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The Cube's Cognition Crusade

A One-Page Fantasy RPG Adventure Outline

January 19, 2023
by meistermike

Synopsis: The players stumble upon a sentient gelatinous cube in the depths of an abandoned dungeon. The cube, named Gelloo, has been studying ancient tomes in an attempt to learn magic, but is unable to cast spells due to its physical form. The players must help Jell-o find a way to become a wizard.

Setting: An abandoned dungeon filled with traps and ancient ruins.


  • The players
  • Gelloo, the sentient gelatinous cube
  • A powerful wizard who has been trapped in the dungeon for centuries

Act 1: Introduction

  • The players find Jell-o studying in a room filled with ancient tomes. Jell-o explains its desire to learn magic, but is unable to cast spells due to its physical form.
  • Jell-o asks the players for help in finding a solution.

Act 2: The Search for a Solution

  • The players must navigate the traps and obstacles in the dungeon to find the powerful wizard trapped in the dungeon.
  • The wizard reveals that he knows of a ritual that can grant Jell-o a physical form, but it requires rare components that can only be found in the deeper levels of the dungeon.

Act 3: The Ritual

  • The players must gather the components and bring them back to the wizard.
  • The wizard performs the ritual, granting Jell-o a humanoid form.
  • Jell-o is now able to cast spells and joins the party as a new member.

Act 4: Conclusion

  • Gelloo, now in humanoid form, thanks the players for their help.
  • The players can now continue exploring the dungeon with Jell-o as a new companion.

Note: This adventure can be adjusted to suit the level of the players and can be expanded upon to include more obstacles and challenges. The idea of sentient creatures seeking to be more than they are can open the door to a lot of roleplaying opportunities and can be a good addition to any campaign.

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