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Beyond the Wall 11:   The Library Heist
Beyond the Wall 11:
The Library Heist

June 21, 2022
by meistermike

Now entering the hallowed walls of learning, that is the Imperial Library, in search of a long forgotten text.  Did someone say a needle in a haystack?


hello friends. And welcome to another exciting episode of the tail and total podcast where we roll dice and see where the adventure leads us today. I'm joined by Mike.

Hey. Oh, I am on Mike and I'm playing may the, pack to the genie or lock. And, she is right now in a caring, kind of way, but will that change?

Wait and see

today, we're also joined by Jordan.

I play a Draxik scale, Steed, the, uh, cobbling cavalier drag warden scale Steed. That's a wicked last name. I don't think, I don't know whether, if you've ever said that or told this, that before, maybe you did in the beginning, but that's wicked

Canaan now.

I'm also joined by Brad. Hello. I play

easel bright heart, a magical escape artist with a pension for talking his way into trouble. I also play Tom snide and adventure junkie and it would cover


It makes me laugh every time, a woodcarving enthusiast. Uh, and of course last but not least, we are joined by Jason has many personalities

chases and tear.

I know so sad. So instead I shall be playing one of his personalities, place of Clara, our handy monk who has a set of skills that does not lend her well to combat, but it's pretty handy when we're in a, in a bind. So last time we left off, the group had gotten to a safe house in the Southern section of the city.

the city has four main quadrants. The Northern part of the city is known as the gold quarter, which is where a lot of the financial district and the wealthier people live. Uh, the Western side, which we spent a lot of time in was the silk quarter, which is where a lot of the tradesmen and artisans are.

you guys are currently hiding in the south part, which is known as the stone quarter. And that is where most of the people are living that are average Joe's workers, laborers, people that do everyday jobs, to the east. We have not yet explored that's the steel quarter. And that's where a lot of the people that are blacksmiths that are involved in the creation of things that are a little bit more, uh, byproducts, if you will, that need to be kept that size as usual refined people that with animals, people, with weapons, people with, um, creating stuff like tanning, smithing, smelting, that's also where you happen to find the temple of the cog father. the temple of the, of the yellow priest leave. That's where I called him.

Leo, the priest Colt, that's in the gold quarter.


sweet that in mind, what would you like to do you guys wake up, may is gone out during the few days we've been here since we all got to upgrade and go up one level since we last played, uh, I know Draxik is a super excited to get that last level of fighter.

and so. Now that you guys have done your thing, and Mae has gone off on her own little adventure and come back with a friend or two, including a forger to help us find a way to get inside the palace for helping us forge some papers. She has some information for you guys, since you guys spent the rest of the time on your own kind of downtime, preparing yourself through stocking, getting used to your abilities.

good morning, everyone. Um, who's in charge today of the, uh, the Burley a half work demon. The thing is that you, uh, Ross or Clara, or is it the, uh, the thing person that I've heard so much about?

Um, unfortunately it's me once again. It's me Clara. Oh, I know you're anxious to meet Fang, but, um, you know, I'm enjoying myself too.

This is quite an adventure,

you know what I think it is lovely to hear from you again, see you again, uh, just being your company. Um, I'm just so delighted. It's, it's so nice to have a, uh, another gentle soul amongst these, uh, these individuals who, This is my friend, easel. Uh, we go way back. He, uh, fled from Stilton some, months before, we met, and came here.

And, he's been, um, you guys pounding around ever since, uh, he kinda knows lay of the land here a little bit better than, uh, than us. yesterday I went out and, on the advance of some of the people here in this cell, go seek him out. And, we managed to procure ourselves, a forger.

Unfortunately, he, he has a little bit of a prerequisite for doing some of his work. he likes to get a really high, I mean, he takes some pretty harsh chemicals, rather, I guess these are natural pharmaceuticals, but, he's currently tapped out as we, uh, kind of procured him from the local jail house.



Yes. how many days sober are you now?

Uh, willingly or unwillingly? This is, this is a question.

I guess both, I

guess about three unwillingly, closer to five. you see, I was about to get another job where I, as I was telling your beautiful friends, I am usually throwing services in that I'm usually paying for our services in, um, illicit substances that help me in my work.

I S I did supply my needs to your friends, but the face to see it helps me. It is less easy to track then go. And of course I enjoy it as well.

Yeah. Anyways, he's agreed to afford her some papers to, I guess, get an audience with the emperor who is the only one I understand who's able to, uh, I guess decree, open access to the libraries.

is that right? I can't remember his name. What's the name of our MPC friend Harmon, right? Herman Armand.

Um, the, I know a guy rule. Yeah,

that's, uh, easels and no guy. yeah, Harmon has agreed to write us some papers. I don't know, was this going to be a written nobility or something like that for our friend Draxik, uh, that allow us access into the, uh, inner city and, uh, get an audience with, our beloved, uh, in Paris.

So we may

please, well, it depends on what you want. I mean, if you want to see the emphasis, I can give you to see the Empress. This is not difficult. Of course, once you're in, I cannot be of help. however, if you, if you, like, I can attempt to get you a scholar's rate so that you might be able to access the library directly.

however, such things are usually a little bit harder to come by so quickly. It may take a little bit toward type.

So I'll guess then we have a few things to decide. One is, are we, uh, how are we planning to make our entrance and, or procure our way into these, facilities? And, the other is, where are we going to find ourselves some drugs?

I think maybe, uh, we've got, a fair amount of work on our hands. What, what drugs are we looking for? Exactly. Uh, something called Ray bark and, uh, another substance called . Uh, Ray bark is, a fungus that's found in the outer wastes, whereas a drone is made from a cactus. I mean, we could try and go out and procure our ingredients, making ourselves, I do have a little bit of a training in the herbal arts.

I might be able to synthesize some, a rather good, drugs, perhaps a little bit less harsh and maybe for all of antioxidants and such, maybe put in some goji berries. but, yeah, or we can go find ourselves, uh, you know, a CD individual, in the depths of the city. Uh, an easel might be the best, uh, or perhaps some of our local friends here, uh, pointed this out that direction.

Yeah. And, um, I don't know much about the wastes out there, but the, the,

the seedy side of town I can deal with, I can do that.

Well. Uh, CERNET what, what's your, uh, what's your say on this? I'm sorry. Draxik.

We're looking for drugs is for this guy. I mean, I'm not going to be of any help. I can tell you that now. Well, I find ladies such as myself going into the more seedier parts of town, probably going to draw more attention than a, a burly individuals, such as your sales, probably hand yourself, handle yourself quite well there.

and, we could certainly use your presence if nothing else.


Uh, perhaps we can devise ourselves some sort of, scenario where, uh, our great lower here is looking to get some pretty harsh high on.

are you fully goblin or are you a, one of the members of the great houses where you are mostly goblin,

a hundred percent born and raised?

Nice. Oh, you could probably done quite a bit of a denture to shame you look almost as if you're a member of the Queensland period guards. Of course you are missing the dragon that they usually have accompanied them.

Yeah. He usually doesn't come out in time a time in some sort of need or

outside of a signal. You do have dragon,

of course.

Very nice. Very nice. And why did you not tell me you had a person? It was bonded to a great beast. Hey, might've might require you to pay me more.

Well, good thing. We locked down our price when we rescued you from jail.

yes, I forgot.

Yeah. so, I don't know. I don't usually procure illegal substances, so I'm kind of at a loss. Yeah, my best contribution to this whole endeavor would be potentially, uh, making some of my own, but I imagine that takes some time and we'd have to find out the recipe and the ingredients. and though I'm willing to give that a go.

it seems the faster route would be to find somebody in the city. And I think Hazel here, he's probably the best kind of got us through there. Hazel, do you know if the, uh, emphasis guard partake, you know, that's a pretty high stress job they might want to, you know,

loosen up, um, imagine, but I know they'd be in a good position to compensate some,

ah, that's true. Well, I guess that's another possibility we could go visit our guard house again.

And, uh,

I think anyone we run into with it I'll feel lucky to just lost their, their stash than to end up in the jail cell. Like our friend Harmon or over here.

Oh, so you're suggesting possibly a ploy using our friend here as a leverage to, uh, have them or to divest them of their, uh, drugs.

Yeah. I think he might open some doors for us that we otherwise would've not had

access to.

Well, he got a clever ploy.

I don't mind. I just got out of jail. I don't fancy being put back into jail. I


like to do a stay here for the time being, uh, wait for heat to die, as you say. Hmm, absolutely.

Um, so Hazel, why don't you got us out? Uh, you got, you got a plan. It seems like you had a bit of a plan for them and in your head.

Oh, I've always got a plan.

Yes, I remember. Um,

um, would I

know which quarter would be kind of the seediest

well, so it depends on what exactly you're looking for. If you're looking for people with money, that's definitely in the gold quarter. If you're looking for people that are willing to do illegal ish things, that's the quarter that you're in the stone quarter to the south.

You're looking for someone to get something ironically, the steel quarters, the best place to go. and of course, if you're looking to sell. So quarter is full of people traveling in and out of the city selling and buying.

All right. So steel quarter would be a good place for us to go looking for drugs. I guess there's the chemists. They work there.

A lot of chemists can be found there.

You said the primary, cult here in town, where chemists?

Yes. The followers, the followers of the ride. Would I call them the followers of the red? I misplaced my notes the other day and I was trying to prepare for the session and realize, I forgot to write a few down things down or they wandered away, in any event.

Yes. The followers of the red cult, if you will. they attend to be chemists, just like the followers of the cog father tend to be more engineering minded.


think, I think most of the, most of these substances are being made in the steel quarter and the probably would be unsold in the silk quarter. So I think either of those are a good bet. do what I know which one would have, I would imagine there would be more guards in the silk quarter. Potentially

in the slave quarters, since that's where a lot of people coming and going through, you guys encountered the guard last time as you're entering the city.

that is a little bit more policed if you will, a little bit more actively because there's people coming and going, they're keeping an eye on things, the steel quarters, since it doesn't have a gate leading out of it is policed a lot less, than the main gate. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Okay.

yeah, I think the steel quarter, I think we'll have a better, better chance a captain, someone slipping, you know, they're pretty used to the guards in the silk quarter and they're going to be shuffling pretty well, but the steel quarter, it's a little, little calmer is that let let's hit there.

All right. I do recall, uh, yesterday, while we were out, I did get the card of a Oracle sorts. she is a member of the underground, a diviner might be able to lead us in the right direction if we want to go there or should we just head right to the steel quarter and see what we can see?

We can pay a visit

yes. Towards the end of our last. you did acquire the card of a auntie Mae, a diviner a, uh, an Oracle sorts. Yes. There was the symbol on her car that she is an actual member of the age of the underground, not just a cheap tricks dealer, if you will, for mechanical reasons, I have to ask, are we leaving Thomas in the safe house for now?

I think yes,

because just generally Tom is more magical in general and he's probably still going to stick out kind of like a sore thumb. So it'll leave Tom

behind. He's also very considering others. So it makes sense that he'd be like, maybe I'll stay here.

Feels a little, like getting drugs

just a little bit on the discord.

I'm going to drop, drop the stuff for the two substances. So you guys can have those, you guys head out from your safe house and it's a, roughly about nine o'clock in the morning at this point. You guys tell me what you'd like to do. I've got some stuff set up as we go. just tell me kind of where you'd like to head and what you'd like to do.

I think I would generally start leading them to, the unfortunate teller person. Cause I think they're in this area. So before we leave and we get

stopped by their, yeah, they would probably be in the stone quarter since that's a chunk, the underground is hidden. There are cells hidden throughout the city. So that. If one of them gets found out, they don't take up the whole underground, but that's probably a good place to look.

All right. So you guys head out looking to go to the local bizarre, none of the normal was, are where you can find all sorts of crazy things. A little bit more of a general market kind mix with people, you know, applying their wares. Um, she had to have a tent that is pretty recognizable once you get there, since it has that symbol sewn onto a flag hanging from the top, it looks a little bit like an eye, like an all seeing eye kind of set up except for the all-seeing eye has three tentacles on each side of it.

You eyes with tentacles. Well, this looks like the place, the matches up. What's on the card now. Um, Mr. Draxik, this is, uh, uh, an elderly lady from what I recall from the other night, and some might call her, uh, a crone after the, tradition of a witchcraft, you know, the, the maiden, the mother and the crone, Yeah. just, just to give you a little bit of forewarning, she might be a little bit unusual.

Okay. Well just let me know when you need me to talk

or stealing this thing from her, right. she's going to point us in the direction of the drugs, I think, or hope, or I don't know, easily you want to lead us in, I'll just burst through the doors


uh, yes.

you just slam through the doors, uh, as you open the curtains kind of fly open, you come in and you see in the tent is a little girl sitting there. I'm like, oh, I'm a little stool. She goes, if you hear, see at may, unfortunately, um, you'll have to sit and await her. She has stepped out for a moment. If you'd like to pay your, your divination fee in advance, I can help you with that as well.

Um, unless of course you were invited, in which case, please present your

invitation. Uh, I'm sorry. Yeah, that was very good. Uh, we, we met in the, uh, yeah, we met in the Bazaar the other day. Uh, we ran into each other exchange pleasantries and she invited me to, uh, her, store shop, uh, Oracle Dennis. I mean, w w what do you call place of divination?

Well, since we don't actually practice any actual divination, we like to consider ourselves fortune tellers, readers of the terror.

occasionally we consider ourselves, medicine, women, it's, it's, you know, it's a thing.

think may, would give a little gesture of some sort, like we agreed last time that there's this like, thing about drawing a circle on the ground, and then having the other person, drawing some lines in it kind of deal.

Like she would do that with her foot.

And, um, for the people that were here, when unveiling yourself to another member of the underground, you would take your foot and kind of draw a circle and the person would reach in and cross the circle, as a symbol that they, they know who you are. which is great.

And so as you do the circle, she sees it.

And she looks at you and goes,


Hey, interesting. Would you, would you draw the flaps at the tent, please? There's a little latch that you can put together to keep up the wind. All


Alright. So as you put the laps together and kind of, it's almost like a series of buttons, except for the larger toggles, it can slip together to keep the tent together. cause he put them together. As soon as it's fully sealed. this little girl, you see her forms slowly slide, uh, as if her whole body is coming apart and stretching.

And as you can choose strategies to your skin, start to wrinkle and her head get a larger and slightly misshapen. It, her hair turned gray and stringy. as this girl drops the spell as she had on herself and now reveals her older form.

it's not safe.

oh, uh, absolutely understood. Um, and then she draws the circle with her foot again, waiting, for the counter. Countersign

my apologies. She flicks her finger in the air twice in the ground. Just can mix it a little notch. It did cross it.


Yeah. Uh, well, we all have to be careful, especially here. so it's nice to see you again. You're looking lovely. Do you do something with your


Yeah, it looks, I don't know. Do you make your own, uh, bombs and shampoos? Cause I do. I detect a little bit of laughing.

Yes. I take the shavings from my calluses and mix them with lavender and attach ourselves, add water mix, mix mix.

It does smell death, but so do all of us,


well you look fantastic. you know, uh, it is so good to see you again, but you know what we are, unfortunately, in a bit of a rush, I would love to spend all day reminiscing with you and chatting, but, we are here, uh, for your prognostication, your divination, capabilities. We find ourselves in fact, in need of some, drugs, particularly, Ray bark and drone.

And we were hoping, well, I guess, as a means of, entering the inner city to go visit library and we were wanting to come here and perhaps, uh, have your wisdom smooth out the way to our destination.

AC, um,

you are also a purveyor of said drugs

at find them necessary.

They can be picked here in


blacksmith in this steel Carter who is known to,


he may not have all that you see, but he might have some, of course you could always see if you could, um,

acquire some in the more traditional ways.

Often those seeking such things as this was stand here in the silk quarter,

dangle ate a fish on the string from one hand as if they are just bought it.

But instead


If a man approaches and offers to sell you spices for the fish, he is willing to say now, would you do in which a favor and allow me to read your futures? It is so bad that I get to see others who touch

the magic.

Well, I'm up for it. Uh, I don't know about my compatriots. They can speak for themselves.

Well, what are you going to look at?

I could read bones if you sell Chis equal and

all right. I guess that all,

I guess I can, can be in.

And you, do you wish to know the future?

I only know one thing of my future and that's, I'm just going to die in a nice glory war.

One of which is death for most,

for you,

for your, who hides in the shadows pointing towards Clara, who's just kind of staying back. You must choose the buttons. Oh yeah.

Oh, well. how about, uh, I'd love the cards.

I've always been a sucker for cards.

Yeah, they got nice, pretty pictures and, yeah, there are also expressive.

She said,

and she conjures three. we'll tough. It's really, they're small padded stools, conjures them up right before her and sits down on the one that the little girl had been sitting on.

I'll sit down.

Don't mind me. I'm just taking a drink that, that accent's hard. Anyways. She takes the time to, light two things of incense and set them on the table. And, she gets out a deck of cards, and she takes them and she starts to shuffle them. You'll see that they are purple and red on the back and kind of intricate lace pattern.

But as she's shuffling them, you can see the faces are just this sheen of gold. There doesn't seem to be any faces on them as she kind of shuffles them back and forth, doing all sorts of great Vegas tricks, you know, laying on the line, turning them over, cutting them in half, shuffling them back and forth, building a bridge whole shebang.

Eventually she feels as if she's gotten them in a good spot. She takes them and twist them into a spiral, out almost like a conch shell. She says. Excellent. Okay. So roll a percentile and then divide by two. If you get double zeros, that's a 50, there's only 50 cards in this deck.

The 49 divided by 2 24 rounded down.

Yeah. Yeah. It rounded down. Thank

God. E 12. So

6 24, 12, and Clara got 16, 12, 16, 24 futures. Um,

so the six, she pulls out and as he turns it over the gold side changes to, uh, reveal one of these taro cards. And it shows a in this case, it shows the Falcon on this card.

It seems that you will be forced from your home best to keep things packed. It takes a Clara's eight looks at it, puts it down and on Clara's eight, it has, the, uh, shield has been split into two.

Some part of you will be


from you. I hope you don't have family could be bad. She picks up the last card, a maze 24 and throws it down and it just turns black inky darkness.

Darkness is secrets, secrets.

You said you seek

substances. For what reason do you seek these substances? We need to help

get them into the library. You know, a friend of ours, who's going to make that happen, but we need this,

this to get them to cooperate.

And she gets cut off as a sword punks its way through the door of the tent, slicing it open. And in walks one of the Imperial guard. Sorry. All right. We know that a magic user be still and we won't have to take you by false. If any of you move, you'll be considered accomplices guys building a mace full armor.

he's tall. It looks like he looks human enough, but he has some strangely green hair. Um,

grabs her by the arm. She's complaining,

uh, simple preventative checks and cards to fool this, these pod travelers. And he's not having any of it. He's just shaking her and trying to drag her out. She's just waiting.

Hazel's gonna kind of follow orders and sit very still and then just turn them visible

with his clothes, but his cloak that lets him turn of his visible, when he's

moving very slowly, the cloak of Draxik and visibility, as long as you're not moving, you can become invisible. all right, well, he rolled a,

he rolled a nine on his perception, and I'm pretty sure within visibility you get advantage on your stealth. So, just roll once and tell me if you'd beat a nine for

exactly. What's impossible for itself. That'd be stealth busy

dealing. Yeah, just good. Because both of those roles busy, just trying to, you know, control this wailing old woman.

It's kind of throwing herself all over the place, trying to avoid being arrested, you know, making a real big scene as he gets her out, the tent flaps, you're just completely invisible. He didn't even notice he looking around thinking to himself. I thought that there was four. Oh, well, who cares? Because he's dragging her


Okay. May's going to speak up and say, excuse me, what is your name?

He's just going to live with my name. Why do you need my name?

Do you see who is here in the tent with us right now?

She points at a Draxik. Do you want just what you are doing?

You could make a deception check to see if he understands what he's doing.

I am going to be doing a deception. Can I still have my robes on?

Yes. You still have your incredibly gaudy robes on

flashy, flashy roads, probes. Uh, that would be a 17,


All right.

He got a 16. Okay. So he's kinda stops for a second. I do not recognize you assume you're probably a member of one of the great three houses

you have just interrupted a sting operation my Lord what's leading. Do you understand how long we have started to set this up? And you come in here and blender it,


you don't mind, I have been conducting investigations. If you were conducting investigations. If I would have been notified since I am in charge of investigations in this quarter, unless of course you're conducting a rug investigation, in which case the great houses may be informed, or the fact that one of their members is pretending to be a member of the Imperial guard.

I assure you, this is not the case. We have been on this mission. I am my Lord scribe, and we have been on this mission to, uh, discover the operations of a particular cell in the city. One that has been forging coins and this individual. Has been our prime suspect. We know that they all using magic. We are of the Imperial order as, uh, investigations regarding currency, obviously, to be dealt with by the empresses gods themselves.

Okay. So I'm going to have you make a deception check again. I want, I'm making another one. It's a little bit of a charisma skill challenge. Okay.

How many guards are there? Is it

just the one there's just this one guy, in full armor wearing the signature swirls of the guards of this quarter. Okay.

Are we just going to roll charisma checks versus insight checks until I fail?

Because not until you fail,

it's pretty simple. It's like it starts on a spot. And if you succeed the check, it moves towards success on a scale, if you fail, moves backwards. And so wherever you end up at the end of the, of the encounter will determine the success starting to control, play in your head. One.

All right. Uh, does anything that I can do to help myself out here wish that, uh, D and D had more social moves. All right. I guess just roll

You're role playing is being taken into account. Uh, so


he looks at you.

If what you say is true, then what would you be, would you do with this woman knowing she's a magic user? What was your plan? Assuming we can say is true.

We were, of course, trying to extract information from it before we took her into custody. Now that you have blended that we will obviously have to take a, to her majesties, I guess, ministry of information extraction or whatever it is.

I, I imagine, uh, may would know whatever the, the

I'll take you under, under a little bit, grace.

Yeah. may not have the secrets pulled from her before she has finally, dealt with.

Under, of course my Lord supervision as this is his per view.

I'm going to have you make one final charisma check, but you get to tell them, are you attempting to persuade or to see you've?

Well, it is both. So I am obviously kind of in the middle deceiving, but I'm also trying to persuade him, that this is true. Like just deception is persuasion when you're trying to tell them, teach or sorry, trying to convince them something that's not true.

pre yes, we also kind of, uh, it it's in a weird kind of middle Spock's it. It's like, you're trying to convince him to believe you while also trying to get him to believe a lie. So I will let you pick your favorite.

Well, deception is by a better stat. So argument do that 1 23.

I should apologize. My name is . if you are taking the prisoner to, from hedges Jews, prisons to be interrogated, not just the local jails, of course, but to her Majesty's prisons in the inner city, I would be happy to accompany you to ensure that she is not use any of her majors tricks.

My load is of course, more than capable.

Are you trying to insinuate that my Lord is not capable of dealing with a magic user after you come in here and blunder as you have, and then you insinuate that my Lord is not capable of his job. How dare you, sir,

it looks a little taken aback of, I must do my job as well. So you not think

here, do you not think that if we were here doing this particular job, that we would not have the capabilities very well?

I will, of course inform you of when we are done extracting information from this individual, we will, of course, send her to you so that you may do the same, but for the time being, we are taking custody of this prisoner and my Lord will deal with her as he sees fit.

Is that not right to my Lord?

What she's trying to say is. He get in that way again, my fucking dragon will eat your instead. How about that?

You see him go very pale,

got case, take the Chrome and do, as you will be filing up. Yes, sir.

You will file. No such thing.

He's already outside. He's barely here as it is because through the door, the Crow just looks visibly shaked for the whole endeavor, but you could, she's just on the ground. Thank you. I can't stay here any longer.

I should. I should. I should relocate

if you have, if you have any other questions I might be in town for maybe one more day before I move out.

Look for me in the east. I'll be, but one city over another one. And she starts like aggressively packing up as she now obviously needs to leave.

All right.

Hazel, going to pop out of, he was just kind of at the exit, getting ready for, in case things went sour as it's not how I normally deal with the city guard, but you know, little less messy, little less fun.

Well, uh, did not relish the idea of getting the fat in the middle of the market. I doubt that we are subtle enough to, uh, dispatch that individual without drawing some rather huge attention to our sales. Uh, anyways,

visibly disappointed.

Michael is disappointed. He wants to get into combat. He, yeah,

we haven't had a combat very long time. Yeah. You could have done whatever you wanted. Yeah. But

maybe wouldn't have tried to snipe this guy. Uh, she did her thing.

Alright, so you guys head out, um, as you guys are walking away from the area, uh, you can see.

While there's no guards like aggressively watching lady's tent. It does seem that there's a few more guards in you remember in the area, patrolling around the bizarre.

Okay. As she has left her tent already, she's grabbed her stuff and she's gone

right before you guys left. She basically opened dimension door and step through it disappearing.

So she's completely out of harm's way.

All right. is there anything useful in the tent or is she taking everything that was of any significance

there wasn't much there in the first place is mostly just her cards, a set of bones for divination, some incense, nothing of real value or what she used to anyone besides her.

All right. I'll set the tent on fire, then

Hazel's going to grab his card, the Falcon.

All right. Uh, Clara looks really upset. The fact that we're saying the tent on fire was she kind of goes, I guess it's best, best to keep up appearances. And, as you guys leave with a tent on fire behind you, uh, the Bazaar is strangely quiet. Usually you think people would be clamoring, but not this time.

Can I bef before we leave, I'm going to grab a cloak and put it over Clara as if. Pretending that she's the crone and leaving her. Oh, actually, no. Yeah, I guess Carra, I mean, it doesn't really matter. She's she's essentially an NBC right now. We can use her as a dummy. Uh, yeah. So, uh, and I'll, I'll like push her along this way.

KRS-One, we'll take you and get your secrets out of you yet.

Lara does her very best impression of the crone, which I will. Um, so she goes,

yes. you guys are lucky. She rolled the natural 19 on her, a little deception check because everyone's just walking by. Wow. They've roughed up real bad. Oh man. Her voice is horrible. you guys get out of the area, Clara comes out of the skies and uh, now you guys have two options of what you'd like to do in terms of finding the two illicit substances.

I think we brought in a lot of heat here in the market. It's probably not the best that we just start holding out fish and, uh, dangling. so, all right. Should we go to the blacksmith? Did we get his name or just like the blacksmith,

maybe a description?

I've got to mention it. She told you to look for that same symbol, uh, just without the, without tentacles on one side, on the blacksmith shops you'd know the correct one. So as you guys are traveling through the city, trying to get towards the steel district, after about 30 minutes of travel, you guys are gonna hear a sound from around the corner.


whoa, whoa, whoa.

Oh, whoa, whoa. Uh, as you guys come around the corner, you guys are gonna see a big group of people. Picket signs, pickaxes, dirty faces, marching in a, in a small circle in front of a slightly richer, uh, house. they're all chanting. No. Oh no, no. Oh no. There's just walking the circle and you can see that there's one slightly middle-aged lady.

And the house looking all them on windows looking very distressed. strangely enough, there are no guards at around,

does this look like a sanctioned, uh, event? Did they have like posters on their posters indicating that they've, filled out the, uh, the forms to, uh, pick it, this individuals,

you could make an investigation check to find out.

Anyone can make an investigation check, even Draxik if he wants,

I'm not so good at investigating

with an actual



you see a friend of yours, sitting in the group. He's not in the middle of the, of the protest. He's kind of decided, but he was holding one of the signs down almost like he's taking a quick break from his craziness and, uh, your friends. Is Gabby weevil. She's kind of a short mish looking person.

You just can't sit in there with her sign, taking a breath. and so you see her and she kind of waves. She goes, she recognizes you. What gives you over? Oh, Hey Gabby,

what do you do in

here? Well, you see I'm old man, lean glow. He, he, he decided he didn't want to pay us as miners for our, our most recent haul or at full price.

He decided that he didn't like the quality. And so he wanted to pay us half price. We told him we ain't the ones that decide what the earth gives us. We just pull it out. And, uh, well, he didn't like that. And so we're currently on strike. yeah, it's going great. Does it seem like he's going to budge? Well, his wife looks freaked out and you know, she's the one to post the strings from up in the house.

You can hear her just yelling at her husband. How could you let this happen? you hear a muffled slap?

I'm gonna, um, May's hand to pick up a rock kind of far away from me and throw it out the window from like, so it's not directly from me, but it just looks, say it's coming out of the crowd.

Okay. Is may change visible. It is invisible. Okay. I know you have some crazy stuff for being an arcane trickster.

So, uh, that's uh, I would make you do a dexterity check, but you're throwing a rock at a window. Just roll damage. there's no like tension of combat. You're just kind of guiding a rock in your major hand to the window.

I mean, I think at most it'll do one damage

rolling before, and then, uh, if I didn't have, so you're using the

major hand to knock on the door with a rock or knock on the window with a rock,

basically three

divided by

two one.

So it hits the window and it cracks the, the it's not like thin modern glass. The glass that is on the windows is rather thick. So it cracks it. And you can hear from inside the house, the lady starts screaming just,

and she starts wailing into her husband. Kiki's him being. The crowd starts cheering and going through that. However, through that, I'll buy you up here, go through that. And after a while, when Noah taking credit, it was like, oh, nevermind.

I was

throwing another one. And so everyone starts picking up rocks and pelting the house.

Not all of them were hitting windows cause not all of them are very good shots, but the house is now just being pummeled with small stones, not enough to break windows because none of the stones are huge. The biggest of the size of a golf ball, but it's enough to freak the lady out. You can just hear her screaming.

it only takes about 55 seconds of this for bald. halfling come to the window. All


please stop it.

Gabby's oh, elated. Oh, fantastic. All right, boys.


to the mines.

You know, or divine money to make good luck Gabby,

she heads off on her own. I'd like to know what Draxik thinks about, uh, guilds, picketing

drugs. We're just getting kind of irritated with this, all this big city life, because he's from

basically the, a clan lands.

Has he ever, I guess we've been to a couple of cities, but this is probably the most dense city that we've been to

the biggest city you've ever seen. it might be the largest city on the, on the continent. You're not certain,

Ramaz would tell Clara from the back of her brain that dejara and his city is about two thirds of this size as best he can tell.

Okay. You guys continue on into the steel quarter, as you get going and you're walking through. you find that it's the most simply laid out of all the quarters. The rest of them are kind of have their own thing. The silk quarter likes to use wide, broad Broadways, where people can set up their stalls and have some room for that with the streets.

the stone quarter is just a mess and jumble of different sized buildings. But the S the steel quarter is very grid-like. It's nice and organized. Just boom, three streets down, one street up it's nice and evenly spaced into traditional city blocks. as you get down there, you can see there's actually a little street sign that says, if you head this way, I'll take you to the, uh, tanning district, had this whale take you to the alchemy district.

If you had this way, I'll take you down to the Smithies and that if you head that way, towards the wall, you'll find the, husbandry area. So it's pretty easy for you guys to figure out where to go. All right, looks

like this. This way

you proceed, you get down to the blacksmith's area, and when you get there, I'm going to have a few guys roll perception.

18, 17, 18.

Wow. so as you guys are walking, you'll see, after a while the hanging sign, that looks a bit like an eye and a squid connected to each other, kind of swinging in the breeze. it's kind of an interesting look, the eye and the squid can make a tea. You have the tentacles hanging down. it's just swinging in the breeze, but outside of it, you guys can see a ring of people are they're shouting and carrying on.

No, no, it's true.

And there's a lot of shouting and crowding. As you get closer. One guy comes sliding out of the group on his back. He's shirtless just wearing his, his trousers. He's covered in bruises and his face is all swollen on one side. As he kind of slides to the ground with a grunge.


you look up with your 18.

You guys will see a man that appears to be. Goblin and elfish she's very tall and skinny, but has kind of those goblin ears and a little bit of green tinge to his skin, standing there with some bruised knuckles or otherwise in the triumphant stands saying I got it. It was

next dance to challenge me three day.

what's going on here? Hazel?

Can't say that. I know, are either of these people like dressed like a blacksmith?

Oh, they all look like tradesmen. some of them are wearing their aprons. Some of them are, you know, have tools absentmindedly tucked into their belts. Right now you can see them kind of passing coins back and forth.

Some of them look very upset as the handoff, small Patrick coins. Other ones look very elated as they walk away. talking about the fight that just occurred. I think they're betting on the

fight. Looks like, looks like some are happy and some are happier than usual for these parts.

We'll, uh, imagine we're not going to be able to get to our business while this business is happening.


the crowd is starting to kind of clear out. It looks like this was kind of an impromptu thing. and. goblin annoyed gentlemen, goes and picks up his shirt off of a little rail and puts it back on and walks into the blacksmith that you were looking for. tugging his shirt on, getting it tucked back into his pants, kind of softly.

My millage himself never fit right anyways. and he goes inside to his shop.

I think I'd follow into the crowd, the dispersing at this point.

Yeah. It looked like it was kind of a impromptu fight anyhow, but uh, definitely one. He doesn't even wait for the guy on the ground to get up. He's just kind of sitting there at your feet. Groaning, softly. He walked right back into his shop.

Oh, after a minute or two, a couple of the guys friends come pick them up.

Oh, I was going to help tend them, uh, like give them some smelling salts or something to help get them awake, check them for concussions and such.


helpful. It's very welcoming of your help. Cause he can barely see out of one. I am so swollen. If you want to do a medicine check to see how it's doing, you can sure. The

that's, uh, 11

he's going to be okay. Some minor contusions. really, it seems to have been a rather controlled fight. There's no broken bones or it doesn't seem to be any major damage.

All right, cool. The businessman

sounds good. Lead on

you. Walk inside a, is he opened the blacksmiths store. The first thing that you notice is that the place smells really, really strongly of cats.

And you see the gentlemen back over by the forge, putting on a long apron and, you know, getting it tied up and looking as if he's going to start getting the forge billowy again, as you guys come in,

do we see any cats?

He can make a perception check as he works on the bellows. Sure.

They're hiding. Are they 20 dirty 20?

You don't see a cat anywhere. In fact, you don't even see. The telltale existence of a cat, like scratch marks and hairballs and dander and fur is strangely clean in there.

Does it smell like cooking kitten,

cooking, kitten cooked? Like, is he cooking cats have been cooked? Oh no, it does not smell like Catlett. you're looking around for the cats, he doesn't even turn to look at you, but he says, you've come from Brazos.

What can I do for you


he works on the bellows, trying to get his four hot again?

Do I, I guess I didn't pick up a fish. We should have picked up a fish and started waggling it around.

what does he say? Did I recognize the word


he said,

uh, you as Sue? What's his name? Okay.

Well, we were sent here by a friend of ours,

said that you might have some.

You know, metalworking a


might be harder to come by. And then what you've gotten the front window

he needs to senses and, tactile, dexterity. If you understand my meaning.

Well, you know, my metalworking, my signature is that all of my metal is quenched in cattier, which I'm sure you noticed the smell by now.

It is the best it does not Russ. It is amazing. Of


it is difficult to acquire your large quantities,

but if you're looking at something else, you might want to look into the chemists and other side of the town, I'm just a blacksmith

now, cat, cat urine that

that'll cover a whole

manner of smells. If you know what I mean,

stops. Um, not w what do you mean?

I mean,

While you do your RP. That is a,

the 19.


pretty good. Yeah, it is pretty good. Can you gather that he's being cautious, but he he's given you some telltale signs, like the way he's kind of glancing around and we keep stopping his bellows to think before going back to him, but he might know what you're talking about. He's just being cautious.


there any other people in the


as you look around, it seems to be rather deserted, no apprentices, no partners for the business

does the, does the symbol on the wall, does that, to me imply that he's magical or just that he's also kind of underground,

he's at least attached to the underground in some way.

he may not be a magic user, but he's at least, friendly with underground

members. Okay. And then does the footwork thing, is that specifically magic


Which thing

on the ground.

Oh yeah. That's very much a, I'm a major, major, let's not hurt each other.

Okay. Then I would, you know, I'm going to close whatever door there is. we we've been looking to procure some goods that are sensitive


we've, we've been sent here by a friend of ours,

at may.

He puts down name, ring a bell May's friend. What do you seek? Be plain old browser. Iron does not like games

looking for substances by the name of Gruen or Ray bark.

He looks at you.


Yes, because it stops for a second. Well, the guide though, full closes the door. It's hot in here. Open it back up. If you follow me, I can, I can potentially assist you.

I would kind of gesture, for him to lead the way and follow along.

He goes and, opens the door to his shop just to crack. you could feel the cool air rushing. He didn't realize how hot it wasn't there with the door closed. And then he leads you behind his forge kind of deeper into a shop. as you get in there, you notice that there's a lot of machinery in this, Smithy that you've never, that you've seen before, but the Draxik Sinclair are just kind of in awe of these semi mechanized, steam powered hammers, and such for making things and mechanical bellows.

Clara is just in awe looking around and he keeps having to go don't touch. And she's like, Ooh, what is that? Don't touch. Sorry. Sorry.

He takes you towards the back where his little steam engine is as he shovels, we're calling it and turns it on. And it starts rattling this horrible just sound he called pulls you in a little bit closer, so you can talk and be heard, but set the sound. Okay. Cover you. Or do you need, why do you need throne gray buck?

Why those are, those are expensive and difficult to come by, especially since the guards crack down.

we have an associate who, uh, has quite the taste for it. And, uh, uh, he is artisan, using his hands and so much. and we are, shall we say, patrons of his arts and, we're looking to, uh, help him be more creative.

You come to me for strange people.


can help you.

My supplier does

not like to be introduced. You tell him where you want it delivered. It will appear as you can imagine many things that are illegal in the city that we want to keep from becoming known to the general populace of where it comes. As people that know less chances of it being found, you understand?

Oh yeah.

Alright. So we pick a drop spot. Uh, how are we going to, uh, compensate the individual? If we, uh, if we don't interact with them is simple.

You leave what you

have to,

he would pick it up. If he feels it is enough, he will drop his bag of the things that you desire and walk away.

Eh, how will he know what we desire? How we know how much compensate


members of underground.

Yes. we may be associated. Yes.

If you have

a magical

item that you all are willing to part with, that would be sufficient. They are rare as you know, And that rarity drives values high.

Well, this may be true. Unfortunately, I don't have much despair. how about you? Uh, Hazel or, uh, Mr. Draxik or car? You guys got anything? You know, I probably shouldn't be using names in front of, in front of him. I think she's wise enough. Yeah. Just say friend, friends. Do you have anything?

Hello? I would pull out that harmonica.

I got last session,


with its, can't see fanciness, silver and gold.

As you pull it out, he, you see him go, Ooh, where did you get

this? I looked it up a guy on the street. He likes look too fancy for his own. Good.

You do looks very well late. May she

picks it up and he starts licking it. He was like tasting the metal. Yeah. He's all right. Now what gets you into. You get the feelings is 16,

no contact. This is not COVID safe.

This is how you found out. His name is iron tug. He licks all the metal to see how pure they are. And this is looking like, Ooh, this is a very well made, pure silver.

So if you are willing to trade this, does it have magic in it? Oh yeah. Also

it's a magic.

How would you know, he's bluffing,

I'm lying

in a very bad,


role deception,

natural 20 minus one. Perfect.

Now while I don't usually allow assesses on, social encounters. That's awesome. Especially given you have a negative one to charisma, don't you?


For up a road is hysterical. Anyhow. He picks up

the drugs will be delivered. Where do you want them? I will, I will. I will pay the at events.


I think maybe we'll give him like a drop location kind of like near our hideout, but not at it, like, uh, a rain water barrel that we IMT rainwater barrel that we saw on our twisting winding route to get there last time.

Yeah. How's, how's an Elm street and forth. That'll do.


You guys figure out a good drop spot and you're on your way.

Drugs. Yay. All right. Um, so back to the hideout, I guess,


we catch how long it'll take to be prepared?

He did not.

Could we, before we leave, what, when, when should we expect a. Does it drop and take place

as he's like rushing out the door,

he closes the door and they opened it a little bit. Cause it's very hot inside.

Alright. Okay.

Well, perception as you walk there, actually what's y'all's passive present. We'll do that instead.

minus 14,

minus 17


expertise. 'cause I I'm curious what her passing is.

That's good to have somebody with really high passive perception.

I don't think we've helps.

Yeah. Thomas he's pretty

good too calm and said pretty good too. They all said


Yeah, she does not have very good perception. Perceptions of 13. so as you guys are walking.

You're proceeding down, back to the hideout. You found what you're looking to find as you're going you're going to notice a man coming up to you is this long beard has been divided into two kind of tendrils. If you will. It goes down almost to his race. It's divided into two parts hangs kind of swaying in the wind he's wearing deep purple.

He comes up to you cause his hood up and he stands stops right in front of you, uh, forcing you guys to stop kind of haphazardly since he didn't really stop and let you guys come to him, he literally almost walks into you for, he stops.

How do you react to guys stopping right in front of you?

Um, I believe we have already weighed in on the sandwich versus dumpling situation. if that's what you can came to inquire about. sir, she tried to like act disarming and elicit a response.

I use strong enough, you know, the paths of mind to travel.

sir, are you, uh, currently on any illicit, uh, mind altering drugs? if you, if you are, I suggest you get to a local, uh, medical facility. Cause I think you may have had a little bit too much. It might be

time to detox.

It's such a Not yet

cute. Can we recognize


Do you recognize

him? Yes. Looking for any recognizable, about him? Like he's wearing, you said he's wearing a purple shirt. Purple.


Is this the same as the, uh, the red cultists?

What role religion? What's that role? Religion. If you have proficiency in it, I do not. You can still attempt.

They'll just get different information.

Good dough. I got a one,

uh, no idea. This guy might just be a loon. He might be a cleric. You have no idea.

I locked my brains in my head I appreciate the, uh,


anyone else want to have their mind explored or, some such,


I like my mind the way it is. I don't, I don't need some stranger going around and touching it, but sir, why

are you here? Why are you talking to us?

Yeah. do

I recognize any of this, like talk from the streets? Is this a,

okay, so that would be an intelligence check. if you want to do history specifically, you could try for it. otherwise you could roll religion if you feel so inclined. Is there the same

for me,

Metta, I'm getting a very mindful air kind of vibe off of this guy.


why I dirty 20, as best you can tell for the record, Mike, he is human ish, human looking, you know, everyone's a little blended in the city. Um,

I'm just saying,

you know, that you have never, ever, ever heard of anyone talking about the Lord of the mind and that he does not remember resemble anyone in any of the various temples or even some of the side Colts to different kinds of like patron saints of the arts that exist in this town.

The city I should say, well,

I think we're going to be on our way. you have yourself a plus a


He just starts walking away as he's whispering, walking directly through you on the path he is already on.

All right. Check all my pockets to make sure that he hasn't pilfered something from me.

Yes. You can tell everything's there in, in the fall on investigate role. Anyways.

Purple shirt.

I guess we got more craziest moving in.

I just love Hazel's Texas accent. It's the best. He looks like dark Daniel, but he talks like he's from Texas. It's just the best thing ever. All right. So you guys go inside. Everyone's really happy to see that you're not dead. Uh, Thomas is just, he's having a whale of a time telling stories to these kids as a.

And telling them the story of this adventure and these poor kids that are the locals further was wishlists, uh, children with magical inclinations, without any parents that anyone knows about. They're just in thrawled by this crazy adventure, with shape-shifters and dragons and magic and forests. The idea of forests that aren't full of hideous monsters is, uh, is it an interesting idea to them fully forest they know, or to the, to the west and the Bloor and lands.

And even those are really sparse and high up on the mountains.

So what would you guys like to do?

just chill until sunset. See how, uh, Harmon is doing. If he's all set up and ready to go waiting firms

muse. Yes. The muse meals as he refers to it. He's moose, his drugs.

I wanna go ahead and chat up

anyone kind of higher up in the, underground area here. and see if any of them have heard of the Lord of

the mind. Well, tipper. And is there the gentlemen that you guys meant, the Airship that actually the member of the underground,

he could give you some information

if you wanted, if you wish to. I mean, everyone else will consider this downtime. So go into your long rest. go ahead and get yourself set up. Feeling wants to engage in any downtime activities. Let me know through the chat. Otherwise, go ahead.

Pyburn, you've been around the, even around a good while. And you've been seeing all the people coming and going into the city. Have you heard of anyone talking about Lord of the mind? Well, I, I'm not, I'm not certain really,

the best I can tell. No, we, we, with the mind doesn't ring this, this, um, it's just one of those traveling performers.

Uh, we ran into this guy on the street. He was dressed in all his robes purple and. He was, he seemed like he was on something, but he was going off about the Lord of the mind. It was, you know, you walked right into us.

Don't know if they're strange the new cults moving in or what

it's strange to say the


no, I have not heard anything of this, but I'll definitely alert the other chapters in the city to keep their ears to the

ground in case they hear anything.

It might just be a short of crazy man.

Yeah. I don't, I don't know. I got a different feeling from him, uh, that best be on the


if you say, and then probably leave it at that.

All right. Any downtime activities you'd like to engage in while we wait for this drop?

I had spent some time over the last few days before we went on our adventure the other day, creating. gadgetry for the, the party that could, perhaps help disguise spell casting. So just a little, mostly just a little clockwork things that are going to spin around and Wiz that, might help with deception roles, to conceal that you're doing magic.

I'll, I'll probably hand those out

So describe them and the number of them. Cause I said, you could get a, up to like 70 yeah.

Seven, like second level first or second level spell things. And I think I would've gone around and asked everyone like what kind of spells they, they like to cast and like created little gadgets, which, uh, might help emulate some of the, some of those features.

So like healing, like cure wounds would have been like a, maybe like a, I don't know, like a syringe with some like liquid in it, or I don't know, something like that. or, like someone casts, shatter, maybe a little like, little bottle of silver or something like that. Yeah. Something like that that could have, could have maybe look like glycerin or something like that.

and you know, things like that. We already rolled for those, I think. Did we know? We said we're going to roll for them in situ.

Yeah, we're gonna roll. So I'm going to ask you now to, uh, roll percentile dice, which will tell us how many of them actually function percentage wise,


55. Okay. So four of them, uh, are definitely going to work.

You had a chance to really work on the spells and to work with each person to get to work. Three of them. You get the smell in it, and then it just seems like it kind of fizzles a little bit. Like the item is intact. He could try again another time, but it definitely did not seem to store the spell properly.

Well, they

weren't meant to store the spell moral, just like distract people from the, the casting of it. Like give a plausible than I ability for like this could have been done with this contraption that I created. There's

three of the contraptions just aren't quite repeatably working reliably. So they're not going to be considered.

Okay, so that I can try again some other time,

alright. So, it takes a few hours, but, uh, eventually, uh, one of the lackeys that is there in the underground or the, the children that is okay, going out into the street and being a lookout and keeping an eye on things, they go and eventually they come back with a small bag, roughly the size of a cantaloupe and come back and inside the two smaller bags.

And one of them has a slices of fungus in it. And the other has some, um, strange kind of brown liquid inside of a, kind of a flask that is clear So you do have, one full dose of throne and two or three doses of Ray bark on hand. Now. All right. We'll

give him a dose of each.

I was dying for the muse I take, oh, these nice flies. So he takes the bark and dips it in the south to get them together.

This is going to be fun and he eats it. They chases it with a little bit more of the self and you can just watch as his pupils dilate and get huge, completely encompasses irises. And you can see him just standing extremely, still for good, 60 to 90 seconds, almost Unnervingly still for the good long term.

And then he reaches out his hand without moving his eyes to look at it, picks up a pen, looks down his paper and starts to forge the papers. And you can see now why the drugs might be helpful. He's moving with a very incredibly deft hand, moving with quite a bit of speed, but with a great amount of accuracy for he's doing, he is broad course.

Records with him of what each thing looks like. And he's copying down out of a book, the general shape and, you know, the finery on these things, you know, putting some gold, lace ink on this part, doing blue here. If it's not the right amount of blue and the right thickness, it looks off. So he's getting it just perfect using his brushes and his pens.

and he says to work, he's going to take them another few hours to finish up. And as he goes, every time he starts to come down off of his forgers high, if you will, he has a little bit more of the mushroom, a little bit more of the south, and he keeps going back to work. he works for almost 12 hours straight before he has made for you guys.

six forged passes into the inner city, that label you guys as, a scholar of the goblin clans and his, his apprentice, one human. And they're retinue, looking to, look into the surveying records that are held in the library to try and discern a boundary dispute, and also to, uh, make sure that the inheritance that you may have taken in has spend divided equally kind of a simple, simple task would definitely requires the records of the library.

it does label Clara and may as, attendance and servants for Draxik and for Draxik it does label you so there's a reason for them to help you. It doesn't label you as, mobily impaired for the purpose of why you would need to have three attendance with you.

So according to the thing, it says that you are unable to walk for extended periods of time. And so you require the assistance of your two attendance carrying you in a. What's the word homicide. That's what it is. I think basically a chair with the two poles, you can lift the guy and carry him a pallet.

That's what it is. It's a palette. Now, him being a goblin, it's not that apparent is probably kin Pelling. I was in the right spot. I was getting there, the Pelican. So, he basically gets you all this stuff drawn up and says, well, there you go.

I have not done that much work in a long time. Really clear as to sign. This is a, I tell you, I can feel every hair on your head.

Okay. I must sleep. My head feels like he was split in half and then sewn back together. Backwards.

Sounds lovely.

Yeah. Maybe we'll give him some, some herbs to, uh, help him come down off of his high

safely. All right.

The rest of the underground says that they could cobble together a panel and can pretty easily concerning. It's a chair and some polls and all the real trick is just getting it to look nice, which, given the extensive robes that Draxik is wearing and he can cover most of it with those robes and know it would be the wiser.

So while they're working on that, I'm going to give you guys roughly about 15 minutes of real-world time. We're going to set a timer here for you guys to RP plan, what you guys would like to do once you get inside the palace. Can I get yourselves a game plan going and we'll go from there.

All right. Now, what do you, what do you guys want in this

palace again,

I guess that this is aimed at Thomas Klara and, Draxik so you're going to be talking to yourself.


if I remember correctly, Frank keeps referencing something about origin of a plague and how to cure it. I don't understand. I'm not here all the time. I'm I'm all confused to be honest, but I'm just happy to be here. It's a little scary watching someone else control you.

We've been, we've been dealing with this bone shatter plague on the other side of the wall. and we've traced it back to back to here, but, you know, we, we didn't to

desperately find a cure.

did you S do you say it was a magical origin or a mundane play you're saying transforming people? It sounds like that's magic.

did I experience anything like this when I was with the bill Laurens, like any hint of anything like this, they know they, like, they self modify themselves, transform themselves.

they do make use of transfiguration magic on themselves to adapt to their surroundings.

Uh, however, this is a little bit far and above the, what you are used to hearing, because with them, they just modify their exteriors to help them thrive in the environment and also to kind of fit with their personality and whatnot. So inside of them is the same as they're still in control. the difference being there definitely seems to be a lack of control with what you've heard about the okay.

I don't have any lower or familiarity with anything like this in this side of the wall. Like this is not familiar. I think we established that already, right?

yes, but well, assume that you've been basically gotten up to speed by Thomas and Fang and Draxik, as you guys have been traveling, see, roughly know what's going on or what the, the, what is happening inside the wall.

it seems somewhat a magical origins. Maybe we need to do some research on the bill. Lawrence are more or less the magical powers in this, the side of the wall. they do, uh, cast some, transfiguration magic, but, uh, would truly wish and hope and desire that our travels don't require us to go visit them.

Uh, I've had some rather unpleasant experiences or rather my sister has had some rather unpleasant experiences. she would tell you that, uh, they are monsters of the worst kind.

Hazel is going to kind of spit on the ground every time anyone mentions the bull Lauren.

yeah, Lawrence to our listeners. I can't remember. uh, in, in RP form to our listeners? I think may kind of insinuated some stuff.

Yeah. I mean, she didn't go into details about them, but, more or less just indicated that, she and her sister were, prisoners or, uh, slaves of them and, that they were monsters and source of magical power on the side of the wall and not a lot of detail is it was not a lengthy conversation, but just general points may, does not like to talk about them too much.

And now, now you guys are on the other side or from the other side of the wall and you know, you can see here, there are not a lot of people, Really fit to take on the powers that be here. many, many of us, myself included would very, like, very much like to find passage to the other side of that wall.




do y'all think that you can lead us back there if we can get this

information for you

being perhaps directed at Draxik

Clara is been in and out enough that she is not know how to get back to the wall,

getting back to the wall. I mean, just go the way we came and we will be right back there.

Well, it's more along the lines of getting to the other side that matters. I mean, that wall has been there for, generations, uh, keeping us from going into, uh, your, your lands, and. Well, it sounds very much like it's a safer place for, uh, people of the magical variety to be,

and I acted myself, but there, there are some here that are more helpless than I, they will, they will need a guide.

They will need direction.

And Hazel, just so you guys knows he's like 18. He's not really

well. I hate to bring this up, but if you need to get to the, the valley across the wall,

once the masters Valora and masters, uh, they, they did mention something about a way maybe, maybe it was other slaves. I can't recall quite, but, I do know that. There might be a way on the other side of the barn lands, but I would recommend if you know, a better way through, I mean, hi, I'd much rather go the way you guys came then to try and traverse the Bollore in lions, to get to this apathy

the way we came as a seal, pretty tight we could, we could maybe sneak through, but getting a large number of people, through the was not, not quite an option.

I think we, we made quite a ruckus going through and I don't think they're going to be any less secure going back.

man. Dasia is not going to like this. Oh,

the date Dejah. That's

another one of your personalities kind of like flat thing and Clara Namaste.

it seems as though you're kind of catching on a little bit.

deja is my sister, Yeah. Uh, and uh, currently inhabit her body while some of the times don't like to talk about it much. She doesn't like other people knowing that, well I better, maybe I better introduce myself fully, uh, Mason, um, Dasia, his brother.


I don't usually go by that name though. cause you know, Beau's name in a girl's bodies kind of peculiar.

yeah. Dejah doesn't come out much. she lets me, lead most of the time, for reasons that I'm not feel particularly comfortable talking to you about right now. Uh, I've only known you for a few days. This is quite the personal, issue for us. but yeah,


I, I understand it's personal, but are our friends Fang and Remax and Clara of course.

you know, they're, they're looking for answers or MOS for one, that's very getting very tired of things, body. And I can't say that I blame him.

if you know anything that might help them.

Nope. Not particularly. Um, maybe if, someday we can get deja to come out and talk. She might know something, but really the last thing I remember is I was, I was forced out until the lines in front of the Lauren armies when they went on a raid and I remember dying.

And then I remember waking up, with Dasia and I don't know really much what happened, other than our mutual friend, CU, uh, who is the source of Dasia is, magical powers seem to have present himself roughly the same time.

You guys got about five minutes left. If you go on and do any planning for what you want to do in the town of the city, the inner city. That is,

I think we probably have, Draxik throw his weight around and do what we've been doing, to get in using these writs. And then, uh, I guess we have papers saying that we can get to the land or look at like land titles and such.

Does this give us general access or just like to a specific repository

best as you understand it, from what people have talked to you, it seems like the library is one big library. So hopefully this will get you in the door, uh, whether or not they separate into sections. You don't know, since no one in the current underground has ever been inside the library.

All right. I think it would make sense for us to make a show of doing what we said we were there to do well, the other more invisible people like servants and such can go and say, they're wandering around and trying to fetch books, but don't really know what they're doing and they can secretly do research.

if you can get me into this library, um, I can, I can collect as much information as we can on the, bone shatter plague. And, I CA I can stay back to help get the, get your,

uh, people to,

to the other side of the wall, to the other side of the mountains. I think that might

take some time.

This is a, uh, Tom. Okay.

Once we, once we get that information, um,

I can, I can,

lead lead the people here who need help to the other side. I don't think we'll, it'll be easy to travel in, large groups. So it might take multiple trips. A handful of people at a time, but I think we can get those who need it most to the other side,

Thomas is going to become Moses. Got it.

Lead them across the desert,

hold up. My people parked the mountains.

Tom is pretty, uh, pretty good at illusion magic. So yeah, I wouldn't put it past him.

We had to give him the reality. I'd say illusion magic is really his thing.

All right. All right. So any other last minute prep before we send you to the inner city?

I think we're editing.

Oh, I think we would prepare ourselves some like materials to allow us to disguise ourselves to our purpose. like some documents that are papers and books and set. At least to information


such stuffer recording information and maybe like pick up, I don't know, some heraldry or something like that that we could use.

Like, I mean, if you're looking up, I don't know if may would know this, but metal wise, like creating a particularly good cover would mean having materials to back up that. So I don't know what we might get, but I don't have the

forge documents are basic kind of lineage papers. Like this person said of this person descended from this place going back this far.

it's like a written with the territory to make, Draxik says cover of being a member of the great goblin houses. Very, very believable to the average lay person. Excellent. So feel free to RP as you go. I love it. I'll I'll roll with you guys as you guys do your thing. Okay.

So we've got Ritz for six. There are,

so there's one for.


Thomas, if he needs it, Hazel, if he needs it may. And then there was a spare one just in case.

So we need Bron though, to move the Palin, Draxik send his huge are his like heavy armor though.

He is small. He is not going to be light

in mind. Heavy armor, even at the heaviest is only going to weigh about 60 pounds. And that's very human doubles

is way


going into the, inner city. I'm going to put on my, I'm going to take off one of my rings and it's gonna, slowly expand to, be more like a circuit that I'm in a place on my head.

and that will just, everyone knows that will. cloak all of my magical ability and my magic items to make them not kind of detectable. but then also boosts my strength a bit. So I can, I can have a passible strength score.

It was a, uh, a requested item, that we worked together to build the circle of magical shielding.

It casts its own little anti magic field on the user, which both hides their magic and also prevents them from casting magic, uh, while it's being worn,

a little bit handy,

but it does give you a small boost to strength, clandestinely. So you're not completely out out of the boat without a paddle.


So Dasia rather may would, uh, change your clothes into something a little bit more scholarly, Um, would may be carrying the Palin keen to, so Hazel's carrying some maze carrying some, all right. So said he was gonna carry it.

These are like, this is a two person job right in the front and one in the back. Yeah. Yeah.

The average Goblin's weight is going to be that of a small child between 40 and 80 pounds. Unless Jordan actually has his weight written down somewhere, a 42.


42 pounds plus roughly the same and artwork given he's small.

so it's 80 pounds. It's not, that's not too unmanageable for two adults.

Yeah. Well maybe then she'll, she'll wear some, like a worn down robes, maybe put back on her, uh, ranchers outfit. so she looks

like a laborer really going for the Libra. Look love it. All right.

And then having whips aren't, isn't such a uncommon thing for a rancher or labor.

Which he ties around, especially if you have it. Yeah. Her waist

kind of like a belt,

especially if it looks basically like a belt. All right. So mechanically speaking, as you guys go into this, since this is kind of an extended bluff to get inside the place, I do have, some charisma challenges in here.

Now, even if you don't have a particularly strong charisma, I will be taking RP into accounts. If you have a fantastic role playing, I may not even ask you to roll. Anyways, as we proceed forward you guys get up to the front gates, to guards as you guys come up, they see Draxik on the Palin keen and they all kind of stand up just a little bit straighter. Yes. You desire entry into the middle, into the inner city. we would like to see your credentials please.

It's Thomas. You're going to be running Thomas and nasal at the same time, right? Bread. Yeah. Um, okay.

Yeah, I think Thomas would just be kind of like. I was like book out jotting notes, like trying to look official, yeah, I

have the,

the Ritz for all these parties, or at least the Hazel Mae and Draxik who are,

you know, and for yourself, of course.


And for myself for, um, but just so they don't have to like get off the pedestal. No, of course not present them all

he takes. This is Clara coming. Clara is going to come. Clara is maybe present her own. She she's kind of carrying the, uh, the supplies for the library. Yeah. She looks very much like a servant at this point.

Just kind of carrying general supplies right then. Yeah. All of the stuff there to him he looks at and goes, oh,

going to the library. I see. It looks like,

so iron foot of green


seems to be an order. So come on through and Nika steps aside and lets you guys pass through into the inner.

As you guys come through, the inner city is a lot more steam punky. Cause you come in through, you can see that this is a lot more automated in here. There's ornate kind of copper pipes running all over as you get right up against the mountain itself, that is in the center of this city is very steep, vertical mountain.

Uh, you can see that most of the inner city is carved out of the mountain itself into kind of this tiered terrorist. If you will. step pyramid formation up the side of the mountain, uh, up several levels carved directly of the stone. And there is those copper pipes running everywhere, delivering steam to power, different things.

Uh, and now that you're in the inner city, there actually is a small tram. It takes people up the levels back and forth is powered by steam,

as you come in the library and the emphasis palace, aren't really part of the same thing. There's a set of doors that lead you directly into the mountain itself. These doors are like four stories, tall made of metal, very ornate. these are powered by steam. So as soon as you guys approached the door or the guards having seen you, he asked to see your guys Ritz.

and uh, this time I want to ask you to make a, a deception roll for me. Whoever wants to be presenting the Ritz,

I would still be presenting there. It's

as tough.

I think, as long as, as long as everyone's still caring people and stuff. Take a quick, quick deception

role. I won't tell you if it's good or bad, I'm just gonna be knocking stuff down


That sounds pretty good.

That is pretty good. So the guard sees your written he's says, oh, well, no, certainly. Okay, come on in. And he kind of pulls the lever down next to him. This is love for, it was like three feet long and you can see the doors part at this hiss of steams as the doors part inward. Now it looks like the only part a little bit, but they opened up a good 12 foot gap for you to walk through.

Remember, these are huge doors and about 30 feet across and 40 feet tall, a little foot taller than 40 feet. so as you guys come inside these doors, you're now inside the mountain. There's these pipes running everywhere, metal grates and such on some parts of a wall to, uh, create the illusion of.

From straight walls, even when there's a need for different things to be popping on the walls with tubes and whatnot,

as you come inside the guard inside takes your writs, looks at them and says, if you, if you follow me to the, to the library, it's just, it's just down this way and you're in.

So thanks you down. Get you guys to the library and he takes you just up to the doors and at the doors, there is not any guards. there's just a little old lady at a desk. the librarian as you approach, she says, oh, what brings you to the Imperial library? I would wish to be upset this,

I forget my cover is

Laterites disputes for like, uh, what was it like an inheritance,

uh, So look at your records for land right disputes for the, uh, goblin clans, all the other records you have of any land disputes and, exchanges of land

between the tribes, you would wish to see caught records of adjudications, of land, parcel mint, and of the near issue. And, let me see. She reaches over and opens up a book, starts paging through it.

Land vehicles. That's not it

deforestation that's too, too far, too far, go back.

She's doing

this boundaries and then she she's talking out loud herself. She has to find it. Go ahead.

well she's doing this. Can I be kind of peaking or we're looking for


sections that seem like they might contain information about, old plagues

and make a perception check.

In fact, everyone can make a perception check if you like, since you're waiting at the door.

Well, may is holding up the Pelican, so still have your eyes. That's true, but straining to hold this thing, Tom

gets settled. 12,

12. Hazel does better than that.


24, 23, 23,

Tom is doing his best to not look conspicuous, but Hazel holding the Palin Keane is just casually looking around. You'll notice that there is some labels on the stuff in the library at what languages AEs will speak.

I only have the old, like Elvish language written down here. Cause I didn't think they spoke much else in this.

Ah, the, uh, Elvish, there's an older dialect. Well, your luck. That's the Elvish though. I was thinking, I just want to make sure you actually did speak the Elvish, right.

And something strange. Like no.

no, I just, so you can see it for what made sense or what was exactly in the book.

Okay. so as you looking about, you can see that there is some sections have been labeled out. Um, you know, there's stuff that's like general plays histories, different scientific sections.

There is a restricted section off to the right, behind a set of bars or the kind of, it looks like it's probably locked door a little bit. Like the books are in jail and various other different sections. Oh, here it is. Uh, land disputes, adjudications, precedents. yes, section 23 Q. All right. If you head down this way, go all the way to the end.

It should be lovely at the section about chest height, you should see a sign or so it should be able to direct you. And if you get lost, there are books spaced every about 50 feet that should direct you to the books that you need. If you need to, reshelve a book, please leave it on the floor. I'll get

all right. Thank you very much. But nothing is allowed to leave, make notes if you need to, but do not take things from the library. No, of course, of course.

and then I think I'd kind of lead everyone the direction we were pointed toward.

Alright. before you do, I want you to do a quick deception roll for the librarian?

Just, just, just so I can tell how she's feeling about the whole thing

these days have been like, they love to Teeter between 30 and 16, deception. You said that is a 26.

Very good. Very good. All right. You guys head on, then you get into the library and you're in. All right. So while you're in the library, if you intend to go anywhere, but the area she told you to go to, it will require a stealth role. It won't necessarily be a high style throw, but mostly to make sure you don't get noticed.

so what do you want to do? You're in the library? Uh, you're in the section she told you to go to Fort. You're looking for, but you're definitely looking for something else. So, um, if you have any idea where you'd like to start looking, you can tell me, and then that'll have you make a percentile roll.

Well, if we can get the appropriate directions, I can send Surfin to find the. and bring it to us.


yeah, that's kind of was getting it.

I don't, I don't know exactly where we're going to find this,

resection technology's the restriction section and then kind of other things like records and such in the records

currently behind that cage, I saw there's a restricted section.

you know, that caught my eye

and kill for things from the restricted section.

Oh, may you know me too well?

well it probably also be a good, uh, location for any, uh, books about magic or magical light things as those likely would not be on the shelves for everyone to read.

Yeah. That, that's why I was doing to do


I ought to be able to pick that lock without too much


But Asher don't know how to find the books y'all looking for.

Can you see through sir fence, eyes and such

as long as he's within a hundred feet?

All right.

I can, yeah, I can also speak to him telepathically while he's within a hundred feet too, so I can give them directions and tell him where to go without actually speaking to them.

All right. Um, so I think Hazel's going to kind of go into a, into a corner and slip off his,

circle it

and put the ring back on his finger.


in the open is the

restricted area?

It's almost like there's basically a, a wall like in the old timey banks where it's just a wall that is a vertical bar. With a short pony wall and there's one entry door in, but otherwise it seems like it was built into an existing library rather than being like a separate room. So the wall dividing it is right up against another section.

And then there's another section on the other side of that little wall. It's not like you have to go across the whole library to get to it. Um, it looks like the restrictiveness, as you look around, it looks like this was added later at some point. And it wasn't part of the original design,

because, so I can use my major hand to pick locks. so if we need to get someone invisible in there or, so fan in there,

oh, the bar is wide enough that Surfin could just slip through

they're about four inches apart.

So surfing being a small ferry could probably make it. So yeah, if we want to do,

we might not make that, but if we want to do like a.

Yeah, we probably need a person in there. A surf fan is a capable individual, but he doesn't really know anything about finding stuff in libraries though. He is more intelligent than, may is.


at least on paper, at least on


All right. So when you want to tell me what you want to do, I'm rearranging all the books in the section that we're currently in.

Just mess.

All right. So Draxik go ahead and roll percentile and then put your score for percentile in the chat. So I can tell you what book you stumbled on to while you were doing that,

the rest of you tell me what you're trying to do.

I'm going to try to kind of sneak into find a bookshelf near the block and try to use may chance to pick it and try to time it so that I'm not, you know, levitating things. Well, people are staring right at

the lock. so usually it's the dexterity check for.

But because you're trying to do dexterity and kind of slight of hand at the same time, we're going to do something a little unorthodox. So I'm going to have you do your dexterity check minus your slight of hand modifier. so that it's kind of like you're having to use your slight of hand and it's slowing down the lockpicking process is making it a little bit more difficult to try not to be seen

my slide of hands.

Really good.

So what is your slide advance plus nine. What is it? Okay, so take negative. So take minus three to your role. Okay. Get your normal dexterity minus three. Okay.

That is five kind of forgot. You guys are seventh level characters. So you as a, five-year-old a five,

that good.

You go to move the pics with your major hand over to the door and you misjudge the angle of the lock face itself, and you dig this nice little scratch into the face of it. And you can just ever so softly here.

Bringing in the dead silent library, is it scraped against the metal?


Um, so now you have to roll a stealth check


Shouldn't be a problem for a rogue.

That is a 13.

All those really high, uh, charisma things we're using up your highest roles. Huh?

That was a 13 plus 11. So hear that scraping that and the librarian kind of turns around, goes, hello. DA's do you need assistance? And she's kind of stands up and starts walking back towards you guys. I want to, um, okay.

May's going to, uh, take the pallet keen and she's like, just, I guess she's walking around, dragging it on the floor.

To try and cover up the scratching. Like

paddling, Keenan's the library. It's good.

Because you could use, let me know, please. I

ahead. So your deception role while she sits there, very like just doing the whole, um, dragging that on the crown,


dirty she's buying it this as best you can tell the dirt

goes on table. A master said,

oh yeah.

and she like drags it over towards drag it, drags it over to the like restricted section area where the I'm guessing there's like a wide berth of space because it's like open area and she just like drags off to the side and then plunks it down. Clunk. This is a good spot for the pudding. The

key you good?

Good, good, good, good. Did. Wow.

Well, this is going on. Duck behind the librarian desk

and look for that's a classic style thrill. Go for it.


this is like, I guess I'm kind of giving you the help action by distracting her.

Can we consider that? Go ahead and add a D four for the help action.

Okay. You managed to get behind her desk.

and then I'm looking for, maybe opening drawers slowly. If I don't see any in plain sight.

And deception

Tinder, over

there is a set of keys sitting on the desk, all of them, the same bronze color.

I've grabbed about fees. There's four keys on there.

Yeah, I just tried to grab them without making them Pingle too much.


She's still distracted based off of my roles.

How, at this point it's pretty much empty except for you guys. There's like the odd scholar kind of walking around here and there, but besides you, there's maybe four people in there. Okay. So

I don't want them to know that I'm behind this desk. I don't really,

I think May's making such a big ruckus that everyone is looking at her.

Um, yes, it's true. So I'm going to pop out one end of the desk, and kind of have my main hand, grabbed the keys and take the keys over to, Mary, Tom and Draxik are

okay. Hazel, staying behind staying stealthy. Alright, Tom. And Draxik you guys have the keys? Draxik so you rolled a 52. So you have found a book that details the mating habits of mountain dragons, which, I'm sure you find strangely fascinating.

Given your draconic connections

question is can he read it?

That is interesting. Question question. Is, does he speak Elvish?

I do not speak Elvish.

All right. You can. Well, it's a pretty big title. There's a picture of two dragons in a compromising position, rather than that tales of the actual book,

All right. So you got the keys to Thomas got keys. Draxik switches. Draxik Thomas.

Uh, may, could we maybe go out, and like follow the, library and back to her desk and start like, asking her questions about like di di di di MEI, MEI, MEI, MEI, MEI NEF.

Phew. Phew, phew. Phew. What, what, what stories about a boat? Dragons where, where can I find stories? Stories about dragons,

just exasperated. She's trying to tell you, this is not a narrative library, but more of an archive. And just trying to explain to you the difference, I'm going to give you Tom chance now that the library is distracted to try and use those keys.

Yes, I would like there's four of them. So,

can I notice any discernible difference in the keys?

They're all brass. They have slightly different shapes. Other than that, I'm going to need you to make a diversification check, to see anything else.

Thomas investigation, that is a dirty 20, you know, so one of them looks a little bit less used than the others.

Good. I'm going to start with that one. I'm going to

add, are


you slink over? No one has noticed you.

and I'm going to try to open that door.

Just put the key in and turn it. Yeah.

Aloud clack sound sounds as you turn the key as you taking a twist and try and get to go and go. And as you do that, the library and turns around goes, what are you doing? You have my keys. Wait, how did you get my keys?

Thomas is just going to try to slip in and close the door behind him.

He slip in, pulling the door behind you slam what are you doing? Those are my keys.


it's very frustrated. And she starts walking out of the library

before she does that. I'll let you try. Yeah. So, what's the like local situation. Are there a lot of people around, as

she's like going scholars, besides you guys,

are they kind of looking at her or they minding their own business?

You were making a big show of stuff. They were looking in your direction.


Okay. Um,

you to be the distraction.

Yeah. Um,

I want to cast a spell so bad, but I don't want anyone to



I'm going to as she's coming around the, desk, Dejah is gonna walk over to her and be like, Dejah did the book and she walks past. She's gonna like fall over, like the librarian pushed her over vigorously, like behind something.

I don't know, like what what's around.

Yeah. Or

deception. Cause I'm better at that. uh,

obviously she's thinking something's up. So performance is CA since it's now in a public space, everyone watching you,

uh, 1915 plus four,

she stops for a second because what in the world is going on. You've at least arrested her momentum. Now other people standing up and drifting over,

is she looking at me or is she looking at




why you

push me over?

I, my,

my, my, my

head hurts. Oh, wow. At that moment, as you're doing this, two of the Imperial guards walk up, we heard ruckus ma'am, but let's go. What seems to be going on like this? And then they aren't disturbing. I'm pretty sure one of them has my keys. I kept you, sir. Oh my goodness.

Thomas is gonna cast and visibility on himself.

And I want you to make a stealth check. Yeah. He's going to try to like, get out of

you. Cast him

disability on himself.

You accidentally stumble up against all the bookshelves. You're the luckiest son of a gun I've ever met.

Good. They deserve, oh my God.

Thankfully they don't know someone walking into a bookshelf look at may. They look back at Draxik and at, So they don't notice Hazel as far as I know at the moment, but they do look back at the three of you and say, perhaps you need to come with us.

I'm, I'm waiting for a moment where she points at me and says, some stuff, because I kind of want to create a situation where it seems like she's casting magic on me.

So I'm waiting for her to say a word, like, gone or, uh,

or something like that. I recommend, I think you need to come with these that's right. I want this person right here and all of their friends, I want them done. No.

And as she says that I'm going to use my pack, the genie vessel feature and just disappear into my vessel.

And so I just disappear when she points at me and says like

gone. So you disappear into a ring that clatters onto the ground,

it's already on the ground. And I would move it to like, so it's like underneath something. Like a shelf or a bookshelf or a desk or something like that. I've been in

Egypt to make an Ana I'm having McKenna narcotic check to see if, see if you've managed to do it in such a way that it appears as if she did it is because it's a little tricky to try and frame someone from magic.

But I think you might be able to pull it off.

Uh, okay. Uh, I don't have good Arcana.

a, you could also try for a slight of hand. I would allow that given the situation I'll close the order to each other

slightly better. all right. Uh, Uh, Ooh, 18 plus two. So dirty 20 for slight

of hand, they are looking around going


you need to come with us.

They grab her and start to pull her, but I'm telling you they have my keys now

and you're left in the library alone. And that's what we're going to end tonight. I think in the library unsupervised, after a very clever use of your packaging and stuff to frame another lady for being amazing,

I feel kind of bad sentencing her to like be tortured and then killed, but,

Wow, cool.

That's some soulless stuff he got there may. Yeah,

she probably will like torture herself over this later because I don't think she was thinking about like the implications of it in the moment, she's just panicking. Like, oh no, my friends are about to die, but then there's this defenseless lady, but yeah.

So she's, there's going to be super big brooding going on.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for listening to tell untold podcast tonight. Please join us next time where some secrets are going to be unveiled. There's going to be some drama not to mention. Will they find the information they're looking for in this library?

Hopefully we'll have a full house, when we play again next, cause it's going to be crazy. thank you for listening to the tail end total podcast. And remember if you enjoy what you've listened to here today, you'll get yourself a player's handbook or a dungeon masters guide, get some friends and do it yourself because D and D is best with friends.

Have a great night, everybody.

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