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The Reconning of the Mage Guild 4:   Bombs and Monster Hoards
The Reconning of the Mage Guild 4:
Bombs and Monster Hoards

August 30, 2022
by meistermike

This is it.  The final episode of Campaign 1.  The forces of the Beyakek mass to destroy the last bastion of life at Tepesh.  Will our heroes be able to fend off the hoard or will it be a TPK?


Matt Hello everyone. And welcome to the tail and told a fifth edition D and D podcast documenting the ridiculous and thrilling adventures of a group of friends. Hello, I am Michael and I play deja and. Last time I promised you I was going to simplify that a little bit.

Unfortunately we didn't get to it. Hopefully I'll get to it today. Um, today I am joined by my fellow players bread.

Matt: Hello everyone. I play easel and magical escape artists with a pension for talking his way into trouble.

Matt And. I am J so play Fang, correc, uh, half ORC war lock of the ex-players persuasion whose intelligence is only made up for by his lack of strength, as well as his stunning charisma

and our newest edition. Jacob, I am fearful. my name is. And all my family and friends are dead apparently. and directing this the final session of campaign one, our mighty DM map.

Matt: Hello, friends and welcome to tonight's exciting campaign finale should be a great thing. I fully expect to kill at least two characters today.

whether it happens or not is up to the dice, but it's going to be, it's going to be absolutely brutal. My body's ready. Last time we were here on this exciting adventure for the bull pad run off to the north to attempt. Contact in the remains of his tribe, uh, hoping that he might be able to find some family, for both people, for bogey, if you will.

I've been the only people that have had any experience combating the bay of Keck directly. we had the rest of the group leave Cuaron and head off towards to Pesh, um, after giving verbal some directions of where the. And as you guys were going, you encountered arranger, which you guys did not discover was actually a ghost because you did not talk to the barkeep about his name, uh, which was awful.

Cause I was waiting for it and never happened. You met with a ranger who told you that basically the entire countryside is now dangerous because the major's guilt, as they've attempted to consolidate power has unleashed these strange creatures all over the land. You guys encountered a glute slang, a terrifying mechanic cousin, if you will.

Uh, dragon cousin take creature, looks like a bit of a mixture between a serpent and an elephant and a dragon and a hippo. It was a pretty good fight. Dejah may or may not have been swallowed for half of it.

Matt Yep. And then I turned into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and got vomited out.

Matt: Yes. That was an exciting time.

I can't tell you how extremely exciting that was. We had to look up how the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex compared to an elephant

Matt for scale. Yep. Then determine whether or not I was going to be too big to be vomited out or, small enough to be swallowed

Matt: or so big enough that it would rip this features, throw it out.

It was a fun time and happy you killed it. You discovered a corpse with some magic items on it. I know that Mike probably has the list, just suffice to say there's a dragon satchel, which is very unique and weird, and I'll let you guys fight over that some scorpion armor. And, there was one more thing they had in there as a weapon, I believe.

Was it serpent Fang, serpent Fang, which is not a, it's not a dagger. It's a long sword made from the Fang of a serpent that the character apparently just swallowed up some bold adventure that went to try to deal with this creature. I got swallowed, You guys traveled to the city of Pash, over the next few days, seemingly that one creature may have been causing a lot of havoc for the surrounding area. And as you pass by a couple of towns, you can see the.

Boarded up gates sealed a crossbow men on the bowel mints. They wouldn't let you do where near town, as it seems that the general feeling is this is either the end of the world or, your average people are no longer to be trusted.

Matt We got apocalyptic stuff going on.

Matt: um, you proceed to, to patch and when you get to the city of Depeche, you see the third gates are also barred, and outside the city of depasse you see the smoking husks of several humanoid looking bodies. it's difficult to identify what they were since they're burned to a crisp, just kind of sitting there quietly smoking and, you know, show a little crazy.

They sound like fireball fuel. That's what

Matt they TM that

that's a

Matt: t-shirt fireball fuel. Some people make the fireboat, some people are just fireball you. Um,

as you approach the gates, you hear a voice, uh, shout out from the top of the. Oh, no one is allowed inside the city of Tupperware without stating their name and business,

Matt uh, thing. Um, you know, these guys right in that, right. Well, you're saying hi, Allison's rather new.

Matt: I'm Thomas. I'm here to see Augie.

Matt Yeah, that sounds like a book actually. Yeah, that was good.

Matt: If you want Thomas to be there, I will. I will.

Matt I will mask. I will change my mask into Thomas, so I will change my face Thomas' face.

Matt: Okay. Let's try this deception check. go ahead and roll your w is this a persuasion check or deception check? They're all the same. They're all. Minus.

Matt Y Y yeah.

I'm like the one character dude can't lie for shit. Um, but that's, that's his character flaws that he, he loves his life, even though he's really bad at it.

Matt: That's hysterical. So that's a seven, I don't know any Thomas. I'm going to give him myself Augie. Is that, are you talking about that wizard? That where's the armor, that's setting up a school inside to Pash.

Yeah. Yeah. That's the one.

Matt Unless you don't like him, then it's not the one

Matt: you can, even from our top of the wall, you can hear a side.

If you're here to join the school, I can let you in. If you can prove your magical capabilities.

Matt I just continuously changed my face back and forth between Thomas and my own. Just over and over again.

Matt: That's odd. Um, how far away is he got 25 feet up 30 on the day. I'm going to tap him on the shoulder with my main hand to try to make him like turn around like the.

Matt Then I'll have many main 10. They come not invisible

Matt: and give them a wave. Oh, um, good show. Uh, please we'll open the lower gate. Be prepared. We'll most likely, uh, have you come through one at a time to ensure security? we may ask you to surrender your weapons temporarily.

So you can hear some, some voices behind the wall

and then it's the gates themselves are these very tall, 20 foot ish, double doors. And instead of both of those doors opening a little tiny small door at the very bottom of, one of the doors opens up, that's just barely four feet tall. You see a guy opened it with, come out with a spear and gesture for you to enter.

Matt Um, Shelly.

Matt: Yeah, I'll say this place y'all proceed in verbal. As you come up at the end of the group, this guy gives you a weird look. He's just looking at you almost as if he's never seen a seven foot tall furry humanoid looking creature that hasn't tried to eat him.

Matt Oh, so I was part of the group. Yeah. Okay. I kind of look at him and I'm like his wave.


Jason's back back again. Verbal is back. Hey friends. It's fair. Bogue.

Matt: So you proceed forward, through this doorway, as you come through, you can see that right inside that door, there is no less than 15 men armed with crossbows and Spears create a kind of a tunnel for you to pass through.

there's a man in the middle with a table that he set up. Going long ways down this tunnel. as you guys start to pass through this, heading up to him and he says, DePaul's are to a weapons here. We must be certain of your intentions before we were allowed to proceed with weapons into this city.

Matt Oh, um, uh, we are, uh, anointed priests, um, except for, uh, this, uh, Um, he's a, he's a friend of ours,

Matt: uh, priests. Um, why didn't you say you were traveling priests? It would have been a lot easier, but please. Um, what church do you hail from? There are many ,

Matt Uh, Hazel you're, you're the, uh, Paragon of this, uh, faith. oh, what was the name of our God again, the four 40,

Matt: uh, the chosen prophet of foray.

He speaks through me and he blessed me.

Matt uh, giving him, uh, advantage or help action with my little spiel.

Matt: Yes, you can give him the help action, uh, minus one for his not knowing the God's name

18 minus. But to now 16 minus one, so 17, I've got a minus one on personal questioningly. And then

could you display some of your divine abilities granted by your, your, your deity please?

Matt Oh yeah. Sure. I will cast light

orb of light appears in my hand. Um, yeah, I can do this, here and I got to take is like a piece of paper, tear it up and I'll cast mending on it. After spending a minute, casting the smell, holding the shredded pieces of. Yeah, just wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. It's really

Matt: a, it's kind of an impressive spelled a C actually, uh, as he watched these tiny little strips of paper float in the air and just quietly, so themselves back together in the air over the course of the one minute.

Okay. Okay. You convinced me, come in, please. Please shut the gates. Well, this was going on. ISIL was

Matt going over to one of this smolder inbox. And trying to test fair at the dying on them, man, and what it worked. If we were here sooner. And as you turn around, you see Fairbanks still at the desk with the weapons and he's taking out every single stick that he has in his pocket and was like, laying it on the table.

One by one, you honestly have the little tweaks in his hair,

Matt: your strange priest, you know this,

Matt I have not.

Matt: Oh, you're not wizard. Yes. You're not a arcane user of matrix.

Matt No.

Matt: Absolute. No. So you use divine magic one way or another. Would you be a member of one of the druidic heavens? That

Matt is what people call me.

Matt: Oh, well, good to see you. Welcome. Oh, Tamer of the wilds and protector of things untamed, our city is the city of many churches. You may have heard of it. there are many places in which different deities have kept small orchards inside of the town. You may find them to your liking in any event. If you are here to speak with sir Augustine easel, he is.

You will find him on the far side, nearest the wall

Matt Augie's head is can loan. I have, now

Matt: this title is take your sticks. Alright.

Matt I bundled them back up and they put them in my pocket and I come back to the group. Did you hear on name?

Matt: They give me, I just called. Fieldbook why they gave me so many.

Matt It's just their way.

Matt: I'll think we're fancy in these parts.

Fancy, So you walk over towards the school that apparently Augie is set up as you guys approach. It's very conspicuous. That thing is drifting further. And for those trays, the back of the group,

Matt Hey, I mean, I'm, I'm happy he was alive. it's he's just the loud.

Matt: I just

Matt started hearing Ms. Shouting.

Matt: Yes. From the far side, you start hearing some words about syllabuses.

Matt Uh, everyone grab your syllabus,

Matt: you get to the gate. At the gate is one of it's like a 12 year old child sitting there with a book. Hello, welcome to . Um, are you students or are you just inquiry?

Got one.

He holds up a few pamphlets for you.

Matt Um, uh, w w what are we doing here? Uh, I, I know this is like old friend of yours brother. Um, but, uh, aren't we trying to find, uh, people to warn them of what that, I don't know, what are we doing, what we're here to help the last bastion of civilization survive, and bring them news of,

Matt: for tell them about.

where are these bay Keck come from so they can know scared and we got gotta, you know, you gotta figure out what's gone on here. It doesn't sound like things have been doing too hot He got so fag, you see a humanoid figure slightly shorter than average for a human dressed in Armor carrying no weapons suddenly come sprinting from the door of the school, just inside this little cave, exterior wall of the gate.

And he comes at you at a dead sprint. You managed to just barely, Dodge to the side as Auggie comes flying in for a flying hug, just screaming, screaming, fighting you survived. because during that thing was the one person who went after Auggie. When he left the group, he's actually pretty happy to see an old friend. Although after a second, he kind of calms down. I was like, Hmm.

Blank: Well, Augie. Um, it's great to see you're alive. I honestly wasn't expecting it Um, I give him, and then I, I push them away like two paths and then, then I slowly push him away.

Matt: I'm

Blank: glad you were alive. And uh, if you.

haven't noticed, I am an entire personality later, so that's, that's definitely good.

Matt: Um, What about Clara Clara with you?

Blank: Yeah. Um, I'm not so sure about that one, but at least half of my problem is solved.

Matt: sounds like you had a major journey. Uh, fantastic. who are these friends? I have never met these people before. Hi, I'm Augie, Azelastine Um, you can call me ACE.

Blank: so weird being on the other side of this

Matt: two days, uh, fearful, we

Blank: Augie this, um, there's problems.

and problems. We must solve them. Yes.

Matt: problems about the bone shatter plague while you were in this exciting land that we discovered?

Blank: Yes. Well, you did fantastic. because someone found information and I'm sure somebody remembers exactly what we found. Oh,

Matt: oh, no offense thing. I know that. I know the writing's not your strong suit. You probably didn't write it down Did anybody else take any notes? Uh, cliff notes I'm pretty sure. great. I love Cornell notes also. Um, you would have any notes, I think, I think too many notes is the problem.

Blank: Um, yeah, I mean, we learned quite a bit harder. Um, yeah.

Matt: that's true. That's true. Hi, I'm

Blank: auditing. Uh, Thomas thing is playing oats,

Matt: um, was not here with you. Where is he? He starts looking around,

Blank: uh, he's not here. He said he was going to come find you. He's got some students.

Matt: Oh, fantastic. Um, what happened to Draxik? We didn't leave on good terms, but Uh, is he okay? I don't wish anyone to will really it's just,

Blank: and did he get quiet and make it.

Matt: And for a moment, Augie is truly speechless,

then he launches right back into it. has a terrible, terrible shape. Um, please come inside. we'll take down some notes. We'll get it. And then, you know, I, I started making friends with the other church, with the churches in here apparently, um, since they don't like arcane magic, they usually were sending their arcane students, out of the city, basically kicking them out, which I thought was so horrible.

And then I would start a school and it was a place for people that are not attached to the guilt comes steady and it's fantastic. And he just keeps telling you all about his school, the classes he's got going on, how he's developed a very special syllabus system, and how he actually has seven students that he's so excited.

Blank: wow. Oh, oh seven.

Matt: As you go in, you notice that these students are all under the age of 13. Two of them are quite literally five-year-olds, they're just quietly having a little bit bits of fire dancing off their hands because they're five olds in their pyromaniac. So I designed just look okay, quiet down there, Hector. We don't want you to set fire yourself again. Okay. Okay. Come to my office. It takes you into his office, sits down and you guys tell him what you learned

Blank: just a little

Matt: bit. You guys tell them what you learned for the sake of time. instead of

Blank: having a right.

We took the animal, We have the book, uh, Carl Lynn. That was it. I think,

Matt: yeah, you, you definitely still have the book with you.

Blank: Auggie speed reads.

Matt: Yeah. You ended the book and he literally is flips through it. Oh, wow. So much information. So good that we do that. Let me read it again real quick.

well, You can see that he's actually embedded it into a circuit in his, on his head. At this point, I'll have to add this to the library. He's going to toss it to the side, a little feather in the air. That's just flown there. It touches it. And the feather kind of drags it over to a bookshelf. He's been working on some low level spells.

so apparently, the only way to actually deal with these creatures is through some sort of clerical ritual. I deciphered some of the stuff in the back. the stuff that was in of course, the last gentleman puzzle. Of course, anyways, the stuff I found is fantastic in that I learned that only people that have experienced fighting them before.

Really know the secret for killing them, which is a divine ritual can purge the plague. as long as you have either severely injured the, uh, the bay of Keck and it is incapacitated, or if you happen to have someone that's been infected, if you can, purge them of it before they're infected fully, meaning they go through a full transformation.

you can prevent them from, uh, taking on the plague, which should be great. the real problem is no one in any of these churches knows anything about these, this thing. I've been doing some research with hill library and do some, getting some holds. done and some academic transfers. And no one really knows what, what we, what, what this is all about. I just wish that there was someone from the past that knew what was going on for them.

Blank: uh, big blue hand raises into the air.

Matt: Yes. Yes. Go ahead. You don't need to raise your head Yeah. I,

Blank: I know what this problem is.

Matt: Oh, you too. I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with your species. Uh, you look very fuzzy and friendly though.

Blank: I, this is fair assessment. Yes.

Matt: Oh, wonderful.

Anyways. Um, so um, do you know, uh, Any of these sacred rituals Are you cleric?

Blank: I not cleric, but I can do this and I conjure 10 goodberries in my hand. And I offer and I offer one to him.

Matt: Well, let me just take

Blank: it. Fang tries to take, Oh, that is You don't need to throw it. You can just take your friend He does.

Matt: Oh my goodness. I feel great. I know what itch they've had under my armor all day is gone. W Those are fantastic. Uh, in any event, um, we're going to need some clerics or uh, since you're a Druid baby, a showman uh, would be helpful.

Uh, I don't know if you have access to any shamans.

Blank: I found

tribe up north of yearbook, and there are five Sharman who come help fight

Matt: Oh, fantastic Hector, After which you mind, run to the gate? Tell them to expect five people that look like Mr. Ferbos please. very friendly. Blue. Would you mind? Fantastic. Go have to go, go, go go. This, this kid looks like he's having the time of his life Do you go on an errand.

He takes off at a dead sprint. drilling a little bits of fire. It is steps as he runs. He's just so great. He's needs to learn control, uh, as soon as we can really get them to control those, those flames. He's going to be great. I sent a fantastic pyromaniac in his future in any event, um, we should go inform the reef. Uh, the gentlemen who's in charge of policing the city, uh, Mr.

They have a unique uh, governmental system where he's like the magistrate. And then each of the churches is in charge of their own little district inside of the town. It's quite fantastic. Uh, pre revolutionary, it might be different. It might be new to you.

Blank: I am not in much need of magistrate.

Matt: I think everything's new to him.

Blank: Oh, gee. You know the knit? No, the stands, what you're talking about right now. Um, I think I got every third

Matt: word.

Blank: may starts kind of backing away to get some space. Um, I think I'm going to go over here. Uh, there's a very interesting plant on the ground. I think it might have some fantastic herbal properties. Let me start. It's

Matt: like, If there is, would you let me know, I've been trying to grow these blink plants here.

They have not been doing well. Uh, It takes you over to a pot where there's these blue flowers that are growing there, which Fang recognizes as those blink flowers that all use encountered at three different times, which, have a unique, property to them Oh, well these are blinked. Flowers are free. Fantastic.

if you touch them without magically enchanted, items that help you negate the effects, it will magically teleport you 50 feet in a random direction. It's quite exciting actually. of course I did accidentally, once teleport someone into the ground that was not good. Um,

Blank: also

Matt: it was very, I don't think argue with not in front of

Blank: um, you having trouble with them growing.

Matt: Yes. I don't think this is their native climate. They do you want to do the thing if you know what I mean?

Blank: If you'd like, I could help with that.

Matt: That would be wonderful.

I look around

Blank: and I'm like, okay. And I cast plant growth,

Matt: this little flower that is basically at a couple more of these, but desperately trying to keep alive. That is starting to wilt. It suddenly becomes vibrant. And as you continue to hold the spell, you can see roots growing. And by the time you're done, what was a cup of water with acquaintance? It is now a plant with a huge bowl of roots.

has grown a good six inches and has two new flowers on. it and argues just over the moon, chattering all about this. And he grabs his magic tongues to go and pick it up gently and set it into a pot of, dirt and can gently bury it and fill a water on it. It's fantastic. Uh,

Blank: technically that's supposed to work in a hundred foot radius, but maybe I don't know this, so I don't know what other plans are in the area.

All the weeds. Don't worry. Start growing bigger.

Matt: Don't worry. I know. Okay. this is great. let's go, let's go tell the reef what we know and maybe we can plan to do something. I mean, I don't know if you know, this is the last free city that they just get us taken over all the other cities. It's really a problem because honestly, the lack of freedom is a problem for me, acquiring new students as they can't travel freely, the guilt is just taking over.

It's really a mess. I shamed. I studied with them for so long, trying to be like them instead of just starting my own school. I don't know why we did this small. I do my syllabuses. and it just keeps going as you walk out, um, as you get outside of his office and he stepped outside the area that was just kind of cobblestones, a few strands of grass here between his the school and the little exterior wall that they have is now a pretty vibrant little field of 10 inch tall grass has grown through the cobblestones

Blank: this much, thought in my

Matt: opinion.

Oh, you know, I agree. The children will love it. Um, anyways, and you guys walk out and as you're walking half a block, every plant is just start growing aggressively. The point where, um, one for flower shop just looks like an atomic bomb of flowers went off. you noticed as you walked by originally, it was just a little guy.

selling Some flowers that were braided into, you know, reads and stuff for people to take that now is a, 35 foot. ball of flowers with one guy desperately trying to climb his way out from this huge puff ball,

Blank: I pick. One of the flowers and I just like admire it.

Matt: Uh, this, this, this, I have a flower, no charge, as soon as I can get out. of I offer

Blank: my,

I offer my hand.

Matt: Uh, he grabs it you tuck him out. He's covered in scratches from all the roses that suddenly regrew their thorns.

Blank: yeah. And I gave him a Berry.

Matt: It takes it and all of the all the scratches heal up and he goes, that is fantastic where I get those, those are fantastic. I feel so good right now. Look, I had a great meal and you healed my wounds What is that? I need them,

Blank: Uh, it, Betty that I make,

Matt: you've got to come back. Maybe we can license

Blank: now.

Oh. Oh, okay. I, I, I come back

Matt: juices and berries for all I can see now he just I'll give him a rubbed off on this district a little bit, as he starts scratching down, some ideas Yeah. It's like verbal

Blank: going to start like the juicy brand company And this one that does that is that

Matt: what's going on here.

Blank: juice, man. It's not not what's going up.

Matt: he takes you to the reef. The reef is a little, a little, um, disconcerted that 1, 2, 3, 4, pretty powerful magic users uh, got inside of his walls without him being notified. as soon as you explained that you're technically priest, he was like, oh, that explains it. They have a thing about uh, leaving recently and then, you know how it goes anyways.

I'm glad you told me that, um, you have friends coming because we're going to need them.

a couple of the clerics of the temple of the night have seen in their dreams, a army approaching us. we just sent out the word before you arrived to prepare for a siege. Men are being sent out to, uh, harvest plants and, and prepare as much food as we can.

Thankfully, we have plenty of water. but we are preparing for a siege. Now we may be the last city to stand it. Honestly, if it wasn't for all the clerics able to defend our walls, we would've fallen already. I'm sure you saw those husks outside of the results of several clerics, having to use more aggressive manners than usual.

Yeah, they ain't No. Well, I mean, is that a pun? It looked a little hot, but

Blank: you know,

Matt: not, not the kind of hot that you don't want to be

Blank: understood.

Matt: I can tell you right now, this is going to be a rough few days. Hopefully we can break this siege and proceed on with our lives, but I'm not,

not feeling confident at the moment.

It was going to walk up and tap his shoulder. Probably not, you know, very efficiently and just be like, oh, come on, man. We got this. And I'm going to cast guidance on his bought him.

Guidance It was going to be okay. You got us

Blank: now Oh, give him a little bit of foresight

Matt: maybe. Navy vet. when you prepare for the siege, um, based off of the temple of night's dreams, they say we maybe have a week to prepare. I wish we had more men. We're lucky we may be able to hold them off long enough for the clerics to do some of their more powerful rituals.

Blank: Well, how

Matt: can we heal? Well, um, there's defenses to be made and, and preparations to do, Uh, we honestly don't have enough food to last, particularly long, at this rate, even with the orchards inside the walls. and of course it wouldn't hurt some defenses, some weapons, if possible,

Blank: is there a way I could, uh, I could send a message. Oh,

Matt: to

Blank: whom

Matt: and to where, messages of the, of the magical nature not necessarily consult

Blank: friends.

Yes. Both in High end, low places,

Matt: high and low. Um, I assume it's possible some of our, uh, our, our uh, members of the, of the night temple could potentially help you with messages. Um, you just need to know who they're going to. That's the particular problem. You see

Blank: Well, there are a couple I'd like to send, um, particularly to ask for aid. One, two, a young girl named Illyana and the other to a family friend, a distant relative, um, look, we don't get along too well, but I think we needed, so.

Matt: uh, we can definitely do that. Um, w good the temple of the night and then send your message that way. As long as you have their names and roughly where they are, they can, they can help you with that. And if you know, any other warriors call them to will need help, right? you go, uh, he directs you pretty easily to where the temple is.

So just tell me who you want to talk to you and what you want to say. Uh, they'll take care of all the casting and all that jazz.

Blank: So my first call is going to be to Rama's. Um, I'm assuming it's somewhere around gender by now, and I'm going to call for his aid, pirates of soldiers, uh, whatever you can muster to break the siege.

And then my other message will be to Iliana and Yona still stays with the 40, if I'm correct. And I'm going to ask if she can help muster an army.

Eliana was the princess, right?

Matt: It was the princess. The lady, if you will, of Khullar in the city, we started this whole thing out in, And when you guys escaped and traveled down to the For'ramar lens, as you tried to escape, uh, you guys left her there along with the rest of the people of Khullar and the survivor. Oh, like 85 of them. so you're able to contact her, and get some messages out to her What's the Ramaz. it takes a few tries, trying to find different places on the coaster. he might have might be eventually you do get in touch with him.

And he says that he's a little far away to get there in time. Unfortunately, since it is several days travel from the sea to, the passion, he's not directly near the coastline at the moment.

Blank: However,

Matt: you get to Eliana, she is overjoyed to hear your voice. and she tries to ask you all these questions you tell you don't have time. You need to inform her that you need her help. She says to you I'll pass on the news to the For'ramar here and potentially they can send some warriors. Um, I know what's Pesh is I can make them a map, but I don't know if we'll be able to get there.

You say you have about a week.

Blank: uh, we have our belong. I can give us a week.

week and a few days if we're lucky and we can see along, I can push.

Matt: Well, um, we'll see what we can do. Most of the people here are really in no shape to, to travel to war. We really don't have any weapons on hand besides what the For'ramar making. We're not particularly good at those, but we'll see what we can do.

Blank: just do what you can only hope we have left. shall we, um, maybe delay their forces, maybe we can go out and slow them down give our, uh, allies time to, group when the city. Uh, I meet them. yes. I don't know if we want all these people to be

I don't know. Beseeched, If we can fight them in a place of our choosing, rather than in a place of their choosing, perhaps we might find ourselves with the advantage, draw them into someplace where their numbers, Could be used against them.

Matt: Alright. Um, that's

Blank: four or five against an entire army, but I'll take those odds.

Matt: That's the thing I would say that you probably would feel pretty confident in saying last time you fought a hoard of these creatures. You not only came out of there without a scratch, but, uh, you guys took out hundreds of them. when you guys are really on the roll,

Blank: probably, killing these things. I don't have

Matt: fireball

Blank: anymore.

Oh, Fireball, fireball, fireball.

Matt: But last time,

Blank: we've got other things going on. Um, if nothing else, we should certainly scout out their numbers and maybe look to see what kind of capabilities they might have. are there any areas around here other than the city, which are, you know, strategic uh, we could use to fend them off?

I don't know a giant chasm was and stuff like that. We could, drive them into or something. What's the, uh, terrain like outside of.

Matt: So this city is pretty much open to the west where you guys entered onto the north is a old growth forest. Very, very difficult trade, to the east is a craggy bit of land that goes up to the exterior wall, uh, that the party had to get through in order to get outside and head down to, where they met up with Dejah and to the south is, open Plains to the mountains.

Blank: If we could make them


to one

Matt: area,

Blank: that would be nice for everybody. But if it area with threes and the rocks and things, I could make very difficult fog things trying to enter.


Matt: Thank I can also miss with the train a bit and make it a bit more difficult for large armies to move

Blank: across. Well, how about this then? Why don't we aim to ambush to them as they, uh, come out of the force or ambush them in the forest and then we can, uh, retreat to the walls if we need to.

Matt: Yeah, I think we got to have the city prepared for us to treat, but we might be able to take some out early and catch them off guard before they get to the city proper.

Blank: also if we can somehow draw out their leadership and take them out, we might be able to uh, make the rest a little bit easier to manage.

Matt: All right. I like you guys just planning. so without role-playing. you guys have about three or four days until the army is gonna be close enough for you to venture out and attack them without being in a situation where you might get stuck too far away from them. Right. so there's three to four days. Is there any preparations you would like to undergo? I think my ideas so far are I can use mold earth to make a bunch of trenches around the city or around, like where we think they'll come from to make it kind of slower traveling. and I've also got rope trick that I think could be very nice for an ambush.

We kind of let them Pass us. And then maybe

Blank: pop up.

Matt: Yeah. jump out or just pick them off, um, things like that, especially if we've kind of already slowed them down. Cause they're stuck in pits and things. Um, so those are the things I'm looking at that I could do that. Or, Jacob, what you said for bulk might be able to help make sure that the forest is in passable.

Blank: not impossible, but definitely more fun for us to fight them in.

What do you got? I couldn't make forest fight for us if we need it.

Matt: Okay. Like that

Blank: out of character, I'm talking about wrath of nature.

So the other thing I can do is spend the week emptying out all of my goodies from my genie's vessel and filling it up with, rocks and dirt and such. So this essentially is a 20 foot radius cylinder, 20 feet uh, filled with rocks. I can fly over top, break it and rain down. let's see, what is a 20 foot radius cylinder, 20 feet, high amount of rebel going to do to enemies.

So that's, that's probably what I'll do.

Matt: It'd be a deck safe to take five D 10 or have

Blank: only five D 10. Okay.

Matt: All right. It's not a solid lump of stone. It's a sorted rocks.

Blank: also You're ruining your, your genie sell your what, what's your bed and all your other stuff. Can it look like I can spend an hour and make a new.

one And then fill it up with my stuff again. So I think that's probably what I'll do. And also maybe use my tinkering to assure up the, uh, you know, the siege weapons, like catapults or listers or

Matt: whatever and assist you in doing that. he's very handy with his tinkering. We should

Blank: probably

also call for Xwayama and team, uh, to come down and join us though.

Dejah wouldn't know this Augie would probably, what to

Matt: do. Augie would suggest it. and when you guys go to make your, you guys go to make ER, call out to them, interestingly enough, where you think they're supposed to be in the moon force to the north, you guys are unable to contact them for some reason.

They may not be there,

Blank: hopefully they're on their way.

Matt: so you're going to mold earth to create some trenches, try and funnel them into one area, You're going to you have a contingency in case they try and break out into the forest.

Blank: I'm going to fill up my genie's vessel full of barrels of oil.

Matt: Yes. Get all the explosive

Blank: Yeah. Yes, exactly.

Matt: You'll have to look it up. Are you capable of turning your Jeanie's vessel inside out to dump it all out at

Master Mix: once?

Blank: If I destroy my vessel, all the stuff immediately appears around it.

Matt: Yeah. Okay. And it's this doesn't have an AC or HP attached to it. It does. Okay. You know what you're doing? then?

Blank: Oh Yeah, so like in my head cannon, I would probably, like want to try to help, you know, the town get ready for this battle by like, you know, mending and you know, putting sticks and stuff together. But because I've been, you know, petrified forever, my technology is just not up to snuff So I probably spend most of my time, like I'd be dejected or kind of sad. And I just go into the forest and like try to talk to the animals and try to get them to like help us out if there's a possibility of, of that happening or like get ready

Matt: for. safety. Yeah. Okay. Since you speak Sylvan, you can make a blanket persuasion check. Oh gosh. Okay. Tell me what you get and then I'll have you, then I'll tell you what to do from there.

Blank: Okay. Uh, just with my normal persuasion stuff, uh, 16 minus

Matt: one 50, I would allow you to add to, since you're a Druid. Um, and also since you're affordable, that thing that would give you a slight advantage of talking to the creatures.

Blank: So, plus two, of

Matt: tomorrow, then the 18, Yeah. 18, that's a solid roll. I'd like you to roll percentile for me.


Blank: Somebody has, Oh, shoot. I got a 93. Woo.

Matt: That's awesome. Basically every creature, except for the little birds, or trail, like, what do you want me to? I can't do anything. They're like, we will protect this forest and make sure they don't seek it behind you. Uh, is an honor to be in the presence of one. So ancient as you.

Thank you for asking us to help in defending the city.

Blank: I give them a good Berry. Just one for, the, well, okay. I cast good Barry, and then I handed out to this person. They need six

Matt: days worth of spell lots here. Yeah, that's fair. Good point. You're just constantly casting a good Berry, Uh, the animals. Love you.

All right. That's what I do. Is there any, uh, so mold earth to know that, uh, anything else for me forward? Do we still have any items that like store spells you do? I forget? Well, Thomas does Thomas, I think had some, or is it Jace, that has the, um, they give it to the warlocks. Yes. So Fang, you probably have the magic item.

That is the um, spell siphon, where you're able to store up to a third level, spell in their, into their small siphon. And basically when you break it, it will cast the spell. Uh, you can cast a fifth level spell as well, but there is a role attached to that to make sure you don't put something in there. So powerful that couldn't take it and shatters.

Blank: Okay.

Matt: So Jace, what type of smell is you put it in there and you don't have to do it yourself. You could hand it off to someone else. right? currently. There's a second level blessed air

Blank: ball.

Matt: Fireball starts at second level.

there. I don't think anyone here has fireball. style and hopefully one

Blank: of those little kids does

Matt: but does he have at a high enough level? Technically what that kid has is produced flames.

Blank: All right. So he's not helpful.

Um, I have a,

vault of fire. It's not fireball, but this not fireable, it just a wall

Matt: wall of fire is that it is for fourth level. You could attempt to put it in there. There will be a slight, slight Arcana check to see if you can do it successfully without damaging the container.

Blank: I would not want to damage to compare

Matt: if you wanted to up cast.

it. Although I don't know if you have access to fifth level smells yet.

Blank: We can both give you guidance Hey, double team.

All right. I mean, I already know what I'm going to be used my spells for. So I guess I could put one in there, but it is level

Matt: four. What spell, where you thinking? Jace they'll let the group vote.

Blank: Um, summon greater demon. You. I was thinking

this is good. Yes, I do. I has a

Matt: channel that spell that's half the check. cause yeah, I'm thinking this is, you know, we want something we can give. Potentially even to like common or so they can defend themselves.

Blank: That's only a one shot dealio. Yeah.

Matt: Not, no, That's a holy hand grenade that you're looking at with the, a wall of fire, And there is a charisma saved to something greater demon to make sure that it doesn't start attacking you. I believe, I think that's,

Blank: that's the old one, but if I'm far enough away. it doesn't matter. Yeah.

Matt: Yeah. If

Blank: we Just drop it in the middle of them. It doesn't matter. Who's who, it's saying, oh come the middle of a horde.

Matt: So we, yeah. So we could use that from like the pocket dimension and then like fly away or something and just let that grab it.

Blank: But people fly away.

We can use that. I was going to cast that either way. So just What's the range on that. You could have two what's the range on that. okay. So why don't we get on the invisible flying monkey a few days ahead of time, fly, overhead, drop a few demons on top of the horde and then just let them tear them up. And then we'll come back the next day.

and do it again. I can do it twice every short rest. So if we just sat up in the air for 30 minutes, we could just, there you go.

Oh, We'll just drop them off

We don't have to get like bright down to the ground. We can just drop it on top of them, uh, from like 120 feet in the air. Yep. Let's do that. Let's do that. I want to try that. I want to Try that. Let's do that.

Matt: What are you putting in the vessel? That's all I need to know. So Surfin is fine. people around

Blank: oh, no. I mean my concern with that is. Is that my concern with just dropping demons on them Is that

the demons are, are then going to destroy them all and then come after the city and then we're fighting demons and stuff. I can banish it I've got banished. Oh, banish. that

Matt: away to, Uh, he has a DM who wants to make sure you don't murder yourself. to death. I'd like to encourage you guys to put the wall of flame into the vessel just because if you spell, spell saved, there, there's less chance of you spotting a demon inside the town. Okay.

Blank: Okay. If you want to summon something, I could put a, beast in there instead the fourth level still pretty powerful.

Okay. Well, let's do that. Well, no, I'm still gonna, I'm still gonna cast my demon, but you can put whatever you want in there. But one day we absolutely have to get flying over top of these guys and drop demon bombs, on top of them. That is part of the plan that is going to happen

Matt: Yeah. So I can fly around with my wittering foolproof and scout out and kind of, so

Blank: then the cast fog, we'll drop demon bombs on top of them.

And then Bob's your uncle.

Okay. and then we'll

Matt: never be let back into the city of clerics. Yeah. Well, he don't know the question is, do they know what happened? So here's the my question for you. Bang. I need you to tell me which demon you're going to be doing. because he has some type of challenge rating five or lower. Um,

Blank: yeah, I sent you so already.

Matt: Okay. I have to double check. because I'm like, what are you wanting to do?

Big Abe dude

is here. Is it very Someone who can be banished easily. Yep. I

Blank: got I got a band. Could you send it to me in chat charisma. Make sure it has a low charisma Not the shadow. demon.

once you finished concentration, it can only, uh, persist for a D six rounds. I mean, that's like a minute. So if you drop, the Dejah. yeah, you're good. So worried We are, we are going to fly out there ahead of them attacking the town and drop demon bombs on it.


Matt: Uh, bar Lugar, a bottle gorilla. You're crazy. Okay. So, okay. Y'all are nuts. I love this. the DM giving you guys this ability, and let you get to this strange capstone spot. Okay. Uh, I will let you run them in terms of if they ever show up during a live combat in terms of dropping them on the group, I'm just gonna do some flat roles here and see just how much carnage we get done.

Yeah. Just do some roles. So I'll let you, if you cast that in combat, now you

Blank: that's why I sent you, the stats is in case. you want to case you want to run them.

Matt: Okay. That's why I sent it to you. So I'm going to have verbal make in our content check. Um, Are you proficient in our comment?

Blank: Who me? Yeah, Nope.

Matt: Anyone that has ever been okay. So as you have as you have your friends, cast guidance on you to help you, double guidance you are going to need to make an Arconic check, okay. the number to make sure you can get a fourth level smell in there without damaging it. so that it's in stable condition is 16.

Oh, Okay. And I got two guidances plus 84. All right, here we go. If you don't make it it's okay. automatically triggers and is out of your control.

Blank: Okay, well, that's not going to be good. Uh, not so great. Deform, come on a two and a three for a total of 14.

Matt: Oh boy. So you're attempting to push the spell into this magical item.

and It is not wanting to take it and you can see as you're pushing it harder and harder, a small crack first goes on the edge and then shoots around and it goes all the way through and you can see it glow brightly. All of a sudden it pops and suddenly a huge wall of fire. shoots up from the ground 20 feet up into the air and goes into a 60 foot length around you.

Now, the two of you that were doing guidance, please make a dexterity save for me since you were trying to help him put in there. So you were standing around it,

Blank: nine.

Matt: verbal, cue also gonna make a dexterity throw. Uh, you're gonna be able to make it with advantage because you could see what was about to pop. It is your spell. You could feel it starting to leak, dirty 20 for me. I got a fork. Okay. So the rogue and the Druid managed to see this happen, the rogue, you do your fantastic diving out of the way to try and avoid the worst of it.

The Druid you kind of, it happened. You're able to kind of defend yourself Dasia. I'm sorry. so what's gonna happen is I wanted to roll my five D

Blank: eight, geez, sorry,

Matt: 10, 17,

Blank: 19

Matt: 27 points of damage grand total. Have it. If you made your save, Dejah is not dead. just as the wall fire sits there from it's one minute and then goes, what disappears, Dasia is looking a little toasty, you know, her hair was kinda standing on end of the little black end.

I handed her a

Blank: good Berry for, sorry. And One point is restored. Oh, Thank you. That's very tasty. I really that's. That's that's great.

Matt: I assume you're going to slam a health post into yourself, or are you going to go ahead and take the benefits of a long rest instead?

Blank: Yeah, I'll probably, well, yeah, I'll take a long rest.

Oh, wait until the end of the

Matt: kind of quietly without saying anything, walks off into the place where you're staying and the reasons and just is gone for about eight hours and she takes a really solid nap and is kind of patching up her wounds and take care of herself. but She comes back out. She looks fine enough, but she's on fire, She's like giving the torches that are lighting the whole. a little bit wider berth than usual.

Even though the biotech who thought that was going to happen?

Blank: Well, um, hindsight is 2020 and all, and we're in a desperate situation anyways. Um, it was worth a try, yeah,

Matt: so it's time to go drop some bombs, I guess. Yeah.

Blank: So the day before they planned, they're going to reach the, city walls, I think maybe did we, did we figure out these things have good, night vision?

They do, don't they? Oh yeah, Right. But I've got better. I've got 300 foot dark vision. so, uh, I will uh, like fly out. and, uh,

Matt: are you carrying the whole party or just Fang?

Blank: I think probably just Fang. Or do you guys want to come to, I can, like, I'll turn into a train of source racks and uh, go invisible and fly out.

all right. on the back of the train of service, Gary's

Matt: modern or something.

Blank: or a sperm, whale, the sperm whale flowing flying through the sky.

Matt: The sky. Well, I will say, well, you guys are it takes some time I'll be working on those other preparations I've been talking about.

getting you doing shape birth and all that.

Blank: Yep. So I'll, all fly us out. Fang and I, and we will drop some demon bombs on them.

Matt: Okay. Oh boy. Why I give you guys powers? I'll never, know.

Blank: eight. These are not uncommon. powers. Yeah. That's level eight. It's just his brain Things twisted, imagination.

Matt: All right. So you guys go out, you fly, you find the army of bay Keck, uh, about a day and a half away from you. so you'll end up having a little extra time. They'll mostly get into compassion, around sunset the next day. All right. A little More than a day,

Blank: Yeah. So I'll stay about 300 feet up in the air.

and I'm going to extend my, um, 300 foot dark vision to Fang as well. He gets out for an hour the eyes of the night so he can see as well. And target is uh, I, I mean death demon. I have dark vision. Yeah. Well, yours would be extended. Yeah. Little extra kick.

Matt: uh, so you cast the spell, which has a 30 foot radius, 60 foot range, and you're 300 feet in the air.

So first things first, if you cast a spell, Steven, which thankfully does not have wings, I had to double check. this appears in the middle of the air and because it's a fall, Yeah.

Blank: we can dip down. That's

Matt: that's what? Oh no, it's, it's better for it to fall. it falls. And the first thing it does as it's falling 240 feet is it's going to deal eight absolute crud, ton of falling damage to the things around it.

So, the big, big, attendees. It's going to be 10 D 20 damage. You following a significant amount. Okay. I am very glad this thing has some hit points. so it lands and it just, as it slams into the ground, you can see the swirling mass of these hideous beast, like monsters, swirling.

And as it slams in the ground, a lot of them don't get back up. It's kind of collapses onto, as it gets up and screams and rage. And it starting to be attacked by the big Keck below. It starts to swing on them and it's just taking them out left and right with all its crazy demonic abilities, uh, you know, casting tangle and phantasmo For'ramar yeah, it's doing a great job of slowing down the entire army as it not only is literally a tangling them, but just ripping them to shreds, um, with his bite his fist. And by the time you leave on top of the 97 that you wiped out when it fell, since that's the damage at roll, it rolled 79 and additional 29 big heck are dead by the time it vamps out of existence.

And then Do you catch another one? too? Okay. another one, which yo, why look at the cuts on it, it might be the same one. You can't quite tell. it's kinda hard to tell with demons

Well, suffice to say a lot of creatures die. That's 105. on the following damage and 72 in the combat.

Blank: Okay.

Matt: You guys dropped some demon dorms and took out just shy of 250 of these monsters,

thinned out this army. Pretty, pretty well actually, uh, given the fact that it took to spell slots at no threat to yourself,

you may, should take out a little less than half of the army with that those two demons,

Blank: There's only a 500. I could have done that myself.

Matt: There's only 500 that you know about, but as you guys are flying away from the second demon bomb, you see a Eagle, huge Eagle. I have normally a circling up, apparently investigating where these demons are spawning from and uh, this Eagle's gonna circle around just a little bit, looking around, trying to figure out what it is since you technically riding an invisible ape. He can't see you,

make an intelligence check.

Blank: luck.

Matt: I know

Blank: better than asking for an Intelligence, That is, that is a nine.

Matt: And you get the feeling this Eagle might be Xwayama you're not certain

Blank: All right. very big.

bird, very big bird.

Matt: the bird falls around. Doesn't see you, it turns back around and you can see it just overflying this army just circling, make a perception, check Dasia while he's obsessed with the, uh, the thing.

Blank: Uh, I'm not sure what my perception is. Is it giant trynna Saurus I'm

just going to roll a do use mine, which is, you know, in, uh, 14, 15 plus four 19,

Matt: yeah, 50 and it's plus four for tourists restaurants. you see, what looks to be a strange herd of creatures down below a mix of bears, of a slightly smaller side will. and some things that you've never seen before that looked to be these strange kind of Varanasi, serous looking creatures.

you first think they're the triceratops that you have down near the remnant empire, uh, but they are these basically fully runoff versus. All basically harrying the backend of the army, attacking and kind of try to force them. to the south, and the, you now, as you know, are looking, you're gonna notice a lot more Eagles as well.

Overflying about six Eagles are just overflying this whole thing. Occasionally they'll sweep down and do a little ha heckling, if you will,

Blank: wicked this way, all my returns,

Matt: unless you'd like to cast any more spells while you're up above and potentially ruin yourself. what would you like to do?

Blank: I am concentrating on maintaining my, trying to SARCs Rex for and I can't cast spells of the directs anyways. So that's that?

Matt: Anything from UJS

Blank: no,

Matt: y'all returned to the city, you informed them the army is coming That'll be there, in one day and change, and you also informed them about the animals. And you can hear Augie again, excited the back. Oh my goodness. Bears wolves. Now sound like the moon horns they're talking about equals the twins are coming.

They're definitely coming. and must be their warriors in animal form, pushing them on. want to recreate contact Xwayama yeah. and Matoshka they're pretty far away. they right now where supposed to be, they're actually pretty close. yeah, this is a good thing. um, you can see him talking to himself for saying, okay.


When they come here in a few days, we gotta be ready. So let's make sure that we have our defenses ready. And, um, if they did, like they did last time, they're gonna throw a bunch of waves of their weaker members at the walls first. And then the lieutenants will come to try and push through and break over the walls.

And then you see his eyes narrow. I hope Clarice is with them and take out her and the whole thing ends. And he proceeds to, uh, give a bit of background for the newer members of the party. Clarice being the leader of the who was masquerading as one of the members of the major's Guild from the uh, Guild council, until you guys kind of unmasked her during gear assault on the mages Guild, by the way, if you, uh, have not listened to that episode a while our loyal listeners, you should go listen to that one.

Again, it was a lot of fun


Blank: in seasonal Lorraine

Matt: season one, that was the season one finale. It was a good time. So

you have one more day to prepare. Is there anything you'd like to do?

Blank: Hm. Take a long rest? So I can get my spell slots back and

Matt: yeah. Oh, none of you guys are high enough level to cast here as fees. Otherwise I was suggested. Oh, well, yeah. Um,

Blank: I will, Yeah, I've got, eight healing potions. I think we all have healing abilities now though. Jace does, did thing take a level in warlock or cleric or?

I actually didn't do that. Nope. Okay, well, Then I'll have you, if you deal with emotions. Yeah. So I've got eight healing potions, I'll probably give out to each, that way, if you know, any random person is nearby, you can take one off and use it on a person who's down.

Matt: It's a syringe type healing potion. Yep.

Blank: It's their syringes. So, just in case we're not in range to cast spells or whatnot, or you need to randomly heal somebody and you don't want to use the spell slot,

Matt: JC should be level eight.

And, uh, you should have, if you wind up with a warlock, you should have a couple of free spells that are basically, um, magic initiates style, where you get the canned trips and they get the spell for once a day. it's, a light, sacred, flame, and divine favor. All those are in the player's handbook, which is why they were chosen Alright. divine favor is a once a day D four, add to, uh, uh, re to a, um, something fancy to your random ability check.

Blank: All right. So the plan for the battle is where they were coming through the forest now, is that, is that right?

Matt: there? They're coming over on the edge of the forest. Uh, thankfully those animals are helping to keep them away and they are going to come straight south and then actually make a turn to get to the city.

But thankfully Thomas has built some ramparts for the city defenders to stand behind with some trenches. they're basically being funneled down to the mountain first and then having them hook around, back towards. the city.

Blank: Okay. So they're heading east before, getting to the city. Okay,

Matt: as you guys are preparing last day, five verbal, very tired.

And in, uh, from there for loaned beast shaping, have arrived at the city, they are currently resting in AKI school, then Augie is filling them in on the information they need to know.

Blank: cool. All right.

Matt: we didn't get the qualifier and to the, no, you did not eat. So are we filling up a,

your vessel and then dropping it on some people from a hidden location.

Blank: So yeah, I figure what will happen here is, all fly over top and over above the, the, the crowd. And I will break my vessel and cause the barrels full of oil to rain down on them.

And then for a Bogue can use his, uh, well, a fire to light it up. That is agreeable sounds fine to me. So the barrels will fall down like boulders, uh, smack them up some and then splash them with oil and. we'll do it up.

Matt: All right, let's do this as a reminder, please roll your attack and damage stuff together I'm trying to think about what you'd like to do. Do you guys position yourselves on the walls to start, or do you want to be waiting for them out in the field

Blank: All right. Do we feel like we're, we're going to know kinda like which

Master Mix: area

Matt: they're coming in? Yeah, they're going to be because of, Hazel's ramparts that he's built, they're basically have to run a gauntlet of being shot at and then turn the corner to come up to the the city. so there is definitely a spot of least resistance where they'll have to turn that you could position yourselves.

Gotcha. I'll

Blank: I'll put a 60 foot cube of my wrath of earth there as I see them getting them closer.

Matt: All right. The hoard is approaching this huge saving mass of creatures. Some of them looking almost like mangy owl, humanoids, some w more of, like, canine, or earth sign, persuasion come barreling down the sea thing, wall of hatred.

as they come past the ramparts, the civilian defenders, and some of the clerics that are there are, uh, trying to assault them and slow them down, protecting them from coming up the ramparts and generally Haring them, trying to thin them out a little bit for you. And as they continue to come down, they are going to become within range.

They're now 60 feet away. You cast your spell at the very bottom of the earthworks. So that they, as they turned that corner left to run through it. Remind me what, uh, Um, so

Blank: yeah. So any area of the ground in the cube that's covered by grass or undergrowth is difficult terrain. at the start of each of my terms, any of my enemies within 10 feet of any tree in the cube has the six, eight on a deck save or take 46, uh, damage.

And at the end of each of my turns, one creature of my choice that is on the ground in Cuba, succeeded in a strength, saving throw, or become restrained, by roots and vines. and as a bonus action, I can cause a loose rock in the cube to launch at creature. I can see for 3d eight

Matt: Alright, well, so there's 600 feet away.

So you've got two turns. so I'll let you roll your, to your, uh, stones since there isn't any trees in the area. Um, gotcha. Well, you do your stone attacks. Michael, would you like to say while he rose that? Yeah.

Blank: So I'm going to cast sickening radiance in the same spot. so I'm presuming that this is like a huge cluster of them.

Anyways, the sickening radiance is a con save. if they fail, they take 40 10 damage and, suffer a level of exhaustion. and it's a 30 foot radius sphere, so that should more or less cover the, the same cube.

Matt: All right. Uh, as features we can pass through this they're entangled, some of them are dying.

it's kind of a terrifying thing to watch grass grow through a creature and pop out of its eyes and mouth. as they're being entangled and slowed, not to mention with this sickening Ray that is just melting the flesh off of them. Unfortunately some of them are going to begin breaking through,

Blank: the Every round, they make a constitution save as they're going through this and they take the damage. And if they spend, two rounds in there, their speed is halved again. So if they're in difficult terrain their speed has halved and then they take two levels of exhaustion, their speed is quartered and

Matt: I'm watching it.

So it would be able to get through in three rounds, roughly with the pressive mass behind them, they made the first, it made only one of their three econ saves.

Blank: Yeah. So then there are also moving very slow. Yeah, it was

Master Mix: slowing

Matt: down and they're just dying all over the place. It's a mess.

Jace And every, rock, every group that goes through there it gets the same effect. It's something.

Matt: Yep. And you guys have set up a pretty good defensive various. Some of them are, managed to spill around the edge of it. since it's a pretty big mass, we are managing it, slid down.

A lot of them, let me roll. Ooh, that's not good. Uh, as you guys are kind of celebrating with some of the defenders that followed you to help defend that area, uh, you hear a shot from behind you and it looks like some of the bay Keck man breaking through the defensive ramparts and are beginning to attack features behind you.

look like there's a gap in the Rampart that wasn't filled quickly enough and some of them have broken through, let me roll percentage putting up now. Oh, so you, you see some of them behind you biting humans, you can see the humans wrenching foaming at the mouth and beginning to turn this hideous greenish black colors, the plague begins to infect affect them, or they're not transforming, but they are being infected.


Jace again.

Matt: So at this time, some of the Hort is managing to get to you. So I'm going to have everyone do make your deck save. and we're going to do this Or I'll have the hoard go and then I'll have you guys go and I'll have the hoard go. so everyone make a deck save. a flight, basically. you're,

Jace you're saying it now. Well, I mean, as soon as they got close, I would, I mean, it's a bonus action lasts for an hour.

I'd be doing it. Sorry if if I off the ground. are you, Uh, I don't know, at least 30 feet,

Matt: they're all in 19 for the, uh, check to see if they could attempt a fastball special. So I'll say that you get to make your deck save with advantage as they toss each other up, which we got to witness in the last fight where they're kind of like eating each other up at you.

Jace Oh, then I'd shoot him away with my Eldritch Blast

Matt: as a reactor. And while you're getting your, sorry, getting your dexterity with advantage. It's just the amount of things flying at you. Something there's a chance to hit you 17. All right. Good. Put your uh, roles in the chat for me got 2017.

Great Hazel. and for bulk, unfortunately you're are not fast enough to Dodge. The hail of blows are coming at you. So you're going to take a little bit higher damage. Uh, everyone else, everyone else gets to have it because you managed to avoid the worst of it. Uh, for 12 damage grand total of just, you know, as you're hacking away, the occasional claw will make it past and scratch you.

What kind of damage is considered a slashing and piercing damage, Okay.

Jace and I'll kind of use my reaction to,

Matt: reduce that you can, Mr. Rhodes, what is taking full day? All right. Grand total is 12. so Jason, Mike take six. You guys got lucky on your first role, as they swim round, you taking all this damage.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. this port is beginning to surround you Dejah you're up in the air, you made your Eldritch Blast. So I'll count that as a preterm attack to take out two of them.

Jace All right. So I lost concentration. I lost concentration on my spell, when I took those six points of damage, I roll a one.

so the sickening radiance disappears. and, but that allows me to cast another spell if I need to, but am I going to, so I don't think so. I think I will fly over top of the, uh, you're approaching horde. And, I just get yell out to the that I'm going to drop the barrels, and I will take my precious, ring and then I'm going to drop it and blast it with my Eldritch Blast, shattering it, hopefully.

So I'm going to roll the hit,

Matt: hopefully,

Jace hopefully, and yeah, that will hit has it AC 20. I got a 20 and a 23.

Matt: You're shooting at your own object. I assume it's a lot, you can elect to hit it. Yeah.

Jace It's not dodging. and then yeah, blast it with my Eldritch Blast. So yeah, that's more than enough damage to take it out.

Only has 10 hit points or something like that.

Matt: You zap it. Eldritch Blast style explodes. And sends oil all over the approaching army, Eldritch Blast does forced damage. Uh, so it's not set a fire, but they are coated in oil.

Jace Yeah. And then they'd also take bludgeoning from the barrels falling and such,

Matt: which is points of damage grand total for them.

uh, you're going to notice that about 28 of these creatures are just outright killed as the barrels I'm into them and this little wheel splashes out around their corpse. Cool. So next step, whoever has ready to go, go for it. I don't do it initiative order. Just whoever's ready to go.


Jace I was told to cast wall of fire on this thing, so that's what I would do.

Matt: Yeah. All right. You see where he's dropped it and you focus, you cast your wall of fire. go ahead. While I make a collective deck say for all of them that are caught in the wall that they're not in oil.

Jace Yeah. My safety see is, I don't know. CBC is 17. I don't know if that matters at all.

Matt: Um,

Jace okay. I got 20 damage

Matt: 20 damage. so you managed to take out 20 of them with. the, wall of fire, and you get a few more that are pre singed that comes screaming out from the very edge where they were almost caught.

However you do ignite the oil. So now is the fun part where I got to pick up multiple D tens here, and 48. You managed to uh, light 48 of these creatures, successfully. And you see this huge ball of fire ignite, as you said before that this wall, just, uh, as all this oil catches on fire and from up above, uh, Dejah, you can see this huge ball fire in Gulf, the center area, where you drop this and you smile.

This is a ring well spent at this moment to be able to take out, a huge chunk.

Jace And I turned, I bonus action turned into treatment, and I kind of like give them the, come here with my hand and then like, get ready for it. fisticuffs.

Matt: Love it, Who's up. I am

Jace casting fairy fire

Matt: on the group. That's starting to break away. Okay. Um, so how far away Your group is behind you?

I'm not exactly sure where the, so if you're facing the majority of the horde, the group that kind of got over the rim parts that started to break through that's fine.

Then where are we relative to the city? You are slightly to the Southwest facing. To the Southwest, since you've built a ramp in front of the city to try and make sure you funnel the hoard down.

Okay. So they're between us and the city, the ones that are behind us. Yeah. Okay. not a huge amount that I've managed to break, break three is about 14 or so. you got very fire on them. Yes. Okay. That's Very fire on them.

I don't think they're gonna make the deck save. though. just roll since as their, a four on the dice,

Jace not 12

Matt: plus six dexterity It's not going to do what okay. So they are very fired. And then I will,

I want to kind of bonus action dash if necessary, to position myself between them and the city or any other people, they might turn, you'll manage to catch up to them if you dash. So you'll be able to get abreast of them if you will get right. up to them as they all start glowing and look around, very confused about why they're glowing.

Jace, what would you like to do

Jace I am going to hit them with some Eldritch Blast.

Matt: Those group, The group that broke through, Yes. okay. The parties starting to divide their attention a little bit.

God beat

Jace an

Matt: 14. Those were both hit. Go ahead and roll your damage.

Jace I'm sorry, give me a second. I'm looking for modifiers. You can keep going. I'll tell you damage.

in a

Matt: second. Okay. Uh, hoard is going to continue to swarm up and over you Hazel. You're now, uh, definitely, in combat with them. to make your dexterity safe, to try and deal with them. Since we're doing mass combat rules, they have, you make a priority. save, to see how, if you get hit, Sure, sure. dirty, drill, natural 20, you managed to stay out of it.

Dirty 20. Okay.

Jace Dejah.

Do you want me to roll with advantage again?

Matt: Uh, yeah, you're still in the air.

Jace Uh, not 20.

Matt: You actually have what any, any damage professor gets at 19. So Jace is the only one who's going to be taking full damage.

Everyone else takes half except for Dejah who she has to avoid it altogether. That is 20 points of damage grand total, as they are just starting to surround you just a little bit, you're able to keep them back enough that you're not being swarmed, but there's still going to be the occasional claw that you manages to get through and S slash cross you, um, the defenders around you are attempting to hold them back and they're doing pretty well, emboldened by you and also by all the clerics in their midst.

They're casting spells to try and take out our suaves and they are managing to take out grand total of 48 creatures over the last few

Jace Sweet.

Matt: All right. you guys have just been chewing through this, which is the best part. that group around you, easel. Hazel go first this time. there's only about 14 of them there and they're at your mercy. They're very fired. What would you like to do? I'm going to attack him with my

Jace daggers

Matt: Um, I the it's just the 10, 10 we'll hit 10 is the AC for the 10 hits. There's a lot of It's easy to miss and accidentally hit someone.

Jace So with my natural to a natural for

both hit

Matt: and bass combat rules, flailing

Jace that stuff,

Matt: 21 oh, plus five, uh, 26.

And what were you using to attack them? my two daggers. you are death incarnate, just waiting through these creatures, throwing out a dagger and stabbing. One the, I are whipping at back around as a chain whip and taking out a few throats. you've been in, should take out the whole group of 14 that broke through.

I rally the defenders. I feel the whole push them back. Once you stand on top of the wall, like some glorious beacon of divine fury, a little bit of a glows coming off of you as for He's just channeling himself into you. Awesome. All point all, did. They all All of them.

that had broken through. as you just Went to town. Okay. And I want to see if there's, any other kinds of groups

Jace that are splitting apart, you can eventually

Matt: move to a better position to defending against them. thankfully the one spot they were pushing through people that are already attempting to fill. As you get up there and patch the hole, you noticed that the vast majority of the hoard has just been following the flow, and there's only six more that admins should breakthrough at various points they're being dealt with though.

They're kind of alone. Men being fought with, the humans that were infected or laying on the ground, gasping and wheezing, as you can see their veins turning black as the plague is spreading through them. Okay. They're still being

Jace turned. How many of them are there

Matt: that are infected? currently there's about 18 of them that are infected from that group.


Jace I will move vaguely

close to them. Maybe still being


Matt: 10 or 15, even Iowa. Yeah. I don't want them going anywhere. All right. The rest of the group it's uh, down there. at Jason, would you like to do Augie AKI? I'm so sorry, Dejah.

Jace What is the,

yeah, what's the situation like now? what's the horde look like?

I mean, we've taken out what probably altogether now more than a hundred, in the last few rounds. as they have, he

Matt: hasn't managed to thin the hoard pretty effectively. some of them are slowing down and backing up, trying to get out of the entanglement that, was cast by verbal cause is doing a pretty good job of

Jace didn't take them.

It's gone. otherwise.

It's just a wall of

Matt: fire. Ah, well that, wall of fire is still there. It's just slowed down a lot of them. Oh, so the pressure is easing. in fact, I need enrollment, T4.

Jace Ah

Matt: oh boy. I have them set up in like groups of like how the reactions would go. Okay. So the average is runaway or attempted to disengage. So, after Hazel's display and managing to patch that hole that's you mentioned the absolute wrecking you guys have given them the Hort is broken back from their attack and is, kind of heading towards the mountain to attempt to regroup.

You can see three significantly larger creatures in the midst, seemingly shouting orders, at least you think they are. You can see some gestures of them kind of pointing where to go. Augie had warned you that magic users infected by this plague tended to retain their intellect and ability to cast spells and otherwise think tactically.

So they're kind of redirecting the hor to regroup. And at this time you guys have chance for a short rest of, a chance to breathe while the hoard is pulling away and regrouping.

Jace So is this a literal short


Matt: Yes. short rests. Okay. So if you need to use any hit dice, use them, now.

Jace and get spilled slots back,

Matt: if you happen to be a warlock.


Jace Ooh.

Matt: while you guys are you know, patching up some runes and shoring up the defenses real quick and you know, giving uh, a nightmare. Inspiring speech to the offenders to hold the line, We've put, we've held them back. We can do it again. a strange gaggle creatures comes running up to the ramparts bears and wolves, and these huge kind of miniature rhinoceroses and Eagles are flying in the sky. And as they approach, they drop their wild shapes taking on a humanoid two auth and form at the front of them. You see one bear turn into a familiar face, a very large, to often carrying a ax when Matoshka steps forward.

I've been following this hold for dues, and honestly, it is good to see that they have met an envelope to match our hammer. We have come to crush them. May we join you.

Jace Uh, yes, bear, man. Uh, you're more than welcome, I guess. Um, we saw you out there last night as we were dropping, uh, demon bombs. You guys seem to be uh,

Matt: uh, an Eagle descends from the sky, wild shapes back into a guy going and I'm going to try, so he almost accent it really hard. all your future fight. Good. did drop those things.

And give it was, yes, it was effective. It was good.

the twins ask if they can't, uh, help secure the, uh, ramparts for, to help shore it up. And have you dismiss the civilians to get back to the city walls just in case.

Jace That sounds lovely. Well, that's so nice of you. Nice Berlin. barely bare, barely folk.

Uh, as your, your help is more than

Matt: I Matoshka, this is way I'm uh, we lead this war band

Jace give them both from hugs and thank them for coming

Matt: is good to see you faculty.

Jace I cast good bedding and I hand it to them in my three.


Matt: they look up at the living tree,

and be like,

Jace a living tree. I am not actually living three. Well, I am living three, but I also feared book. I made new first stories. Good to hear it. We're always worried about you.

Yeah, me

Matt: too. And give you hugs and go to defend the ramparts. Alright, Patty short rest. Here's what's gonna happen as they have regrouped and kind of taken a moment.

You guys have had a chance to prepare yourselves and something odd happens Say the horse, just throwing themselves forward at you. Oh, they do is they actually hoard breaks off from the lieutenants and the horn starts trying to push its way up and over the ramparts. what remains at the horde, which is about 70 to 80 creatures at the moment.

And instead the lieutenants who obviously noticed the four powerful magic users that were taking out the vast majority of what was going on. Those three lieutenants are going to charge you directly. They were going to start the round within 60 feet away at a dead spot.

Jace I am going to cast 60 feet in front of me, big giant demon

Matt: cast your demon. The demon will go after you and initiative.

Jace directly behind them. it doesn't happen to have Blindsight. Does it That's a good question. I mean, as long as we're casting spells, I'll cast colon, it does, it has 30 feet blindside. excellent. I'm going to cast a fog cloud around it. so They can't see, but their demon can, there you go. So 40 foot or 40 foot radius sphere of fog, which I cast from my, armor appears around the demon and he is now heavily obscured.

Matt: Okay.

We're going to do some contested, uh, D 20 roles here, decide this battle to save us some time. this is going to be fun. So the fog heavily obscured and this demon, it looks like an ape from hell, which it is uh, it's appears in the middle of them closed lining one of them and extremely at the others. They all get turned to attack it.

And all of a sudden this fog cloud, just just sends

Jace sibling, double team. Ha

Matt: um, okay.

Jace That's exactly the thing reacts. she's got her hand up high, like waiting for the for thing to. And then she's like, oh, I'm kind of busy concentrating on, on this right.


Matt: So we'll do round by round here. Round by round. So doing it initiative or I'm going to do the demon and then first, since the demon has got suck up a ton of their attention. So,

Jace I'm going to take pot shots of Eldritch Blast. set them because I can see

through it.

Matt: I'll get to you after I do their stuff. demon and them are fighting now, thankfully the, uh, the demon as a little bit of an advantage on them at the moment, since he caught them unawares, he's gonna to manage to, attack all three of them pretty successfully.

They Look here.

Oh yeah. Three attacks, a grand total of 11, 11 and nine. They write down that, uh, as it attacks them fighting back. All right, go ahead. and Make your pot shots real quick.

Jace Okay. So I did a nap. first one was a 20, a dirty and the second one was a 28 or a natural 20, a with Eldritch Blast.

Matt: There are three features.

There's a bear Wolf's type and a deer type. So bear Wolf, deer, the three different lieutenants. One of them has a stag type head. One of them looks like a huge hoking emaciated, bear and the other one looks like a Wolf that is the classic werewolf style except for his maybe.

Jace Okay. I'm going to go with the stag because it seems like the least aggressive.

So it must be the worst one. And so that was 10, 15 base for the, critical hit plus, 17. So 30, uh, two points of damage from that one, plus a 15 plus six, I think. Uh, 21, so 53 points of damage

with the Eldritch Blast and I'm going to push him away from the demon.

Matt: Okay. You push it back. since they're kind of in the middle of the melee, uh, the demon one, he went to, of the demons is going to manage to make it it's hit here and it's going to be the, uh, Wolf looking one Right. as you just make it obvious attacks. it's actually going to cast blight on the demon and attempt to, uh, take it out.

88 in the car damage on a failed Uh, so it makes it safe. it takes half damage for that 88.

30 points of damage to the demon.

Welcome back

Jace I target spell. Cause if you can't see it, you can't cast it.

Matt: It's a, it's a saving throat. Nope.

Jace Okay. Is it though like a target that you can see?

Matt: It is, but they do have advantage on perception checks, which I had to make first,

Jace but they still can't see

Matt: they're engaging.

May they combat with it.

Yeah. They know where it is. but It's not like it's 10 feet away at hiding in the mist. All right. You still made it should make it safe to take half damage.

Jace It can also cast and visibility on itself. Just put out there.

Matt: That's exactly what let you run your demon. Uh, Jace, it's your turn your demon already with this round. go ahead. What would you like to do?

Jace what's going on with the lieutenants? How would they look at.

Matt: We'll take it a little bit of damage. One of them that is looking like a deer is taking the most damage. Thanks to uh, Dasia zapping it,

Jace you know what? I'm just going to send it all out and use my other spell and I'm going to cast another demon behind the horde. That's trying to get over the thing

Matt: You're

associate path. Okay, go ahead.

Jace That demon will last for another DC X rounds. You can have two of them running around, right?

Yup. Yeah.

Matt: on the first, demon to see if it dissipates, that's three rounds.

Jace Sweet. That's going to be enough.

Matt: You have to soften them up. Definitely. All right. Um, so the other demons just erupts out of the ground and starts going to town on the horde. what's left of the horde between the twofer on the, on the ramparts, actively wrecking house and the demon behind them.

the hoard is in a rough spot and it's trying to decide which one is, this is where the D the demon or the that are attacking them. so yeah, don't worry about, don't worry about the horse they're dealt with the moment, our role, the, uh, associated multiple levels of damage and death in a minute.

Jace What about for your bowl and a Hazel? What are they up to?

are they all in the


Matt: or has anyone left the fog? They're in the fog,

Jace All right.

Well, I wouldn't bother with Once in the fog at the moment. I would just,

Matt: continue to pick off people in the, uh, yeah.

I'll just keep, alright, I'm going to have you roll a D six.

to, You mentioned you have two arrows successfully land that you can see taking out creatures as you're just kind of sniping up at ones They've made it to the top of the ramparts, taking them out, you know, having people's backs when their backs are turned, dealing another creature, the creature sneaking up behind them.

Oh, right in the eye. fantastic. And for book, where are you doing?

I never wild

Jace shaped out of my tree form, so I'm just like gonna just go and like pick up a rock and throw it.

at him

Matt: thing. Okay. They'll make their dexterity save.

Jace tree. And has

this Tran has this spell called rock.

Matt: Oh, well, tell me all about that spell then I forget.

Jace Uh, it's a range weapon attack plus, 10 and 20 or 40 10 plus six Bludgeoning

Matt: damage, make your roll to hit, but you're gonna have to, uh, make it with a little disadvantage, because they're in the fog.

Jace Oh, Okay. So I was like rolling through the fog and just start it. Let's see

Matt: what happens. Yeah. go ahead and roll.

the question is whether or not you accidentally hit the demon?


Jace So I got a 15, uh, to hit with

Matt: disadvantage.

All right. That will be enough to hit the bear when to go as you, as you, uh, throw it, you, you just, you see a shape and you're like, okay, there you are. womb. Throw the rocks, go ahead and see that damage. As you all see this tree and it's just sitting there minding what's been going on. Just reach down, grab a chunk of rip it up Ali ground. And Horkey double handed over his head into the fog, It's 27


guys here, a Yelp as this creature is knocked completely on its butt, as it gets knocked prone, uh, with this huge stone, this slams into it.

Jace And that's my turn.

Matt: That

was an defective term.

Jace I throw her on.

Matt: the tree and sounded like, cause they laugh is what I want to know.

Jace Oh, Good.

Matt: okay. So for the last two creatures, they don't manage to make their tax. Uh, one of them manages to disengage from the demon and he's going to attempt to come towards you guys. That is going to be the, Wolf when to go. There It's not yet been attacked by you guys. Uh, yeah, it's going to come running at you guys as fast as can. It should be at your guys's doorstep in one round ish. Okay. Okay.

Jace Ish. I got too much motor rockier. Would that come from, I'm going to continue to focus fire my Eldritch Blast on the, stag.

Matt: You

just see its horns pop above the fog.

Jace Oh, I can see in the

Matt: fog.

I know everyone else could see where it is

too. Yeah.

Jace Okay. I'm going to shoot at That guy running toward us. Next chance I get,

Matt: alright. Make your techs your thing,

15 to


All right. 15 will not hit. I didn't see a, Mike, did you roll your attacks for your Eldritch


Jace Yeah, I did, uh, 18 points of damage.

Matt: All right. So you attack, that thing you did your points. Uh, Hazel's going to attempt to, uh, snipe at the one that's running towards you. He misses unfortunately with the 15.

The demon is up. So demon, what would you like to do? You've got two creatures swinging away at you. get Three attacks plus some spells. Tell me what you want to do, Jace.

Jace to use Fantasma force

Matt: fun. Love it.

Jace just to whichever one seems weakest.

Matt: uh, that'd be the bare one that has taken the most damage so far.

Alright. Uh, it needs to make a, will save. Yeah. get it that.

Jace Ooh.

Matt: Okay. It rolled A seven.

Jace probably.

It now believes that it is just being just, there is just hell. Fire is trying to burn it and it's gonna deal one D six psychic damage to


Matt: wow. Okay. Just one day six. I could David and it believes it is on fire actively. Okay. Um, it's going to take its time.

yeah, so it didn't have a chance to make receives Google.

Jace So for the duration of the spell, it thinks it takes,

Matt: Wendy six. I can use this action to try and see if it can't make its way. out of the spell? I don't think a 10 is going to do it. Uh, so is this just on feeling like it's on fire It's actually see, it starts scratching in itself.

Dejah verbal Google, wants to go first? Go ahead.

Jace thrown another rock. Can I see any of them now?

Matt: they're still in the fog the one that broke out towards you that was running towards you so you can see him definitely.

Um, and he's still far away, 40 feet.

Jace Alright, cool. I throw a rock. Uh, it's only a 15 to hit that.

Matt: Uh, ACS 16 for that care is that creature. She Dodges as well. You throw the rock and this time, since he can see you, it manages to get out of the way just in time for it to just kind of basically clip its horns a little bit.

And then that seems to be unaffected. All right, Conditions, before we go, this creature is going to make it to the group and it will attack

Jace within 15 feet.

Matt: Are you flying 20 feet above the ground?

Jace Yeah.

Yeah, probably be about 30 feet up. So probably

Matt: within

15 feet. Yeah. it's going to come charging right at the tree and that just tacked it and it's going to make its running core attack and we roll with C 60, if it does any of the other abilities? Nope. All right. Two attacks. uh, So it's, it's running at you? uh, You need to make a D C 14 dexterity saving throw.

Jace Oh, It's not going to be good for our tree.

Oh, Nat 2018

Matt: or 19. Okay. So you've managed to, uh, avoid taking a ton of bludgeoning damage being knocked prone, as it charges at you, however, it's going to turn around and still attempt to do its Gordon in its kick. Uh, I have a 16,

Jace Uh, that hits, oh, wait. I, my AC is 16, so yeah,

Matt: that's the lines.

Okay. The 16, which is a flat total of 27 points of damage as it digs its antlers into you. What'd you mean? the Pearson? Yes. Blood Half of that. Wait. No, it's piercing. Sorry. I was looking at the wrong one. I was looking at it's a KYC check. That's fine. I

Jace have

Matt: resistance to both of those, so yeah. Stick you ripping chunks of

Jace bark


Matt: one stuff, Dejah. It is your turn.

Jace I'm going to continue to focus fire on the stag, trying to take it down.

18 and a 21.

I went to 4 25, 26 points of damage for my Eldritch Blast.

All right. And push

them back

Matt: and he's looking very, very toasty at the moment, from where you can see.


All right. All right. All right. And, um,

Jace sorry, before the end of my turn, I want to, I want to glance around and see if Eloise is immediately obvious anywhere, on the battlefield. So we've seen the new tenants.


Matt: have the whore and you see a huge hulking owl shaped one coming at you. gonna be out of the tree line across from the city, not the forest next to see if woods across the way you see this all shape emerge and come running towards the fight

Jace and I'll call out, to, to everyone. it was big one coming from the forest over that way.

Not pointing that direction. What did he say?

They are?

Matt: Uh, she'll be there in two rounds. she is coming at you dashing Okay. The other one That's engaged with the demon is going to force it to make a Christmas saving, throw a 15

Jace So it got a 14 minus

Matt: one. Okay. So it failed. They take the demon immediately takes 29 psychic damage. as the, uh, one of the remaining creatures it's fighting, grabs it by the head at his eyes kept flare up. it squeezes into the demons, eyes,

uh, it's also going to make a attack. I don't think at 12 we'll hit. so we're good to go. Uh, that is top of the round. So Eloise's coming. She's barreling in. You have one more round at know she's going to get there. What would you like to do in the meantime? I have one of these lieutenants is barreling. at you. If Eloise is within

Jace 150 feet of me, I'm going to try to hit her with

my lungs.

Matt: It is, Go ahead and make your attack. going from their side. And I'm using my study


Jace That

Matt: is a 16 bit hit Elvis.

Great. Uh, after you make the shot, Matoshka, it comes up beside you and says, we will deal with the little ones you deal with her. And they charged forward to try and join the fray and, keeps the other one's busy. She is within 40 feet of the nearest street.

Jace All right. and is that, is there a tree within 60 feet of me,

Matt: yourself?

Okay. I was going to treat

Jace Well, yeah, but I need to, I was going to try to use the tree and animate trees where I Make another treatment.


Matt: there's a lot of recently cut down timber Does that count as she Has to be a living tree.

You want to, If you want to run 185 feet to the, um, to the, uh,

Jace I would, I would just go and slam this Wolf guy in front of me

Matt: slam him.

Jace Uh, so that's a 24 to hit for 12


Matt: out.

Jace And if he's a building, he takes double damage. Can we roll? from, And then another 24 to hit for 18

Matt: damage.

Uh, okay. Uh, he's technically bloodied at this point, uh, I'll just barrel through him. he

Jace biked me in gray

Matt: and he's just kind of Josh trying to tear into you. what Josh and some other talking warriors, go ahead down to where the demon is an attempt to uh, deal with them because demons about disappear. so they're coming in to take care of that. Uh, ladies and gentlemen, you have one around until Clarius gets there and you have one of these lieutenants currently in your face. So he's going to continue to check the treatment. That's a 17,

Jace so she's within 60 feet at this point.

Matt: She is, uh, does a 16 hit you Jacob Yeah, okey-doke in that case, let me do it.

Why wouldn't little by two little tax ready? 17 times two, uh, slashing damage. I'll Call it a day, right? Cool. Go ahead, Mike, go.

Jace Yeah, I'm going to cast sickening radiants again. and I'm going to make it so that it is, I guess it's, uh, it is a 60 foot diameter sphere. I am going to place it so that, I guess she was probably right in the middle of it.

Matt: 120 feet away. I thought You said she was

Jace 60, sorry, sorry. 120 feet or 60

Matt: let's let's what difference in say 80.

Jace Okay. Well the spill, the range of the spells 120 feet. So that's fine. yeah, I think that'll be all right. So I'll cast it so that, uh, there's 40 feet of it between, so not quite with her in the center with like the bulk of it towards me, 40 feet of it between me and her.

And I'm going to come down hover about 15 feet off the ground about, 15 feet from the edge of the sphere.

Matt: Okay. So you are technically 75 feet away from her at this point?

Jace 55


Matt: Okay. Sounds good to me. Uh, Jace, would you like to do anything this round?

Jace so what Fang is going to do is he's going to fight to Eldritch blasts at Clarice. And what the baller is going to do is he's going to recklessly attack with his bite and with his swinging.

Matt: So Fantastic.

That's what's going on. She will have to pass by your other demons, so she'll even get an opportunity to attack as she passes by next round. All right. All right. So go ahead and make, do your roles for number one that's currently engaged in combat with the, uh, two lieutenants.

Jace that's a 17 to hit on the first attack. That is a 13 to hit on the second and. I'm 19 to hit on the third

Matt: two of them,

Jace two of them hit

14 damage. There's a 14 Davidge on that. And then for my Eldritch Blast,

that is an 18 to hit on one. And then, well, more than an 18 and natural 18. And then the other one is a 15 to hit

Matt: Be targeting the same creature that your, a demon was targeting.


Jace I'm shooting

Matt: Clarice. Okay. Sorry. Uh, so the thing that your characters, your demon attacking it basically ripped in half before quietly bam Back to the abyssal realm. The 18 we'll hit 18 is her armor class.

All right,

Jace I'm done.

And that'll do 10 damage and then she gets pushed 10 feet backwards, I believe.

Matt: All right. You halt her mad dash, and he was pushed back a little bit. Uh, fantastic. Clarice, we'll come into range at the end of the initiative order. So we're going to have that Lieutenant make one more round here.

That's not going to hit fighting a tree it's hard.

Jace sorry. did she start her turn?

Matt: She did. And she's going to take the damage. to please go ahead and tell me,

Jace uh, yeah, it makes a, she makes a constitution saving throw against DC 16, 16, so she takes 40 10 plus when, uh, level of exhaustion, So 10, 17, 19 points of radiant damage.

And she has disadvantage on ability checks.

Matt: Fantastic. Um, I'm going to go to ACL next. Hazel, what are you going to do. She is bomb rushing at you. issues with in that 60 foot zone She is, she is coming up quick. I am taking

Jace another,


what am I focused shops

Matt: that have it do it? That is a 25 to hit

Jace for

Matt: 27.

point the damage nice. All ain't holding nothing back.

Jace You got a couple of sixes on that.

Matt: and that's everything from my

turn. I can't move if I do that. So, okay. A tree and

Jace verbal

at first point at this person charging. And I was like, is she a big trouble is on nods? what is, what does she look like? Like how do I, what I see

when I,

Matt: shoot looks like a huge, she looks like a werewolf and an owl had a kids, this huge owl like face of the beak attached to a very, where classically werewolf, know, extremely muscular elongated limb, uh, feature as it comes screaming in.

Jace Gotcha.

what kind of armor of The

Matt: large size

are they wearing any armor?

Natural armor?

Jace Oh, well then nevermind Then I'm just going to punch the Wolf

again, twice the Wolf

Matt: in the face.

Jace I cast a rock. I cast punches of the things I do at the 20 to hit four 15 damage

Matt: Yeah.

Jace and a F uh, 17, to hit for 14 damage.

Matt: This is the send one too. the creature is stumbling and you take one last second. And with a great tree, it needs the face snap, its neck back.

And it drops the ground. I have been

Jace working on the M M a

this is a combo move. Yes. Way to go, That was a nice punch I give them a thumb branch up.

Matt: So Dejah and Jace, which of you wants to go first

Jace Thanks. And go. yeah, I'm just going to keep shooting at her

Matt: Fang. Fang does best burst damage.

Jace so only one of those will hit because one was an 18 and the other was a lot lower.

Matt: Okay.

Jace Oh, cause I was rolling on a D 12. That's probably

Matt: Roll the other one.

Jace I rolled the D 20 and a D 12. Okay. Well the other D 20 missed anyway. All right. So I only hit once.

Matt: Okay. What's your damage chain?

Jace Well, I hit four 13 damage?


Matt: right. I like that.

Jace Is, is she at the edge of the outside of the field or inside the field at the moment?

Matt: You will Leave the field as she approaches, since she is going to travel the 80 feet to get to the group.


Jace So how far is she away from me now?

Matt: Currently she is 60 feet away since she's currently moving during the whole, the whole holiday.

Jace Okay.

All right. yeah, I'll Eldritch Blast as well. ju a Nat 20 and a 23.

Matt: Go ahead, Nat 20, time to have a night. 20. Wow. Okay. Give me your grand total.

Jace 37. Yeah. 37 points of damage. And I push her back a further 20 feet into the field. Yeah, 10

for each blast.

Matt: wides catches herself and continues running. Uh, she taken these 120 feet of movement. Uh, managed to get to you guys, but you do slow her down. It is Clarice's turn this hoking 20 foot tall. Well, it looks to be almost like, uh, where our owl bear Cause they're an extent comes running up to the ramp It takes a jump with hurting movement.


Jace Yeah. Before that she starts her turn. She has to roll a constitution saving throat since she was on the field.

Matt: Yeah. the sh then she'll be out of the field. So yeah, here's her constitution saving throw, a 15. So go ahead and roll damage. One more fails.

Jace And she's got two levels of exhaustion. So I think that means she's Haftar speed.

Matt: no, that's uh, three levels of exhaustion. Is it lead to Two levels is where she, begins to take.

Jace so 23


Matt: damage attack penalties.

Jace I think

Matt: that speed habit too.

Okay. Jill still managed to get out of the field, but now she's just going to attack you. It looks like

Jace she get within 15 feet.

of me. She does plaster. Uh, so, um, okay. Those weren't good. Uh, one's a 14 and the other one is a 12 all the times to roll poorly. Uh, They both miss. All right. That is a terrible shame because I'm going to get wrecked uh, leap

Matt: past you. she's got jumped past you. And she's going to make one of her claw attacks against you.

That is a 29. kit. I will make a constitution saving, throw and you celebrate Barb's to make a reroll,

Jace the, to hit, Ooh, good times

Matt: 19.

Jace Uh, that still hits

a K counts tuition for ouch.

Matt: You take, 10 points of slashing damage. And as her claws raked through you, she jumps past you to get to the rest of the group. Since you're a little head, you also take 28 points of

Jace damage,

28 points I'm resistant to call damage. I never thought that would actually be useful.

All right, So 14, we

Matt: take 14 points of cold damage from the attack.


I'm glad that you're a genie heritage is coming back to help you. Um, she's got jump land in the middle of the group, but she's going to make two more claw attacks at the rest of Greenland enrolled C3. That's easel easel again. Okay. An 18 and a 22 April.

Jace both

Matt: of those will hit I should get a shield.

Jace finale. Yes.

At the egg,

Matt: One constitution saving throw. two should say that's so that's 15 points of slashing damage.

that is

Jace a

16 on

Matt: the

constitution saving throw. Okay. So you are going to take, 37 cold on the first strike and 34 on the second cold damage. As it slams into your body? I am down but not killed as

Jace I did

have full health when that happened. I only have 60. health. So that's it.

Matt: I am not That hurt just a little bit.

Jace The question is, do you want to become a trainer source Rex or do you want it to be healed with cure wounds?

Matt: Well, you can handle that in one second because it gets a once a day ability that she's going to use that she isn't since finds it too short, or she is going to, she slashes you, you got scream into the sky at everybody except for Dasia. It stays it's just far enough away. needs to make a constitution saving, throw a number is. 19 because I'm feeling, especially a gregarious towards Hazel, failing your constitution, saving throat will not, insecure you if you, if the damage is high enough, it'll just cost you one death saving throw.

Okay. You see 1916, Ian Sherman makes it

Jace J 17. Ooh.

Oh yeah.

Matt: So Jace and uh, so Fanga nasal. How many hit dice do you currently have?

Jace Dicer hit points.

Matt: Hit dice eight, five.

Jace Wait. No.

What level are we at? I do they have to do that Should it be

Matt: Okay. You should be at eight. I was asking if you used any during the short rest, use the one during the short rest. Okay. Well you both lose four hit dice as it consumes a portion of your life.

Essence. And you're going to take, 20 points of necrotic damage as it sucks, some of your life force out to heal itself slightly.

Jace so that's my one fail. That's it? Or is this on top of that?

Matt: If you were, if you had less than four, you take an additional three damage for each, uh, hit dice that you didn't have.

Trent, what are you going to do One guy is down? One guy is down, is probably looking a little rough at the moment. Uh, and Dejah is slightly, slightly out combat the woman. She'll be joining us in a second.

Okay. All

Jace I'm going to a bonus action healing word on our downed ally easel. Hazel Hazel gets up to nine hit points.

And Then, um, I'm gonna go over to the werewolf owl lady and just like position myself in front of her and I'm gonna slam her twice go. that's what, I do on this turn at least. Cause I can't cast another spill. Do it. How far is she away from the edge of the sickening radiance.

Matt: Oh, she's you cast that out on the other side of the Rampart.

So she's now fully like 60 feet away from it.


Jace Yeah. So that's, that's a 24 18


Matt: Yep. That'll hit. And the next one

Jace that is uh, 28 to hit for 16 damage.

Matt: Yeah. That's going to hit

Jace trees, have big

Matt: fist. they do.

Jace and I try to like position myself in between her and everybody else.

So it's going to be, it's going to be annoying for her to try to like, you know, get to other people if I can't help it. Okay.

Matt: Uh, she's going to use one of her legendary actions to cast a spell. She gets two of these a day. Don't freak out. I'm not that mean, she's gonna use one of hers. She's going to reach out and grab your tree ant form by the face and cast blight.

Oh, that's not fun. And you take 41 points of necrotic damage.


Jace I am not. Okay. Uh, I'll cast absorb elements on that.

Matt: It's necrotic included in absorb

Jace elements. Oh,

shoot. You're right. I don't think it is. Nope. All right. I will take that 48 41 points of damage. I'm still a trick. We're good.

Matt: I know you're a huge hip point pool I am a

Jace huge hip point. to bring on. Oh man. Blight. The good spell the head She Okay.

Matt: Yes.

All right, cool. fantastic. uh, that leaves us with Jason I think no Dejah.

Jace yeah, she's not going to go back to that sickening radiance anytime soon. uh, I'm going to call out to, uh, Hazel, Hey, uh, do you want to be a giant Tran of source wrecks? Are you happy with, uh, the eight hit points? You got nine? nine, sorry.

Matt: Um, have you got gotten the claim? that'll toughen me

up. I

Jace could,

Matt: I could use that. Whatever you got.

Jace Uh, yeah, I mean, I'll heal you, or you can turn into a T-Rex or, well, I can hear you heal you or turning you into a T-Rex or I, yeah, T-Rex says a lot

Matt: of hit points. think about being a T-Rex. I don't know if Hazel is very comfortable with that Uh, Roll a percentile. If you get over 80, he's really into it. That is, yeah. He could be really into it.

Jace or Really.


Matt: we'll be under 30, he's terrified of the idea.

on lots

Jace of other shoe

Matt: to get 32.

mostly terrified of the idea. all right,

Jace Nevermind. give us some help if you got it. All right. Uh, I will, casts, cure wounds. I'll send Surfin down and all use my, familiar touch ability to cure him for cure wounds, level four, cure wounds.

for 20 points,

Matt: 20 points,

Jace That's something, but the way she hits, it's not locked.

Matt: What would think correct you in this situation?

Jace All right. So first thing correct is going to cast Tex blades. So he's going to point his sword out and it's going to start crackling with the different electricity's purple and blue. And they're just going to kind of shoot off and form a room on the face of Clarice. And with that, he is going to grab onto the sword and he is going to use green flame light.

And thrusted into her, trying to destroy her in one fell swoop.

Matt: Okay. Make your

Jace attack.

all right. So that hits that's a 20 and then

24 damage

Matt: for what was the, to hit for the second one?

Jace 20 to hit. Oh, I don't need to talk once

Matt: I used my sword. Um, pardon me. I'm used to use the Eldritch Blast. You've used it so much lately. So grand total of 24. Fantastic. Yeah. Wow. Uh, she is considered bloodied at this point is you have taken a chunk out of her with this green flame blades. Since she's technically, a week to fire, you can see the fire burning her and she screams out she Well, Hazel is your turn before she goes, Uh, turn. Has she, does she still like next to me? Yes. Standing over you standing over me, which reminds me it's the beginning of your turn. Please make a DC 19 constitution saving. Throw

Is that just

oh, I

Jace It's

a lingering

effect from the last

Matt: a little bit. I'll I'll explain it. After you make your safe.

Jace that Is not

Matt: 19. Uh, standing over you, even though you got a lot of health back, this odor is foul. Stenches washing over you and you can't help it as it affects you. And you're now technically considered poisoned over the beginning of your next turn, or you take one D for damage, which is

uh, four.


So she is directly above me. I would like to not be that large. If you're moving stand up. I only have to use five feet of movement to stand up cause your fancy I've got that silly feet. and I would like to disengage

Jace with my

Matt: bonus action

Jace and I'm going to

Matt: use my movement to get far away I mean, he's my action

Jace to mold earth,

Matt: to give myself some

Jace cover, pop behind

Matt: amount of

all right.

You have three quarters cover. How far? Where are you? I'm 25 feet. 20 feet. Yeah. Yeah. like you don't have the mobile feet. so yeah. Congratulations. your third 2015. Uh, for the record, you will not have to make the safe again at the beginning of your next turn. Good. all right, but I am poisoned. Yes, it is her turn now, before I let Trent and then Dejah go, what she's going to do is she's going to continue to pound this tree in front of her rather aggressively.

So three claw techs. I hope you're ready. This'll be a lot of fun. Yeah. I've got a 27 to 25 and a natural one. Uh, two of those hit, the national one to be an 11. Okay. So the two that hit, you're going to take a combined 16 points of slashing damage. Okay. And then you gonna make your constitution saving, throw to cold damage.

17. Is your constitution saving throw

or take half

Jace a? Yeah, I got 23.

Matt: Okay. For the first one. What about second one? Oh,

Jace I got an eight.

Matt: Okay. So the second one you will take full damage. Yup. So you take for both of those, I'll give you the flat, uh, 28 points of damage. One of them halved. So grand total of 44, once a cold damage

Jace is 14 and 28, right?

Matt: Yeah, 42.

Jace Oh, I am, I am a tree, but just barely, still,

Matt: uh, thankfully that natural one, as it ripped off a chunk of your park, It pulls you forward to just the right amount they missed.

It's it's second blow. So, uh, it could have been worse, Dejah.

Jace Alright. I am going to use my movement to fly down behind the Tran and I'm going to cast command command D C 16 wisdom saving throat.

Matt: one second while I make sure she's not immune

She's not immune. Okay. Okay. I have to double check because she has a list of immunities. It's like eight things long. All right. GC 16 wisdom. He said, yeah.

She makes it with an 18 dash

Jace silvery bar. Hers. Yes, do it.

I can still help. Even though everything I do is a disadvantage. This is not what

Matt: disadvantage.

Jace Yes. All right. I command her to flee. So she must move at full movement directly away from me, which means she'll go right into the sickening radiance.

Next turn on her turn. She asked you move away. her full movement, full action away from me directly away from me. And I will give just the tree and the advantage. So, when you on your next attack, roller say ever whatever you want, you can use advantage.

Matt: Okay. All right.

Jace Fascinating, nice teamwork.

Matt: Fascinating. Okay.

Jace, it is your turn before this creature.

Jace Do I get it? Have I slammed? I haven't slammed her this term. Oh, you

Matt: did not. Oh, go right ahead. Don't let me stop you tech.

Jace Um, I use a second level spell to combat wild shape, or not combat Waltrip to, uh, myself as a wild shape. Uh, so I healed a little bit of health back.

and then I'm going to slam the person because I'm saving my spell slots, I guess, for if there's more people coming.

I get advantage on this one. Yeah. That's a 29 to hit for nine.

Oh. And then for the next one, it is a Nat 20.

Matt: Whew. Oh my goodness. But I rolled

Jace like minimum damage on the second one also it's 20 it's 27 damage total. No, that's still pretty awesome. And that's for almost full damage on one.

Matt: So the second one is 27 grand total. The second one is

Jace 27 grand total

Matt: here. Oh boy one. You guys have just been going to town. don't mind me. I really got real quick.

Okay. I have to double check a couple things about her fleeing. So Jace, uh, you get to do your turn and then she's going to take off running.

Jace All right. So I'm going to hit her with two Eldritch Blast and attempts to push her even further away. The first one is a dirty 22nd. One is a natural 20. Awesome.

Matt: For very long. And you also, since you're a bit of an angle, you will push her into the range of the second demon you summoned and he'll get an attack of opportunity.

So give me your David's first and then your demon. Okay. So, um, I get right

Jace here to,

Matt: grand total for only seven damage for both

Jace the Eldritch. Well, it's 27 damage for one, and then for the other 14 damage. So 27 plus 14.

Matt: Oh my, okay. Now the question is attack of opportunity that your D your demon gets.

Jace Roll it up. Um, I gotta give him that, I guess he would just bite,

right? that is a

Matt: 19 to hit that will hit, and

Jace then it does

10 damage.

Matt: How do you want to do this? What he was on the brink. So

Jace I'm going to blast him back. I'm going to charge up my hands. Just ruins are going to stop forming and they're going to shoot out the two Eldritch Blast and sequence just form into one giant ball. And they just push her into the arms of the demon that just grabs her and just rips her head off with its mouth as it's just has a hole in her chest from the Eldritch Blast.

Matt: That is awesome. Uh, Currys falls down, headless and smoking. I believe at this point, your demon has like one round left before it disappears. I hope so. And track with, it's been keeping track with a D 10. I either supposed to be this round or the next round where it goes away. I forgot what you're on. I started doing,

Jace either way I'm, I'm running away from it

Matt: counterexample.

I mean, it's like 60 feet away from you and it's just now cleaning up the rest of the horde. as you all look around and you'll notice that the, uh, the rest of the lieutenants have been dealt with by the 12th thins by now, horde has been pretty much destroyed by the clerics that have been dealing with them.

Plus a demon.

Actually we're all present out here. You are a lucky son of a gun that is a 100 on the percentile. At this point, the clerics thinking the demon is no longer useful are going to use their banish ability to banish it. Otherwise is going to have it rampage you.

Jace I got into banishment too. I could have used

Matt: a grand total of

123 members of your defensive party that have been affected with the bay of Keck flag. However, now that it's clear, that battle is over, this is your chance to do the ritual to end the big HEC threat once and for all.

Jace So we have to kill all of them. All right. So, uh, how are we going to do this? We're just gonna like chop their heads off, uh, like werewolf style.

Where's that damn pirates. I don't know, actually, like I dumb things. Duanan

Matt: don't do something rash. You S uh, here is one of the verbal clerics comes down from the battlements, cleansing them is easy. It's easily done assuming that there are enough magic users. Here are rinks are too few, but if you would assist us, we could potentially attempt to save some of them.

Also, I'm pretty certain that one of your party has been infected as well.

Jace Who's that

Matt: Hazel, you look down and see some of the veins from the scratches are turning black. It's not nearly as fast as some of the other non magic users, since magic seems to slow it down a little bit, but you aren't. Oh,

Jace Hazel, Hazel. Right? Are you what's going on? Where's the, but let me chop it off. Is it in your arm, in your hand, in your hand?

I think your realistic chop it off, right? They don't wait for me.

Matt: Jace, if you really want to do that role tech,

Jace I'm kidding.

Matt: I, you can do it. You had your old tag.

Jace I do a train to Busan style. I don't have that much hail lift. I could, I could probably just outright kill her is it's possible. You can't worry him.

Matt: Sorry. Yeah. Uh, it's there's a chance. It takes like 40 damage. I think if you got a crit, I've done it. Um, so here's, we're going to do plus, round you guys up for the ritual and the ritual is going to be a skill challenge, which means you need to pick one charisma or wisdom charisma

Jace wisdom.

oh, is it, is it one per person or one for the group?

Matt: One for the

Jace group? Oh no. All right. I got gotta be charisma. Yeah. I think Jason, I have Buku charisma, charisma. I

Matt: hope you like it to be involved. Or am I trying to, part of the thing you are unable to participate due to you being infect daily, you're having to use all of your willpower or your charisma, to try and fight off the infection.

Can I use

Jace deception

Matt: is a straight charisma. Oh,

Jace okay.

Matt: All right. Let's be shouting. Go ahead and roll the roll for the clerics.

Jace All right. Just roll plus charisma.

Matt: Yep.

Jace All right. I got 17.

Matt: At 17, what else have you got? Or one

you can join us to, for

Jace bulk. Oh, I mean, it's not going to add too much, but I'll try the check. Give him guidance. I got nine minus one, eight.

Matt: Okay. so they gathered everyone around. They began lighting, sacred flames in their hands and holding them out in front of them. Uh, as they gather all of those they're infected into one spot and you can see the body's beginning to kind of faintly glow from this as they begin chanting and a low guttural town just sound just this

Jace school.

Matt: It's very Mongolian throat singing, which is Xwayama were here. He would find it very fascinating. all right. So, uh, what have you guys rolled again? And we're off the clerics.

Jace Ouch. 22 got 17,

eight to put in the chat. It's 22. You guys will be happier to know. I did better this time. A 10 minus one, nine you're pegging up. It's incremental, right? Yeah. My charisma is also negative, so maybe it's better that I wasn't in.

Matt: Okay. some of them you can see, that were recently bit and you can see the blackness starting to drain on their bodies, coming forth out of their mouths and coming out of them, their eyes begin to glow.

Kind of oozing undulating, mass of blackness comes out of their mouth and gets sucked into the flames that these shotguns are holding. Have you guys roll again?

Jace Dammit. I didn't use my inspiration. I wore, I was going to use it. I'm going to use it. And, um, that wasn't too bad though. S so is it like total, some of you, well, it's seven.

Yeah. True. All right. Well, that was just a waste of inspiration. A total of 17, nine minus one, eight.

Matt: Uh, some of them are beginning to resist the effects on, you can see them starting to actually look like they're almost burning. I can see this smoke coming off of them as they're starting to resist the, ritual, uh, Hazel, I'm gonna have you roll a constitution saving throw.

Okay. But I'm also

Jace going to

Matt: see that don't know. I can't, I don't know if they're succeeding or failing. Nevermind. That's why I'm not telling you because you were affected.

Jace So if, if there was a way to target this,

if there's a way to target this may would be focusing it on easel as much as she could, because as much as she loves everyone, because she's just a kindhearted person, uh, Hazel's a good old friend. So can I cast resistance on myself for this?

Matt: No,

Jace that good trial.

All right. Can I cash resistance on myself now, class a minute.

Matt: You feeling.

Jace can I use spell slots, like to boost this? Any or things like something like that. Is there any way why'd

Matt: you add a spell slot to add plus two, two year old. Go ahead and roll again, everybody. Alright.

Jace Ooh.

Oh my gosh. 10 minus one nine again.

Matt: Wow. This is getting into Wheaton levels of unnatural 2010.

Jace Pretty bad.

Matt: Jason seamless here.

Jace Yeah, I got a, a S nine.

Matt: Is that with spells low systems?

Jace That's with a spell slot assistance.

Matt: uh, at this point, several of the people have just begun, bursting into flames. Uh, instead of coughing up the blackness that is inside of them, it was too far along or, unfortunately for some reason or another they're resisting when a have Ezoic another save.

Can I,

Jace I forgot I had this, I'm going to draw my sword, which when I first draw it gives me blessed. So I'm not casting a spell and just activating a magic

Matt: item.

Jace Can I cast the lesser restoration on somebody?

Matt: You can cast lesser restoration. That's much

Jace better than my charisma.

I also forgot I get a plus one to charisma because I'm a face wander plus one to these.

Oh, it's my wisdom modifier plus, which is still clustering.

Matt: Yep. Uh, Jacob, what'd you get?

Jace I cost less the restoration and then I rolled a Christmas day. Again. I got 16 minus one, 15.

Matt: Uh, you're able to help him. So move the tally a little bit. Uh, Hazel, what'd you get, even with your blessed, got a 13

Jace with the bless.

Is it just bless you or does it bless other people too? It's just me.

Matt: Okay. Okay. It's

Jace actually plus three. So I'm getting a plus eight now. Sweet.

Matt: I actually easel you take three points of damages. This radiant, this is starting to affect you. Uh, you do see that some of them, since you were scratching the chest, you do see some of the blackness of spraying down your arms, starting to recede.

It is painful.

Jace hold on. Their easel. Don't give in, stay with us. I knew y'all hurry up. Pray the

Matt: Flory. Just easel. I'm going to have you make your charisma. Save one last time. Wait, still

Jace constitution.

Matt: Save it's Christmas. Save at this point, I'm making a Christmas save. Yep.

Jace Good

Matt: at disadvantage because you're being actively damaged by smell. It's impeding your concentration.

Jace Seven. oh no.

Matt: All right. Every woman, what did you roll? This is going to be it Jay's role did 18,

Jace uh, 17 plus 7 24.

Matt: Okay.

Jace I rolled another 10 minutes. One night. You're concise words. Yeah. I'm consistently just tell me slightly below

Matt: average. It is on the edge. So now we have to do the infamous over under style.

So I was going to do is I'm going to roll. Do you want a hundred and easily? You're gonna tell me if it's over or under 50,

Jace over


Matt: pause, you feel the radiance begin to penetrate your flesh, burning you, and you could feel the blackness and safe being pulled out of you. It's retreating deeper inside of you to try and escape no

Jace old. So,

Matt: I'm clutching get the

Jace amulet, the

Matt: forays amulet, and I think that's all. If you're going to ask for it to intercede for you, please tell me what you would pray. They'll have you rolled a percentile foray. If you're, if you're

Jace list the, now

Matt: it'd be a matter of find time to, uh, give me a hand. I think.

Jace We

Matt: might've gotten ourselves in a bit over our head

Brad: with this one,

roll D 100.

Tell me what you get intervention.

Matt: Basically

Jace 33.

Matt: For'ramar strangely silent as your flesh begins to burn away. And the bones of your hands are now exposed. So I'll give you a chance to say any last words before the spell, unfortunately is going to burn you in to smell three heap.

It's been nice fat and with the all, uh, I think this is it for me though.

Jace Day-job that'd be nice. Dejah is going to cast up cast any kind of healing spells. She thinks that will work. She'll take her cure wounds and last spell slot cure wounds, use it, and then up cast it with all of her hit points. All of them, all of them go, unconscious for it. Yeah. Yeah. Bang. His thing is going to try to transfer his life force into a nasal until bring himself all the way down to death and then bring himself back up to one hit point.

Matt: Okay. Okay.

The light on as you guys are casting your spells and transferring life essence, something that verbal cause never seen before, someone just basically magically tearing their own life essence out of themselves to give it to another person, handy, little homework thing. you can see the light on nasal grunge, brighter and brighter and brighter.

You guys do that. Dejah your unconscious thing. You almost slip unconscious, but you catch yourself on your knee as you look up as the light flashes out.

Jace and, uh, as Dejah or may and Dasia fall unconscious, I think you see maybe a little wisp of blue, magical energy kind of come out of her chest as just this little ball of kind of flickering light.

and it just explodes and disappears. And like for a moment, uh, she's falling unconscious may puts out her hand and says very quietly as she falls unconscious. No. And then she's out

like, uh, unconscious rolling. That saves

Matt: roll all three of your debts, all your depth saves now to see whether you live or die. First one, a lot of tax on you.

Jace 12. Okay. 6 19

Matt: 2 successes.

Jace Third, 1 17, 3

Matt: successes. You're not dead.

You say no. And so I'm going to it over here for a second, Hazel for a second, everything was going dark. It all sudden it's radiant light bursts into your brain and all of your soul. You can feel that blackness is being eradicated. Do the sacrifice of your friends. Yeah.

Jace I think maybe you hear as you're, like drawing back from the brink, Dejah, his voice, like calling you back saying not yet my friend, it's not your time live and it gets quieter and quieter.

Your eyes open,

Matt: quiet easel. You're not dead ISIL. You look down, both of your hands are basically smoldering ruins, but you're alive.

As you look over to the pile of people that they were trying to cure about half of them have been incinerated. The other half seemed to be well enough if very, very tired.

Jace Why all this is,

Matt: this is a surprise that I didn't think I'd be seeing. Y'all so soon again.

Jace Um, I just want to point out that, uh, that is a very beautiful tattoo, the side of your neck. Um, and everybody else that I saved as well as a similar, similar route on the side of the neck now.

Matt: Well, uh, the clerics are all patching up the area around them, making sure. See if anyone is in need of a healing, if they can be saved, collecting the wounded, delivering Cudi grass to any surviving via Keck that were mortally wounded. And as you guys all look over the battlefield, Hazel's freshly bandaged stumps.

You guys can see that the hoard has been destroyed is dead. There's a tendency to just feed it with verbals are standing over the battlefield, cleansing it with fire burning away and everything to prevent the plague from ever rising again.

And as the sun finally sets over the horizon, you hear a familiar voice shouting from the city as Thomas who's finally gotten a bunch of students, the city, and it just come through, comes running out. Thomas snide walks up to Fang says, did I miss it?

Jace just that late, my old friend. But then again, perfectly on time,

he gives Thomas a hug

Matt: for Fang. That's a huge moment to give his friend a hug. Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, this has been the tale and told podcast. We will probably have a week off.

What would you session zero for campaign two. And then we'll be back with an exciting new campaign run by our not so dead. Uh, Bard slash arcane trickster player, Brad. Yeah. that was pretty hairy there for a second. A lot miles

it'll be a slightly different rule book, different DM, different things. So, join us for that. There'll be a lot of fun and

Jace remember new exciting adventure.

Matt: Remember the D and D is best played with friends. So if you enjoyed what you saw here today, get yourself a dungeon masters guide to player handbook, and grab a couple of dudes or some gals, and please make sure to spread the love of Dungeons and dragons far and wide.

This is the best hobby I've ever had. The best friends I've ever had. I've met through this game, for the tail untold podcast. I'm Matthew. And I'd like to, did you guys goodnight on behalf of Michael Brad, Jacob, N J S

Jace can I

Matt: tonight?

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