door.

The left is, but my footsteps are backwards. I want this keep in mind. So I am going to walk to one of the doors or to the door on the left. I'm going to walk to the door on the left, but then I'm going to walk to the other door. So it looks like I went from that other door to the door, to the left

Matt: footsteps, all sorts of confusing now.

Got it. Yes,

Mike: but it looks, there's a very clear set of footsteps going to the left through the

Matt: door when you get to the door on the left. And when I ask you to make a perception check,

Mike: um, I'm good at perception, that's a 70,

Matt: as you get to the door, having gone to the doors, walking across that door. So it looks like that's where you guys went. cause you used that door right. As you put your, get up to it and kind of put your hand on the handle to kind of do your thing. You can hear a very slight, incredibly deep breathing sound,

Mike: uh,

Matt: super deep breathing sound coming from the statue.

Mike: Um, yeah, that's a nevermind for me. did I notice, I noticed this in time to not notice

Matt: this check.

Mike: Okay. This is from the statue.

Okay. I'm good at stealth, but I rolled very poorly. That is a 12.

Matt: Oh no. So as you hear this, ed start slowly trying to back up at just the wrong point, your scabbard of your, one of your daggers catches on the throne. He goes giving you away and you see the head of the statue slowly start to twist itself, almost like cat kind of stretching.

And you see the eyes go from solid. She's starting to glow slightly as the dragon that was sleeping behind the throne and starts to wake up you have exactly three seconds. What do you do?

Mike: I am booking it to the other door, which whatever one is closer to me, I am running through that door. Okay. It's the

Matt: one that's straight ahead, goes deeper into the mountain.

He's through that door. The rest of you, you have two seconds or do you.

Mike: Both of my characters are following Thomas' invisible. Now,

as soon as everybody I see is inside the door, I'm closing it and locking

Matt: it first. You have to roll it. Uh, first you guys have to roll initiative. All right.

Mike: Fantastic. I got a 10.

I hope Thomas has better than a 10 and I hope the dragon has worse. I should

Matt: put names on this. You are so lucky right now, Fang.

Mike: I have a plus. So I have

Matt: on Hasan, sir. Ben gets to the door

first because he's just that Zippy

and he's actually tugging it up and kinda like beckoning you through as this dragon starts to Rouse and step over to the throne is kind of like the dragon roars as a nasal and Fang.

Get through the door. Now it's Thomas and fan get through the door, but easel who was of course hanging back and trying to keep an eye out for the guards is caught unawares and he's sprinting across the floor of the throne room to try and get to the door. And the dragon sees him. And this dragon is going to attempt to make a breath attack on you as you pass by.

Mike: I am going to cast darkness as soon as I can to kind of cover his return to a mosque cast spells. Yes, because of his teeth lingo.

Matt: Okay. Oh,

we were all confused. Like, wait, how did he do? okay, so you cast darkness as soon as you can, which will make me have to roll with disadvantage.

So my lowest role was a 16 with all the attack modifiers

Hazel's AC is what

Mike: 17.

Matt: So here's, I'm gonna have you do dexterity, saving, throw a 15, if you can make it, you'll take zero damage and managed to get inside the door before any of the guards. See you.

Mike: Do you also isn't there like, a thing with Rogadin like making

Matt: or not yet that's 10th level. Yes, yes,

Mike: no, that level I just

Matt: got.

Oh, Hey.

Mike: And wasn't it. Wasn't when I was making the character for them, we got it.

fantastic. But is not, not actually

Matt: fantastic. Okay. So with the 13, you'll manage to Dodge out of the breath weapon sliding underneath it really stylishly with holding your hat to your head. however, as you get to the door, just that the guards around the corner seal this ago, hairy door slammed and Fang is already grabbing stuff to try and pull it out and say it can't be over.

Oh, I'm,

Mike: I'm going to try to like mess up the locking mechanism. That's more, more Roman style thing would put things in front of the door. Ramos is more subtle.

Matt: That's check to purposely attempt to sabotage the lock it, unless you want to do it more manually by bashing it.

Mike: No, he'll, he'll use his hands. that is, one T2.

Matt: Oh, you slip in a lockpick twist it until you hear attention, start to happen and then snap it in place. So now the lock is stuck permanently into this weird semi lock status. Yes,

Mike: I can't go back that way. And then I just start running.

Matt: you guys hear a bunch of people.


Mike: remember that I did throw, I did throw Cal drops in front of the door.

Matt: Yes. That's what slowed them down so that you're able, so that there was not a race to see get into the door,

Mike: but also they couldn't see, there's not a chance they could have seen, seen Brad because of the darkness

Matt: spell. Did you center it on the dragon or on the door?

Mike: Oh, I sent it, it like right behind where Hazel was to obscure the door, to obscure the door. And

Matt: I will give you guys and additional 60 seconds while they rushed around trying to figure out why the dragon is agitated and start trying the doors. It's gonna take about 60 seconds to figure out that door is locked when it's not supposed to be

Mike: really upset that the Dragon's not eating them, but that's okay.

I'm I guess we just keep moving down the hallway,

Matt: make a perception, check. All of you. I'll be getting perception check. I

Mike: just not good. I got a 20 of course robots did set on a natural 20, but a 20. Hazel got a

Matt: 22,


Mike: 21.

Matt: Okay. You guys all take a look around and you see that this is, seems to be a, uh, seems to be a hallway that goes to a set of stairs at one end the door halfway down. And there's a tapestry on your left. easel got the highest score. So Hazel is going to notice the tapestry is gently moving as if there's some air that is moving it.

there's some sort of draft hitting it, even though the rest of the room feels very still. can I investigate most of you are going to notice that there seems to be, the sounds of slow, not angry, but slow footprints, footsteps echoing down the stairway in front of you.

Mike: Okay. Can I investigate that? tapestry, trying to

Matt: figure out where the draft is coming from you grab it, pull it away from the wall a little bit, and you see that there seems to be a, open Archway behind the tapestry.

Mike: All right. Can I see

Matt: down that hallway, if you want to lift up the tapestry high, high enough for you to get to it, you look in, and it seems to open into.

unlit hallway and sends I'm pretty sure Hazel doesn't have dark vision. He does. Uh, let's see, the hallway is unlit and it goes down to a small right-hand turn that is even further into darkness, about 30 feet down.

Mike: We're out of windows. Aren't we,

Matt: we ran out of the room that had been out inside the mountain itself.

Mike: I made some bad choices, or really good ones. So in Thomas fashion, he's gonna, I think

he'll do it. I've got two characters. Here's what Thomas does.

Matt: Um, he's going to, cast shadows,

Mike: try to break apart the path behind us to slowing down even more.

Matt: You're going to try and create difficult terrain. Yeah. Fascinating. Okay. So you create your difficult terrain using shattered. You center it near the door, or just immediately behind you guys.

I want to,

Mike: as far away from us as possible,

Matt: okay. I just want to do it as safely as. Uh, well, you'll manage to do it without hitting your compatriots. you may ask you to create some difficult terrain, right inside of that, where the door would swing open to if someone bursts through they'd have maybe five feet before they ended up in a bunch of jagged stone, correct?

just mark off your spell slot. Okay. Um, what, terrain are we like? What is the, what is the and indoors? It seems to be that the floor is carved to resemble wood, but it is stone. All right. Someone has had a lot of time,

Mike: oh, we need to go the other way to get out. But there's a dragon and people,

but also there was a draft and draft means that there's another way or that at least there's air coming from another way. Yeah, guys, this, this is how we're getting out. We got to go this way and Hazel's going to start falling. The draft,

Matt: Hazel falls, the draft and Thomas.

You guys all go in Thomas of course follows Hazel. Thomas says, no, I don't want to go that player. Splitting the party with his own characters. so you guys go in, go in, you let the taps, you fall down behind you. Rise. You hear the door slam open.

I can't have gone far come with very let's start running down the hallway. Everyone make a stealth check. This will be a group. Self-checks I'll be taking the average.

Mike: Oh, I killed curves. Um, so 23.

Matt: Okay.

Mike: 29 for Hazel.

Uh, 23, 4 Surfin.

Matt: All right. And when we'll maybe rejoining us, not, not that I'm anxious or anything, I'm just curious on 24

Mike: I

Matt: don't want to spoil it. Okay. And you don't spoil it. I'm just making sure this game plan. Okay. We'll move on. So you guys wait with that, those roles, they wish past you.

One of them stops. You kind of see them. Back-lit from the other side, they look around and they'll see anything amiss. some of them, you can hear them open and close that door, send them seem to tramp up into the stairwell. After a minute, all's quiet. There is a door around the corner. Now that you guys are in there that you notice it does not seem to be locked.

Mike: Is this still following

Matt: the draft?

Mike: It is.

are there any gaps around the door? Can we

Matt: peak under it? the draft is coming from below the door. There's almost a one inch gap. Yeah. He's all dropped down and peek at it. Okay. As you look underneath, you'll see a small bit of what seems to be daylight on a stone floor. That goes for quite some time.

just peeking under a door. There's not a whole lot to be seen per se, but you can see what looks to be daylight in a stone floor, in a larger room. Do I see any feet,

Mike: sir? Fen could probably do a really

Matt: good job. I see anyone's feet. These not from the angle that you're at. You don't see anyone's feet. It's hard to tell concerning your limited field of view.

Mike: Okay. Is there a fan flies down and looks underneath? He could probably fit like three quarters of his head underneath that thing and he takes a look.

I'll start working on the lock. There is

Matt: no lock.

Mike: Yeah. I opened the beds, tried to stealthily open the door,

Matt: Hazel. Okay. Hazel stealth. They open the door. Go ahead and roll yourself. Oh Lord.

Mike: 14,

Matt: the lock there's no lock and the door seems to be remarkably well-oiled and so it slides open with the smallest of it

and you open the door and now that you have a full view, you can see that it leads into a strange looking room. These strange for you. this room has a white center portion with some strange looking symbols that you've not seen before in a language. I don't think anyone here in here knows, we'll roll for it.

Mike: We'll see

Matt: if you recognize it. Rosie, if you recognize it. Oh,

Mike: Rogadin see if I can figure out what kind of language it is or if it matches any of the ruins on my body.

Matt: Good idea. Go ahead. you'll notice, as he's looking around, there seems to be what looks to be a spiraling staircase around the outside.

The starts on the farce starts off to your left and goes up and up and up to where there is a balcony, up above. That seems to be where the daylight is pouring in. However, there also seems to be a window off to your right, which is where the breeze is coming from. What was your roll thing? I got a

Mike: 16.

What, what was it a roll for? So I can add the modifier.

Matt: it would be an intelligence role,

Mike: like investigation.

Matt: Sure. Then it'd be, if that's your better modifier.

Mike: No, my best modifiers perception. The plus six,

Matt: you're trying to identify what these symbols look like. It's more of an intelligence skill. You want to use history?

I might let you, but

Mike: oh, my history is very good. That's a 20. Yeah, it's a, it's a 20, if I use history,

Matt: uh, you do recognize some of the symbols on your arm. In fact, a good chunk of these symbols are on your arm.

and I'd like everyone in here to roll both perception and stealth. Please put in the chat, especially those who they're writing two characters with a name, perception and stealth. Yes, you do recognize some of these symbols and you look around and see them on your arms. Ramaz since you speak celestial, currently, you would recognize this is the letters seem to be similar to Celeste, celestial, but they seem to be off incomplete, twisted, little bit more simplified versions of celestial.

Mike: I, well, we have people chasing us. I am going to hit. Hastily began to jot down this in a, in a blank notebook,

trying to copy the runes.

And I just kind of keep looking around and I try to match my ruins to which one's kind of touching and then touching my runes, trying to figure out where the connection is

trying to make connections. If I see a word I know in celestial trying to translate it the best that I can,

Matt: the two that you recognize that seemed to be the closest, seem to say family. And they also seem to say, protection, if these that's what you think they say, it's a little hard to be certain of their exact meaning concerning or in a different language it's related.


Mike: I just write those words down. Protection and family.

Matt: okay. Thomas and Jace, you guys look around and you notice that that lower balcony where the breeze seems to be coming from. There is a little bit of a breeze coming from there because there is a little bit of light, As you turn and look, you'll see this actually leaves to be opening into an underground chamber, full, full of fungus and other, subterranean flora.

We will notice two people standing there. let's see ISIL and Thomas, you see no

Thomas and Jace, you see two people standing there. One of them is male with a, uh, very shortly cut haircut and just standing there.

And Hazel, you notice the other one looks to be female, but as they can, as they sitting there, there's something off about this person, the way they're standing in, the way they kind of are moving, they have not noticed you yet.

Mike: All right. And I guess just as that happens, cause I've been rolling, may or other, uh, I guess, yeah, I guess you see may suddenly pop into existence, nearby, uh, I guess probably behind days.

Matt: Is that spell silent?

Mike: It is. It didn't literally go plop. I just have to ask it just suddenly, um, not a spell its ability.

I just suddenly come into existence. standing behind Hazel and Mae is there and you see on her face, there's like tear marks. Her makeup is completely destroyed. but rather than a sad face, there's a very stoic and, firm face. Very unlike, may I thought you were dead. I actually kind of got excited when I saw you.

I hope there's no hard feelings.

What is going on here? May she, can you crying? And I tried to get her to come out, but she would not.

She came to me so that I come into the frog foreground and have to deal with this mess.

Matt: Zoe Dejah, we need the, they need to focus right

Mike: now. We're trying to. Get out of this, uh, here at tunnel system. And, we came from that way, but they're all blocked off now. And what is this place?

Matt: The man turns and looks towards the door and sees Fang or Ramos that is furiously scribbling in his notebook. They don't call out.

Mike: The people are just staring at

Matt: us. One of them is turned. The female one is still staring into the, a subterranean Arboretum.

Mike: We should not be here. This is not right. Well, if you have a brilliant plan as to how to get us out of here, I am willing to listen. If not, I'm not sure how much use you are. So I'm looking around and there's light somewhere, right? You can't recall.

Matt: There's some soft breeze and light glowing bioluminescence from the, the, uh, from the right hand side where these people are standing and there is daylight streaming in from a balcony up on top.

I did send you guys a picture so you can really visualize it.

Mike: Yes, I can get us that to here.

Matt: So I'm going to have, um, all of the people currently able to cast, spells as part of their class, make a small wisdom check now saving through a check.

Mike: So not to me because I'm Rama's did we get to add proficiency to it or just straight

Matt: quiz? Let's hear wisdom.

Mike: Okay.

Matt: If your prescription and wisdom.

Mike: Yeah. Wisdom saving throws. Okay. So then plus four. So 2020.

Matt: And what about Thomas?

Mike: Thomas

is 18 is aids as well. And

mx: it's

Matt: also it's Easil easily is an arcane trickster. Yes. So is that go ahead. Yeah.

Mike: this isn't to be charmed or not.

Matt: No, no.

Mike: Then that is a course. You would say now, to nine

Matt: disease, a little half is Hazel, half elf. ISIL is high elf. Okay. That's why she's at. That's why he's asking.

you guys hear this, the non smell casters do not hear this sound out in their brain. So Fang is looking round. We're mostly looking at it, really confused as your guys' eyes glaze over for half second. And you hear this voice shoot into your brain. Come

Mike: and present

Matt: yourself or die.

Mike: I do not like, geez, I'm starting. I'm starting to get claustrophobic guys. Um, Hazel slowly backing up from them, I think at this point

Matt: backing up. Right? Cause there's.

Mike: but the other kind of, I mean, I would be facing them if they're talking, if I

Matt: can go.

Mike: So backing away from them,

Matt: you, him to back up and you feel like from wall in the middle of the air that you can't see spring up behind you preventing your lien. if you'd like to do in our contract, see if you recognize this spelled has been cast, you can try.

Mike: Do I notice this happening or am I just

Matt: notice him back up and only stop and start feeling up around the wall?

Mike: 16?

Matt: You feel like this is a spell. You can tell this is definitely magic and not your imagination. You're not entirely certain what this spell is, but you pretty certain that is magic.

Mike: May's going to reach down to the ground and. Find like a little pebble or something on the floor and then just start toss it up in the air and see what happens like as high as she can,

Matt: the rock flies up as high as your strength will allow it. And then it falls back to the ground of the small,

Mike: uh, it's just get out just here.

And she is going to cast, or rather she's going to activate her, elemental gift, which gives her a flying speed of 30. And then she's going to polymorph herself into a giant ape.

Matt: You turn into a giant ape that

Mike: can now fly flying. I pick up everyone and I'm going to fly up to the

Matt: light you begin to do.

So when suddenly the female without turning just turns and snaps her fingers at your direction, and you feel your spell of count of a polymorph fade. And as you continue to go up, she snaps again. You can feel your elemental gifts start to slow down and you begin to slowly drift downwards.

Mike: So as the polymorph activates.

Matt: This creature is going to turn around and look at you as you slowly descend back down, as you're trying to, as you're realizing what's going on since may is probably never experienced the effects of counter spell before I imagine she'd be a little distracted.

Mike: Yeah. The flying isn't counter

Matt: fallible it's magical

Mike: effect.

It is a magical fact, but counter spool doesn't counter magical effects. Does it? No. Right. That's something that's changing. Isn't that? That's right? Yeah.

Matt: That was one of the, some things are that where they're like counter spells going to be able to affect all the magic.

Mike: All right.

So you were very clear. We don't belong here. We don't want to be here, so we'll just go ahead and leave. but that does require you to allow us to leave. So I'll give you about 20 seconds. Uh, give a take about 15 of those seconds. So five or so seconds to let us out of here.

Matt: The female turns around and looks at you, for a half second.

See that her face seems almost like it's distorted almost holographic as she turns and looks at. You may, make an intelligence check as you see this person. And Ramaz, I'm going to have thing inside of you make a, history check

Mike: seven

Matt: based off that seven, you're almost, you're kind of certain that this person's probably a member of the Imperial family, but you can't quite be certain till you can get closer and get better to look. Okay.

Mike: So I got an 11 foot thing.

Matt: You only need a 10, thing is pushing on your conscience, even though he's currently held in by the, uh, potion at the moment, you can feel him just pushing forward and saying something about how this guy seems super familiar and he can't tell you why may I'm going to have you make a, history check on yourself.

Mike: I don't do well with intelligency kind of things. 11

Matt: it's all you need is a 10 it's easy check. this, this person steps forward. Towards the light. May you recognize that this is your father standing there very strangely out of place in this room, looking at you and Fang is just going ballistic since, inside your own head.


Mike: Ron wood remarked recognize him as his uncle.

Matt: That would be a simple D 10 history check. Since I believe Ramos is a little bit older than Fang and would actually probably have a better chance of knowing, or at least recognize the family

Mike: resemblance. Alright, so he got exactly a 10 thank goodness for money.

Matt: Crazy history.

Mike: Oh, geez. What's are you doing here? That's my uncle. No, this is my father. It is my uncle.

Matt: I didn't know. Timely reunion. Oh, you don't look like someone I'm related to T fling. Oh, I can't tell you to fling or half folk. You look a little mixed.

Mike: I, I don't understand what is, what is happening.

He may cast be reached. You cannot be here. You dead. You died.

Matt: The suggestion that my death was greatly exaggerated for your benefit. It does leave the house of gender looking a lot stronger without someone to have alternative claims to the throne. Yes. Unfortunately,

you're here and not engender

Mike: what's this, this cannot be, I do not believe you are. I do not believe you take this spell off, move these guys. This is not right. He certainly isn't acting like my uncle and I pull out my crossbow and I line it up to shoot him.

Matt: No, are you actually going to shoot this? I'm

Mike: just lining it up. I'm just pointing it at him.

It's intimidating. Cox

Matt: has had at you curiously.

Mike: Who are you really? Cause my uncle would have never used such harsh words.

Matt: Are you sure? You know who I am?


oh, I'm not talking to you. Do you? I'm talking to the strange bastard in front of me. There's a mix of teeth thing and half Hawk.

Mike: Well, that's, he's he's uncle

Matt: fascinating. What's he's going on. Oh really? Oh that's oh, that's smashing, he's looking at the female. She taught as she kind of looks at him. Oh my, yeah, the emphasis and phone with me that there are two minds inside of your head, small machine and one and one of which apparently is my son.

Mike: I just pull the trigger.

I'm done.

All right. That was really good timing for a natural 20. So who are you trying to shoot at? Oh, I'm shooting at my fake uncle, dude.

I am going to be using the new crossword. Which I need to

Matt: pull your repeating crossbow. I sent you in a DM, all of the fun stuff about it. I'll let you, oh, you read that for a second. You rolled a natural 20, so you can roll out the DIT edge for your first shot, because I'm pretty sure you're allowed to make a second shot with your bonus action.

Mike: so, all right, so that's a 10, so that's max damage, and crit steal an extra deep pool.

So that's plus one, and then I get max damage on top of that, right? So that'd be 21 for the crit.

Matt: That's a good one.

Mike: How, how, what does the diameter of this room like? I mean, I see the picture

Matt: for, let's say 60 feet, 60 feet, roughly about 30 feet in front of you at this point.

Mike: And then 60 feet lead them. It doesn't count as a sneak attack.

Um, but my second attack will be an attack roll minus four.

Matt: What's his, Roma's a swashbuckler. What's his address? She's a

Mike: swashbuckler. All right. So that is a, if I take the plus and the minus, that's an 18 to hit,

Matt: that will still hit. So go ahead and give me the damage.

Mike: All right. This one has no special damage attached.

So that's just going to be, it's just going to be one second. I needed other default.

Yeah. That's just gonna be three damage. Unfortunately,

Matt: it's the snap fire, the recoil. It makes it a little bit hard. And the second one,

if you hold the trigger down. So the first bolt Corinne's and hits the guy right in the throat and he's holding his throat for a second. It was a woman looks over shocked what's happening when the third, second one hits him in the shoulder in feds and currently has a crossbow boat that has gone through and through his throat and he's holding his throat

and he is trying to talk, but he's unable to,

and you see him drop down to one knee.

Mike: Well, that's certainly shut them up.

Matt: He falls over to the side. You start seeing a pool of blood forming from his neck.

Mike: Dejah is just like clawing out her face just beside herself.

she's fast, psychologically damaged right now.

Matt: She's full on. I hear this voice now no longer in your heads, but actually full bodied into the air around you kind of shimmering slightly fascinating. You would kill your kin without discovering whether it's true or not.

Mike: I discovered the moment I set eyes upon you.

Matt: You have no idea what I am interloper and I will not allow you to destroy what I have spent thousands of years to build

her high backed purple dress is kind of billing, honestly, as she gently floats towards you.

Mike: Yeah, I'm going to try to shoot her again.

Matt: You don't have to attack with your initiative. You can do whatever you like with it. But for the sake of this, I need initiative

Mike: 21

going to be pissed. If that was really his dad.

losing track of the

Matt: relationship, that's the fun part. It's got things, dad,

Mike: Vermont's his uncle, but

Matt: is it 21? The Empress,

Shout them out. What you got? I got a nine a night. You're a little distraught that what's happening. What's what's may Dejah gotten

Mike: Dejah has 21. Uh, Surfin had 16.

Matt: I'm going to do a 21 slash 16.

I thought I thought, uh, familiars go immediately after your initiative.

Mike: That's running it. I can't remember.

Matt: I was looking to stay with that. Cause that way it's a little easier to track

Uh, April. Got it. Okay. Tom was 20 and he's still got an eight. Okay. So initiative order is Empress then Tom, because apparently no in a Dejah, unless Dejah is your, uh, is your dexterity.

Modifier higher than a plus two

Mike: plus two 14

Matt: plus two. Okay. Which means that you get to go first, Asia. Congratulations.

Mike: It's good and bad.

Here we go.

She is advancing towards us

Matt: slowly. It's not like a dead sprint. So she's going to, it's going to take about 10 seconds for her to get closer to you. So roughly two rounds, unless you do something that causes her to accelerate. Um, Tom then Fang and the nasal. Okay.

Mike: So how, how far, like 10 seconds, how what's the distance max distance as a service 60 feet.

Matt: You were in the middle. So you were 30 feet away. So now as she's drifting forward, we'll say she's 15 ish feet away by the time, uh, you guys begin combat.

Mike: Okay. So she'll have her turn in advance. She'll be able to advance closer.

All right. Cool.

Um, I am going to. Use my, command spell and I'm going to use the command command halt on it.

So on its next turn. It will.

Matt: His command is the command spelled technically considered charm. Is there,

Mike: uh, it is a, uh, enchantment. It's not charming. No, it's not a term smell. You're not being challenged.

Matt: Yeah. Okay. So what's the, uh, saving through,

Mike: uh, actually I'm going to, if this is going to be flea, I'm going to do flee and a saving throw is DC 15 wisdom

Matt: 19. You say you flee in your words, hanging in the air for a second and it stops for a second looks at you

and then keeps drifting forward.

Mike: All right. And then I will use my bonus action to use elemental gift again and start flying. I'll go up about 10 feet up, off the ground,

Matt: All right. You're just on your own. Yep. Okay. What do

Mike: you intend to do, like ask my spell, float up in the air 10 feet and that's it.

I pulled out my wet.

Matt: It's all you intend to do. Great. All right. The Empress drifting forward.

Mike: Tell me when she gets within 10 feet of me.

Matt: Are you holding your action until she gets with intention? Nope,

Mike: but I do have a reaction.

Matt: Okay. She gets within 10 when she gets within range of you and the group, then 10 feet starts reaching out of hand.

Mike: to be upfront. So I've got whip master, which allows me to take, use my reaction with it. When someone comes within reach of my whip to, do an attack of opportunity and of war caster, which allows me to cast a spell, on an attack of opportunity. So I'm going to cast a spell and cast Eldritch Blast on, her targeting her with both blasts.

Matt: Okay, go ahead and roll to attack.

Mike: uh, got a 19

for both blasts or just for the first one. I'm going to do one at a time. Go ahead and roll

Matt: them both because I can tell you which ones

Mike: said 21,

Matt: the first one as you, she got out, she's going to raise her hand and you're going to see that similar shield spelled it. Thomas is so Fonda intercept the first one and intercepted, but as it takes it, it cracks us a little bit.

And the second one shoots through and does hit her.

Mike: Okay. I'm going to do a D 10 plus four. so that's five, but then I have grasp of radar. What's on each of your turns on each of your turns. When you hit with the future with Eldritch Blast, you can move that creature in a straight line, 10 feet closer to her.

So I'm going to pull her up in the air at 10 feet and let her drop.

All right.

Matt: Uh, pull up 10 feet in the air and then just drop her.

Mike: Yeah. And if she takes any falling damage, you'll fall prone.

Matt: 10 feet will be enough to cause any serious falling damage, but she does have to make the, a dexterity check to see if she falls prone,

Mike: but she already was up in the air. So does that add onto it

Matt: floating right above the ground?

Gerald a nine, so she's going to fall and she's going to be, she's gonna fall prone and use the restroom move and to get up in the next round.

Mike: Okay. That was her turn. And

Matt: that was the reaction that was hurting her and my reaction. Well, not the reaction to now her turn, as she's getting up, she's going to use most dress for movement to get up.

She was moving towards you already. Then just use the rest of the movement just to stand up. But now she's angry. So what she's going to do is she's going to hold out a hand. She's going to point at Thomas and she's going to cast a spell. So make a dexterity saving throw

that is a 13, 13 will not save you. The DC was 16. I just reached a hand, a bolt of lightning is going to catch Fort out of her hand at you. as good as strike you and it's all. Yeah, it's only gonna hit you since it does have a wide enough area of effect everyone. strikes. You, you did not make your save.

So you're gonna take eight D six damage, which is a grand total of 29 damages. This lightning bolt arcs forward and slams into you.

Mike: Okay.

Matt: Is that the end of return?

That will be the end of her term as this lightening bolt streaks into you. Actually let me double check. Doo doo doo doo doo. Um, yeah,

I, and I'm going to

Mike: cast, well, I just got a shout out.

Matt: Not, or at least smoking a gently have one. Like if your cloak on fire. Yeah.

Mike: I am going to, I'm not in Malay range. The, my

Matt: Thomas, you can get within mili range. It's only 15 feet away. I want to, I want to

Mike: up and I want a cast fairy fire on them.

So that's a Dex save, uh, 15

Matt: verifier deck. Save 15. Nope. Seven. Okay.

Mike: So they're going in light and, uh, attack rolls against the creature have advantage. and they can't be invisible. And then I'm

Matt: going to very far, I'm going to try to

Mike: take cover. I can bonus action dash

Matt: to get to kind of, cause there's kind of a staircase, right?

There is a bit of a staircase. Yeah. To basically directly behind you. If you wanted to get behind the stairwell with your dash, you should be able to get there. And yeah, I want to kind of take

Mike: cover after

Matt: losing half my head. All right. You're not hiding, but you do now have half cover. Yeah. Well, how far away is it?

30 feet. You're in the middle of the room,

Mike: man. Can bonus hide instead of, I

Matt: don't need to dash. Okay. Make yourself check to see if she notices you.

Yeah, you're going to hide your stay about the fire in your cloak

Mike: cast

Matt: fairy fire. And while she is distracted by these bright lights, you just quietly go.

All right. Next in the initiative order is Fang.

Mike: Okay. So do I have advantage now? Yes. All right. So I am going to sneak attack because I have advantage and I can do that. Now. I am also going to use sharpshooter. So I'm going to take that negative five and I'm going to use my crossbow to shoot twice.

Matt: So the first attack that hits will become the sneak attack.

So go ahead.

Mike: All right. So the first one is a 14 to hit. What was that?

Matt: 14 just barely misses. And

Mike: then the second one is an 18 that will hit nerd.

Matt: Okay.

Mike: Let's just rolling advantage on that one. All right. So second one does hit, um, and that does plus 10 damage to whatever I roll here.

Matt: You just give me the grand total

Mike: So that does 180 4 damage.

Matt: How much of that? A psychic damage?

Mike: Four points.

Matt: Okay. How many, how much was that grand total?

Mike: 20, 24.

Matt: You're really good with that thing.

So your crossbow, you fire off the first shot, SKUs just shy. The emphasis had, she hasn't even flinched as it goes past the second one catches just below the shoulder. And as it hits, you can see her kind of bend over. And for a second, it's almost like her form flickers and our skin turns a deep purple for some reason, as it comes back, you can see there's a small amount of this.

Gray blood seeping through the wound on her fingers.

Mike: That's disgusting. I am actually going to move if I can do this without taking an attack of opportunity from her, I am going to move to kind of foot my body in between hers and, the fake uncle dude, that's on the ground. Cause I'm not accepting that that's my real uncle, but I'm going to kind

Matt: of to go pastor.

Well, actually you got 30 feet of movement and yeah, if you want it to move around kind of skirt around her to get towards him, you should be able to get to him as you skirt around her. Yeah.

Mike: I just, while she's busy

Matt: dealing with the wound in her shoulder and pulling the bolt out and tossing it aside, you can't skirt around her and get between her and this dude sounds

Mike: good.

That's all for me.

Matt: All right. That takes us to April. Hazel is going to,

Mike: pull out his two daggers.

Matt: I'd probably on his dress. and he's going to throw them with their. Cables

Mike: that connect them to his wrists. So is going to throw them and track them, to make, to

Matt: raise your tax with them. He has some very fancy daggers that are attached with a very thin filament.

So after he throws them, he can retract them back like there, um, that one's fall spring, winter tractors.

Mike: so I'm sad that I didn't think of that joke first.

Matt: I was waiting until there was a good moment.

that is 18 for one. And the second

Mike: one is

Matt: 15. 15 is the AC you just moved it. Okay. so both of those hit? Yes, they do.

I hear you getting an extra dice. Go ahead. Is that first round of combat where everything's a little slow and then it picks up a lot, which is good.

Mike: 26

Matt: points of damage for the both of them.

26 grand total. Yes or each. Oh,

Mike: no.

Matt: Okay. Uh, your two knives sling out and the first one hits her in the side and shoots past and scrapes away, leaving a small gash and zips back the second one, as she's kind of distracted that hits her on the side of top end the shoulder, and you're her clavicle and zips back. And you can see her form starting to shift a little bit and Twitch, almost like a whole gram.

That's kind of fading having some trouble with its emitter. Um, and you starting to see this purple skin with these black eyes underneath it as it's twitching and flickering data. It's your turn. And now that we all kind of know the initial order, maybe we can go with

Mike: faster. Awesome. All right. So I'm going to, I don't think have any concentrations fells going on right now, uh, going to cast.

All cloud at second level, which is going to create a 40 foot diameter or sorry, a 80 foot diameter fog cloud using my Mr. Walker cloak. and so this whole area is essentially filled with fog, but she is still glowing. so presumably you'll be able to see her. So she won't be able to see us and target us with spells.

I am then going to shift my position, flying back about 10 feet over top of my compatriots. and I am going to, yellow to everyone. She won't be able to see spread out.

And then that will be my turn. Sorry. I forgot to mention it. But Hazel would

Matt: also kind of pull back after hitting what I was going to wonder where you were. He's also,

Mike: this

Matt: whole field is being able to like run and throw some stuff and then run back. So let's see back with Thomas, probably like the opposite,

Mike: like corner of the room to be spread out, but also like kinda max distance

Matt: away from her.

Mike: Okay.

Matt: Alright, uh, you'd guess this fog cloud and she is limited inside it, but then you just hear a quiet maniacal chuckling, just,


I'm checking my spell list. yep. They're going to, she's going to reach out and she's going to cast magic missile. She's going to separate out a bolt to go to each of you. So

Mike: to be clear, she is able to see through complete, okay. Oh,

Matt: peak. She possesses 120 feet of true site. Okay.

Mike: Well, does that, that allows, does that allow you to see through fog?

Cause it's

Matt: a, she could see you even if you were technically invisible.

Mike: Okay. So real mixture of like 30 feet away, she can see,

Matt: not just like her normal census is like, she's able to basically sense you with almost radar. Like.

Okay, so fifth level. So that's

Mike: that doesn't allow you to see through obscuring.

Matt: Uh let's let's let's look it up. I like this. Go for it.

Mike: I'm sorry to be like rules, but this is kind of my core mechanic.

Matt: So I appreciate you asking for

Mike: a creature with TrueSight can out to a specific range, see, in normal and magical darkness, the invisible creatures and objects were not invisible, automatically detect visual illusions, exceed on saving, throws against them and perceive the original form of a shapeshift or a creature that is transformed by magic.

Furthermore, the creature could see into the serial plane.

Matt: Yeah. So since they can see into the theorial plane, but I know what the whole point is that they don't rely on their eyes to see you. They're literally sensing you with their, with their magical site of their brain and seeing the stuff, which is why they can see invisible creatures.

Mike: I, I, I would, I disagree, but I will defer.

Matt: Don't worry. We'll we'll hash it out after the stream.

I love the thought, but I was thought of TrueSight as you basically can't blind them. They can always see you because they have a innate ability to sense everything around them.

Mike: True site is being able to see through magical deception, not necessarily see everything.

So like illusions and stuff like that. And then into the Ethereum,

because we don't exist in the Ethereum plane either. So that's, that would be that's my understanding of how it works.

Matt: You know what I was thinking of blind sight. You're correct. I looked it up real quick and did that

Mike: to true site. Like you couldn't see through walls, so you probably couldn't see through fog either.

Matt: You

Mike: are correct. And so you can't target us with magic missile.

Matt: Magic missile does not need a roll to hit. No,

Mike: but you still need to be able to target and be able to, you can't seem to target us.

Matt: I can see within range. Yep. So your fog cloud, is it a cube? A it's the same? It's a sphere. Interesting.

Mike: Well, a 40 foot radius, 80 foot diameter sphere.

Which more or less probably fills up this entire area. Yeah.

Matt: Fascinating. All right. So in that case

Mike: first level

Matt: spell baby, first of all, spells can be powerful when used creatively. All right. So in that case, instead of magic missile, the emphasis is going to cast as an a, in an attempt to be able to see you guys, she's going to cast detect magic.

She's already established that several of you are spell casters, just don't checking my range 30 feet. So as long as you're with, so all of you, there are everybody, except for Thomas, I believe would be within range of her, detect magic spell for the stone metal. Yeah. So

Mike: I think I'm probably about 28 on the, uh, diagonal.

Matt: Yeah. So I was doing the math, like you're probably within 30 on a diagonal B, it'd be iffy. However, now she's Castro spell and she can see around, she is going to take this time to assess her situation and she is going to actually advance towards the arcane trickster towards Hazel.

Mike: Did that bring her within 10 feet of me?

Is she going underneath me to get to em?

Yes. All right. So as she passes underneath me, I'm going to use my reaction, which is I'm going to cast a spell, believe it or not. Uh, and I'm going to do the Eldritch Blast again now with advantage.

And now with advantage, uh, 20, one for the first pack and that 20 on the second 27,

Matt: that's a 27. The first one was,

Mike: 14 plus seven. So 21.

Matt: Okay. The AC is 15. Both of those are going to hit. Go ahead and roll your, your stuff.

Mike: Uh, all right. So the first attack, it's going to be a six plus four plus three.

So that's 13 damage and I'm going to use grasp of Adar to, pull her up 10 feet towards me. And then I will click on the second one and do 19 plus four. So that's 23. So 23 plus 12 is 35. That's your grand, total 35 points of damage. And then I'm going to use,

Matt: you gotta pull up an additional 10 feet.

Mike: well, no, I can only do that once per turn. I mean, he is repelling blast to propeller with hectic, extreme force back down and into the ground.

Matt: All right. I like it. Let me roll my Deaton.

That's a 2d 10 attack there. All right. So she takes 12 points of damage as she slams back into the ground and falls prone. Yes. And she is technically prone. Tom, she is prone your advantage on her. She can't see you. What are you going to do?

Mike: She is, you should go. Should still all have advantage because I think not being able to see her and being, uh, her not being able to see you gives you advantage and she's also prone on the ground.

Matt: So with verifier, they can tell roughly where she is. So, yeah, she got plenty of advantage right now.

Mike: well

Matt: it's all fine and

Mike: good.

Thomas is going to,

of course we don't have a map. I want to position a fireball to not hit anyone other than

Matt: her w the radius of the blast for fireball is what

bigger 20 foot radius, and you can send it directly on her and you won't even hit me cause she's currently 20 feet up. Okay. And then I will

Mike: do that. Um, so that's a Dex save.

Does that does prone effect that

Matt: a deck save me and she automatically fails what I was thinking. Thank you for reminding me. Oh, go ahead and roll all those sweet, sweet, sweet Dietz

And you can't Dodge out of the way.

If a character, if a player was prone, I would give them a chance with athletics, with disadvantage, but with a monster, their problem. I'm going to give you guys the benefit.

All right. What'd you get 25 prior damage 25. Woo. Let me do my math here. Whoa. Okay. Y'all are chewing through this hundred and 27. So just say, just want to point it out in two rounds of fighting guys have done 127 points of damage since without a Matoshka. That is a really high amount for you guys, especially against the creature with a lot of, a lot of power.


Mike: has been nice with two ropes. Yeah. We have two ropes. That's about to get a lot higher. Um, and then do anything.

I'll just shout out like, good to have you back Ramaz and give you a bardic inspiration case that's necessary. It's good to be back. And I am just going to. Papa again, twice the first one I'll use sharpshooter on. 16 and a 17,

Matt: 15 is the AC. Yes. So that first one becomes sneaky tax. You would advantage, roll in this fun day.

So are you kneeling next to the guy while you kind of turn over your shoulder and shoot at her

Mike: Just one point of psychic damage, just so you know,

Matt: I didn't need that.

Even with this creatures magical resistance. That's you guys have been dominating

Mike: 41 points of damage holiness. The one psychic tax. Yeah. But was that 46, uh, sneak attack or is it still 3d six forties? I did 3d six. Yeah. Wow. It might, it might be now that I'm in level seven. I haven't really leveled up my character.

Just Rogadin 46. Okay. So add five to that.

Matt: Okay. Wow.

Mike: Wow. Yes, indeed.

Matt: So here's, what's going to happen given the extraordinarily amount of damage that you guys have dealt in the last few rounds, this character is going to make a retreat save half. Okay. That's that's a one on her retreat safe. So what she's gonna do is she's going to use her best ability to.

Escape as possible. So as you guys all fire at this creature and you're hearing screams,

come out from this creature, suddenly you're going to start seeing a bright green magical essence, start to spread out from the creature spreading and spreading and spreading. And when I have all of you guys make a perception check since there's fog, I'm going to ask you guys to do it with this advantage because you guys can see her outlined with seeing clear features is getting more difficult.

Mike: I can see through the

Matt: fog though, you can't, so you can make yours with normal

Mike: 22.


Matt: I was gonna say it wouldn't be 18.

Mike: No,

Matt: no. Without disadvantaged side, would've been Dejah. So Dejah is this spells being cast. You look down, you can see this wall, green energy spreading out, but in the center, instead of being this Empress, you see a creature that seems to be strange. And not of this world.

You see a purple-ish blue skin all over a strange is shaping head is separate into two lobes going down to black sunken in. And for two and a half foot long tentacles descending from its face, as it suddenly the green energy swoops back together. And they disappear, as a genie, uh, Oarlock making our Connor check to see if you can figure out what she cast that would I'll give to you.

Mike: Yeah.

Matt: Six, you have no idea. Yeah. But it looked really cool. Yeah. I want to learn

Mike: that I am going to attempt to stabilize the body.

Matt: Okay. Since that, since that collectively took 18 seconds saying Thomas 18 seconds, you guys just dominated this, this creature. this guy is technically on to fail death, saving throws.

I'm gonna knock on his turn yet in the initiative. So thing is up in the initiatives. We're gonna hold initiative just for this last round. So he has to do his thing,

Mike: Okay. I don't know if I have any potions on me. but if this

Matt: thing I know you guys have, I don't think any of us, I mean, I've got it.

I have

Mike: Thomas' healing word, but if this doesn't work, I will transport some of my life to this individual. Uh,

Matt: do it.

Mike: Um, so on the stabilizing, is that a medicine check

Matt: your medicine check. All

Mike: right. So unfortunately that's minus one. So I got, uh, I got a 10 on it, so

Matt: technically to stay to stabilize, I think it is a 10, I think it's a 10 I'm double checking.


Mike: I didn't know if it was above 10, like 11 would be. And then I got

Matt: minus the was successful, 10 wisdom medicine check.

Mike: So I'm not able to

Matt: be able to rip a strip of cloth off and put it around his neck and you're able to get him stable. He's still bleeding, and not in a good spot and still technically at zero hit points.

but he is no longer making death saving throws for now. This is

Mike: exactly where I want him to be. That's perfect.

Matt: as you put pressure on the neck wound, he is able to speak a little bit.

So Fang, you have your, you have your initiative, you've done the stabilization. If there's anything you want to say that is three sentences or less,

Mike: um, three sentences or less,

Matt: cause it's still six seconds and then initiative OLED.

Mike: What have you done with my uncle? You son of a bitch. And that's it.

Matt: He comes at the end of the initial orders.

So, you got to keep the fog cloud up Dejah,

Mike: let it drop. There's still might be more people still chasing us though that we never really resolved that. Well, I'll, I'll spend my turn looking around and I'm going to float down and hand Ramaz, uh, one of maze, syringes of pushing the feeling in case.

And I just kind of look at it and just don't take it. Hazel and Thomas are probably in the back corner. Just kind of like looking at each other.

Matt: Like Thomas is, Thomas is probably healing word himself. At this point, he's telling his wounds cause you took what? 29 points of damage in one go. That was half of

Mike: my points.

Matt: Now it's using a downgraded a it, especially if I had been using a full power.

Mike: So what are you, what do you doing? Who are you?

Are you talking to me? I'm talking to the man on the ground who you stabilize, right? I figured,

The mind was

when he says that I'm not even going to like roll an insight check or anything. I'm just going to ask for the syringe again and just stab him with it.

Matt: Where do you stab him? Just for flavor?

Mike: I just in the arm just injected.

Matt: He wins is slightly as you shove it in a, is this considered a standard health potion?

Mike: Yeah, it's just, uh, um, a D two D four plus something, plus.

Matt: All right. So he currently has five HPV, so you can see the wound as it jumped in, the wound could have healed up a little bit. It's not, it hasn't stopped the bleeding 100%, but he now is able to talk a little bit clearer.

Mike: I, I take my crossbow bolts back and kind of wipe it off and put it back in my pouch.

Sorry, sorry about,

Matt: he's just coughing up. Blood they'd been draining into his throat.

Mike: Is that no. See kept you.

Matt: I had hoped you would stay away from the Capitol. I wouldn't have to come through

Mike: that. You don't be a natural born citizen to a

no, no.

Matt: And judging by the marks on your arm.

You must be one of the family of the Johns that regardless of your looks and he hold and he takes his sleeve and rolls it up. And you can see not as quietly, as deeply imprinted as on your arms, where your arms almost look like brands, his look a little bit more like faded scars.

Mike: I, I don't understand. I thought the eyes were the only marks of John doc.

What are these markings?

Matt: Uh, family has been protected.

Mike: This is a curse. This is not protection.

Matt: Seven generations ago. Our forefathers rescued a being that was currently being attacked by the mages Guild or trying to be bound by it, whatever it may be. That being ingratiated itself to us saying that the youngest and the weakest and most in need of our family would always be protected. Our line would never end.


I have to tell you I've born the, the marks I have felt. The strange arcane power whizzing through me. And I can tell you it does pass.

Mike: However,

Matt: it is a burden that we bear for the good of the agenda, that there is always a ruler there. Now telling me, I do not recognize your face. Who are you? You bear the marks of my family, but I do not recognize you.

Mike: I was cursed. My father was as far as I know killed though, though, I thought you had died as well.

Matt: For reasons of protecting your brother left. I had a relationship if you will, with a made in which would have silly the name of the John, I would have called a rule into question for the good of the agenda I left.

Mike: Good of the John Darra. True. John Darian no longer sits on the throne. How is that good for agenda?

You left because you're a coward perhaps.

I don't understand. What are you saying?

Matt: I assume you've met your cousin as soon as it's not your first time learning that you're related.

Mike: Okay. He said, T spoke these insane words. He told me is that he was, since you were his uncle, I did not believe it it's is not right. We are not Realty yard doctor.

Matt: I am more than that. Yes, I am a doctor, but I am more than that.

The knowledge I gained through our benefactor of our family has taught me many things. And, um, I do still have some tricks left. Do any of you happened to have some spell components handy?

Mike: I have a dragon Zig and a gaming set. I'm not exactly sure. What's spelled components are,

oh, Dragon's AQP. We've been carrying for two thirds of the campaign to give away, but he would


Matt: he, he takes the egg. As you hand it to him, you see the eggs have dragons contained within them. Many are chemical components that are impossible to separate, but it still can be used for magic is what dragons hide their wardens. So intently. Is it true? What she said that there are two souls that reside inside of you.

Mike: Yes,

unfortunately, the other is rather annoying.

Matt: going to pipe. The thing is feeling extremely indignant inside your head.

Mike: Thomas is going to pop in and be like, they're all annoying. And if you look back, you'll see that easel has turned into a bat and is listening to listen in very, intently. And Thomas is using, the tech thoughts on easel to pick up whatever easels here. They've kind of worked together to be used, happy on all of this, cause they're both very curious, but trying to leave it as a family matter, I still have antlers. They do,

Matt: which is going to be very funny in about 10 seconds. Dejah.

I know your brother's gone.

Mike: He's not, it's not exactly

Matt: his body is gone. She forming me. I don't understand that creature. That was the emperor, but I do know that she could easily peer into the minds of others and see what is there. She did inform me as a way of taunting my controlled mind that my children were both here, but one only in spirit.

So. I take her meaning that your brother is long since dead.

Mike: Yes. She looks down very, very sad. And then I think that point may is going to come back because she's interested in stuff that's happening. father Mason, to get,

Matt: I hear that tone in your voice. Mason, it seems that you have also gotten the gift of the agenda and that have been preserved even though this is probably not the way the spells were intended to work

Mike: and she'll like kneel down next to him and like start tending his wounds. I'm so sorry that I wasn't strong enough. I'm so sorry that I played with your magic. Um, um, I'm sorry, please.

Matt: Forgive me. It is magic is, would match kisses. And honestly I do forgive you. I've learned that magic seems to have a way about it, of achieving balance one way or another.

It seems that you've brought balance into your sister's life to providing an alternative route for her emotions and her desires and their aspirations. I think that she's stronger with you than she was without start her intended my children to, uh, move forward in life. But knowing that both of you survive in one shape or another is gratifying now young to down.

What was your name? I'm sorry.

Mike: For'ramar

Matt: I don't remember your birth. this other soul inside of you with this Dragon's egg, I can cast one of the few spells I still have access to and separate your souls. If that is what the two of you desire,

Mike: I've never desired anything more. That's not exactly true. I desire a lot. Um, but yes, it would be quite nice, but he's he, who's the, is it just, the spirits is separated.

Going to get a body or

Matt: it's sent, I know two things, one by looking at the marks on your arm. I know that these were not yours originally because they have the name of my son on there. And you are not him. This is not basin, not Mason. Unfortunately, I've gotten around with pitching my time. Now tell me this was your body destroyed.

For'ramar. So was his body was destroyed as far as you know, are you sharing one body through some sort of arcane mean,

Mike: have you seen us? Nothing was destroyed simply mashed together. And so hones in the app,

Matt: I should have noticed the fact that my apologies.

Mike: Yes. Well, I mean, I, I did shoot you in the neck, so I think we're probably even, oh, what?

I also saved your life. So,

Matt: and as such, I am not still not feeling inclined to berate you for your poor shots. The first time

Mike: it was a wonderful shot. Um,

Matt: should've killed me out. Right. But I digress show it.

Mike: I missed on purpose maybe.

Matt: And he just smiles.

So, um, if you would kneel and bow your head, I'll need to be able to touch you,

Mike: not the kind of thing you want to hear from your uncle, but very well

Matt: was that attempted a gas Mike,

Mike: that was a Dejah exclaiming just discussed talking about my father in such a crude manner.

Matt: He puts his hand on the egg, beautiful radiant blue, as it is, and puts his hand on top of yours between your now two sets of horns. He says this probably will hurt. And he starts to chance slowly in, um, a language that you now recognize is celestial.

Uh, since you're capable of speaking,

you starts chanting in celestial by the wheel of gender. But the one that benefits our family, Sunder, this curse make what was once two hole in the pots. Once again, he keeps chanting it over and over in celestial, which for the rest of you guys listening that don't speak celestial. It sounds like a bunch of voices running over each other in a strange kind of whispering, just

type of sound. It's very disconcerting, but strangely beautiful, kind of like the sound of silk rubbing against itself. he keeps chanting and the egg begins to glow a bright, bright green color, the same colors, things magic. And as it begins to glow brightly, you can see the ruins inscribed on his arms.

Eliminate. First, his hand on the egg eliminates, it travels up his body crosses shoulders down the other arm and onto your head as it contacts you, your symbols start to slowly eliminate as well. He continues chanting over and over and over again. And as it continues to chant his eyes, start to eliminate themselves in green and.

And then as he reaches the Zenith of his chant and his light shoots out of his eyes and his mouth, the egg itself dissolves in front of you and for a split second. And you see the skeletal remains of the dragon that was inside of it that has long since passed. It had been separated from his mother.

And then there's a huge flash of green light, which blinds everyone around you. Unless one of you has devil's site. Um, this bright flashlight bangs out,

Mike: you do have, uh, uh,

Matt: echo location. You're not blinded, but you see all of a sudden your echo location. You can see where the source to people. It's almost like pulling apart two halves of grilled cheese and the strings between them.

Mike: That's a great metaphor. I love it

Matt: so much. You're now in your own body control of her body, once again, and Ramaz, you took a deep breath in your human body.

Mike: Extremely painful. And he passes

Matt: out. You both find that it feels a lot like what you wouldn't imagine. It feels to get pushed through a ring magically and come out the other side. So your entire body is sore and feels like you were in the worst beating of your life, even though you don't have any damage, you two are now centered and he looks at you

Mike: couldn't have been a better way to do that.

Matt: Curses are best broken by families.

Mike: I'm not exactly sure. I'd consider you part of my family. You did abandon me.

Matt: I abandoned. Do you fear? Oh, good. Yeah. Okay. Now it's not my fault that your mother also banned and you, however, it does seem that you've made off pretty well for yourself. And while I am, of course, the usual scoundrel, I am sorry.

I should warn you about this aspect of our family. Yeah.

Mike: Apologies. Might've worked maybe 15, 16, 18 years ago, but it's a little bit played out.

Matt: Fair enough. Any Avengers should probably sort this out later because unless we forgotten we're inside the remanent empires, palace, the emphasis now missing and there's blood all over the floors.

Should we go?

Mike: What is she? Was it creature casting magic. And she, she, she tried to make magic. Illegals is hypocrisy. She

Matt: Asia, the best as I can tell, she's a cyanic beam using magic of the mind. Something that we've never encountered before. Even my meager magical abilities had no idea even existed until she had already bound me to our will.

Mike: This may speaking, did she did it? Um, it came from somewhere not here. Is that what you were saying to us

Matt: earlier? I can tell. It's not native, at least to this area, maybe to this existence also is insanely powerful. And as far as I can tell, did not age based off of what I learned when I came here looking for answers.

And I did manage to spend some time in the library as best as I can tell from what I know that creature is been all of the last and presses of the remanent empire, mimicking them for generations. Of course, I don't think we have time for this. As he hear some footsteps coming through the hole, coming up to the hallway and getting stopped by the, the sill existence force of energy that stopped you guys retreat

there, China bash their way through.

Mike: I think it is time for us to make our retreat.

Matt: Okay.

Mike: Unfortunately, I can't change into a giant flying ape and fly us up to the top of the, uh, this Spire anymore. That was a one shot thing. so I guess we're going to have to climb some stairs.

Matt: I can walk you guys ascend the stairs. Uh, as you guys go up, you do notice that there is plenty of books.

actually once you get up a little higher to what seems to be a personal library, a real perception check, who is helping get things, father up the stairs since he is still wounded,

Mike: probably Ramaz and may. Yeah, it would probably do it

Matt: at the most. Bang is feeling a little

Mike: standoffish, I think is very disinterested.

And also he sees books and he does not care anymore. So he gives one.

Matt: So he's scouting up ahead. Got it. All right. So that leaves easel and Thomas, go ahead and make quick perception

while you guys go travel up. These it's about five stories of gentle spiral. What days we'll get.

So Hazel's

Mike: 26. Thomas

Matt: is

Mike: not good. 11,

Matt: Thomas doesn't notice anything interesting about the books besides that they're just books, but Hazel is going to notice a small, hidden, like a small raised button built into the woodwork about halfway up when he presses it. A panel of books pushes back and drops down and inside there is two or three books.

Mike: Um, I think Thomas would probably be the first to look at them. One sees he sees them. Paul.

Matt: All right, Thomas, you can pick them up and grab them while you guys walk. Yeah. Mickey role, particularly old

Mike: or

Matt: yes. One of them looks very, very old, You're entirely certain what language it's in because it's so old.

You're a little hesitant to open it right away. The other two are, one of them is a scroll, a troll looking thing. Big thick weighs about seven pounds, a big thick scroll. The other one looks to be, um, uh, book is bound in some sort of skin that you are not familiar with human. It's not human skin, but it is some sort of skin that you're not familiar with.

It just doesn't feel like leather. it feels like something else. And, um,

are they all in the same language? The one that's in skin is in a language that you have never seen before. But the other ones are a different language. Therein. Third, one of them's in Sylvan. The one that's very old. Once you eventually do open it, you'll find it's in Silvan. the other one that is a scroll.

Once you open it up, it appears to be in that older dialect of Elvish that you found in that tomb on your way down here.

as you guys get up to the balcony,

Mike: you're going to

Matt: see. Medium sized dragon, a light on the edge and look at you. Uh, well she recognizes Rogadin Draxik is not on his back

Ergon and kind of turns around and kind of shifts himself and lowering himself. Can it looks at you like he wants you to get into a saddle and for the sake of brevity, since we're almost done here today, um, you guys all climb up onto the saddle and Rogadin is able to glide you down from where you guys are in the palace, flying over a lot of the districts and landing in the what'd.

I call it the stone district, uh, where you guys can all get off.

Mike: Uh, let's see. I, I will cast and visibility on Rogadin and since he's carrying everybody, everyone else is invisible as well.

Matt: I will say that that will be totally allowed today. Okay. Usually it's per creature, but I'll, I'll allow it.

Mike: Oh, wait. Yeah. I mean, if we, if we count it out, I think we could hit every

Matt: only fees, I think, greater and visibility.

But anyways, you guys managed to float down to that much trouble. you noticed that there, as you are flying ways to look back, there are guards in the middle of a melee down towards the gate. being completely dominated by a smaller creature in armor, armed with a spear that is keeping all of them very easily at bay

once you guys landed the stone district, which is the working man's kind of blue collar district, that also is listed the housing for the workers chaplains to be where your safe houses, Rogadin let's you guys get off and he turns around, launches himself back into the air, uh, going back to assist his friend in the battle.

He's about halfway over there. And all of a sudden, he just kind of quietly winks out of existence. Turns back into that glowing orb and fades away into the sky.

Make in our Connor check, may

Mike: don't make me make our Kona checks. I'm not good at Thomas Thomas five. I have failed every single arc-on I check you've asked me to make,

Matt: I know, I'm sorry. I keep thinking you're eventually gonna get it. Thomas got 19.

Mike: Yes. I have a plus one.

Matt: No, from your talks with Draxik that his and Rogadin his life force is directly linked and when Draxik dies.

So does Rogadin since Rogadin is technically a, a type of familiar and as he winks out of existence, you're very certain, that means that Draxik is dead.

Mike: Uh,

I think we all probably take a moment

or maybe only, or Thomas does cause the rest of us have no idea what's going on. I think Thomas breakfast, somber nod, to, so everyone can kind of assume, you know, with a, with a good somber nod, people can kind of figure out, oh, this is yeah. What Ramos, Ramos, uh, bursts into tears here. He had a very, very good connection with, with uh Draxik.

So he's definitely feeling emotional Fang is still kind of standoffish

Matt: and things. Dad's name is.

Mike: Works for me,

Matt: your character, Reese is kinda looking around. Something happened. Um, y'all look like, especially sombrero. A sudden

Mike: our friend is left. This dragon was linked with him, but there,


Matt: well, um, I never met this friend of yours, but I feel like the best way to celebrate a friend is to celebrate their life. Is there a place where we can get a drink,

Mike: Ramos, hands him a flask, and takes a sip and hands it over. Draxik

Matt: Draxik to Draxik righto dragons and a good friend. Draxik hands it back to you.

Mike: He takes a sip and then he pulls them out. Takes another.

Matt: Pass it round first Thomas than Hazel. If they want it just Fang, take a

Mike: sip. No, no thing does not drink.

Matt: I was wondering if the situation would be enough thing quietly refuses and then the flask is, is offered to may,

Mike: may takes a sip, but because Mason is like a 12 year old boy, he's probably never had liquor before it takes a sip and cause

that's stuff is, and then Dejah comes in and takes a sip, just like shots it. And she's like, he was as stubborn goblin, but he was, uh, fame friends, sort of friend of me. Yes.

Matt: having saluted your friend, you guys find your way back to the safe house for the underground. thankfully it's intact. Um, There's always a moment in the back of your mind that you think he might stumble back to find it in ruins, but thankfully everyone's still there Tiberon is a little concerned that you've brought new people with you because he does not recognize Ramos Fang or Reese.

Well, once you explain the situation to him, he just finds it intensely funny. I, he can't stop loving. So you are, and you

do people riding a horse.

Ramaz you find this is it's slightly bad tastes given what's going on, but the laughter still feels kind of good.

and Reese, Reese is going to end this tonight. I'm saying, I think we're going to need to get out of this city. I get the feeling it's going to get quite loud. Once I figure out the Empress is no longer present.

Mike: he's a good sings ends that we have Tiberon here.

He says he was good at getting people as a city.

Matt: Well, yes. Tidbit at your service. And he bows good deeply with his kind of, it looks like he's dressed as a noble, but he doesn't have quite the posture. He bows deeply with his hat, sweeping it on the ground a little bit and bringing it back. I think I can get you out if you'll be kind enough to tell me where you need to go.

I can arrange you passage as far as one of the outlying towns. I think it won't be easy, but we can get you there. You'll of course have to cross the wastes on foot. No, exactly. A enjoyable thing to do.

Mike: Yes. I think we are heading to the balloons. We need to get onto the other side as evolved. Now I'm going to German.


Matt: if you need to get up to that wall,

I might have some, I might have some information about a way to get over recently. One of our Scouts that was out looking for a potential new hiding place for different which things in. Majors like ourselves found what seems to be some sort of tomb passage in the mountains. It is near the Laurens, just outside of their area, but there should be a way through potentially.

at least it looks promising. Should we send you off there? did you go in tomorrow? Do you need a day?

Mike: So, you know, we have this, this city is a better

place. Gives me the creeps.

Matt: May Dasia. I just want you to know that wrong accent. May Dejah. I just want you to know, I can't go with you. I can't go back. Uh, if burned all the bridges, those Fang and tell you, I think it best. If I stay here and do what I can to help pick up the pieces who knows maybe, uh, to John dock and sit at the throne of the Roman empire.

Mike: What if sea Empress returns?

Matt: I think at least there's someone who knows who she really is best to keep it. Well, the information is of some use. Yes,

I did masquerade as our concert for a time. So these, I might have the ear of the nobility,

Mike: ah, cast this place. Do we sit what you read?

Matt: Assuming that it stabilizes here, I might come find you. Well, you'll be, I assume you'll be going with these travelers inside the wall.

Mike: I think we need to see this through,

Matt: in that case, when you get to gender help, your cousin he'll need, uh, and need some help.

And we're going to leave it there tonight. Thank you for listening to another exciting adventure of the tail untold podcast. Remember if you enjoy what you've heard here today, and you'd like to give it a try, get yourself a player's handbook and, or a dungeon masters guide and get some friends together and give it a shot because Dungeons and dragons is best with friends.

Have a great night, everybody

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