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The Reconning of the Mage Guild 1:   The Priest of Foree
The Reconning of the Mage Guild 1:
The Priest of Foree

July 19, 2022
by meistermike

Now that the empress is dead, and her secrets are unveiled our heroes must rush back to the valley.  Their one hope to pass through the impassible mountains, a newly discovered cave system and a rumor.


Matt: Hello friends. And welcome to another exciting adventure of the tale untold podcast. I'm your friendly neighborhood, DM Matthew. And on today, I'm joined by our three players. Let's start first with Jace, which character you'll be playing to gate Jace

Jace: today.

I will be playing thing, correct.

Brad: Um,

Matt: nice, nice, Fang, correct. Regionally separated from his other personality that was stuck in his body. so today we're going to have, Ramaz staying behind to cover our tracks if you will. So he'll be out of the way and make sure he's not in combat Kodak. we have Brad with us here today. Hello. I will be playing a

Brad: Zelle, bright heart, a magical escape artists with a pension for talking his way into trouble.

Matt: And today I'm joined by Mike.

Mike: Yes, this is I, I am Mike. Mike is me and I will be playing Dejah and Mason, He, she, he is a, pact of the genie warlock who likes to Eldritch Blast whip things.

That's her

Matt: thing Yeah. And the event. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. So, let's jump in where we were. Last time we were here, you guys escaped the library inside of the palace.

You made a mad dash to the pals, trying to find an exit after Draxik went forward to try and draw the guards away. Give you guys a chance to escape. you guys ended up in the throne room, almost got got by a white dragon, and that was in there. The good part is, is that you guys were stealthy enough and fast enough to avoid getting completely.

You stumbled into a hallway, found a secret way, and ended up in the study of the emperors where you not only encountered the emphasis, but you also encountered failing's father who was also May's father and uncle. I get all that, right?

Mike: Yes. Our familial connections, their family

Jace: jury is well-established.

Matt: Yes. And so while you were in there, you shot, the dad discovered that the emphasis was actually in a lithium that was using some cyanotic magic to both hide their magical abilities and to, uh, keep control

you guys learned that the emperor was not who she says he was. She'd probably been masquerading as various daughters of the impres through different generations for centuries. you ended up forcing her to flee using a plain walking spell. You got a great time to talk with your dad, healed him up.

He managed to use greater restoration to split Ramaz and Fang. we've no idea about Clara who knows. Who knows where she is, but you guys managed to split Fang and Ramaz Fang of course, feeling extremely betrayed by his father. and noticing that his father really hasn't been there to help him very much in the past and feeling a little, a little betrayed, something to work on.

You guys move forward. You escaped out of the palace. Thanks to Rogadin Draxik, which is dragon and Rogadin was flying back to join his friend in battle. He disappeared signaling that Draxik had fallen in battle. Y'all poured, went out for your companion. And last time we left off, you guys were planning in the escape with Tiburon, giving you guys some ideas about how he gets NICU out.

So before you guys begin your attempt to escape from the city, since there's definitely some heat, now that everyone assumes something happened to the Empress, you guys spent the night with the sound of guards running around in the street. people banging on doors sounds of loud voices. Thankfully you guys were not in any trouble You enjoyed your long rest since some of you were at a particularly low health. And what would you like to do? Well?

Brad: just before we get too far. Thomas is gonna stay behind. I don't really feel like we're all playing out the whole thing, but essentially he's going to stay behind. He has been now spend a couple of days with these, people who are magic users, but not totally, you know, equipped.

he's kind of been teaching them what he knows, but he knows that like he's not super knowledgeable on the arcane stuff and he's going to stay behind and eventually he's going to teach them enough that they can kind of defend themselves. And then those that want to go, he's going to take back over the wall or to the other side of the content.

and he's going to try to take them to Augie. He's gonna try to seek out Augie, tell his friend or friends what we've learned. but it's basically gonna bring Augie a bunch of these students to teach. So he can hope Thomas' ideas that he will make a university and teach these kids under Augie's

Matt: tutelage.

Mike: argue would really love that.

Matt: That's

Brad: what Thomas was thinking.

Matt: Yeah.

Mike: He, he fantastic. Yeah. He w he would love to be a teacher, even though he would probably be that monotone teacher that you have, like monotone science teacher or math teacher that you just start falling asleep to, in a university.

but he would love it.

Matt: Well, that would be fantastic. so he's going to stay behind, which So you're going to get out of the city. Tiberon has suggested that you could potentially cross the waists, to the west. If you look on the map that we have on our hinted indie discord of the area, there is a city to the east of the capital known as Korea. It looks like. Yeah.

Mike: I think that's what we, how we decided to pronunciate it. Yeah. Yeah.

Matt: Korea, there's that city you can get to, to escape the worst of it. And then from there. To run ahead, told you that there was some sort of tomb in the mountains that they had found that might be a way to cut through, without having to, uh, go through the cleft of, or,

which is a large ravine that runs right through the mental in the mountains.

Brad: Do we, would we know being in the city, much about the cleft or bell or,

Matt: the two of you that have grown up in this area know that is where the Valorians are, is not safe place may has been there. I should say may and Dejah major. I don't know. They have been there and they have experienced it. it's not a nice place.

Okay. And, uh, I was assuming may, probably has some unresolved trauma with going back there. Yeah.

Mike: They both do. They don't want to go back

Brad: up anywhere that stays away from them. Damn bill. Lawrence's probably our best bet.

Matt: So there is a way to get around just great. Alright. Is there anything you want to do before you leave?

Mike: Dejah has an exit strategy, much like she tried to do while in the emperor says, palace. She could turn into a giant gorilla, go invisible and carry you guys away, flying Uh, so how long does that last flying is an hour? polymorph is also an hour. So I imagine we could fly out of the city, to someplace safe.

if we wanted to, I can't turn it. I wouldn't be able to turn us invisible, but I think we have other party members that can do that thing. I think it's gotten visibility

Matt: from concentrating.

Mike: Yes, I do have invisibility. Yeah. So we could, we could avoid going through the city or we could go through the

Matt: city

Mike: Depends on whether or not you wanted to be carried by a giant gorilla.

Matt: He doesn't

Brad: want to be carried by a giant

Mike: on, I know it's a hard thing to

Matt: grok. Oh

Brad: yeah. That doesn't sound fun. It could be

Matt: great. It's up to you guys. What would you like to do?

Brad: Um, what the gorilla, if it, if you're asking

Matt: me

Jace: well, giant Grillo's, aren't exactly my style. However, the faster you can get me the coasts, the faster I can reclaim my throne.

Mike: you're not coming with us into the valley to stop them majors from, you know, destroying the world to such,

Jace: I am not withdrawing my aid from you. Of course, I will still be trying to disrupt the major's Guild. I just believe that my resources are better used in other places.

Matt: Well,

Mike: so your, the son of the brother of the king,

Jace: I am the son of the king.

Mike: Oh, well, oh, this is so confusing. All right, well,

Jace: not the reigning king, of course, the king that has since

Matt: passed.

Mike: Well,

Brad: super

Matt: and injects. When did that make you

Brad: the king? I thought it

Matt: was the

Jace: idea. If I can seek to reclaim my throne, then I'm going to be much more help to you. And then I would be sneaking alongside you.

Mike: You planned to do that all by your lonesome?

Jace: Well, I plan on getting halfway there all by my lonesome. That does remind me though. Hazel, have you ever considered piracy

Matt: like,

Brad: like with the hook and the eye patch,

Jace: those, those are unnecessary. Just if you ever find yourselves on the coast near Janda, just look for a ship. You'll know it. When you see it,

Brad: I'll keep my eyes out.

Jace: Well, let's get moving on the closer I can get to. To the coast, the faster I'll be able to help you all out, although it has been fun sneaking around with you.

Mike: Oh, well, I can't say that, our relationship got off to the best start with you, you know, trying to kill me multiple times, but I kinda got used to your, uh, rogue charms.


Jace: you can't blame, you did just see that my own uncles, your father, didn't try to kill us so suspicion. Yeah. Yeah.

Mike: Uh, I think our family must have a curse other than occupying the bodies of our siblings and relatives and being, emotionally damaged and, uh, murdering seems to be, uh, amongst them. We

Jace: are also, devilishly handsome.

Well, half of us anyway.

Mike: Eh, well, you're all pretty in your own ways.

Matt: No, you guys are fun. anyhow, Tiberon

Brad: says, well, If you

Matt: intend to fly out, we can at least get you to destruction. Of course, some of something to keep the goats from looking up just in case.

Mike: Well, it would be kind of bad for them to see a giant gorilla flying through the air. I think it's probably paramount that we don't do that cause you know, dragons and such, would come chasing after us.

And as exciting as that seems, I would rather not be a toasty gorilla, and plummet down to our

Matt: deaths.

Mike: Well, good point. Well, I guess y'all would plummet cause I can fly.

Matt: Well,

Brad: I can, I got this fancy rating. It's going to hold up one of his rings. let's meet shapeshift a bit so I could be fine too. I can turn that out again every now and

Matt: then.

Mike: Well, shall we then I don't think it's going to get any safer.

Matt: No, I think we got

Brad: to get ahead of them as much as we can.

mix: All

Mike: right. So we've had a long rest, right? We rested overnight. Cool. I'll hit that long. This button.

Brad: Oh, it's a new

Matt: day. It is a new beautiful day.

Mike: alright. So I will use my elemental gift and get flying speed of 30. Then I will polymorph myself into a giant ape, which is a huge beast with a strength of 23. and his carrying capacity is multiplied like three, two or two times as it's a huge piece. So I can more than carry everyone

Matt: on my back.

Mike: it's the best part. Yeah. So just grab a bunch of, for, uh, I'm not going to be able to speak, but just so happens that giant apes have an intelligence of seven. So I will be able to re be reasoned with a certain amount.

Matt: You don't lose your ability to understand language because your ability to speak it coherently.

Mike: Yeah. Well, I don't have the, capacity to speak. Yeah. So I could grind and stuff like that. So, yeah. So, uh, we'll do that. And then thing can cast. and visibility on the giant eight all

Jace: cast visibility. let me see, I think at fourth level, I'm going to cast

Matt: it.

Jace: I think I can make three people

Brad: invisible with

Matt: that. Uh, I believe soaks at the second level spell plus one plus one. So the three people.

Jace: Okay. So me the giant ape and who will.

Matt: Angel.

Jace: Yeah. Hazel then Ramos. We'll just have to be very sneaky

Mike: flying on the back of a giant ape.

Matt: Yeah.

Mike: Alright cool. So then we find like a semi-open square. I go invisible. It turned into a giant ape and you guys climb on and then we go flying through the city over the city avoiding any dragons that might be flying by

Matt: hopefully,

Brad: hopefully, um,

Matt: intending to, yeah.

That's why I have to roll D 100.

Mike: Can I? Yeah. Okay. Roll deception and pretend to be a cloud. And then I'll do the Winnie, the Pooh.

Matt: You're fine. Uh, roll the, do you want a hundred? No one noticed you. They're a little busy looking elsewhere to think about looking up, which is a chronic problem with humanoids.

Most of them forget to look up, something that, uh, things like dragons have exploited,

Mike: but then they don't tend to look up either. They look down. They think they're apex predators

Matt: that to that too.

Mike: All right. Cool. So you're flying away

Matt: from

Mike: a Shaya on the back of a giant, a that's invisible. I feel like this is a lot, like, what's the name of that flying bison in a,

Matt: not quite opera levels, but you're getting that.

Yeah. Oh yeah. There you go. I went to, I went to Dunbar.

Brad: Ah,

Matt: better. Yeah. So you guys fly away. Now, this smell lasts for one hour and it's a once a day, I believe.

Mike: Yeah. So Paul can only use polymorph once a day. Uh, I get us, I guess, far enough out into the wastes where we're out of harm's way. And then,

Matt: well, you're flying speed.

Is that equal to your walking speed? Double your walking speed, but

Mike: I'll be dashing. So, uh, cause I'll be using my full turns. The 60. Yeah.

Matt: So, um, every six seconds roughly, you know, whatever, the

Brad: 30 ish miles an hour,

Matt: because the whole idea is that running flat out 30 feet in six seconds is supposed to be a reasonable for an average human.

1250 miles an hour. So after going about 30 miles, you feel your spells start to dissipate and, you make a safe landing. You haven't been flying that far off the ground. Once you got far enough away from the city to see it, but you're now in the wastes and as you're pulling worth spell disappears and, and you're flying smelled, do wait, wait, is it PO you could disappear from the flying spell that polymorph, what's the time

Brad: limit on that?

They're both an hour. It's all

Mike: conveniently. Just one hour.

Matt: Yeah. It's usually like one hour, one day,

Brad: one minute. I got, yeah,

Matt: they usually do that for our easiest. So it all disappears. You guys are in the wastes, you have been heading east 30 miles is about halfway to the next city. the travel between or BIA kind of Shaya took you several hours on an Airship that was moving at a good amount of miles per hour for a steady clip.

Now that you guys are walking, you guys are starting to really get a feel for the distance involved in this. All right. For me, I need a marching order. so who all is it just the three of you that are going, or do you guys take anyone else with the group with you? Things, dad? any of the.

Mike: He said he was going to stay and try and, uh, keep an eye on things, and Ramaz is coming with, but only to get to the ocean.

I think we part ways, as soon as we parked that direction,

Matt: well also wants to get to his city as fast as he can. which makes sense.

Mike: So he's making a beeline for the ocean and we're going wherever

Matt: we're going, where Moss is going to, since he's a rogue type, I believe we're gonna have Ramaz hang back about a quarter mile being your rear guard, covering tracks and such, that way we don't have to worry about him being involved in combat, which will keep everything nice and neat.

Brad: I think,

Matt: well, he's going to run two characters, Jace. No,

Jace: that's okay. Ramos has other things to do.

Matt: I think his return to power, Alrighty.

Brad: Thanks Hazel. We'll be talking with Ramaz and showing him the like spells he uses for pick-pocketing and things

Matt: showing off, showing

Brad: up in the back.

Matt: You just learn this can trip, then you can,

Jace: as soon as he takes something with magic, Ramaz just takes it back without him noticing.

Matt: all right. So, uh, Dasia and Fang, which of you do you think would be in the front? fine. Would be

Jace: up there.

Mike: Yeah. I think Dasia would probably be competing with Fang.

Brad: she would try and

Mike: shut it. So I think they probably have some stuff to catch up on their siblings, and they just found out about it.

So they're also like half or half siblings or step siblings. I dunno. Yeah. They have a lot of

Matt: uncommon half

Brad: siblings. What we're getting at is that no, one's actually paying attention. So we're all going to be surprised.

Matt: Everyone's district. There you go. There's your note. Everyone's talking to each other. Okay, so you guys are walking. Now, if you guys referenced the handy-dandy map on our discord, you'll see that the way that you're traveling, um, is wide open. There's not a whole lot in the area. There is however, some very tall grass in the area is about four or five feet tall in some place.

Brad: Hazel would every once in awhile cast mold earth to like pop himself up above the grass, to get a bit of a better look around and then walk a bit and talk himself up again every once in a while, but make sure we're going the right

Matt: way and

Mike: looking out for triceratops and bushes,

Matt: he'd probably also

Brad: grab a

Matt: blade of the

Brad: grass and kind of play with it

Matt: in this teeth.

Okay. So you guys traveling, having a good time talking and genuinely, uh, passing the time, cause it's going to take several hours of traveling to make good headway. It'll probably take you a day or two. So for the sake of brevity, I want to ask, is there any downtime actions you'd like to do over the course of the two days it's going to take you to travel?

Because specifically speaking, walking it's usually considered the average party can move about 14 ish miles a day, walking without mounts 20, if they're really going on a hard March.

Mike: may, would probably be like keeping an eye out for any like herbal or like plants or things that you could put into her herbal kits, herbalism kit, and then making do tinctures or solves or

Matt: such. All right. Well, there is the, uh, urbalism chart chart. If you'd like to dig it up and roll three times and just record what you find,

Brad: easels Jew. He passes the time, just kind of playing with his daggers. He might kind of set up a little targets, target practice

Matt: as he goes, as he goes,

it was just walking, throws a dagger up and over group sticks to the ground as he walks up to it. He'll pick it up and do it again.

Brad: Well, and he'll he throws it and then tries to catch it, like throws it at his invisible made Chan and tries to get. Like mid-air catch with him is kind of a party trick he's been trying to like, so just like, looks like it's going to fly and then just stops verbally, still in the there.

Matt: I love that.

Brad: And he'd set up, he'd set up like mountains in the funds field, like set up camp. He'd like make mountains of dirt with mold earth. It'd be like, like hiding behind one mound and then like popping out and trying to shoot another mound with an arrow.

Matt: He's staying, he's staying up to snuff, combat wise.

Good stuff. Fang. Is there anything you would like to do as a downtime activity? If you think if you all have forgotten downtime, activities can be looked up a fifth edition downtime activities, pretty much anything you want to try.


Jace: think as far as Ben goes, he's just going to try to

Matt: rest a little bit. He's had a train a few days. Yeah.

You guys make camp for the first night. who's on first watch.

Mike: surfing also, Surfin can also take out watch, so we don't have to be up all night.

Matt: So fan takes first, watch fan, go ahead and roll your perception. Check. As you're watching

the first watch of the night is really sunset to about nine o'clock ten-ish.

Jace: That's a seven

Matt: Fang is a little distracted by all the craziness that's happened. So tell me how his thing feeling about his father being alive and, meeting him. I've imagined Fang has some feelings and I imagine this is what's going through his mind that has made him so distracted.

Jace: Yeah. Thing more than anything is upset that his father would abandoned him. his whole life, he thought that his pants were both killed,

or he thought that they had abandoned him for a better reason. And he's just very disappointed that he never came back to him. And it's very emotionally totaling on totaling on him.

And he just is trying to process emotions that he hasn't felt before, because he's never had a family before Thomas was the closest thing he had to a family. And now he's just, he's just here with people. He doesn't know, trying to stop problems that are far greater than his, then his reach in the world.

And he just felt, he just feels like he's not gonna add up. Like if his father was able to abandon him, what stops him from abandoning all of these people,

Mike: deep

Matt: stuff.

I love this. I love that he is a ex trying to deal with this family issues in a realistic way. So good stuff. you first watched passes without incident and Fang. Do you attempt to sleep? or do you continue tradition of trying not to sleep still

mix: tries

Jace: not to sleep.

Matt: All right, roll a D 100. If you get over 70, you fail to remain awake.

Right? I got a 61. You're managed to keep yourself awake, through the next watch. Who's taking second. Watch the clock to Here's the lie. Hazel. The moon is high in the sky. Hazel, go ahead and make your perception check.

That is a 24 23, 24. Fantastic. So Hazel, well, your watch, you're pretty much alone. The fires crackling behind you. It's very low because you don't want it to be too bright and complete your position. people are snoring behind you. Fang is doing his usual staring into the space. what is on your mind

Brad: is so confused about all of the events that have just happened. All his splitting of bodies and just kind of trying to forget about it and pretend like.

Matt: It's just

Brad: a normal day. Um,

Matt: so

Brad: he's, he's very focused on the, he's also been in the city for a long time and he grew up in the country. So he has been really enjoying the, like being back out in nature.

so he's

Matt: definitely soaking it all in and probably why surface perceptive,

As you're thinking, you hear a swallow rustling to your left, you glance over and you see what seems to be two forms, kind of quietly walking through the grass, just to the left of your campsite. you have protection and 24, so you can tell that they do not appear to be humanoid.

How big are

Brad: they? Can I tell

Matt: you assume that they're crouched down because they seem to be quite big? I would say that these are definitely in the realm of large creatures, by and large. but you can tell that these are just displacing a lot of grass as they walk through.

Brad: I'm going to For'ramar. Because he's probably also the quietest stealthiest person, so I'm going to wait for my boss.

Matt: and then

once I do

Brad: that, I'm going to try to sneak up and get a closer look

Matt: at these things.

Brad: but then have from us, the wake, the others, if needed,

Matt: you shake her mouse awake, he's kinda like, well, fuck I, then he kind of like stands up and looking around with you. So you want him to accompany?

Brad: I want them to still kind of hang back. but just wait the others.

Jace: you could have woken up anyone else up and you chose me.

Matt: Okay. What's going on thing. Just kind of mothers that he's awake.

so I need you to roll an, a, another perception check. As you kind of attempt to stealthily, sneak into the dark. Now your perception check will be with disadvantage because you do not have any sort of dark vision or anything like that. I have dark

Brad: vision is all, does Hazel's a Hazel does. He's mostly are mostly

Matt: well with your dark vision.

You can go ahead and attempt to do your perception check.


Brad: I'm going to use my ring to turn into a bat,

Matt: a bat. Yes. Fascinating. What is the range of its echolocation? That should be in the stat block from that's Frank location,

Brad: the blind side 60 feet when not defend vantage on perception

Matt: for hearing. Very good. Alright. You bam into a bat or using polymorph or you're using your which ring.

Okay. With which ring you're supposed to, to roll a D six and see what you get. Right. They wrote that already

Brad: as a DK.

Matt: Okay. I love the, which ring is one of my favorite magic items.

Brad: And then I've been enrolling it each day to whatever

Matt: we say we do one random. Um, is it one or two or three random wild shapes into small kind of witchy creatures? Yeah. They're like,

Brad: familiar type creatures.

Matt: Um, also known as major escape buttons.

Brad: Like spider I've gotten the bat like three times in a row.

Okay. So, and then I want to fly over them and hopefully, you know, it's nighttime. I'm about, I shouldn't be too startling even if they see me.

Matt: Well, you can go ahead and make a stealth check

miserable. That

Mike: sounded like your metal die as

Matt: thud. Did you get over 12? Okay.

You fly up, you're flying. Oh, let's say 10, 12 feet above the grass. So you're at roughly 20 feet in the air. You're up nice in Europe. As in high, we can still clearly see the ground does echolocation that whole thing about echolocation and the blind side it brings is they get to the FA gets fuzzy at the farther away you are.

So you get a nice, clear picture and your go up and you can see two forms, large Therapedic fought, uh, forms

Uh, so this is a bipedal creature bent over long tail, big head. Okay. you can see them moving in the grasses that came or circling the camp, but you also notice that one of them kind of looks up and sees the bat fluttering and is looking at you intently.

Brad: I would kind of flit around seeing that I've been seen, but that I'm a bat. if I have one's attention, I'm going to kind of like, kind of make a ruckus be kind of annoying, like flap my wings and like flap in my chaotic circles.

Matt: You're trying to extract it a little bit. A little bit. Yeah.

Okay. Everyone else, Ramaz has kind of woken you up and he's not able to tell you much, except for Hazel heard or saw something. you guys get up, you kind of waiting, you guys can attempt to make a perception checks. They will be with disadvantage, due to the nature of this creature and its stealthiness unless you happen to have blind sight.

That was lucky.

Mike: I do not have dark vision, but I will attempt to make perceptions.

Matt: purposes,

Mike: a

Matt: 17

Mike: with disadvantage thing

Jace: got 11 and Ramos got 13.

Matt: Neither of you guys see anything in the grass.

Brad: can I see me.

Matt: Yes, they can see the bat illuminated in the Moonlight. Ramaz is kinda like

what's he doing? So you're flapping. That one is there's no, as you

is kind of settling in for a pounds, the other one is looking at the camp. And so at this moment,

those you guys in the camp suddenly see to create two sources of this strange bioluminescent light. Aluminate one blue and one green, the blue one you can see now it's form eliminated is this large creature image is going on or discord right now there's the large creature is the blue one. Isn't Hazel.

I just having a pounce, kind of a crouched position looking up at the bat and the green one is staring directly at you as it leaps into the air to attack. So I want to roll my D three. That is Fang. So thing it's going to get a single tech. Oh, sorry. Before it's going to be a single action before it gets as this.

What type of, did he surprise you, but then it will roll initiative? Yes,

Mike: my, does it come within, 10 feet of me as it pounces

Matt: in you all around the campfire, which I assume is no more than like 10 feet around.

Mike: is that a yes, then that would

Matt: be a yes.

Mike: Okay. So as it approaches me, I'm going to use my, action to, Eldritch

Matt: Blast.

You will get your chance after it gets to you. It's Texas is technically suppressing you and I'll have you do initiative. So then we'll start with your reaction. Okay. Yeah. We'll start with your reaction. So it's not attempting to bite you. It's jumping forward and everyone within 30 feet that is currently seeing, except for its companion.

I need you guys to roll a constitution, saving throw,

and all of a sudden as creature you're currently immune nasal, certainly this creature bioluminescence suddenly surge in a bright, outward flash of this insanely bright green light

Mike: nine for me

Matt: For'ramar and, may and Dasia, you guys do not succeed. Failing does way to go Fang. So, thank you. See you kind of get, take it and blink away the bright flashes of light.

Everyone else, you are blinded for two rounds as this bright flash of light puts these huge after images all over your vision. if you do not have dark vision, you'll get a chance to roll, to get out of the save in one round. That's your eyes are a little bit less sensitive.

Mike: The one time it pays not to have dark vision.

Matt: Yes. That's why I like this. Alright, so man, go ahead and, and make your Eldritch Blast attempt.

Mike: Cool. All right. So I guess I'm doing it at disadvantage now because unblinded,

Matt: that was why I had to make sure it went. You went afterwards. Yeah.

Mike: Uh, so first is 13 and the second Ray is 18.

Matt: 13 first one, does not hit, but the second one does. Okay. 15 does hit.

Brad: So,

Mike: uh, we'll come back here. So 11 points of damage and it gets pushed back 10 feet.

Matt: Ken feat. Yeah. Well it takes 11 points of damage. Got you.

I gets pushed back 10 feet, so it gets pushed back into the grass. All right. Now I'm going to have every run, roll initiative, call out your initiative. Don't make no need to put it in the chat for me.

Jace: He put it in the chat. That's what I got, but my role was very similar for my saving throws as well. So

Mike: 22 for Dejah, uh,

Matt: yeah, 19 18 22.

Wow. you can, if you want to Vermont, join the fight. You may Jay's otherwise, I'm going to assume that he's gonna attempt to cut slink into the grass and try and stay out of sight.

Jace: He'd probably fire shots at them. Like behind cover

Matt: everyone, 11, share your initiative for the purposes of today. We'll make your life a little bit easier.

All right. So we have Mike going first and then we have phone

and then we have the blue preacher.

Then we have Hazel and then the green, the one that originally attacked in that order. Mike Fang, blue, Hazel green. Thank you. Appreciate it. All right. So Dejah, you got your reaction and now you get to take your attack and you get another reaction to top on top of the senses. It's officially a new round.

So green creature has been pushed into the grass. So is tiny bit of scared.

Mike: I am going to prepare a spell and then hold it and, ask sir Fen to, zoom up into the air and give me a kind of layout of where everybody is. And then once he. Flies with that information. I'm going to

Matt: cast the spell.

Remind me, Mike, you're more familiar with the familiar spells, just commanding you're familiar. Is it considered a bonus action or it's not an action.

Brad: It,

Mike: they have freewill. They don't, that doesn't require any actions or speaking resources. Yeah. I just speak to them. Yep. So get him to like fly up and kind of get a bird's eye view of the battlefield so that I can cast the spell effectively.

Matt: All right. He's pretty easy for him to see what's going on and communicate the area back to you. Plus they're kind of glowing at the moment. They've been, they have some sort of, bioluminescence that they've activated. Are they giving out 10 feet of bright light and 10 feet of dim light? Are they clumped?

They are roughly 15 feet apart. Okay, cool. So

Mike: this is a 30 foot cube spell,

Matt: uh, catch Brad just saying I'll I'll, I'll

Mike: descend it into the earth so that it, the cube only catches the creatures on the surface.

Matt: That's your guys's daily warning to mind your partners?

Mike: absolutely. Uh, so I'm casting hypnotic pattern.

created a twisting pattern of colors that we use through the air and a 30 foot radius. essentially they make a wisdom saving throw on a failed. The creature becomes charmed for the duration while charm the spell, uh, by the smell of the creature is incapacitated and has a speed of zero. and yeah, the spell ends for the effective crusher.

If it takes any damage, or if someone else uses an action to shake the creature out of its stupor, you get to roll wisdom, save DC 15. I figure that these guys aren't wise

Matt: the first one makes it why second one makes it, oh, bad luck,

Brad: bad luck. the just rolled

Matt: the both rolled, uh, over 14, I will plus five to wisdom.

I will use

Brad: my reaction to cast silvery

Matt: barbs. It is a reaction spelled. How would, how would you like to use silvery? Barb's

Brad: so the one that's below me, I guess, that I was kind of getting ready to pounce at me.

Matt: here's the one problem. Silvery barbs is a verbal component spell.

You're currently a bat unable to speak.

I'm not certain if you read the witch's spell, which is ranked, I don't know if you can release it as a bonus action, but it would not be able to until you, uh, it doesn't have

Brad: an action or anything tied to it. It just has a time. So, but it is verbiage. It's just, I think it's

Matt: just a bag, but yeah, definitely.

So you can dismiss it as a bonus action, but this is still a verbal component spell. I won't make you burn a spell slot for it. Would

Brad: you let me do it and turn back to human

Matt: or Elvin? You know what? We'll make this a cinematic roll. Roll me an Arconic check. If you can beat 12, I'll let you. But you will turn into human in the air.

That's that's what I was going to do next anyway. Okay. But you will not be landing. You'll be certainly going poof in the air while you do it. Yes. So roll your kind of check safe. Tell me it'd be 12

what'd you get

okay. Seven per our Cinemax vintage rules. You didn't make it. So instead of imposing some sort of weird disadvantage on you, what I'm going to do is, you do not get the spell out and you do not miraculously turn to a human in the middle of the air and take fall damage. Okay. You just burned the spell slot.


Brad: right.

Matt: Following the 20 feet and taking the damage, for nothing.

Mike: And then I'm going to use, I'm going to use one of my bonus action, elemental gift and fly 30 feet up in the air,

Matt: 30 feet up in the air. Fascinating. All right. 30 feet up, flat up into the air. We can see everything Fang. You've seen all the cells flying here, back up about making a strange shooting sound thing. What would you do?

Jace: So there's one that's directly in front of.

Matt: At one 15 feet to the right of that one, that's currently kind of in a pouncing position. So

Jace: Fang is going to put his hand out towards the one that's directly in front of him. And he is going to begin to twist his hand as if he is choking it. And he is going to cast a blight.

So that's going to be a constitution saving throw for him.

Matt: the one in front of you is green. The one that is kind of pounced is blue. Which color did you choose?

Jace: The one right in front of me. So

Brad: green or in front of you? The

Matt: green. All right. Green is right in front of you taking a little cue from our suggestion from Mike in our hand in a discord chat that big distinguishing features.

So blight saving throughout what is the DC?

It is

Jace: 15.

Matt: Here we go.

Uh, is that considered a necrotic damage? Yes. Okay.

Well, he did not make it. He got a 12, so go ahead and lay that damage on me. All right. Give me

Jace: a second. Still

Matt: got a roll. Yeah, I know. There's like 70 twelves, I think in there.

It's that spelled, it almost took out Augie. If you hadn't counter spelled it just the right moment.

Jace: So that's 47 points of

Matt: damage. Woo. Very good. you reach out your hand and do this head, twisting, choking look, and all of a sudden you see this creatures scream out in pain, this horrible

sound, and you could see huge chunks of skin. Just basically dissolve into the air and float away, leaving these, not quite gashes, but more like dissolved holes all along its back as huge chunks of his flesh. Basically turn into dust as their supernaturally aged.

Dang. the blue creature having seen this is going to turn. It's going to see fan with his hand still extended and it is going to leap forward attempted to bite you.

That's creature. It does have a tail as well. So watch out for that tail. So this creature jumps forward and it's gonna attempt to bite

16. Plus eight is 24.

Does that hit

Jace: 24

Matt: hits decided the bat is not worth the trouble with a moment 24 hits. All right. Will you take, uh, 26 points of piercing damage as its teeth sink deep into your shoulder? kind of finding the gaps in your arm or pushing through. And as the thing bites, you, you could feel an intense burning sensation.

And as it kind of tosses, you said back and forth and releases you and steps back, no, actually, nevermind it bites you as I was reading the attack action, your medium size, it bites you and you can feel the attack burn and you take an additional 10 points of acid damage.

Now please make a strength saving throw as it attempts to hold units. Grasp.

Jace: Um, I am a lucky sob because my strength saving throw negative one, but I rolled an 18. So that's a total of 17.

Matt: All right. It's attempted bite you and you reach up grab its

Brad: mouth and just don't force you to

Matt: pop it loose and toss his head to the side. And you are not grappled. Congratulations. However, you did take 26 points of piercing damage and 10 points, acid damage.

All right. That's that blue cruiser. Hazel. You're a bat. What do you intend to do?

Brad: one going to fly above. I think the one proposed to talk Fang

Matt: and I'm flying up above the blue one that was looking at you. Yeah. Up above them.

Brad: I'm going to turn into my Elvin form directly above them and fall on them, drawing my shortsword and would, if

Matt: this is, if I'm not hidden, I would like to be.

Brad: I would try to hide in the air. I don't know

Matt: if I need to do anything for that or not. Let's just say that per the sneak attack rules of Dungeons and dragons is currently have one of your allies next to it. it's ally is 10, 15, 10 feet away in the grass and you just jumped at it from behind you're officially flanking.

You would get your sneak attack damage. You don't need to hide. Okay. Do I get

Brad: advantage because it was kind of hidden

Matt: you technically dropping down from the, I will

Brad: give you the address twice. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I still get sneak attack either way, but

Matt: still get over attack if you hit.

Brad: Okay.

Matt: I've been reading up on sneak attack mechanics for our next campaign, by the way, remember to keep listening to the tail and told podcast because campaign number two will be convincing in a few weeks.

Oh, I'm excited. I'm going to be Alright, go ahead and roll your tech.

That's important.

Brad: that is a

Matt: 25 to hit. Yes. you go ahead and attack the blue with your damage. That is.


Brad: sorry. This is the first time using this new

Matt: weapon. No problem.

Mike: So whilst he's doing that, I just want to clarify we're not sleeping in our armor, right? Or are we

Matt: you're out in the middle of the wild and you were told this is a dangerous place. So I'm gonna assume you were sleeping in your armor. Maybe have some straps that were unbuckled, but Rulloff's woke you.

You had plenty of time to tighten them up and be ready to go.

Mike: Okay. I was assuming that I was more or less bare. cause

Matt: you, you are going to town and attack in the middle of the Tavern. It might be different since you're out in the wild. I assume you're probably sleeping in your armor. Go ahead. What'd you get for your damage?

That is 18 points of damage before sneak attack. That's

all right. It's the following through the air is a little hard to place as accurately as you possibly can.

Brad: so my intent is to then also attack with my dagger just as a phone, as an action. And I kind of want to stay on this thing and be kind of. With this is how I picture

Matt: it in my head

Brad: is to stab these into its back and be kind of

Matt: on it. I love it. So here's what I say. Dexterity roll straight dexterity. or you can do acrobatics, to maintain your hold on. It's back. If you can get the roll, then you can definitely, go for your second attack without having to have a free hand to grab on the otherwise in order to stay on it, you'd have to use a free hand to hold onto it.

Can we be

Brad: in dextrous? wait, was this dexterity acrobatics,

Matt: acrobatics or dexterity your choice? I think

Brad: both will do, but it's fun to say 27,

Matt: you were legitimately riding this thing legs over its shoulders, gripping with your thighs as you stabbing it over into the head. I may make you make, uh, another

Brad: roll next round. Sure. Not in a saddle or anything. Yeah. Okay. And then attack what the dagger.

mix: Yes.

Matt: Another

Brad: 27

Matt: to hit. Holy crap. Um, I have been,

Brad: you have,

Mike: you don't want

Matt: them to eat.

Brad: and then,

Um, as just another

Matt: two damaged, I don't get to add just another two.

It does happen sometimes it's bucking and trying to get you off. Of course. So it's a little hard to aim, but you do manage to slice it. Um,

Brad: it ought to be my turn.

Matt: All right. Whew. The green creature that was attacked by Fang and that, uh, may attempted to dazzle is going to rush back into the fray now.

He sees the one creature that is not actively engaged in doing something for a Moss. and he's going to attempt to kind of leap through the group.

So as it makes this attack, it will incur an attack of opportunity from Mike. Remember, you are blinded for one more round, so it will be so make sure you roll that with this advantage, Fang. It'll also pass you by as an attempt to get to Ramaz. So you can make an attack of opportunity as well,

Mike: 17 and 18

Matt: for my attacks.

Mike: Well, Eldritch Blast is one attack, but there are two rays.

Matt: Uh, all three of those will hit. So go ahead and roll your damage. This is going to be simultaneous as it attempts to bite your MOS. Huh? Gotta look at my stats here. Nine plus eight, 17 will 17. Be enough to hit Ramaz,

Mike: um, to fly up into the air.

Yes, she's going to get pushed back down to the ground prone.

Jace: Uh, 17 would hit Ramaz, but I just did a heck of a lot of damage there. So

Matt: that's why I'm asking what's going to hit. Cause it went to see if we can't do the damage first. See if he even gets there with the pushing blast. I believe that you can only do one effect of your Eldridge invocations at one time.

So either pulling or pushing

Mike: one Ray's pulling up and the other way we'll be pushing down.

Matt: I'm not a hundred percent certain, but I believe in the errata, they said you can only have one notification. Okay. I think the invocation

Brad: only works

Jace: on the first on the first

Mike: day. Yeah. The, uh, pulling one only is on.

So there are the grasp of the Dar is once in each of your turns, when you hit a creature with your Eldritch Blast, you can move that creature in a straight line, closer to you. Repelling blast. On the other hand is when you hit a creature with Eldritch Blast, you can push the creature up to 10 feet away in a straight line.

So the repelling blast is unqualified grasp of the Dar is

Brad: only.

Matt: Yeah. And I looked it up, his specific thing he's right. Which is awesome. Go for it. Uh, so you're first going to push him up in the air, pull them up in the air

Mike: 10 feet, and then I'm going to blast them down 10 feet doing 20 points of damage with the Eldritch Blast and then whatever.

Falling damage. He gets,

Matt: Kind of slang and the damage that you just did Fang, as it tried to search past you towards your cousin.

Jace: I did 21

Mike: over 40 points of damage with reactions.

Matt: You push it down into the ground. it technically is prone.

however, it's only used half of it only uses half of its movement to jump. So it has enough movement to stand up as it stands up Fang, slashes it across its side, opening up a big wound in his leg and it kind of stumbles and screams again. Now with these pockmarks and it's back from Fang, spell and slashes on its legs from his blade and two giant craters blasted from Eldritch Blast.

It's just roaring out in pain, this horrible.

but it's still going to, attack or Moss. So the question is, does a 17 hit, hit, hit Ramaz

Jace: 17 definitely

Matt: tried to save her mouse. You did try. So here we go.

One 12 points of piercing damage as it bites and, uh, 10 points of acid damage. So, 12 and 10 22, it bites down the romanza shoulder and the acid bite of this creature just Sears through Ramaz is this horrible burning pain hits him as his flesh is seared away. Ramaz needs to make a strength save. Um, that's a 17.

Ramaz also just barely manages to push the creature off of him enough that its, teeth now are scraping off the armor as he pushes it aside,

Jace: he is going to look at that creature and his eyes are just going to flare. They're going to change from blue just to a deep red. And I can't do this anymore because I'm not a teeth link.

So he does not cast hellish rebuke, but he thought

Matt: about it wanted to cash hell rebuke. It was all, it was in him. And he went and he went to go push the smell and it just kind of went. There's nothing here. You're not spellcaster anymore. So the place in your mind where you used to be able to pull that magic from fields empty, I should

Jace: probably give him a different ratio bonus.

Matt: if you want to, uh, you can, uh, grab magic initiate feet and give him some warlock spells. If you like, that would make sense. Narratively

Jace: he'll be gone as soon as he can be gone. So I'm not worried.

Matt: All right. Top of the round, Mike you're alright. Um, you are no longer blinded your eyes blink away the after images.

Uh, now you see these creatures, clearly they are two huge theropod creatures, slightly velociraptor T-Rex hybrid, looking glowing with bioluminescent dots up and down their back and on the low end rings on their tails.

Mike: how bright is the bioluminescence

Matt: Currently, it is only bright light for 10 feet and dim light for another 10 feet is not blinding yet.

Mike: I'm wondering if I cast fog cloud, would they still be relatively visible with their glow? Like, is it bright enough to be able to, if you were like next to them would be able to see them they're glowing

Matt: dots E okay.

Mike: I'm wondering if this is a good thing is we're getting hammered down on the ground there.

Uh, and this would give you guys some advantage on not getting hit and plus give a Hazel maximum stabbing capacity. Uh, so I'm going to do that. I'm going to, instead of casting a spell to do damage, I'm going to cast fog cloud over the encampment, using my Armour's ability, uh, fog cloud at a second level, which means it's like 40 foot radius, 80 foot diameter sphere of fog descends upon our encampment surrounding everything.


Matt: You said 80 feet, 80 foot. I said to double check

Mike: I'll move just outside the range of, the blue.

Um, so that if it kind of circles around at all, if I have them circle around at all, then they will get within my threat range.

Matt: So kind of going through, so you're placing yourself where again, just for my own

Mike: and, well, how far away are the, the monsters from each other?

Matt: Oh, they're only like 10 feet away, apart from each other now.

Mike: Okay. Well, I guess it doesn't really matter. I don't think I'll be able to use my reaction. It was all, I'll just kind of stay hovering over near both of them in case one of them decides

Matt: to bolt or move and it's an 80 foot sphere of fog, right?

Yeah. Okay. So technically you are also inside the fog, but I can select it. I know you can see through it just saying, yep.

Mike: I absolutely want to be inside the fog. all right. So now they have every, they all have disadvantage on attacks and we have advantage on attacks against them.

Matt: Alright. Thanks. Is your turn.

Jace: Alright. I am going to fire Eldridge blasts

Matt: at

Jace: the one that is closer to Ramaz. Which one is that?

Matt: Green? The green one? Yes,

Jace: the green one. Okay. So I'm going to shoot Eldritch Blast at the

Matt: green one.

Jace: I got a

mix: natural

Matt: 20

Jace: and then I got a 17, so close to

Matt: the green one that you're shooting at both of those will hit. So roll. Give me your damage all together. All right. This is going to take a

Jace: minute,

Matt: a minute. So, uh, as the, well, technically yeah, you have advantage at the moment, cause they're lit up. So you see this fog cloud descend, but you could still see the glowing, bright lights of this creature in front of you.

So it's kind of hard to miss when you fire off your Eldritch Blast in this big green blast, that twins itself, right next door or another arcane portal shoots for from your hand and Salesforce. And you can see it hit the creature, the creature scream out in pain. What is your grand total damage? 28 suites.

How do you want to do this?

Mike: Nice.

Jace: So I'm going to fire the first Eldritch Blast, which is going to push it back with the repelling blast. And then I'm just going to follow one up and it is going to take shape looking exactly like the creature, but larger and just kind of engulf it and just poof vaporize it.

Just vape.

Matt: Poof suites, yeah, you fire off this last, the first one hits it and you can see it stumble. And for a second, as it looks at you, you can even see it in its animals. That guy's true fear as it realizes that his pick the fight with the wrong people. It almost looks as if it's going to try and turn and run when your second Eldritch Blast and powered by your fury of everything that's been happening with your father and the Empress and the plague all is pushing a one blow as your Eldritch Blast surges Ford engulfing its whole body.

And as the light fades, there's nothing left. But to smoking footprints, they

Jace: always choose to run too late.

Matt: That's my brother.

The blue one, some have a gun, the blue one's going to stand and fight. I rolled on it to see if it would attempt to flip. It decided not to. So, um,

Jace: looks at it and starts licking his lips.

Matt: Um, you know what? Go ahead. Make an intimidation role given what you just did. I think I'll allow it before he goes.

It's an 18

Oh, it's freaked out this creature. It looks around you. As you lick your lips, you can see it shrink a little bit, or you think you can see it shrinking. You mostly see the dots of it kind of fall back. Cause it sees your Archangel illuminated face shine through the mist. And it's going to take the disengaged action and take off in a dead run into the night.

Jace: I'm

Brad: still on it

Matt: going to attempt. So it moves 40 feet and around. So Hazel is now your turn. would then current attack opportunity. That's an interesting question.

Brad: I'm leaving my threat range. I'm still in it.

Matt: Yeah, you're right. I'm just thinking that's an interesting situation. You're still writing it as it takes off into the night.

having watched its mate just be incinerated by some sort of hellish creature.

Brad: I think I would, I would stab it again twice.

Do I have advantage for being on.

Matt: It now knows you're there, but you're technically in a spot, you know what, you know what,

yeah. You do. Go ahead. He's riding the thing. I know the whole thing of he's riding it, but there's also the Radix check involved if he wants to stay on it. that is

Brad: a 19 to

Matt: hit.

yeah, since you have an advantage, technically, um, you get sneak attack bonus, so have fun that

Mike: just at the edge of the fog now,

Brad: 25 damage

Matt: noise grand total, uh, yeah, 25. this creature is bleeding actively and it looks a little rough, is technically considered bloodied. as you get your two blades into it, it is at a dead clipped run. Do you want to stay on it? It's a question I have. You can.

It's up to you.

Brad: I'm gonna hop off and if it's, it can, the attack of opportunity me, but I will hop

Matt: off, took the disengage action and is running. It's not going to take the opportunity for an attack of opportunity. It's attempting to flee the action. I figured. so as you hop off, since it is at a dead run and it is really a huge creature, I'm going to need you to roll an acrobatic save.

Let's see acrobatics check 25. Yeah. LAN definitely like a dancer and even do a little bit of a pure white at the end. Good.

Brad: I think I would kind of backflip off and then pull up, pull out my boat to kind of ready a shot at

Matt: it once it

Brad: gets off.

Jace: oh, Fang is just sprinting behind it.

Throwing Eldritch Blast, just pot shots at it. Just not even aiming.

Matt: What's the range of Eldritch Blast. 60 feet,

Mike: 120 feet, 120.

Matt: It was creature. The only thing it has done since it took off running, it has, turned off its bioluminescence as it attempted to run what you can do as a bonus action. So it is a little bit more difficult to see, however, it's not tempting to be stealthy. Alright,

Mike: well,

Matt: Mike is you're flying. It is your turn.

What would you like to do?

Mike: as easel, like jumped off this thing. So, amazingly dexterously, may was, would she, she would say, all right, easily, you stuck that land and wow. 10 points. And then she's going to turn around and lights up her hands with Eldritch power, our eyes, glowing, just ever so gently and kind of the cold mist falling from her eyes.

And she's gonna blast this thing with, Eldritch Blast as well from up above

Matt: roll your damage,

Mike: Uh, 23 and a 22 to hit, which I presume the boosts do. And, uh, S H plus eight plus three. So 19 points of damage.

Typing: And

Mike: I'll pull it back 10 feet

Typing: up into

Matt: the air just a little bit, then all of a sudden it's just yanked backwards. You could see its claws digging in is attempting to maintain its pace, and being drug thing. You're attempting to make pot shots at it. You may do so, it is that range is running through the dark, but you're an Orca, so you don't have any problem seeing it.

So go ahead.

Jace: I just rolled twice. I got a, I need to find my bonus. I, I'm not sure that I hit him both times. I got a 15 on one and a 14 on the other

Matt: 15 is the AC. And I assume you have more than a plus one, so you definitely hit,

Typing: so

Mike: that

Jace: one is going to do eight

Typing: damage

Jace: and then the other one is going to do more than that.

Typing: 15.

Jace: Yeah. So when did the lowest amount of damage and when did the highest amount of damage? Well, not exactly.

Matt: Your first one zaps out and you can hit it. And then you see the creature stumble a tiny bit as it gets hit.

And then does it takes up running in your second one, zings out and hits it in the back of its head. You see a big puff of smoke. So seeing it from its head as its head, gently explodes from the force and it slides forward a dead run headless through the grass just,

Typing: oh, that's a good thing.

Mike: You were on there, Hazel.

That was quite the crash you had.

Matt: Thanks to kill shots in one fight, right to go,

Brad: God has bow ready is like, why any of this shot? And then he's gotta get jolted to the side and then hit twice. And he's like, excitement go like,

Matt: man, I had that one. We'll just do it in six seconds. You land take out your bow, you get an arrow shot. And all of a sudden, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 4 Eldritch Blast, just to try to hit this thing.

And it slides headless through the ground. a good like 10 feet.

Brad: I would've had it sooner if he hadn't pulled it around with the magic.

Mike: Oh, I'm sorry. I know. I always do that. Oh, she's like slowly floating to the ground. Ah, Hazel, I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?

Typing: Yeah,

Jace: I need a nap and he's going to throw up a little bit of

Typing: blood.

Matt: Yeah. So I think you, and Ramaz both got the worst end of that for the record. I was rolling deforest. As you get got targeted, you said the bad luck of getting bit twice. That's all right.

Typing: I had

Jace: the good luck of rolling a critical, so it all evens out

Matt: at least. No one is Wheaton today. so if features are dead, then I just quiet the last watch patches uneventfully with, uh, sir.

Um, what's his name, sir? Sir. Fenn. I was like, he's not surfing. Surfing is, uh, but that's, uh, such an ironic choice of name, just saying, he keeps the watch for you guys, so you guys can get some sleep after that fight. since you guys had your long risk interrupted by. you do not get the benefit of a full rest.

You do. However, get the benefit of a short rest in less interview of Elvish, ancestry. In which case you get the benefit of a full rest it four hours instead of eight, I have

Brad: to say, I totally forgot that I only need four hours.

Mike: You're already well-rested. I should have, I should

Brad: have taken a longer watch.

Probably I should take more of these watches

Mike: between you and surfing. You could probably do the deed. oh, it's all right. You know, I'll just pop into my, uh, sanctuary while we're walking today and I'll have an app. It's it's it's good.

Matt: I assume your sanctuary is just filled with strange pillows of various sizes and colors.

Mike: He's got like a workstation and like a bookshelf and like, uh, uh, a little armoire and then it's just pillows everywhere else.

Matt: Do you feel the effects of gravity while you're in there? So like, as the doing is being jostled, it's slightly rocking a little bit.

Mike: I don't think so. It's like a, it's a pocket dimension

Matt: thing. Say you get a really good nap from the rocking. Yeah.

Brad: How'd you very level as we walk,

Mike: sir, fan we'll just miss your friend. Yeah. Fly around. He's not a real person. He's an imaginary, creature. So he doesn't mind doing extra work. Karen me around.

Typing: All right.

Matt: You guys continue on. And it only takes about 30, about three o'clock. The city is within view and by about four o'clock you are definitely coming up on this city. As you get there, the city, it looks significantly less secure, uh, compared to the Capitol. there's some farms you guys pass through on your way in with people kind of little surprised to see people walking through from the way.

but the fact that you guys are only slightly bloodied, they're like, well, I'll be there. Not dead, or in seriously bad condition. A couple people walk up to you. Did your Airship go down? Are you all right? I mean, what happened?

Mike: thank you for asking after us. That's so sweet. yeah, we, we were out there we're ranchers, and you know, we had our herd out there, uh, wandering around nibbling at the grass and we got ambushed by some.

What I know the name of these creatures,

Matt: you would, you'll find it waiting for you in your hat?

Mike: Uh, well, okay. Wait a, make a hard word for me to pronounce

Matt: and decide how to

Mike: pronounce it. Oh. By, uh, and Jen ants, and Jeanette. Yeah. You know, and it killed the whole herd, except for the last one, all poor Bessie.

She was just bleeding. I had to, you know, give her the mercy. That's why we're all covered in blood. Uh, we managed to fan them off mostly, but, uh, it's a tragedy

Typing: right

Matt: now may as they're kind of like, oh, okay. let you guys walk into town. You know, that there is a, uh, stop on the underground railroad of sorts for magic users here. would you like to get in contact with your group or would you like to continue through and head for the, uh, the, the Hills so to speak?

Mike: I don't know. Uh, you guys want to book it or resupply here for, I guess he needs to get some provisions and such. We're going to be mostly on foot for the next little while, I guess.

Brad: Yeah. I mean, I'm feeling fine, but maybe we shouldn't. Let them know what's coming and, get you guys a nice, never arrest.

Mike: Yeah. I, that's probably a pretty good place for us to bunk up. they usually keep their own fairly safe

Matt: Can one of you

Brad: point me to the nearest Tavern? I'll say to the kind of people we were talking to.

Matt: They're like Tavern. I mean,

there's one in town.

Brad: One's enough for

Matt: me. Okay. Well, if you insist the frisky, goblin is just about one block that way.

Um, yeah. So there you go. What time of day is it?

is currently about three, four o'clock in the afternoon, about four 30 once you're really in town. Okay. Not too

Typing: bad.

Brad: That was going to be like 10 in the morning or something.

Matt: Not quiet, although you never know the Tavern.

Typing: yeah. Hazel

Brad: is a little dressed up. Not normally these big hubs. They, they got a mark somewhere where it lets us get in touch with people like us. So Darren's normally good place to go, to find some indication.

Matt: Plus I can use a drink.

Mike: I think we all could you see drink gas? He's been a

Matt: hard few days.

Mike: Find out you have a browser browser turns into his cousin, his father killed his father and then make him alive. And then yeah, about 10 drinks.

Brad: Yeah. Is all hearing, uh, three counting of the family tree. Again, he's like already given up on trying to understand it. He's just hearing it again. His eyes are going, he just walks, picks up his pace and walks

Matt: faster.

Jace: The drinks will be on me.

Matt: Really excited about, uh, no longer being bound to things, body.

Mike: Oh, no, he's going to use this coin. It's

Jace: I forget. I gave you that coin yet

Matt: two gold pieces goes a long way,

Mike: especially with drink and

Matt: food. You walk into the Tavern. Um, there's not a big crowd in there because it's still a little bit before dinner time, but there's a couple of people in there.

Uh, you know, catching a quick drink, trying to be home before their wives or after them. You know, uh, the early crowd, there's one guy there with his young son, his young son has a glass of milk looking very happy while he's sitting there. Dane, till he tried to drink a flask of, uh, AOL slowly but conspicuously slowly.

Cause he doesn't want to be Downing it in front of his son. the owner of the establishment, let me grab my, uh, the only other establishment is


Mike: But you haven't fleshed out this entire city with like Tavern owners and everything are ahead of time.

Matt: Uh, I find it more fun to build it in, in situ. Sometimes they'll share that I just, uh, is the person in charge they'll jet. It is a interesting person. He, he appears to be of halfling height, but he looks to be kind of a weird mix of Nome and half work.

Uh, it's quite an interesting mix. This V he's not super short, but he's got the long, you know, Vish, no mish pointed ears. And, he does not have the typical halfling open Harry feeds. He's dressed kind of normally, but the two big tusks are hard to miss on his otherwise. No mish and large, no features.

Typing: Welcome.

Matt: I don't know if my children's stock besides Ariel, for those of you that appear to be fancy or folk, but of course food could be procured. If you're looking for room. I only have one, unfortunately there's not many travelers that come through

Brad: do for me, fill up them cups.

Matt: He takes four. Tankards fills them up with. Very frothy looking ale or it's actively dripping down the sides. He's not careful at all about filling them carefully, slams them on the counter, pushes them forward. But before he lets go to the handles, he puts out his hand for the coin.

Jace: I see you do not

Typing: want to be tipped.

And I just had

Jace: one gold

Typing: coin.

Matt: He takes it. His eyes kind of kept blinking and shaking his head. Like what?

Typing: I am expecting a change. Thank you.

Matt: He takes it. He bites on it a little bit,

puts it in his breast pocket. So it's right next to his shirt and he reaches under the counter, pulls out a small drawer of silvers and gold at coppers for

automatic gratuity.

Typing: Just keep

Matt: for silver, declares them on the table. Let's go the ails and walks away

Mike: rather expensive. The silver cup is he,

Matt: he looked down the way you see him refill the guy drinking with his son next to him. And the guy just slipped him a single copper piece.

You get the feeling that the fact that you threw a gold piece at him, he figures you can afford it.

Mike: Tourist

Matt: tax, tourist tax. If you will, as you're standing there, you swatch the gold, the weight in his pocket from the gold coin, suddenly ease as it disappears in back into Fang's hand. interesting. It does not have the tooth marks on it from him, biting it.

Typing: Nice.

Matt: Cause it basically goes through some sort of NetherRealm, uh, you get your AOL. It is not the highest quality. Uh, if you had to, if you had to rate it on a scale from one to 10, it would be solidly rate as piss water. However, it still has alcohol in it, which is really all you cared about.

Brad: Hazel's going to walk over to the bar.

Like I just picture him getting his beer right next to the kid with his dad. The dad is trying to like sip it and Hazel just gonna down it and then order it.

Matt: the kid looks a little aghast

is a father kind of looks at you. Would you mind didn't know the craziest showed up until after six. Oh, oh, sorry

Brad: about that. Sorry about that. Did he want one? I'll get him one let's let's think he's only drinking milk. That's that seems,

Matt: you know, they got beer here, right? Uh, a refill is handed to you and the one of the silver pieces that was on the country's reaches back and swipes it back into his little drawer.

Jace: As soon as he leaves the counter. I am going to take more silver pieces.

No, I'm going to steal from him because he's a jerk.

Matt: You could attempt to slide a hand steel. However, you're also, it's going to be a rather high check and something. This other people in here that's fine.

Jace: I'm lost right now. I

Mike: don't

Matt: think, oh, I don't want, my mouse is doing I'm calling. It is an 18

Mike: Vermont's don't care.

Um, let's

Jace: see. Romo says modifier to slight of hand. Yeah, that is a 19.

Matt: You managed to reach over, uh, like you like casually knock your all over because I don't think Ramaz would deign to drink this level of stuff. Oh, you'll reach over to pick it up and all you're doing, like trying to set it up. You casually reach over, pull the drawer out, grab a handful of silvers and sit back down.

Brad: I

Typing: am going

Jace: to use these to pay for many, many, many

Typing: drinks.

Matt: Well, you only got 16 silver in your hand, this Silver's around here

Jace: is this to pay for probably four or five more drinks.

Matt: The silvers around here are roughly the size of a Defour, but flat. So you're able to grab a good chunk of them.

Jace: Yeah.

We'll just be recycling. Those

Matt: plenty of drinks. Um, you guys get put funny, drunk as you go. Now, the question is Fang. Is he drinking today? No. Okay. I keep wondering if this is eventually gonna change. you never know he's had a rough last few days.

Jace: yeah, nightmares are still enough to, uh, to stop him from wanting to drink and there's still enough to stop him from wanting to sleep. He's gotten some closure, but the nightmares. He doesn't think that love around,

Brad: ISIL would be kind of eyeing the people he would be looking for the most inebriated person who is wearing jewelry. That's probably Ramaz.

Matt: Yeah. There's not a lot of junior people in this town, unfortunately. there's one dude who has a silver amulet of the cog father that he's wearing that is getting pretty juiced, but he's definitely not the most inebriated person in.

Okay. And he's a little

Brad: just lay his head down low and kind of monitor under his breath, like miss the city Arianny

Matt: after a while, the barkeep, comes up to may given how late you're staying this and spend a few hours, you're either going to be eating and then going home or you're looking for, and I don't remember seeing your faces. So I assume a room is in order.

Mike: yeah, I think we'll we'll need some rooms.

Uh, we were kind of thinking maybe, uh, find some friends in town, but given the, uh, the state of inebriation, I think something local might be a little bit better

Jace: and we'll take all

Typing: of the rooms.

Jace: Yep.

Mike: That's

Typing: the one,

Matt: five to the room. And with the amount that you've drunk, you have gone through at least seven tinkers of AOL at this point, uh, piece. I'm going to say that a properly going to cost about, oh, at least one more gold coin for total, for the cleanup and the extra bedding. And not to mention the airing out of the linens afterwards,

Jace: I hold my lick a very well, and then I'm just going to throw up on his shoes on purpose

Matt: purposely making it failing a concept.

Yes, it's now two gold coins. That's

Jace: fine. I had them, I had them to go with the coins. One of them's real this time, the other, the other is fake.

Matt: Fix

Typing: him. It

Brad: takes

Typing: him,

Matt: drops him in his breast pocket, looks down expecting to hear a clink. He doesn't really hear him.

Typing: Well, it's

Matt: real cool. This summer starts flipping out his, I mean, I didn't

Jace: call it back right away. It's still in there.

Brad: It's still

Matt: in there. I have

Jace: two

Matt: of them. I have two of them. I'll I'll let you do that. all right. Well, here it takes out the key rooms in the basement, down the hall. Grace, you didn't notice this.

Isn't exactly a two story establishment door on the

Jace: left, much more than two stories, and he's just going to stumble and fall into bed.

Matt: All right.

Jace: And then he's going to recall his two coins. Once he's in bed,

Matt: the significantly less weightiness of his shirt is going to freak the guy out as he is almost certain that he dropped them somewhere. Uh, so he's like actively sweeping and turning over cups and lifting up customers cups as they were trying to set him down, looking for the coins, the rest of the night.

Cause they want to do anything else for you. Go to bed.

Mike: I don't think so. Surfin has been sleeping for the last little while, cause he's been carrying Dejah around all day. Uh, but you know, some point in the night you'll wake up and take a guard duty. Watch over the dirt and make sure the greedy bartender or anyone else comes calling. All

Matt: right. Let us know about eight hours in.

So her friend wakes up angel, who is all too happy to get up since he was technically oversleeping at that point.

And, uh, Hazel, does it go through watch?

Brad: Which string is

Matt: now an owl? FYI. Okay. Jace, I'd like you to rule eight D 100, please.

Typing: That's 75.

Matt: So you have a small nightmare. Uh, your nightmare is very simple in that you dream of a giant steak slowly eating you from the feet up, uh, which for your nightmares is actually a pretty

Typing: mundane.

Matt: Alright. You all wake up in the morning, ready to rock and roll. If you can now consider yourself full rested since you're in a safe area. Uh, are you going to meet up with the people of the underground or are you going to take off running for the Hills?

Just try and get back to the RIAA as fast as you can.

Typing: Well,

Mike: I guess,

thing is the only one with like a stake in, in the, uh, the valley, like real stake in the valley, for now. Yeah. And then that's like half that's the main tentative at best

Brad: Hazel, very desperately wants to get to the valley.

He wants a place where he can use magic without feeling like he has to be covering his tracks everywhere he

Mike: goes. And I guess part of that is saving it because the majors are yeah. During this thing. I guess there's some sense of urgency in maintaining what probably for may and easel is like, a sanctuary or like a garden of Eden, a safe place.

so there's probably a sense of urgency in that. Um, I think we do like a missive drop or something to the local establishment, but I don't know if we would, yeah,

Brad: because yeah. I I would want to tell them the information we've found that there's people that are like Thomas exists.

Get people out of,

Matt: back

Brad: to the valley, uh, through his means. Um, and they could like send anyone who wants to go to town and where they might find him, that general information, would be nice to relate to them. But, you know, maybe that's just a note we write and

Mike: Yeah. Letting everyone know in our circle of trust that the Empress was an , and a magic user. And there's a cabal of magic users at the top, is probably a good thing too.

Matt: when you find your contact in the city, uh, using the usual things about like waiting around, you know, the market stalls, flipping a coin in the air and then doing your drawing of a circle and then having to cross it, when you informed them that the emphasis was actually no lifted, they had disguised themselves using magic.

They are taken aback and they actually, Demand that you prove it somehow. but you don't have the ability to, however, when you authored, put yourself before a, before I spell caster to just discern the truthfulness of your statements, they kind of soften you. Wow. I can't believe the impresses well for one, not human.

Um, wow. And magic users controlling the whole thing.

Typing: Oh my goodness.

Matt: I don't. I know that there's some of us that would love to escape. there's probably some of us that want to fight and reveal this and take them down and who knows what what'll happen, but I'll pass the information on and you got walks away into the, into the marketplace and disappears.

Typing: Awesome.

Jace: are. We show we can trust these people.

Typing: Well,

Mike: we rely on each other to not have us turned in and, Brutally eviscerated and tortured and such. So yeah, as much as one human being in touch, uh, can trust another. I would say so

Matt: it makes sense why the society at large, at least on the surface hates magic users. considering that now that you know, that there's a longstanding cultural bias against magic users, because the plague was caused by magic users.

that particular detail has been lost over the generations, but the hatred has held on

makes sense.

Typing: Um, it does.

Mike: I think we give them those details, but not like specifics about relationships and such like, yeah, we were like the, the kin of the emperors chosen nobility, whatever,

Brad: leave

Mike: that out. Yeah. We leave out those personal details, just like we're casting on gossip from the, from the major's Guild and, uh,

we're not gossip, but the Intel.

Matt: All right. the manage, you guys find it pretty easy with things disappearing, coined to get yourself enough provisions to last you roughly 20 days between the two, between all of you. it helps that you can stash some of them in stages, sanctuary. Yeah. Sanctuary. Yup.

So 20 days worth for all four of you, they're traveling, take off heading to the Northwest, where to run head indicated as you're going. He kind of gave him, a map with rough. Like if you're looking at the cleft of valor, then that's on your left. You should be able to just like he gives you like some instructions, like should be able to just see a little sliver of it. And if you look to your right, you should be able to see this mountain, which is tall and has a peak shaped like this.

And it happened to be the tallest in the area. And if those two are, are roughly equal distance, straight ahead, you'll find the tomb. you guys are going to spend. Couple weeks traveling through this. Uh, let's say not a couple weeks. Let's say that it takes you roughly 10 days of solid marching to get to the foot of the mountains.

Mike: We can maybe, uh, speed that up by traveling on the back of a giant, flying eight. For some time

Matt: I didn't serve that. That's why I just not taking you two weeks.

climb by

Brad: invisible giant aim each

Matt: day, not invisible. There's no one around to see you. Yeah.

Mike: Disguised as a,

Matt: well, it takes like two or three days before. You're definitely far outside of the remnant empire every day, getting a good 30, mild jumps. You guys are managing to cover like 50 miles a day.

If you're really pushing it, you guys spend roughly about 10 days pushing before you're coming up to the base of the mountains. Is there anything you wish to accomplish in those 10 days? I need to know about.

Sounds like a no to me.

Mike: So when she's not like during the day, I think what would happen is during the day she spends her hour Dejah, uh, spends her hour turning into a giant ape. And then for the rest of the traveling, she, uh, turned or goes into her sanctuary and chills out there. And I think for those 10 days, she's, she's brew in healing, potions in her sanctuary and, uh, reading a few books and making cocktails and, yeah, just doing some downtime stuff because, well, she can, and that's the beautiful thing about the, the genius vessel for eight hours a day.

I can chill during travel.

Brad: trying to do that

Mike: at a level M a little 11. I could, but we're never going to get there. So

Matt: on this campaign, no,

Mike: not in this campaign. So that's, that's a little bit tragic. Cause I'd be cool. Cause we could all just it'd be like flying first class. Just have been flying all day with us in the cushy, uh, Sanctuary sipping drinks and doing a downtime activities, man, you could get a lot of level ups on your, uh, skills and such.

Brad: Can you like rest faster in that too?

Mike: Again, at level 10 level loving. When I get this sharing feature, it reduces like a short rest, like 10 minutes or something like that. Jeez.

Brad: Cause then I could also take shifts with Tufin turned into like a bat or something and just be constantly

Matt: flying. You guys just always moving.

Mike: I mean, you can turn, you could turn into like a rat or a bat or something and then just relax on somebody's back for eight hours. Right. But I

Brad: could keep flying yet. Well, sir, Fenn rest. Ah, and then he

Jace: comes, pops out and keeps going. Yeah,

Mike: you could deem it

Brad: hilarious.

Matt: All right. You guys get to the base, the mountain and you head up a path.

You guys can see, they have old stone steps. Uh, they're in a pretty serious state of disrepair. It takes a little bit time to climb because every once in a while step will come loose and you'll trip. And all of a sudden flying backwards, the people behind you almost taking them out is not easy. Claim

Brad: is it would be molding earth to like.

Level out the steps kind of pieces at a time. Straighten, straighten me out. They're really gnarly bits.

Matt: Every once in awhile. There's just one bit, that's just too damaged over the time. It just crumbles, but it's not as bad as it could be. No, one's breaking ankles. It's just like, as you step off of it, it kind of breaks and tumbles off the side of the precipice.

Okay. All right. Is this, um, what is

Brad: the like surroundings, like at this point? Is it still kind of grassy Plains? Is it, well now we're getting up a mountain. Is it like forested at this point?

Matt: Or is it so you're on the mountains. It's starting to be roughly forested at this point for April and may. This is a unique experience.

You've never been in the forest, may have seen the forests from the cleft of Balor, but you've never been in them.

Mike: Yeah. I seen these tall pointy Spears, that come out of the ground. what were they called? A Hazel, you know, these, these kind of things. These, these tall Spears coming out of the ground.

Matt: Yeah. They're trees.

Brad: It's just, I've seen trees before. Just not

Matt: like this.

Mike: Oh yeah. But I mean, there, there are so big, I mean,

Matt: They got, they got trees

Brad: planted in the city, but yeah, they don't get this tall. Do they?

Mike: No. I mean, those are like bushes compared to this. I mean,

Typing: yeah.

Brad: Ava would spend some time to probably client climb up one and take a look around.

Typing: Okay.

Matt: So you enjoy your time climbing and jumping is the good part is that it's pretty easy for ACL to catch up with everyone else. you guys get to the mouth of the tomb. after several days travel, you get to the mouth of the tomb. It's about two o'clock in the afternoon. The sun is behind you signing, shining inside the tomb.

And you can see just past the opening inside carved stone, supports and columns, and the walls go from natural to from right angle carvings.

Mike: from just like natural stone formation to, definitely carved out on natural

Typing: phenomena. Yup.

Brad: Do we see any, like writing with this shift, any texts

Typing: put in the walls?

Matt: nothing in languages that you would recognize? Some of it is a very strange,

Mike: I think as this is happening, maze looking at the door.

Like her eyes go wide and then her expression changes and Dejah takes over and she's like, I cannot go and say,

Typing: oh, it's dark

Mike: to dock. I saw it. I could,

Typing: but it's too much.

Mike: Uh, uh, I do not like dark places. I do not lie. Cause in the ground, there's a way around.

Can we go over? Let's just, let's just, just go up first there or we can climb over the mountains. Yes.

Typing: Fang,

Jace: grubs. Her hand. It'll be all right. Just stay close.

Mike: I trust you. For us. That's weird to say

Jace: yes. Yes. I agree.

Matt: as you walk in a new, taking a look, does everyone now have dark vision in this party?

Mike: No. Dejah does not. She's pulling out a torch.

Matt: Dejah has a torch. Got it. Yeah. Um, which the rest of you gives you even a further extended vision for those you, that dark vision.

as you're walking into this tomb, you'll notice that the carvings, the wall seem to be some sort of strange hieroglyphic alphabet, very old, very intricately carved with like full on feathers, carved into the birds is not just the outlines. Some of this required obviously lots of skill and lots of time as you guys hadn't

After a little, while you come into a chamber, big and open, there's a couple of small, casts. Set up on the wall, intricately carved out of stone. It actually appears that there's no single seam on these caskets. Like they're almost made out of the stone themselves and sealed around the bodies using some sort of arcane magic to seal them,

placed on top of the forecast gets, there are four items. So first things first, um, as you looking around inside there, you'll see on top of one of them, a silver medallion, if you pick it up, you can learn more about it. On top of the other one next in line there's two on each side, there seems to be a, disc of glass suspended in a metal ring with a small handle jumping off to the side.

On the other side, there is a set of some sort of strange metal silver implements. And on the last one, there is a bronze statute with amethysts for eyes sitting there. Amma's this still glittering in the Torchlight?

Typing: What was the.

Brad: There was like a glass with

Matt: a ring. Yep. So you go to skate, you pick it up. Well, no, I

Brad: just want to, that's like a, do not want to pick it up yet. The, is that like a jewelry ring in a like

Matt: liquid, it was a metal band that seems to have the entirety of its interior made of a slightly convex piece of glass.

As best you can tell from looking at it where it's laying on small handles, sticking off the side.

Mike: What are these silver implements?

Matt: Uh, if you get closer, you can take a look at them. You don't have to pick them up. They're laid out. Sure. Uh, as you get closer, you'll notice that these silver implements look a little familiar to you. Please roll in intelligence. Check for me.

Mike: Draxik with this benefit from tinkers.

Yes, it would. Okay. Uh, uh, 17,

Matt: 17. So you can tell by looking at the ends of these things, that they appear to be some form of Steve's tools. However, they appear to have some sort of gears and Springs attached to the handle, without picking them and filling with them. You won't be able to tell exactly what they are. They appear to be some type of mechanized.

These tools

Mike: does this, uh, glass disc with the handle look like a magnifying glass,

Matt: Metta. Yes, it does. However, I'm not sure, actually , would've seen the magnifying glass. So he has, it does look like a magnifying glass.

Mike: So it does look like one or it, yes, it looks like a

Matt: large magnifying glass, about six inches in diameter.

Mike: Dang remiss argue now silver medallion, disc magnifying glass, silver, these tools and mechanize, these stools and a bronze statue with emesis eyes.

Brad: okay. I think Hazel's going to use his invisible hand to, from a distance pick up the

Matt: amulet. Nothing happens as you pick it up. it kind of falls to the end of its chain slightly. Noisily just a

dust falls off of it.

Mike: Does this room have an exit

Matt: or is it there is a tunnel on the far side that continues through. Okay. I was wondering if you'd like to bring the room, I'd like to bring a thing closer to you. Yeah.

Brad: I'm going to get on the kind of far away from the tombs a bit, at least some, some distance between the tombs and I'm gonna pull it closer to me.

slowly, well kind of watching for any movement from

Matt: anything else. Okay. As it comes closer to, this seems to be an amulet of a lone God's standing before a son that is brightly blazing. Uh, it has a tiny bit of a strange, green sheen to it.

Typing: Okay.

Brad: Well, then I just pick it up and put it on me.

Matt: Okay. Nothing malignant happens. as you put it on, you hear a calm voice, hit your brain.

It has been thousands of years since someone has touched the ambulatory for my high priest. Has your name. Well, actually, I don't need your name. I know who you are and I've always known you for, I am everywhere. I guess the question is, do you know who I am guys? It's

Brad: talking to me. Do you guys hear this?

Is this just me?

Matt: It sounding only in your mind.

Mike: We do not hear what's. This is all I hear. Is the wind blowing a cave?

Brad: Well, all right.

Mike: well, is this not uncommon for me to hear voices in my head? Welcome to the club. I mean, now we are 3, 4, 3.

Brad: I don't want to pick up the ambulance kind of, well, it's still like hanging from my neck, but kind of talk like directly and do it like a, like a walkie-talkie here.

So hello. No, I've got no clue who you are. And that means going to put it up to his ear. He said like comes out of it.

Matt: There was no need for you to fiddle with my, and we lived by putting it on. You have designated yourself as my new priest and I have not had one over a thousand years.

Um, what, what does the job entail?

You are to do two will have 40. I am 40 mostly. I wish for you to go and tell my children that my voice is still hurt.

Brad: Would I recognize that

Matt: name, Hazel? No, you would not. Okay.

Brad: Yeah. I was like, did that word, make it out?

Mike: Yeah, I don't think any of the original party would divulge that particular piece of information because they were kind of told not to

Matt: the only person here who knows anything about the For'ramar is Fang.

And it says it's, uh, it says

Brad: it's an amulet of foray. it says it is for a

Matt: very, a bell, anyone. It does ring a bell, the Fang, I'm not going to hear a roll. You were told directly that the For'ramar consider themselves for his children and that the God that they worship is for free. So would Fang, uh, tell Hazel what's going on and who for he is since you're the only one in the party that knows about the For'ramar right now,

Jace: he would just kind of cost under his breath.

Mike: Does this a Forry foray? You said, oh, that's a strange words. Like, uh, uh, anyways, uh, does it know what the rest of these things are?

Matt: amulet, um,

Brad: sorry. Uh, I'm not entirely sure you got the right person, but I've got a couple of questions. If you don't mind these other objects here,

Matt: you recognize them. These are out there. Artifacts from before the fall of my children,

that glass is a glass of true identification looking through. It will reveal truths that are obscured by my breath,

those tools, remnants of our great, great technology my children created before they were sundered and brought low tools for repairing or perhaps for more mischievous purposes.

Typing: Uh, yes,

Matt: the idol. It is a simple statue made for aesthetic purposes. Yeah. There's nothing malign or malignant about it.

Mike: That's not at all suspicious, but see a glass of true identification tools of an ancient era that are super advanced. A simple statute alongside a gods, uh,

Brad: tells me,

Matt: you guys are drawn to the statute. You will find is incredibly well-made amazing detail. the amethysts are roughly the size of a, the embedded in its eyes.

simple statute now that you get closer, appears to be some sort of humanoid in the middle of some sort of dance movement. Uh, and instead of it looks like they have some form of dreadlock hanging from their head, which fingered recognized this is a For'ramar in some sort of middle of one of their casting movements.

Uh, very aesthetically made,

Brad: which recognize,

Matt: of course they're not. Uh, ambulance

Brad: says that this here glass is for identifying stuff. It seems to be particularly good at that through some means, these are over here. Well, they, they look awfully awful lot. Like these tools to me. they're got some ancient technology might make them better at doing that.

Um, that statue is expensive and that's about all it's got on the, on the

Typing: statute.

Mike: Are we a desecrated graves by, uh, being here and touching these things? Cause I I'm, I'm feeling awful guilty about a stirrup in the resting place of these fine individuals.

Brad: Well, conveniently

Matt: and I

Brad: am now a priest and

Matt: I don't think that'll be an issue anymore.

Mike: That's awesome.

Matt: And

if you encounter my children, they'll tell you that they consider their bodies to be husks. After their spirit has joined with me, these goods are merely Def the next that comes to take them and use them for.


Brad: ambulate says it's it's okay. Says we're totally fine.

Mike: Well, uh, not that I don't trust the voices in your head. Uh, but, uh, I don't, I don't know about this. Uh, well, it's fine.

Matt: It's fine.

Brad: The ambulance said so well, his first one is, but they seem very, oh, here it is

Matt: here.

Jace: As much as I dislike the Flory, not the four years of people, but the, the entity.

they do tell the truth, unfortunately.

Mike: Oh, so you know a little bit about them then,

Jace: just a little bit more than you do. They are quite close to the chest, despite being very open. It's incredibly complicated.

Mike: Wow. Thank you. That was a great word. Good. Using your big words.

Typing: Oh man.

Matt: I can tell it rubbed off on him.

Mike: I guess if, uh, these are gifts given freely, we, we may as well, um, take them to help us on our journey.

Matt: Alright. Um, if you actually pick them up, I can tell you exactly what they are since you'll basically attuned to them. Sure.

Mike: We should probably start with the glass of true identification. Cause that seems like a good thing to have, do identify other things.

Matt: Okay. Uh, you pick it up as a magic user. You could feel as you pick it up, it is a strong artifact level, magical, item. you realize this can cast the identify, identify spell, and this identify spell will tell you the nature of an item.

It won't, it won't give you the meta information will tell you the nature of an item or there isn't chanted cursed. Uh, whether someone is, currently concealing their form with magic, sees through illusions, and also is able to basically grant you true sight. yeah. So it's true site. Identify. Your proficiency modifier per day.

And it is also technically able to, to certain the alignment of a creature, if you can use it in a ritual casting of 10 minutes,

cool. Artifacts level items got to love them.

Mike: uh, I guess, uh, these tools are probably, I don't know, uh, look like kind of like these tools. Do you want to take them a nasal?

Typing: Uh,

Matt: it doesn't mean I'm up to picking something up to hand them to, you do knows that these are extremely finely wrought. Your tinkers eyes can see the tiny little gears built into them and the Springs that are there with the little places where you can wine them to store, mechanical, force.

All right. So Hazel, uh, so Brad, you being an engineer, all scribed these to you, for mechanical purposes, these are considered plus three thieves stools. For you, these are basically thieves tools that contain a clockwork mechanism, uh, a very, very, very minuscule level.

these can be wound to store energy so that you can essentially have a pre timed, scrubbing motion on the lockpicking to make lockpicking significantly easier and faster. the good part is, is that they also grant proficiency to anyone who uses them because of the abilities they have to make it significantly easier to do.

It removes a lot of the fine motor skills that are needed in order to do lock picking. Okay.

Actually had proficiency. I think you do.

Mike: Now you can get it automatically as a thief.

Brad: They do.

Matt: Okay. Anything, if you didn't you'd have it now, you don't have

Brad: expertise.

Matt: All right. You are going to say it gives you expertise with these since you know how to use these tools. Once you spend some time to practice with them, you'll be able to use these with expertise level.

Okay. All right. And of course the, uh,

Typing: statue,

Matt: uh, once you pick it up, Hazel, your thief's eyes can figure out this is something worth at least eight, uh, 750 gold pieces to the right buyer.

Brad: that a statue is

Matt: okay. You can just write statue worth 750 gold pieces in your a see, I

Brad: told you it was expansive.

Mike: Well, it is very shiny. I love those eyes, that Amber color. Oh, you don't see that much in statues.

just me or is it really dark in here? I didn't notice that. Well, we're looking at all the Chinese

Matt: and with that, the ambulance starts to grow glow, a nice, solid 30 feet of a dim light around you. Illuminating it easily. You get the feeling that if you need to, you can generate 30 feet of dim light, or 10 feet of bright light.

Typing: You're a

Mike: glowing Hazel. Look at that.

Brad: Ah, hardly noticed,

Matt: well, maybe, maybe meet, uh,

Brad: maybe you have to take this. Keep ya if you're out. Um, I don't know. I don't understand a thing. They say,

Mike: well, as much as I love the idea of having something glowing with me all the time, I don't need any more voices in my head. I mean, two is enough for us.

Typing: Fair enough.

Matt: All right. It looks like you're sticking with me for now. You can get rid of me. If you wanted to

Typing: that's

Mike: commonness,

Matt: you will see that I am not a malevolent. God.

Typing: So

Matt: I will tell you that if you're going to be my Paragon, you must continue through here. You'll find a test awaiting you.

Brad: Um, never been great at tests.

Matt: You'll test your virtue.

Brad: Fantastic.

Mike: How would you, she knows all, why would she need to test our virtue? She already knows what our virtue is.

Matt: you have your stuff. The way forward is clear. thing, now that you notice is a For'ramar tube, you can tell that the, uh, walls seemed to have been made with For'ramar shaping magic, basically a hyper advanced version of mobile work earth

mold earth at ninth level.

You guys continue on after a couple of hours of walking, you come into another chamber with a single beam of light shooting through,


Typing: a pool

Matt: of water pools, approximately 12 feet across

and in the center of that pool is a raised stone pillar

with a Ruby sunken into the top.

so we're leaving off in the middle of a chamber with a Ruby size of an apple thief, a healer, another thief.

That's a more, a swashbuckler and a warlock, only one door in the lever. Somehow there is a way out. All right, friends. Thank you for listening to the tail until podcast. It's been a wonderful night with you guys here today. Remember if you enjoy what you've heard, go and get yourself a player's handbook and a dungeon masters guide.

Grab some friends and have some fun. So remember indie is best with friends. Have a great night friends, no friends,

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