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The Fall of Kularen 01:  How to Kidnap a Mage
The Fall of Kularen 01:
How to Kidnap a Mage

January 1, 2022
by meistermike

Our tale begins as our band of adventures, having escaped several brushes with death, now take on the impossible: infiltrating the Mage's Guild itself!

The Mage's Guild is the most powerful centralized force in the known world, with mages acting as advisers to Kings, Queens, Barons, and Ladies; as well as sources of healing and help for the City States of Theyraea. The main political and magical hub, the Guild College is also place most packed with powerful mages and their Inquisitorial Enforcers. Can our heroes find the information they seek, of why the Guild has broken their oath to remain impartial in military affairs and destroyed their home of Kularren? Listen to find out!

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