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The Reconning of the Mage Guild 3:   A Monstrous Return
The Reconning of the Mage Guild 3:
A Monstrous Return

August 16, 2022
by meistermike

Our adventurers make their way across the valley from Kularen to Tapesh, meet a few interesting characters, and pass through a familiar little town.


Mike: Hello everyone. And welcome to the tail and told a fifth edition D and D podcast documenting the ridiculous and thrilling adventures of a group of friends. I am Michael and I played deja and Mae who are really one in the same person. And I'm working on idea to simplify that, uh, today I am joined by my fellow players, bred

Brad: hello everyone. I play easel a magical escape artists with a pension for talking this way into trouble.

Mike: and Jace

Jace: I play thing. Curric, a hex blade warlock that recently was separated from some family.

Mike: and yeah, and last but not fabulous master Matt.

Matt: It is your favorite. famous fat. Fabulous. I was trying to say and it would side with, I have your friendly neighborhood master. let us get started right off the bat

So last time you guys you managed to get through the trials of 40, without anyone being seriously damaged. Hazel was made a cleric of 40 and now has a level of light cleric. I believe. Which is hysterical. so everyone either Got a level in cleric and a level in Paladin, a level in celestial warlock, if you wanted it, or the, uh, magic initiate feet light and sacred flame and divine favor, three that don't usually go together.

I thought at the end, make it fun for you guys. you guys have spent the night in Khullar and after you guys were magically transported to its boundaries with our friend Wallaby, the, uh, Druid that helps you guys outside the mages Guild, and you guys got a good night's sleep. Uh, you awake fully well rested, which is good because after fighting the horde Golem that you guys dealt with the, uh, living pile of gold to try to smash it. somebody, you guys were a little, little squishy.

Brad: That was a fight.

Matt: So when you wake up, what do you do?

Mike: Well, I think, I would be looking to Fang as oddly as that is he's he's now the, I think defacto DOE leader, at least in this realm of the world, he knows where he is and where we go. Dejah would just be sitting or may, would be sitting down like looking up at Fang and kind of like gesturing, like, huh, come on.

What are you doing?

Jace: You place far too much confidence in me.

Mike: Well, uh, this is the first time that I've been the side of the wall. I haven't really seen much in the way of trees before, except for high on the mountains. And I'm sitting in, uh, the ruins of a major city, which, uh, I've never done that before either. So, um, you know, and in a world where everything is kind of up topsy-turvy and strange, I'm willing to extend, faith in my, a good brother, to help us figure out what we're going to do

Jace: I've never really been in.

Mike: well, uh, I mean, you did a pretty good job Luna around that, uh, um, Rama's fellow. at least some of the time,

Jace: Yeah, he was a small one. Oh yes. We just go to the bash.

Mike: time to consult maps

Brad: The lab.

Mike: to the map,

Matt: Dun dun dun dun dun dun let's go to the map.

Mike: uh,

Matt: not trademark. as you guys look on the Hindu

Mike: Northeast, east, Northeast.

Matt: so slightly to the Northeast.

mostly east, the

Mike: Things still think that it's the south.

Jace: Bang is going to start walking Northeast, which he believes in fact itself.

Mike: okay.

Matt: So you guys head off out of colorant, you leave Wallaby, the Druid guide, Uh,

he gives you little bit of a gentlemen, BLE, mages Guild. They, um, they've unleashed some sort of, um, features into the wilds, after they captured most of the cities. They've unfortunately, it really, taking control and they're using these beasts to try and prevent, uprising. So keep your eyes on.

Jace: Our own actually. So we should be okay.

Brad: What kind of beasts are we looking out for? What, what are these base look like?

Matt: Well on myself, but, um, other Druids tell me is something that looks similar to, uh, a snake, elephant dragon had a kid, which is a little terrifying. And this thing that looks crazy and and I don't know what it is. Actually, it looks kinda like nightmarish.

Brad: Hazel's just scratching his head. He's like trying to figure out how the heck a snake plus plus dragon are fitting together.

Mike: I think may, would walk up to all be put her hand on her shoulder and she would whisper a little prayer and say, may, uh, oh, how would she whisper this What would she say? I don't know. Anyways, she casts guidance.

going to skip over going to say something profound something guidance to make a wall of you feel inspired to remember some more and get some more details. And give him guidance to help recall specific

Matt: Like I said, I've not seen these before I've been here, keeping on these ruins because no one else is in the gap, protect them in case there's any magical items, hidden here, from the guilt, you know? So,

um, you see, they've been calling the, the red things. you've been calling them, devil bugs. his spiky and lots of eyes. They're really scary for SkyBell casters. So. The other thing,

namely called the thing that is the combination. calling me a good slate. Don't ask me why group slang is what they call it. Very scary

Mike: that does sound absolutely terrifying. you, you, you said you were guarding magical items. You wouldn't happen to have any of those on you right now, help a lady wandering through the forest,

Matt: only, um, only a couple push-ins, you know, else was either taken or destroyed in the city felt.

Mike: Oh, well, I've got some of those. those.

Brad: that is a bummer.

Mike: Yeah. All right. Well, things walking

Matt: point, Fang is good, he's got a good half mile on you now. So he goes off. Hurry to catch up. as you guys traveled, from KU Lauren, the one that's on a little bit of fudge, the of the jets out into the ocean, uh guys are able to travel via the roads slightly to the, uh, south before heading Northeast.

the road arcs in is long thing. So you start off. Kent curves down and you're able to catch some roads. the whole valley itself would take a few days to cross. So as guys head out traveling, you get a good pace now. Are you guys pushing this to go really fast? Or are you guys kind of moving into a normal travelers pace?

Brad: I think it would be kind of fast.

Matt: Your time is of the essence type situation.

Brad: Okay. Is not all that cautious if you haven't noticed.

Matt: All right. Well, on your first day of traveling, but first you may camp for the night. we find out that with Hazel and Surfin, you guys basically don't need to take Nightwatch anymore. Azle takes first watch, and then it has Surfin guard, everything while he's sleeping. you guys get settled in for the night, started sleep in an hour in a nasal.

Uh, you hear a twig snap very loudly. And you hear voice from outside fire going, hello? mean to alarm you. I just wanted to let you know I'm here. Is it safe to approach the fire without being attacked?

Brad: Whole goes there.

Matt: Gil

rack please.

Brad: And what do you see?

Matt: Oh, I'm a ranger in this area of threat and I know that you're traveling, not many people doing that. Now. I want you to in on you. Make sure you're okay.

Brad: Yeah. Yeah We're, we're fine.

Jace: Finger's going to turn and visible go around.

Matt: As failing as attempting to flank him, he steps into the light. you see a dwarf nice thick red beard wearing some simple other armor and carrying a, bow knife on his hip. simple travelers' clothes and armor, fangs. You sneak around.

him. Uh, if you wouldn't mind, I can give some advice on traveling up ahead.

Just some things to avoid potentially. And there's also a Tavern. Uh, the next day is travel. the road, if, if you tell them in the city, my name go. If you tell them that cooler accent, you, um, should be

able to give you a good, a good discount. You know, many friends in that town,

Brad: And what are you doing way out here

Matt: a ranger travel, the waste, protecting travelers as

best as I can. Of course, nowadays, I'm usually a bit more busy dealing with some of the things that the beach has. Guilt is brought into our lands and trying to keep them away from the cities,

Brad: and you and you travel alone.

Matt: not completely alone. I have my, companion I've made in my travels, uh, is a Raven is my eyes and ears for me, spotting danger and alerting me it. So helping me to, uh, avoid. And Bush and such like that. And that's when she needs quite smart. his name is Allnex CC on X whistles and a rather large Raven flips down and lands on his feet.

looks up at you. Just happy to claim.

Brad: Well, hello there, Onyx. Nice to make acquaintance. Well, yes we are. We're traveling and we've got, uh you know, are trying to kind of going in circles a bit, but we've got a ways to go still. and you said there was a Tavern up.

Matt: Yes. The ends of the next day is travel following the road. There's a, there's a town little town. Uh, the chaplain there should be able to, uh, should be able to get you some. or

just place to sleep out of the rain.

Brad: Well, thanks. Thanks for letting us know that. Where NASA now we're close to some, some shelter. are you, are you just out here in the woods? Just walking around. Aren't you, you got a camp near here.

Matt: uh, you have my bed roll, a quarter mile away from here. I saw your fire and decided to come over to ensure that you're not bandits or some other undesirable causing trouble for the people of this area

Brad: Oh, we're definitely undesirable, but. But I don't think we don't, don't think we're trying to any trouble.

Matt: There was a dragon attack a few weeks ago in the upcoming town that you're going to, you see, unfortunately, 12th, uh, uh, uh, to some half that they're going to disturb a nest. And next thing you know, they brought it down on our heads.

If it wasn't for the fact that those 12th are very think we might all be dead. But, um, unfortunately it has, uh, has to have been a harbinger of tougher times in this area.

Brad: Well, that share is a pity. I was as operate fan someplace in good times as many of those places.

Matt: event,

Brad: You have a good night?

Matt: He goes to turn around and into the shadows. His, uh, Raven stays for a good, like 30 seconds extra before flapping into the darkness.

Jace: Whoa, half walk I didn't know, there were many of us, but, Hmm. Coincidence.

Brad: I don't, I don't think Hazel would even think to ask if he had anything to do with it. He's used have works and all sorts of mixes. It wouldn't be.

Matt: All right. Uh, the rest of the night passes very uneventfully

Brad: Okay

Matt: up in the morning. travel very uneventfully strangely

Brad: I

Matt: this point.

Brad: up the road. And if we're quick, I bet we can make it by the end of the night.

Matt: day passes,


uneventfully as

you travel.

this. You guys are almost expecting something bad to happen after all tales you've been told, but nothing happens. You get to this town and I'm going to have Fang, make an intelligence check.

Brad: Can I give him guidance?

Matt: this town,

Jace: um, give, give me two seconds, but it will probably be a negative school.

Matt: considering you're the smartest person in the party for a while. Just there.

Brad: a plus two now.

Matt: now.

Jace: That is going to be a nine

Matt: you needed a 10. You have no idea. This is the same town you guys visited earlier. Oh well you visited earlier.

Brad: Yeah

Matt: Yeah.

You're just place looks familiar. That's it? It's the cusp of you recognize.

you guys walk into the town, there's mostly and gnomes there, a couple ELLs

Brad: So he's going to walk in. but what is it busy? Is it, what time of

Matt: six people in but time you guys get there as five-ish o'clock and you can gather that this Is the rush that they have every few nights. not a whole lot of people there probably because it's Wednesday, but also it's possible. What's been going on, has been making things more uncomfortable.

My wife has shouting memes in the background at All I can think of now as welcome to Chili's. my goodness. Okay, go ahead.

Brad: can I, can I get some mail? We'd had a bit of a jury.

Matt: Uh, Elvin lady looks up.

Brad: Um,

Matt: She you dashing. Certainly elitism is one copper piece for a small and three fro her. And she starts, you know, grabbing cups holds one of each size.

Brad: uh, I'll take a large, but, um, I'm gonna start pulling out the like money from, side of the mountains and just kinda like scratch my head that I don't fit a Fang. How much is that? The.

Matt: I don't know if he'd know where Moss was. The money handler.

Brad: Um, how much, I guess I would just pull out how much AOL would cost to me, you know, over over, there however much it would cost for ale.

Matt: Okay.

Brad: And I just

Matt: uh,

Brad: that.

Jace: Yeah.

Matt: pull out an iron coin. Yeah.

You pull out iron coin with a, uh, copper. it's shaped like a moon with a I at the top we'll circle of copper at the top, which is your equivalent of copper piece and you toss it on there and she looks at it very curiously, just a few more, just kind of touches them and it's like at them.

Brad: adding them

Matt: Yeah. I keep adding one

Brad: okay.

Matt: eventually she's like, okay. This is very strange money. Where'd you get This like picking it up and looking at the weird half moons.

Brad: Well, I can't go into it in much detail. I'm sorry to say, but,

Mike: Um,

Brad: I'm land across the water and

Matt: Okay. Um,

Brad: Haven't been able exchange our money out quite yet.

Matt: she looks very confused about the idea of exchanging money. Okay. So as you for one ale and she takes, what's a lot more than three it's closer to nine swipes it into her their little drawers. He keeps it on the counter

you look very familiar, sir. Have you been to our town half work, sir,

Jace: Not that I remember.

Matt: town is very Forget, forget forget your phone. Yeah.

Jace: Yes.

Matt: Anyways. We have one room upstairs you're welcome to rent out it's it's only a gold piece for a night includes breakfast in the morning. uh, so, you're welcome to stay if you like, or if you want to keep, keep on traveling, you're welcome to leave. And we usually close up like four or five hours.

Jace: just slide out a gold piece to a one.

Matt: All right. She takes, she takes, it, takes it easy or scratch bit on a nail on the edge of the counter. All right. Here's your key? And she pulls it out, sends it down. a huge key, like almost a foot across. well, if you need anything, let me know. Okay. She walks away and got 10 customers.

Brad: easel is gonna be, least spending the next little bit, eavesdropping on all the conversations of anyone in the bar, trying to pick up a bit more details what's, happened. And what's what, we're what we're up against.

Matt: All right. for the next four hours, you hear some of it's little stuff like the farm out at the edge of town got hit last night, they would make it some of just the average talk about, you know, cost of food and how are a little rough right now. right before you go to bed, though, you hear a older gentleman, start to. Yeah, it was 30 feet long. And make your mother scream so hard. swear. I felt my grave coming for me just at the sight of it.

Brad: old man. I couldn't help, but over here you had it talking about some, sounds like some monsters. that way and we're new in town. but anything you about what what's been going on be much appreciated.

Matt: Monster monster It doesn't like cities, but you're alone, it comes for you.

Brad: Well, see,

Matt: It's his head was huge. I swear it was half hippo and snake and hippo is terrifying.

Brad: as this one's a snake and a hippo as it is a dragon at all. Are you, are you sure? Not elephant.

Matt: to be honest, these cataracts, we get a little difficult to see details at times.

Brad: I don't know what that is, but I'll take your word for it.

Mike: Oh, it's uh, it's. Yeah, it's, it's a, a bubbler under the eyes. Simple, to older folk. very common, especially for minors.

Brad: uh, think I had an uncle with that,

Jace: thought carrots were good for the eyes, but now she has courage in her eyes. It's very confusing.

Brad: you know, now that you mentioned

Mike: Yeah,

Brad: is confusing. Now I'm confused. Again,

Matt: also confused. just kind what the heck

Brad: aunt, my uncle did eat a lot of carrots though. So, you know, levy.

Matt: at this point, your affordable companion. So I'm going to head north and find my people and can't Rouse them to join the fighter to Pesh. You started the city, furthest to the east? Yes.

Brad: Yes, yes. To the, to the east. I believe. I think that's what Thomas told us.

Matt: Okay. All we will try and meet you there in one if I can. oh see you,

Brad: White east, while we headed south,

Jace: it's the south.

Brad: are we headed south barky? What, what direction are we going? we

Matt: oh, where'd you come from

Brad: cool Larian.

Matt: that ruined city? Well, that, that means that you've, um, most certainly have, been going to the east.

Brad: Uh, east, uh, thing, I think Thomas said east.

Mike: Yeah, I think, I think we're going, we were going Southeast. I think, I dunno. I'm not so good at being out in the outdoors. we're heading for it to pay cash. that that's what it's called. Right thing.

Jace: to Yes

Matt: Oh, well here, watch that. got a sweeps off an area of the bar and starts grabbing you know, talk glasses. So you're here and here's the other cities. Here's the ocean, obviously this, this is north the city to passion. It makes you an improvised map, kind of show you where you should be going traces the, the roads and like connect the cities for you.

Brad: Alright.

Mike: Thank you.

Brad: Very good.

Matt: No problem. I should warn you it's it's we're closing up now. So if you'll go up to your room, we'll be able to pick up the bar.

Brad: All right. We'll be on our way.

Matt: and you guys go sleep. Now that you're in a safe environment.

Mike: Okay.

Matt: guys hold watch.

Brad: um,

Matt: you wake up in the morning, uh, you come down, you guys get your breakfast. It's a very simple eggs and bacon type situation. as you're eating, a man comes in, dressed as a monk and he comes in and says, excuse me, we are heading west. would you point in direction? Our compass is damaged. And she, the bar tender is it looks a little confused and outside kind of point him in he says, thank you. as he walks out, you guys can peak the door and you can see that this monk is accompanied by a monkey, a turtle, and a pig, and they all start heading towards the west.

Mike: excuse me, sir. just out blond curiosity, why are you heading that direction?

Matt: crew is, and I have been tasked with bringing sacred scriptures to towns in the west. Uh, we were sent on pilgrimage. this is big Z. This is my friend, the charcoal, the water spirit. And of course, right, my monkey defender.

Mike: Well, very pleased to Um,

Matt: Ms. Monks just starts walking three of the creatures follow him.

Brad: Can I, cast main hand and try to snag the documents out of his bags.

Matt: Okay. Slight of hand,

Mike: Nice.

Matt: you managed to get it most of the way out of the backpack before he notices. but once it's out of the backpack, you zip it back yourself Can open it to look at it. As he runs your hands. You'll see that this is written in a language you've never really seen. because I, don't think any of you guys speak infernal.

Brad: I on now that I've got it and I recognize that I don't have

Matt: um,

Brad: in my hands, cast guidance myself. I don't, I'm not committed yet. a minute to decide who to use guidance, supposed to work,

Mike: Uh, get an extra D four on whatever role you make.

Brad: whatever I'd make. understand what this document is.

Mike: history, maybe

Brad: history, religion, maybe

Mike: religion. Yeah. Religion is probably a good one.

Brad: my best religion. I am now, you know, recently now qualified to read these sorts of things,

Matt: true.

Brad: high on those. I can out.

Mike: Did you take the skilled feet?

Brad: That is a 12

Mike: numbers.

Brad: big numbers.

Matt: only thing you can make in, this is Kong and Siddhartha, and you're pretty sure those are names, but other than that, it's really hard to decipher this writing style. I'll let you Google those two to see What reference I'm making Anyhow, he grabs it hands. Huffing, in his bag and held it in front of him. As he runs off to catch up with his animals that are still walking beautifully towards the west.

All right. You guys pack up for the day for the interest time. you guys get yourself set up and you take traveling. you traveling along the road, and at about six o'clock, you guys are traveling and you guys see the sun starting to set behind you. All right. Everybody gets to roll perception.

Mike: I now have a 300 foot dark vision. Yay me.

Matt: fun.

Mike: But I rolled a two plus four, six.

Brad: I get a 21 dark vision of 60 feet.

Matt: So as the sun is setting, Dejah has happy singing. Fang is reveling in the fact that he doesn't have a voice inside his right now, I was enjoying the first silence he's in months. you're walking Hazel, you knows the ground shaking just a little bit, this slow kind of just It's got a gently vibrating in your feet.

Brad: at it. Do you all feel that, I'm going to kind of look in to figure out, I don't know if I can figure out a direction from that?

Matt: scar, you would notice that? it seems coming from the mountains to your right there at the south.

Brad: I feel like a rumbling. just get the feeling that's coming from those mountains over there. How far off are these mountains? Are they like mountains right next to us? Are they like.

Matt: are huge towering mountains. The ones that contained the dragon Warren, you guys came through earlier in the campaign.

Mike: I will my of the night and extend 300 foot dark division to a Hazel. now has gone from 30 to 300 feet of dark vision.

Matt: with that ability, since that time, you're able to make. The trees down from the mountain, just partying all the way as a huge forces, bending them the side. and as your screech, ahead

Brad: I think coming

everyone up.

Matt: and at that moment bursting out of the Is this huge, huge Peconic ish. creature comes barreling out of the

Mike: Wow.

Matt: wings. You can tell I'm probably not good enough to lift his body weighs this huge gargantuan creature forward lands in front of you roaring triumphantly, this huge just, of you and everyone gets rolled initiative.


21 U one.

Brad: twenty-five.

It's like the maximum role kind of initiative without like class things.

Matt: you guys are lucky. It rolled a natural one.

Brad: We didn't notice it ahead of time, at least from where it surprised, you know?

Matt: So this creature lands about 20 feet away you


Brad: Um,

Matt: does it's roar and then it is turn. So I believe it's May 1st,

Mike: first 25.

Matt: 1st, are we actually going in alphabetical order That's hysterical. Okay. ahead.

Brad: going to try something new. how far away is it from me?

Matt: 20 feet.

Brad: 20 feet. How it's huge. So we're like, we'll find out what it's reaches. I'm going to, are we in a forested area now? He just came out of trees, but I

Matt: Uh, the forest is to your right your traveling is kind of woodsy. there's of all around you, but it's largely kind of a mix of fields and woods. She picks her Pennsylvania. That's all you need to think of.

Brad: I am going to run into the woods. I'm climb tree. Then my feet gives me no extra Doesn't cost extra movement for me. and I'm gonna try to hide in that tree

Matt: You're gonna use your hide

Brad: action hide,

Matt: Okay. Well, the nearest tree is about 10 feet away. can climb it for another feet of movement. attempt to pose hide. Go ahead and roll your, uh, what action hide?

Brad: 16. but then I think I'm going to try casting. Ferry fire on this dragon thing.

Matt: Do you have the sculpture feet?

Brad: yeah, this is just my action.

Matt: I'm asking if you have the sculptor feet. Okay. So when you cast, very fire will be aware of.

Brad: That's I think still. Okay.

Matt: All right, go ahead and cast fire.

Brad: It's a deck. Save DC 12.

Matt: rolled in 18. it gets a 19, even though this creature is huge as a pretty good dexterity, technically for you guys, they're imagining this is a gargantuan sized creature,

these 30 feet tall, probably longer than 30 feet terms of length. So you, you shoot your, uh, your stuff at it and it just, it sees it coming just stuff for, to drop it to the other way for, to zoom past. Unfortunately you have missed with fairy fire.

Mike: Yeah.

Brad: hindsight, I should have done that and then tried to hide.

Matt: it looks up and sees you in the tree.

Brad: I still got some movement. I think I'm going tree,

Matt: Okay You dropped to the base the tree.

Brad: does. See how it kind knock trees. be out of trees between when It's his turn

Matt: Okay. Dejah.

Brad: everything. Yeah.

Mike: All right. I I'm going use my bonus action to fly. And casts, sickening radiant.

Matt: He fails.

Mike: One level exhaustion skill checks with disadvantage socket

and 40 10. Uh, alright. Uh, yay. 3, 6, 15 and 23 points of


Matt: Okay. You say out your sticking ingredients,

Mike: Um,

Matt: this creature and he starts to glow, but also can hear this faint sizzle. There's a little bit of a a little bit smoke starts to come off of the creature is, is blasted with radiant damage.

Mike: Yeah, so this like sickly green, glowing aura descends upon it and engulfs it, and it sucks away some of its vitality, but does radiant damage. Um,

Matt: yeah. It doesn't rain damage love that. interesting. The creature of, you can see it kind of flinch for a little bit from And it looks up you hovering 30 feet in the

Mike: yeah. And I'm going to take out my whip,

Matt: Very good. Fang.

Jace: I'm going to stare at it then I'm going to put it from my hand forward. The rune on my hand is going to slowly shift shape of a skull I'm going to its energy with the blight. So it needs to make a constitution saving throat

Matt: Fascinating. Alright. Constitution saving throw the number is

Jace: 16, 15. Sorry.

Matt: makes it so.

Jace: All right. It's

Brad: I'm going to use my

Jace: after

Brad: I'm going to my


Mike: So it's like forcing an extra role, which they have to take or do those at the lowest of the two. Yeah. It's it is an OPI for first level.

is because

Matt: know what I was thinking of? I was thinking of mine sliver. Okay. Yeah, go ahead.

Brad: um, so they make their save again and use the lower of the two.

Matt: They're still gonna make it cause they wrote double their old, natural this.

Brad: I still get advantage the next thing. I love being a rope with this It's so fun.

Jace: All right, so that will do 15 damage.

Matt: Very good.

Jace: Yes.

Matt: Groot slime, which is the name that you've heard is going to take. It's going to look up at the creature. That's flying 30 feet, which is basically eye level this creature. and it is going to charge at you. So as it charges 30 feet straight towards you, it's going make a.

Mike: once it gets within 10 feet of or 15 feet me, I get to a, uh, attack

Matt: For what? For what reason?

Mike: Oh, I've got the, uh, whip master, which allows to, uh, opportunity when somebody gets into feet range of my bullwhip. And then I can use forecaster spell, instead of using my weapon attack.

Matt: You chapter opportunity. It's still gonna attack you

Mike: Well, it depends on

Matt: that it, has.

Mike: whether or successful.

Brad: you kill it right now.

Matt: It's to have 10. It's still is 15 foot.

Mike: get to push it with my Eldritch Blast.

Matt: is a whip or notice

Mike: Well, I'm my me the opportunity to attack reaction, but then I spell because of war caster instead of the whip to, do the attack.

Matt: I think that's a very weird bit of stacking,

Mike: is, um,

Matt: I don't think would up under scrutiny because if you're using war casts or you the spell, but you can't use the whip because the holiday is that you have

Mike: well, rip master whip master allows me to make, making the talk of opportunity when somebody gets within range attack. Work, Astor says that if I'm using an attack of opportunity, I can cast a spell instead of my weapon.

Matt: I'm going to go on a limb here and say, if you're using the whip for your attack of opportunity, you can use the spell. I feel like having the invocation on top of it might be extraordinarily busted, let's roll anyways.

Brad: many feats.

Matt: I think That's a,

Mike: why build it? The is built on this mechanic.

Matt: realm of, what's the name for this munchkin?

Ism is starting to occur. Uh, go ahead. I'll let you roll

Mike: Uh, two Eldritch Blast. One was 18 and one is 17.

Matt: Okay.

Mike: Do they? Both it.

Matt: Yeah.

Mike: Uh, so then I do 2d 10. so that's 10 plus tens, get a D six of cold damage my, stuff. So that's 22 of damage back 20 back into sickening, uh, Radiant's sphere. And it makes another constitution saving throat DC 16.

Matt: Rolled the 19

Mike: So success,

Matt: with his mods.

Mike: but still at 20 feet back,

Matt: Fascinating. back, It's going to shake it off. And since it's still has 20 feet more movements, since it of movement. It's going to charge you again now. Very much enraged. So instead of Goring you, it's going to now make it bite attack against you

Mike: probably going to hit cause I have really bad. Oh yeah. That hits. I have real bad AC. Well, 15 isn't real bad, but it's not good.

Matt: 22. Now this is where you to make a strength saving.

Mike: I'm not good with those.

Matt: 18 is the number while I roll damage for you getting


Mike: Okay. So I need to make a 19 or 20 for that to be successful.

Matt: You take 15 points of

Mike: minus one 16.

Matt: going to make it. So you take 15 of damage the creature bites you and swallow.

Mike: Oh, Damage 15.

Matt: you're considered blinded restrained. You do have total cover, all tax effects inside the group swing take, you will be taking some damage at the start of each of the terms while you're swollen, not this turn walk that you are swell at turn you're inside because you're being slowly crushed.

Mike: Okay.

Matt: So

Mike: absolutely completely awesome. did my constitution save to see if. Phil loose lost my concentration and I didn't take out a 17.


Matt: fantastic.

That's awesome.

Brad: totally concentrating


Mike: being swallowed.

Matt: hard being small and focusing really, really hard. Don't lose it to listen, to visit. I love that. Okay. Um, and now the creature gets to use its legendary action to make a attempted tail attack.

Brad: Okay.

Matt: don't think a natural one plus 10 is going to

hit 11.

Mike: um, not your one is auto fail.

Matt: why I was saying, I don't think it's going to hit you. even if you're just wearing leather armor with zero dexterity. Um, good part is, is you see this tail coming this huge tree trunk of a tail up

pretty and slippery bar just like woo yo matrix style ducking underneath it. All right. This creature is done This to Hazel.

Brad: All right, I've got an advantage. I'm going to. Do I want to do something crazy? No, I don't. I said that without having ideas for a crazy thing do,

Mike: Yes.

Brad: like,

Matt: I vote for crazy.

Brad: do? I don't think there's really a crazy thing to do.

Matt: a super high AC

Mike: It's big.

Brad: Um,

Mike: just had a really stupid idea so,

Brad: bet it's not as stupid as my idea,

Mike: oh, I don't know about that.

Brad: oh,

Matt: play

Brad: no, I will just out my throwing daggers and attack him. is a 22 to hit.

Matt: We'll definitely hit it.

Brad: Okay, good. So that's the first one. Second one is a teen to hit.

Matt: Yeah. The AC is 15.

Brad: All right.

Matt: It's huge. It's not hard to hit it. It's just that it has some thick skin.

Brad: Okay. How many freaking,

Matt: I love rogues.

Brad: 19 damage between the two attacks. and then I'm going to go climb up in another tree.

Matt: He's he's decided the tree is safer.

Brad: Yeah.

Matt: Climb up a tree jump. I get back to that tree.

Brad: Because he's got all his checks. Right. Is that his exhaustion level works?

Matt: Yeah.

Brad: So like to find me is, so if I'm hiding that, like should there. Alright.

Matt: Yeah.

Brad: hide up in a tree. I can't bonus actual height, but I'm in a tree

Matt: okay. Dejah, what do you want to do while being swallowed? So it's the start of your you're going to take nine points of damage.

Mike: okay.

Matt: given you the flat amount

Mike: Okay. Still pass concentration saving through. so I'm restrained. What were the conditions and blinded. Okay. But I can still speak.

Matt: you're being swallowed theoretically, as he could just very

Mike: Okay. I want to cast polymorph myself

Matt: Okay.

Mike: and I'm going to turn myself into a Trenta source, right? Which is a huge beast inside of this thing.

Matt: interesting.

Brad: 15 or 15.

Mike: Yeah.

Brad: Yeah.

Mike: can turn into a sperm whale instead. That's a creature, but I thought T-Rex would be more interesting.

Matt: polymorph has some limits about how many sizes up you can go.

Mike: just as long as it's within, uh, same CR as the, uh, creature being morphed or level. Yeah. So I'm level eight, so I do CRA creatures

Matt: as stupid.

Mike: it is,

Matt: so how I to roll, hang on.

Mike: so this thing should theoretically explode.

Brad: Okay.

Matt: I've just determined whether or damage first. Hang on. Uh, 40 10.

Brad: We've got the picture. I want to see.

Mike: Um, try to source explodes out of a dragon.

Matt: 1115

Brad: versus a T-Rex picture look like? It's gotta be one, right?

Matt: is, are not big as you think they are.


Brad: had about the same elephant.

Oh, they're like longer, but like same height. Wow.

Mike: Well, sorry. I made, I made choice based on it's a huge sized creature because I wanted it to burst into stomach. want it, I want it to alien this thing.

Brad: we'll have, if it's in his throat, that might be a different thing to, far did he get down?

Matt: you're in it's throat currently.

so what

Brad: I might help.

Matt: going to happen is it's going to vomit out as a train of source

wrecks whoa. All on the ground. And it's going to be vomiting up a little takes 25 points of damage, from what you just did to it.

damage on the dungeon setback dangerous deadly, uh, table. He just lucky.

Brad: This, idea was better than my stupid for the record.

Matt: so you deal points damage.


Mike: and that's my turn, but I can still fly. So I'm going to, what am I going to do? Vomited? Just been vomited out. Which he vomits me out. I'm going to like, instead of hitting the ground, I'm going to fly up into the air and come around flying T-Rex, come down and like swoop down onto its back.

Brad: Yeah Flying T-Rex.

Matt: you can be above its back, but to soup down on top of it. And Deland is technically

Mike: Yeah. It'll just be above it. That's fine. I'll be above it. That's fine.

Matt: hovering.

Mike: Yeah.

Matt: Uh, so awesome. Thanks this, and he's to help action for ESAL and run over to the tree. Um, he was just like, Nope. He runs to get into some cover, and give Hazel a health factor for whatever Hazel tends to do.

this creature is hurt, bloodied, if you will, like you can see where you, where you kind of exploded detached part of jaws. It tended to vomit you out. it is having some trouble, but it does have the ability to still attack.

Mike: I should have turned into a sperm whale.

Matt: flying sperm

Mike: Yes,

Brad: wood. I love would you have suffocation damage, but also like

Mike: stomach acid.

Brad: more done more damage, but her taken more damage herself.

Matt: All right. the question is, since you have a thing that's been hurting, it is focused on you. Uh, the most right now, going to attempt to gore you with its tusks. Just kind of like sticky with them. the question is, does a 24 hit as a train of

Mike: Oh, absolutely. I have an AC of 13.

Matt: Okay. so you're gonna take 18 points of damage

Brad: No, that's fine. Okay. Here, this rice rice. You

Mike: Uh, and I pass the concentration So I take 18 points of I have 136

Matt: Gore's you with its tusks, uh, you're bleeding a little bit, but at the moment you don't really care as a train of Taurus. it's going to take a sale. It's going to swipe in the general direction of the trees, where it saw Fang going. Ooh, seven.

No, I won't work. Even with his bonus. I don't think it's going to hit you,

Brad: Yeah. So let me, I didn't know if he raised the tagging thing or attacking me.

Matt: towards Fang, but it's not going to him.

Brad: All right. Is that back to me?

Matt: It's back easel.

Brad: All right. I am going to, with the help of, Fang, I'm going to make two more dagger attacks

Matt: uh, he's giving you ability checks, bonuses by trying to help you.

distract it cause he just knock or get squished.

Brad: it's building a chance. Well then

Matt: You want to action hide first. Cause you're currently hitting.

Brad: yeah not really I had like covered, I'm not hidden. Um, do I want to, yes, I will. Bonus action. Hide

Matt: Okay

Brad: use distraction as a. Means of helping me hide better. Oh that's a 31st stealth

Matt: Yeah, you're good. Okay. Make your tax

Brad: and then I will,

Matt: with it's. Even with his bonuses, it'd have to roll a natural 21 is not going to work.

Brad: and then I'm gonna pull out my bow, I think, to attack this just the one attack. that is a natural 20 with.

Matt: Whoa. All right.

let's it.

Brad: so, um,

50 even

no 55 even.

Matt: uh you're nice, sail out and bite both eyes. One of them is scratch, not blinded to the other one. You just completely gore it out. the creature roars, as he kind of bucks pops the out. As he's trying to pull away from you and you just have this nice his face as a result of it kind of trying to away.

So you got a really good chunk there. Dejah, what would you like to do?

Mike: SSRIs racks, uh, is going to make a multi attack,

with an the tail, uh, Which is a fail on the, uh, tail, the height is 23 Yeah. So 29 points of damage

Matt: Uh, you're biting onto the back of its head. you have strong grip, you can feel it starting to and Twitch, dig your in and deeper until you feel your bone. And all of a sudden the screams out and pain is horrible just as jaws suddenly give way And slam a lot closer together. And the creature goes stiff and then slams onto the ground and does not move,

Okay. Well, while he's tearing into it, easel with your extremely high passive will knows the items that the he's pushing out of the way as he's munching. So do you guys see weapons and a thing of armor come sliding out attached to what was most likely the remains of some person at some point? these are all, magical weapons found online that you can look up your leisure, you find a, me pull it up here. you find sword fashioned from, horn that seems to be made out of crystal. a horn that's kinda curve. It's made strange crystal and look, giving off a slight late radiant glow. You also find a long sword, that looks like it's made out the Fang giant serpent. And suit of armor appears to be made out of, uh, some sort of like heightened, some sort of this biological agent.

Brad: Uh, think if you're done being a T-Rex, I think if you've stumbled on with some items here looks like some poor fella got eaten and bought some awfully peculiar items.

Mike: Dejah Saurus, Rex's patrolling her territory because she's too dumb to, uh, cancel her concentration.

Matt: you have a score that when tanning concentration

Mike: I have a, I have a,

fantastic constitution though. I have 19 constitution, I'm better at constitution saving, throws as a T-Rex than I am as Dejah. Um,

Matt: Well,

I'm going to railroad you for 10 seconds, just so that you're able to get out of being T-Rex here say that for the purposes of our game, you're able to retain of your wisdom to know time to stop casting the spell.

Brad: seems sprayer. Um, Hazel's like picking up like items, like wave to kind of distract him to try to like how, how he thinks breaking concentration works. and he would, he would cast light, I think for the first time that he'd be confused in doing it, he was. Kind of light up these items to like, try to distract them and be like, oh, they're, they're lit up now.

It's just trying to

Mike: All right. And then

Brad: things.

Mike: just saw us, Rex would, uh, be like shake its head. And then you your eyes like a few times. And she's just floating in the air as their normal self, above the corpse of a dead pig dragon thing. And slowly drifts down and says, well, that was an experience. a little dainty burp. what did I eat?

Brad: I think it,

Mike: Oh,

Brad: some of us, this monster we've been fighting and you know, maybe some of him kind of the remains of the guy who had all these things.

Mike: well. I do remember being ravenous and Biden a lot. and that was kind blur, well, I'm, I'm glad we're not dead. Everyone's alive. Right? I didn't I swallow anyone. Did I

Brad: No,

Mike: All right.

Brad: that was that. Was you and in the one being swallowed?

Mike: Yeah, I remember that part. and, then it was very confusing for awhile.

Brad: All right. these these items here, these look awfully peculiar, someone going on, I don't think I've ever seen anything like bees back home, Fang there, these look from these normal atoms to you, is that what these are albums that are over here. I have a suspicion,

Matt: Um, so what you guys find for the sake of brevity, uh, you find a satchel attached to this corpse, which seems to have been some sort of adventure that attempted to deal with this creature alone and did not go so well. this creature, where is it where to put it he drops a satchel, which I put the link to in our, um, little chat here. And then also the items, all of which are official D and D items of the serpents Fang, scorpion armor, the crystal blade, which you should be able to see there. If you follow those links, it's just gonna take forever. only takes you guys a couple of minutes to do the ritual identification, which I know you guys have, so I'm not going to keep doing it. you guys have these items now, And since you've taken care of the big monster, that's making travel difficult, I will say that you guys managed to. push forward to to Pesh we can start our next session there.

Brad: Okay.

Matt: this was

to see how much of a power level you guys increased after that Boone.

I granted you,

Brad: Did we pass the test?

Matt: you're not dead. No one went into death save. So, I know I can push you so much more harder.

Brad: I don't know how to kind of what the feel about some of these fights where my brothers, a lot of damage being done, but none of it's to me, it's all to, Mike.

Matt: Well, he tends to get the most agro cause he tends to do the stuff that's the flashiest.

Brad: in a Bush.

Matt: And without Fang to be blasting as well.

Brad: So, you know,

Matt: he left, I had to fail your dingy masters. If you have a player leave suddenly make sure you scrap the two extra monsters you had hiding in the background to, uh, some trouble because now about the encounter is very unbalanced.

Mike: Well, I don't know. It might've like we, I think we had a fair amount of, well, I was out of my warlock spell slots, uh, but I was still trying to source wrecks. So,

Brad: That's got a long ways.

Mike: yeah.

Matt: so technically what you guys fought was a CR creature right there. So I wanted to see just how far above your weight class you're punching right now, when you guys were level six, you guys were definitely taking out low C R eight creatures effectively what sometimes the, uh, ramping up of higher CRS, eight doesn't ramp up evenly.

Brad: Certainly not

Matt: So I wanted to double check and make sure that you

Brad: what the CRS system isn't perfectly balanced.

Mike: No, not at all.

Matt: Like gentlemen, have a great night. Thank you for joining us for this abbreviated, episode. it's okay. Sometimes of the bit fun out of it. So if you enjoyed what you did here today, you'll get yourself a player's handbook and some friends, uh, and Dungeons master's guide you're feeling bold because remember D and D is meant to be played with friends.

Have a great night.

Brad: And I.

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