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Don't Get Lost in the Jungle:
10 Magic Items to Keep You Safe

January 21, 2023
by meistermike

Jungle expeditions are some of the most challenging and dangerous adventures that a group of adventurers can undertake. The dense foliage, treacherous terrain, and deadly creatures that inhabit the jungle can make survival a difficult task. However, with the right equipment and magic items, even the most inexperienced explorer can thrive in the jungle. This article will reveal the top 10 magic items that any jungle explorer must possess to navigate the wild, survive the dangers and conquer the jungle. From the powerful Staff of the Jungle Lord to the Jungle Healing Salve, each item will provide unique abilities and advantages to help you survive and succeed in the jungle. This is not just a list, but an ultimate guide to jungle survival and success. Don't embark on your next jungle adventure without reading this article first!

  1. Staff of the Jungle Lord: This powerful staff grants the wielder control over plant life and enhances their ability to navigate through dense forests. It allows the wielder to cast the spell "Entangle" at will and also gives a bonus to any Survival checks made in the jungle. Additionally, the staff can be used as a magical quarterstaff in combat.

  2. Amulet of the Jungle King: The wearer of this amulet gains a bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution saving throws, as well as a bonus to Athletics and Acrobatics checks made in the jungle. This makes the wearer a formidable opponent in jungle combat.

  3. Ring of the Jungle Queen: The wearer of this ring can communicate with animals as if they had the spell "Speak with Animals" cast on them constantly. They also gain proficiency in Animal Handling and advantage on Survival checks made in the jungle. This ring allows the wearer to befriend and control jungle creatures.

  4. Boots of Swift Jungle Travel: The wearer of these boots gains a bonus to stealth checks and can move through difficult terrain in the jungle without penalty. They also have a chance to escape from any grapple or restraint. These boots are ideal for stealthy operations.

  5. Jungle Hide Armor: This specially treated leather armor provides excellent protection against the sharp claws and teeth of jungle predators. It is considered "light" armor and provides a bonus to AC. It also provides resistance to damage from slashing and piercing attacks made by creatures commonly found in the jungle.

  6. Jungle Eyes: The wearer of these goggles has darkvision and advantage on perception checks made in the jungle. They also gain proficiency in Survival checks related to tracking. These goggles allow the wearer to see in the dark and detect hidden paths through the jungle.

  7. Jungle Survival Kit: This kit contains a machete that can be used as a melee weapon, a spear that can be used as a ranged weapon, a water filter, and a compass. These items can be used to increase the chances of survival in the jungle.

  8. Jungle Healing Salve: The salve can be applied to a wound to heal it, granting a certain amount of hit points. It also gives resistance to poison and disease for a certain duration. This salve is a valuable tool for surviving in the jungle.

  9. Jungle Witch's Brew: The potion grants the drinker an increase in maximum hit points and temporary hit points, as well as resistance to poison and disease for a certain duration. Additionally, the drinker gains advantage on endurance checks and ability checks related to survival in the jungle.

  10. Jungle Spirit Guide: When the figurine is used, a powerful jungle spirit is summoned to aid the wielder in battle or provide guidance through the jungle. The spirit can be commanded to attack, defend, provide information or locate certain objects or creatures. The spirit remains for a certain duration before it disappears. This figurine can be a powerful ally in the jungle.

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